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Page Cup Handicap in Richmond Park    7th October 
Writing as one who started with the evenual winner Alastair Sinclair, I can
attest that he hurtled off on Danny Wakeford's cry of "Go" and disappeared
rapidly over the horizon in a cloud of dust.
Well, it would have been in a cloud of dust had it not been raining a
variety of small furry animals for what seems like about three weeks
non-stop. So perhaps the disappearance was in a cloud of spray. It was
certainly wet. The ground was wet, the air was wet, I was wet, even the
puddles were improbably wet. Do you get the picture? At least we had the
Park to ourselves. 30-odd daft harriers, assorted noble officials and a few
frustrated roaring stags made up the bulk of the afternoon's clientele.   

Alastair eventually paddled home, Clive Beauvais loped along in pursuit but
never really got within splashing distance and Katharine Mallett just got
the better of Sue Healey for third. Marcus and Margaret were least slow.
                                H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed 
                                Time      Allow     Time    Order 
  1   Alastair Sinclair         24.25      7.30     31.55      5  
  2   Clive Beauvais            24.46      5.50     30.36      3  
  3   Kathy Mallett     (L)     25.05     10.00     35.05     13  
      Sue Healey        (L)(G)  25.08     10.50     35.58     15  
  4   Matthew Gisby             25.19      7.40     32.59      7  
  5   Alan Craig                25.27     11.10     36.37     18  
  6   Nigel Ritchie             25.29      9.10     34.39     11  
  7   Mike Peace                25.44      5.00     30.44      4  
  8   Martin Clark              25.49     10.30     36.19     17  
  9   Sue Ashley        (L)     25.57     10.20     36.17     16  
 10   Hilary Saw        (L)     26.06     17.30     43.36     26  
 11   Beverley Ali      (L)     26.19     25.30     51.49     30  
 12   Steve Rowland             26.22      7.30     33.52      9  
 13   Brian Chard               26.43     11.40     38.23     20  
 14   Mick Lane                 26.45      2.50     29.35      2  
 15   Corinne Bishop    (L)     26.53     15.20     42.13     23  
 16   Clive Naish               26.54      6.50     33.44      8  
 17   Niels Andersen            27.03      7.30     34.33     10  
 18   Pat Hewlett       (L)     27.11     20.50     48.01     29  
 19   Julie Naismith    (L)     27.16     15.40     42.56     24  
 20   Margaret Auerback (L)     27.28      7.20     34.48     12  
 21   Marcus Gohar              27.46      0.40     28.26      1  
 22   Eliete Nascimento (L)     28.11      9.50     38.01     19  
      Jonathon Rowan       (G)  28.32      6.50     35.22     14  
 23   Dave Rowntree             28.47     10.40     39.27     22  
 24   Wally Garrod              29.24     14.10     43.34     25  
 25   Frances Ratchford (L)     30.24     17.10     47.34     27  
 26   Bill Harvey               31.01      1.45     32.46      6  
      Rachel Dixon      (L)(G)  32.15     15.20     47.35     28  
 27   John Keep                 34.33      4.00     38.33     21  

Results from the Windsor Half Marathon, 1st October:
1 H Lelei (Kenya) 1.07.34
1048 John Keep 1.50.57
1354 David Rowntree 1.54.58
1916 Janet Turnes 2.03.16
2584 Akua Obeng-Frimpong 2.16.43
2613 Katie Knight 2.17.13
2723 Pat Hewlett 2.21.00
2925 Bev Ali 2.28.29

...and on the same day Tim Bacon finished 15th in the Wimbledon 10 miles in

I gather we were represented by a small and select band at the Sandhurst
race on September 30th but nobody has yet passed on an account of the
proceedings or any details. Would someone oblige?

Thinking back wistfully to the sunnier, warmer days of summer road races
(wist wist), I've now had the final results of the Surrey Road League. As
teams we finished only 3rd (men) and 4th (women) but I can confirm that we
picked up no less than four and a half individual titles. Eliete Nascimento
won the senior women's category and we took all three men's veterans
categories - Marcus Gohar (over 40), Clive Beauvais (over 50) and Martin
Clark (over 60). The half? That was Sue Ashley, first claim for Epsom &
Ewell, who won the women's over 45. Most of these will be presented at the
Surrey vets cross-country championships at the Dysart on October 21st. 

Saturday October 14th  Surrey Cross-Country League Div 1 at Brockwell Park.
Under 17s 2.30pm, seniors 3pm. Contact Paul Graham for more info. 
Saturday October 14th  Surrey Ladies Cross-Country League Div 1 at Tilford.
This is a double-header with one of the men's league lower divisions, and
the women's races are all earlier than usual - Under 13s at 12.30pm, Under
15s at 1pm, Under 17s at 1.30pm, Seniors at 2pm. All are welcome to take
part, travel directions are at the clubhouse or contact Sarah Seal.
Saturday October 21st  Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships at
Richmond Park. Individual and team championships for men over 40 / 50 / 60
and women over 35 / 45. Note that you must enter in advance to be eligible
for teams. Men contact Paul Graham, women Margaret Auerback.   
Saturday October 28th  Lee Cup Mob Match v Orion Harriers at Chingford. The
season's first mob match, 7.5 miles in Epping Forest. Each club has to field
as many runners as possible so please be there if you can.

Simon Hedger writes from Sydney with his final Olympic reflections:
"Well, it was a big event and there were lots of highlights, but it is now
all over, the clean up is in full swing and it's full steam ahead with the
Paralympics. Mum and Dad have also left the country and are headed home via
the US (back in the UK on Thursday 12 October).
Samaranch labelled the Olympics "the best games ever" (he probably always
does, except with Atlanta), 90% of all the tickets were sold (a record), the
weather was great except for one day (Thurs 21st - the women's 400 metres
semi's, remember), big upsets in a number of events, especially the men's
800 metres and 1500 metres and heaps of praise for the volunteers (that's
us). The highlight of the whole games was the men's 10,000 metres though
don't you think. A brilliant race.
I am going to be coming over to the UK on a work visit, likely arriving
first thing Saturday 21 October. I notice that afternoon is the county vets
champs. If I can stay awake I might have a run, being an over 40 year old

And Paul Beauvais writes from his new home in Dunedin, New Zealand
(evidently not Dunrunnin):
"We have moved to a house with wonderful views over the harbour. I did my
first outing for my new club the other day, a relay over a marathon with
teams of eight. I was on the fourth leg of 7k and achieved the fastest time
21.30. Our team was the fastest, finishing in 2.11. All this hill running is
obviously doing me good!" 
I should say it is! Either that or they need Hugh Jones over there to
measure the course - 21.30 for 7k is sub-31 10k pace....

Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk