Newsdesk 2003

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 103             11 JUNE 2003
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com  

 A RUN ON THE NORTH DOWNS  Saturday June 14th  3pm
 This is to be a sociable run of about 10 miles on some scenic bits of the
 North Downs. Easy pace, time for sightseeing, shorts cuts available, all
 welcome! Starting point will be a small car park just south of Shere: from
 the main street of Shere (Middle Street) head south uphill (past the White
 Horse and Prince of Wales pubs) and on uphill for about half a mile.
 Immediately before a bridge over the railway, turn right (signposted Albury
 and Farley Heath). The car park is about 150 metres along on the left. Start
 time 3pm. Optional tea and pub afterwards.

 DORKING 10 MILES  Sunday June 8th
 OK, so Stuart Major won this race for the 6th year in succession, but is
 that any reason for the latest edition of 'Athletics Weekly' to recycle last
 year's result? Still, it invites some interesting comparisons. Major himself
 was over half a minute quicker this time, despite not being pressed in the
 second half of the race. Karl Corpes of Aldershot paid the price of trying
 to stay with him early on and only rallied when caught by Paul Doyle with a
 couple of miles to go. Corpes still ended up a few seconds faster than his
 3rd place last year but Paul was almost a minute and a half quicker in
 improving from 8th to 3rd.
 Biggest improver amongst the Ranelagh contingent and definitely our star of
 the day was Sarah Seal who rose from 9th in 70.54 12 months ago to 1st this
 time in 65.38. Sarah led pretty well all the way but had to fight off the
 attentions of Eileen Church who added yet another personal best to her
 growing collection. It was very nice to see Ranelagh first and second in an
 open race and Sarah and Eileen should also receive Surrey Championship gold
 and silver medals in due course, as will Paul a bronze. Well done all!
 As Andy Bickerstaff finished some half a minute behind Sarah, this may well
 have been the first time a Ranelagh women's Captain has beaten her male
 counterpart in a race. Andy is now expected to do the decent thing and
 ceremonially fall on his spikes. 
 Back at the prize giving (when it finally materialised), Mick Lane was also
 called up in the vets category but our men's team just missed out in 4th
 place. Calculations covering every inch of Paul Doyle's hand convinced him
 that the story might be different in the Surrey Championship team scoring,
 but we'll have to wait and see. The women's team of Sarah, Eileen, Louise
 Piears and Thérèse Panetta won wine for finishing 3rd and might also get a
 Surrey placing.

 Dorking was also the 5th race in our road Grand Prix. Paul Doyle handily
 extended his lead in the Open category, with Mike Peace and Stephen Instone
 chasing. Mike and Stephen themselves further established their leads in the
 Over 50 and Over 40 categories respectively. In the women's competition
 Eileen Church's 5 points were sufficient to move her past Evelyn Joslin into
 the lead. Full score sheet and fixture list can be found on our web site.
 Leading scores after five events:
 Paul Doyle  46,  Mike Peace 34,  Stephen Instone 33,  Simon Lawrence 25,
 Darryl McDonald 24,  Mick Lane 21,  Eileen Church 20,  Gareth Davies 13,
 Peter Haarer 12,  Ken Fotherby 11
 Over 40
 Stephen Instone 21,  Simon Lawrence 17,  Mick Lane 12,  Bob Beatson 7,  Ken
 Fotherby 6,  David Powell 6
 Over 50
 Mike Peace 24,  John Hanscomb 14,  David Meaden 14,  Tom Reay 10,  Alan
 Meaden 7,  John Hughes 6
 Eileen Church 17,  Evelyn Joslin 13,  Thérèse Panetta 7,  Marlene Pautard 6,
 Sarah Seal 6,  Sophie Timms 5,  Teresa Segovia 5,  Jackie Alderton 5,
 Bridget Cuthbert 5 

 Clare Nicholson reports on the Lake Vyrnwy Marathon on June1st: 
 "Not entirely as planned from my perspective but still ran/walked/jogged
 3:38:11 to finish 8th lady with Anna McLaughlin 9th in 3:38:51. It was clear
 from the outset that the 14 degrees and drizzle the BBCi weather forecast
 had suggested was NOT going to happen.  The late afternoon temperature on
 arrival on Saturday was 26 degrees, sunny and close.  On Sunday morning the
 sun was shining, it was probably about late teens degrees and looked set to
 remain so.
 The race started at 10.00 almost by accident.  We were all standing around
 nattering at the race start when a whistle sounded and we were off.  It was
 a gently undulating 3 miles to the dam at the South Eastern end of the lake
 and I was close to my 7:20 miling target with 7:17, 6:57 and 7:40
 (reflecting the undulations).  We turned left onto the dam and proceeded in
 a clockwise direction around the lake along a country lane style
 semi-tree-shaded road.  I'd been chatting to a chap called Haydn who was
 aiming for sub-3:15 with 7:20 miles and I elected to stick with him.
 From about 4 miles my quads started to feel uncomfortable, I thought it was
 just that they needed warming up and it would pass - it didn't.  Went
 through 10 miles in 74:10 and the 1/2 in 97:13.  The temperature was rising
 and I would imagine around the 13 - 16 mile mark (something like 11.30 - 12
 noon) was the hottest part of the race, somewhere in the early/mid-twenties,
 as a haze seemed to come over after that.  By 16 I was slowing and by 18 was
 in quite a lot of pain and walked through the water station.  At this point
 I'd accepted that 3:15 was off and immediately switched to positive thoughts
 of what might possibly be attainable.  The remaining 8+ miles was a mixture
 of walking, stretching, race walking, jogging to try and get under 3:45 and
 earn at least a 'good for age' place in London next year (if I want it).
 Anna caught me just after the 25 mile mark and I lifted my race walk to a
 final jog/run to join her.  I gritted my teeth and managed to keep going
 through to the finish with Anna just a whisker behind.
 All told I absolutely loved the whole experience - I actually enjoyed the 40
 - 60 mile weeks building up to the event - I'm one of those lucky people who
 just adores running.  Am still not 100% sure what happened to my quads - one
 theory I currently like is that they hadn't fully recovered from the 33
 miles I'd run in sub-marathon pace three weeks previously at the GBR.
 Marathon is an event like no other.  My first experience of it has been on
 the whole good, certainly educational and I know I can do better next time". 

 Anna adds: "I would add that having aimed for a time of 3:40 I really can't
 complain with 3:38... so yes I am happy... extremely happy that it is over!!
 I could bore you with a break down of my splits and how grateful I was to be
 running with my camelbak on such a long day, but that would be no different
 from every other racer's story!!!
 Lake V is really a very beautiful place to run and I am seriously
 considering running the half in September... once round the lake would be

 Women's result:
 1 W Davies (Woking) 3.12.42
 8 Clare Nicholson 3.38.11
 9 Anna McLaughlin 3.38.51 

 One marathon is never enough for Andy Hayward :
 "I ran the Isle of Wight Marathon on Saturday 17th May, coming 16th overall
 in 3.14.06, 5th in 40-49 age group. It's a hilly course and conditions were
 nasty, blustery and torrential rain at times.
 1 P Rogers (Tipton) 2:49:13
 16 Andy Hayward 3:14:06
 I flew to America the next day, and competed in the Andy Payne Memorial
 Marathon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma the following Saturday, 24th May, coming
 2nd overall in 3.14.34, and winning the 45-49 age group. This was a flat
 course, almost one mile out and back, then three times round an 8.1 mile
 lake. The start was delayed 15 mins. by severe thunderstorm (seven days
 after the area being hit by devestating tornados) with hail the size of 1p
 coins. It cleared up though, and became blustery and very humid, but cooler
 than usual conditions (around 68'F). 
 The Andy Payne after whom the race is named was a Cherokee Indian from
 Oklahoma who won the first trans-continental race from Los Angeles to New
 York in 1928, and the marathon route actually passes over a short stretch of
 that original route three times.
 1 D Harris (Hennessy) 3:09:08
 2 Andy Hayward 3:14:34

 Last Saturday, June 7th, I ran the Dartmoor Discovery Ultra Marathon. 32
 miles 627 yards including 4,000 feet of ascent and descent. 91 finished this
 very hilly course, starting and finishing in Princetown".
 1 M Feighan (Bideford) 3:44:45
 13 Andy Hayward 4:34:25 

 Mike Rowland prefers to walk:
 "Saturday 17th May saw the centenary of the London to Brighton race walk.
 Sadly, it is almost certainly the last. The roads are now simply too
 A hardy band of 65 competitors lined up by Big Ben and, as tradition
 demands, started on the long road to Brighton at the first stroke of 6am.
 Stock Exchange athlete Andy Coltman raced into the lead and, at the 5 mile
 mark in Streatham, was nearly a minute clear. But he soon began to suffer
 for his early suicidal pace and, by the 15 mile mark, had been swallowed up
 by the chasing pack . Top International walker Mark Easton had now taken a
 lead which he was never to lose. By the finish, he was 38 minutes clear.
 Despite his obvious class, it was a surprisingly easy victory for Easton
 because the distance (50.5 miles) was 20 miles further than he had ever
 walked before. But his winning time of 8 hours 6 minutes and 15 seconds was
 way outside the course record of 7 hours 35 minutes and 12 seconds set by
 the great Don Thompson in 1957. And Don's race was over the full 52 mile
 course to the sea front. This year's race finished in Preston Park. The
 Brighton police (sensibly) would not let us walk through the town centre. 
 First lady home was the remarkable Sandra Brown. But the 50 mile route was
 way, way short of her best distance. She holds the world record for 1000
 miles! And husband Richard holds the record for the Lands End to John
 O'Groats journey, something like 11 or 12 days. An extraordinary couple
 As for me.... well, I had a bad one. I think all those hills in the Green
 Belt Relay (Stage 4 is quite beautiful but a shade tough!) had taken their
 toll, together with all the hill training I had done in preparation for the
 race. By 10 miles, I was getting pains in my calves and was forced to walk
 up the hills even slower than I would normally. And then the weather, which
 had been iffy all day, finally broke about 5 miles from the finish. Brother
 Steve, who with Sonia was (superbly) looking after me, went for a run on the
 South Downs about this time and told me later that he'd disappeared into the
 clouds! Torrential rain, hailstones, strong wind into my face, it finished
 me and I ended with a disappointing 11 hours 28 minutes. The race programme
 contained a potted history of the event and I saw that it was wet and windy
 for the 1903 race. So I suppose it was only appropriate that the weather was
 just the same for this Centenary race.
 I guess I'll have to use the London Marathon for my long walking races from
 now on. Still, if I really want to do 50 miles, I could always walk back to
 1 M Easton (Surrey WC) 8:06:15
 49 Mike Rowland 11:28:29

 City of London 3.5 miles  Thursday May 29th 
 1 C Beecham (Highgate) 16.47
 5 Paul Doyle 17.36 

 Spelthorne 10km  Sunday May 25th at Staines
 1 Peter Haarer 32.18
 4 Mick Lane (1st Vet) 34.27 

 Alan Davidson travelled to the Czech Republic for the European Masters road
 championships at Upice, "a very scenic ski-ing resort in the middle of
 nowhere. I had the same preparation as for Italy last year - three weeks out
 with a thigh strain and intensive physiotherapy. The 10km was hot (28/29
 degrees) and there were two hills including a steep one at the end. I ran
 conservatively in 43.45. I didn't dare tackle the half marathon!" 

 Mike McDowell reports on finishing first over 65 (and first over 70 and
 first over 75!) in three races in 10 days in Gloucestershire: on 15th May he
 ran 29.15 in the Globe 5km, on the 19th he set a season's best of 61.03 in
 the Berkeley 10km and on the 24th he recorded 49.05 for the Gloucester 5

 ON THE TRACK - SOUTHERN MASTERS LEAGUE Monday June 2nd at Battersea 
 Margaret Auerback reports on the women's match:
 "The best turnout ever enabled us to cover every track and field event and
 resulted in a win on the night for Richmond - well done everybody,
 particularly those brave enough to try an event for the first time.  All
 those points add up.
 There were some excellent performances, our sprinters get better at every
 outing and we are holding our own in the middle distance events.  The relay
 was exciting and I still don't know how we won it, three of Hillingdon's
 runners are all faster than us but somehow Julie, Eliete and Marion managed
 to get enough of a lead for me to hang on to first place.  I was very
 relieved to see that finish line though!.
 Celia and Jenny did well again in the throws. Frances, Bev, Julie and Pat
 all contributed to the field event points with Frances in the triple jump,
 Bev and Julie in the high jump and Pat - 'the judge kept laughing at me
 every time I came to take a throw' - in the javelin.
 The competition is now very close with Serpentine, Hillingdon and Richmond
 all on eleven points - the last match on 28th July will be a real cracker
 and we must aim to cover all the events again.  
 Put 28th July in your diary now and I'll be chasing you all nearer the time.
 If I haven't asked you and you want to come please tell me - everybody gets
 a run on the night either as a team member or as a guest". 
 100m W35 1  Y Olowokere (E&H) 15.3 2  Eliete Nascimento 16.7
 W50A          1  Marion Rayner 16.9              Guest Mary Nash 17.3
 W50 B         1  Julie Drummond 17.1
 1500m W35A 1  F Kennedy (E&H) 5.21.4 4  Louise Piears 5.47.2
 W50A           1  Margaret Auerback 5.35.4  
 W50B           1  M Morris (Serp) 6.42.1 2  Frances Ratchford 7.18.1
 W60A          1  E Brocklesby (Serp) 6.16 3  Pat Hewlett  7.43.3 
 Medley relay  1  Richmond: J Drummond, E Nascimento, M Rayner, M Auerback.
 TJ W35        1  Y Olowokere (E&H) 6.54m 3  Bev Ali  6.24m
 W50 1  Frances Ratchford  4.42m
 Jav W35     1  C Browse (Serp) 21.82m 2  Celia Beverly 14.28m
 W50 1  V Thompson (Bel) 28.17m 2  Jenny Eldridge 18.42m
 W60     1  E Brocklesby (Serp) 12.88m 4  Pat Hewlett 6.19m
 HJ  W35 1  T Brady (Serp) 1.00m 2= Julie Drummond  0.80m
 W50 1  Marion Rayner (Bev Ali) 1.00m
 Ham W35     1  C Browse (Serp) 15.43m 3  Celia Beverly 13.53m 
 W50 1  V Thomson (Bel) 26.34m 3  Jenny Eldridge 18.22m  

 ...to new members Emma Corbett, Suzanne Lynch, Susan Booth, Nicky Seymour,
 Abi and Kathryn Curran, Kim Zabihi, Don O'Shea, Barry Robinson, Duncan
 Gaskell, Nick Henderson and - definitely not least - Juliet Ricketts at the
 age of one week! Congrats to the proud parents. 

 ...also to Rachel Dixon and Jonny Rowan who became Mr & Mrs Rowan last
 month. All best wishes to you both. 

 A small but select group including Darryl McDonald and Peter Haarer have
 joined Hugh Jones in entering the Bristol Half Marathon on 7th September.
 Any others are welcome to join the party! 
 Entry form from http://www.bristol-city.gov.uk/sports/marathon_index.html 
 Liz Kipling won the British Modern Pentathlon championship on June 1st with
 a score of 5404. Although Britain's three top-ranked competitors were absent
 at a re-scheduled World Cup event, Liz's performance was excellent and she
 was justifiably very disappointed to learn that she is not under
 consideration for the World and European Championship events later this

 Robin Drummond's training course aimed at improving 5k and 10k times
 continues on Wednesdays at 7pm from the clubhouse. Steady Wednesday night
 runs continue for those who are fast enough already! 

 The regular speed and hill sessions also continue on Tuesdays at 7pm from
 the clubhouse. Details are on our web site but the next few sessions are:
 June 17th Sand hills. 3 x (2 short and 1 long)
 June 24th Ratchford Relay loop (opposite clubhouse) - 3 x (double and
 single loop)
 July 1st Petersham Gate hill: 2 x (1 hard & 1 steady);
 Pembroke Lodge steps hill: 1 x (1 hard & 1 steady) 

 Also sessions at Barn Elms track on Thursday evening and Sunday morning. 
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk ) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / 
 mailto:sarahs@walker.co.uk ). See our web site for details and scores in
 the Ranelagh Road Grand Prix. 

 Saturday June 14th North Downs social run - see above. 

 Tuesday June 24th The Chris Brasher Ponds Run in Richmond Park. More
 details to follow.

 Sunday June 29th Dysart Dash 10km at Ham, Richmond. Race 6 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. 10am start. Entry forms in the clubhouse or
 from our web site. 

 Sunday July 6th Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton. Race 7 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. Entry form can be downloaded from

 Saturday July 12th Brickmakers Arms Marathon Relay (10 x 2.5 miles) at
 Windlesham. 2pm start. A low key fun event based around an excellent country
 pub! More details nearer the time. 

 Wednesday July 16th   Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 6.45pm

 Sunday July 20th Elmbridge 10km at Walton. Start 10.30am. Race 8 in
 the Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. Entry form can be downloaded from

 Friday July 25th Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park, Teddington.
 7.30pm start. Those entered last year should receive an entry form in the
 post; otherwise they can be downloaded from www.stragglers.org
 Note there will be no entries on the day. 

 Mike McDowell added to his report:
 "Next May Bank Holiday I invite a Ranelagh team to run in the Tetbury Wool
 Pack Race: it's 4 x 240 metres and the record is 2.59.1. Two small things to
 mention: alternate legs are down and up a 1 in 4 hill and the runner carries
 a 70lb sack of wool on his shoulders!"   

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901