The 98th Annual Mob Match v Blackheath
First run in January 1907
For the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup presented in 1921

The story so far :   Ranelagh   27 wins








70 wins

Scoring of Teams:-    If for example Ranelagh field 60 runners, and Blackheath 70 runners then we score 57 a side.
ie,    3 less than the smallest team fielded.   The winner scores 1 point, the second 2 points and so on down to
last place.      The Club scoring the least points is declared the winner.                                     
Everyone helps to score   -   Each Blackheath runner you pass,  makes  Ranelagh 2 points better off.
                      Includes the Wynne Cup Club Championship and Sealed Handicap                              
                                         FB Thompson Medal to the fastest runner,
                               and the Harry Sheer Trophy to the first Over 50 to finish
  All able-bodied members needed to repel the Heathen's.               2:30pm Start
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