Newsdesk 2003

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 101              28 MAY 2003
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com

 For those who weren't able to guess, credit for the authorship of last
 week's excellent Keatsian Ode goes to Stephen Instone.

 GREEN BELT RELAY   Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th   Hampton Court to
 Ham (the long way)
 Not all the team captains' reports are in yet, so I'll hold this over for
 another week. Full results plus photos are on the race web site at
 www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk . Also follow the links from there to the 
 Wissahickon Wanderers web site for an American slant on the race. I think a 
 few photographs will shortly be appearing on our web site too.

 Shakespeare Half Marathon  Sunday 27th April at Stratford-upon-Avon
 1 W Musyoki (Kenya) 1.08.57
 381 Lucy Facer 1.44.58
 583 Louise Piears 1.52.07
 974 Simon Burrell 2.05.13

 Celia Beverly reports on her daughters' latest exploits:
 "Alice and Anair ran in different county championships on Saturday May 10th.
 Anair won the Middlesex U17 3000 metres for the second year running and
 Alice, running as a guest, won the U20 1500 metres race at the Oxfordshire
 A week earlier Alice ran her first ever 2000 metres steeplechase in the BUSA
 championships at Bedford without even a practice! She came 6th and learned a
 lot! As reported last week she was then selected to run for the Oxford team
 in the Varsity Blues match at Cambridge. It was another new event - her
 first ever 5km on the track and she finished 4th in very wet and windy
 conditions. She is very happy to have been awarded a Half Blue".  

 Peter Haarer was another Oxfordshire county championships competitor. On May
 21st he won the 10000 metres title in a time of 32.19. "It was a low key
 event," says Peter, "with more officials than competitors". Peter then ran
 (and won) the Spelthorne 10km on May 25th one second faster than his track
 time and then on May 28th made it three in a week by winning the Oxon County
 5k, "mainly to get a place in an inter-counties competition some time in
 August. Very different conditions last night to a week ago - no flippers
 required (no rain), and I was pressed hard all the way by a vet (Brian
 Green?) whom I only broke away from in the last 400 (but only by five
 seconds).  Time: 15:39, and barely able to walk today". 

 Paul Beauvais writes from Melbourne:
 "As some of you already know, I have moved to the other side of the world to
 end up running for 'Richmond'. Richmond is next to Kew and our rival club is
 Box Hill.
 The Sandown 10km last Sunday was an Athletics Victoria event which means
 that only clubs participate. It was similar to the Southern X/C Champs but
 on the road and the venue was a motor racing track. The field was strong
 with plenty of depth. Steve Moneghetti was up front with a handful of other
 internationals. My main rival was another former Ranelagh regular Ian Dent
 who is running very well. Being rather fearful about blowing up, I went out
 very conservatively and ended up forgetting about the race. It paid off as I
 finished in 33.43 and felt quite fresh. Ian was not far behind with 34.31". 

 TWO OCEANS 56 KM  Saturday 19th April in Capetown, South Africa
 One more account of the trip, this from Mike Peace:
 "OK - so it's only 35 miles with nearly 2,000 ft of ascent and the same back
 to earth (downhill's worse than up), yes and after 10 months sidelined, oh
 and yes OK a slow London Marathon 6 days before and of course a leisurely
 (economy class) flight overnight (sleeping's no problem in a dog basket
 compared to this) and naturally the beer's good and the wine's even better
 (especially the red) - just a 10 day holiday then? 
 Well it was for some, longer (2 weeks) for others and a veritable sabbatical
 for the Craigs who may or may not choose to come back - they did eventually
 - oh yes and in case we forget the food's great and the hospitality
 marvellous, reception warm as Durban in December, Oh and all right the
 scenery is absolutely stunning and the accommodation good, even better and
 for some excellent (1st class). Ah yes, the social side, well even that was
 pretty well as good as you get, give or take a few smashed (dropped not
 thrown) bottles of beer and wine - what a waste - and the company was, well,
 generally acceptable, lively, humorous, side-splittingy funny at times and
 yes there were a few cameos: Ranelagh on S.A. national talk radio - Bridget
 who? - shirt swapping at the Pasta party (before the run), Andy walking (in
 the race), Chris and Neil walking 'after' the race (Boschendal won't survive
 that one), windscreen wiper indicators (typical innovative Japanese car)
 "Are we at the top of Ou Kapse Weig yet?" - S. African reply (laughing)
 "You're not even half way yet". "Training for the Comrades are you?" - asked
 942 times - "No, I'm just doing this for fun"...."B*!*~* fool" came the
 audible reply, all in good spirit and followed by offers of various drinks,
 eats and other bribes to encourage your passage. Altogether a fantastic
 time, not race time though - and some of us are definitely going back to do
 the race justice, or something like that -Thanks Bridget 'Courier of the
 year' - well Easter anyway - reunion sometime to relaugh the memories. 
 Slowmo Editor in Chief Cape Argus". 

 We're planning a sociable run on some scenic bits of the North Downs on
 Saturday June 14th: running at 3pm-ish from Shere and heading across to St
 Martha's Hill and back. The overall pace will be pretty easy with some
 sections for the gazelles to stretch their legs if they feel the need.
 Distance will be about 10 miles, with short cuts available on request. Lots
 of views, flora and fauna, some hills. Just come for the run if you like but
 for those wishing to see a bit more Surrey countryside there will be the
 additional options of tea and showers at Steve and Sonia's in Cranleigh (10
 mins drive from Shere) and then later beer and dinner at a country pub. Let
 me know if you might be interested in coming and especially let me know asap
 if you'll be staying for the pub dinner, as I'll probably have to book a
 table. Mailto:srowland@calor.co.uk    

 A few events are under discussion to commemorate the life of our clubmate
 Chris Brasher. 
 First, the Ponds Run. One of the running routes Chris came up with was a
 tour of all the ponds in Richmond Park. There are more than you might think:
 20+. There's no clear optimum route but the distance is around 9 miles. John
 Hanscomb and Ken Powley are hoping to conduct a Ponds Run at a suitably
 leisurely pace on the evening of Tuesday June 24th. All are welcome. The
 date is to be confirmed so watch this space. 

 South Downs Way. Another of Chris's innovations was a relay along the 70
 miles (as it was then) of the South Downs Way. For serious teams it's three
 runners, one car and one driver. Larger social teams are allowed. There are
 no set stages but it's fairly easy to break the route up into sections of 2
 - 4 miles. Old hands will be able to provide guidance.  
 Chris, Ian Milne and Ian Macintosh set the fastest time of 8.04.43 in the
 first running of the event 30 years ago this month. Twelve years later David
 Wright, Mike Riley and Geoff Jones set a blisteringly fast record of
 7.08.33, which will take a bit of beating. There's also a 1985 vets record
 of 8.01.50 down to Jim Forrest, Ned Sullivan and John Pratt and a women's
 best of 9.23.45 by Sonia Rowland, Anne Heeringa and Sue Colver in 1992.
 Altogether we have some 24 Ranelagh team times on record, plus a few from
 other clubs. For Bev Ali's benefit, the slowest time was 10.30! In 1974 Jim
 Forrest ran a solo 11.08.46.
 We've neglected the SDW for the past 10 years, so it's high time we tried it
 again. There have been minor changes to the route, but nothing that seems to
 make a significant difference to the overall distance.
 Fixing a date that doesn't clash with road or track events is a bit tricky
 but July 26th or 27th for a recce (for the serious contenders!) and one of
 the weekends late in August for the run itself seem good bets. Let me know
 if you might be interested and if you have any dates preference.         

 An event with Thames Hare and Hounds. Chris was also a member of Thames and
 they have decided on Sunday September 21st to hold some kind of joint event
 with us. More details as we get them.  

 Alan Craig writes:
 "I fancy doing the Karrimor Marathon this year. It's held over the week-end
 of 25/26th October and this year will be held in Southern Scotland.
 It covers approx 20 km per day with lots of hills and you have to check in
 at various points so there is an emphasis on map reading and navigation. You
 have to carry all your food, tent etc for the weekeend.
 You have to enter as a team of two. Anyone interested let me know:
 mailto:alan@craigkew.freeserve.co.uk ". 

 A reminder that Robin Drummond's 6 week training course aimed at improving
 5k and 10k times starts next Wednesday 4th June at 7pm from the clubhouse.
 The sessions will address speed, running economy and injury reduction. They
 will be suitable for all levels and all are welcome. Bring spikes or racing
 flats if you have them and a stop watch. 

 The regular speed and hill sessions also continue on Tuesdays at 7pm from
 the clubhouse. Details are on our web site but the next few sessions are:
 June 3rd 4 x Spankers Wood hill, 2 x Queens Ride hill
 June 10th Henty Relay course (Sidmouth Wood) time trial followed by 4,
 3, 2 and 1 min efforts.
 June 17th Sand hills. 3 x (2 short and 1 long)
 June 24th Ratchford Relay loop (opposite clubhouse) - 3 x (double and
 single loop) 

 Also sessions at Barn Elms track on Thursday evening and Sunday morning. 

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk ) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / 
 mailto:sarahs@walker.co.uk ). 

 See our web site for details and scores in the Ranelagh Road Grand Prix. 
 Entry forms for the forthcoming Grand Prix events can be downloaded from 
 the Road Grand Prix page. 

 Sunday June 8th       Dorking 10 miles road race. Race 5 in the Ranelagh
 Grand Prix series 2003. 10.45am start.  

 Sunday June 29th Dysart Dash 10km at Ham, Richmond. Race 6 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. 10am start. Entry forms in the clubhouse. 

 Sunday July 6th Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton. Race 7 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. 
 Saturday July 12th Brickmakers Arms Marathon Relay (10 x 2.5 miles) at
 Windlesham. 2pm start. A low key fun event based around an excellent country
 pub! More details nearer the time.

 Wednesday July 16th   Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 6.45pm

 Sunday July 20th Elmbridge 10km at Walton. Start 10.30am. Race 8 in
 the Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. 

 Friday July 25th Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park, Teddington.
 7.30pm start. Those entered last year should receive an entry form in the
 post; otherwise they can be downloaded from www.stragglers.org
 Note there will be no entries on the day. 

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901