Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 240                18 January 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Women's team wins the third Surrey League race
 *  Men's team finishes third
 *  Jo Ronaldson, Anna McLaughlin, Phil Killingley and David Benton all make
    the top ten
 *  Joss Moran wins Under 13 race
 *  Junior Points Prize Race 3 this Saturday

 JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE RACE 3  Saturday 20th January in Richmond Park
 The third of the four Junior Points Prize races will take place on the usual
 course around Sidmouth Wood starting at 2pm. All under 17s are welcome.

 The Sweatshop in Teddington is holding a club night next Monday from 5pm to
 8pm. The manager James Morris writes:
 "Ranelagh Harriers members will be entitled to 10% extra off sales prices
 and 5% extra off full price items (in addition to Ranelagh's normal
 discount). It is the last week of our sale and we are inviting local clubs
 down to the store. We will also put out some snacks for the peckish.
 Discount will be obtained on showing a membership card or event schedule, or
 we will quiz them to prove their allegiance".

 ...son of Chris, chief executive of Sweatshop and, last but not least,
 Ranelagh member, is one of six road race administrators and organisers who,
 under the auspices of UK Athletics, have formed a leadership group to
 oversee the development of road running in the UK.

 MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH HARRIERS  Saturday 3rd February at Hayes (Kent)
 This is the last of the mob matches this season, and as usual we need
 everybody we can get on the starting line. It's 7 miles multi-terrain
 through the Kent countryside. The Blackheath HQ is in Bourne Way, close to
 the junction of the A2022 and A232 and near Hayes, Kent, station:
 The start is at 2.30pm but note it's a 10 mins jog from the clubhouse.
 If you're late, go straight there.

 STREET O  Tuesday 13th February
 Two of our newer members Matthias Mahr and Abi Weeds are also members of
 SLOW - South London Orienteers and Wayfarers. During the winter SLOW
 organises a monthly Street O event and in February it's Matthias and Abi's
 turn to host one in Richmond. We have invited them to use the clubhouse as
 the event HQ, and it will take place on Tuesday 13th February. We hope a lot
 of the Ranelagh Tuesday night crowd will want to give it a try as an
 alternative to the normal session (which will still go ahead for those who
 want to stick to the usual routine).

 So what is Street O? It's Street Orienteering. But don't panic! It isn't
 "proper" Orienteering. You don't need any Orienteering skills or equipment
 to take part. It's more of a cross between Orienteering and a treasure hunt:
 great fun, as well as providing a good hour's fartlek training.

 The way it works is this: you start at 30 second or one minute intervals.
 You will be able to start any time between 7pm and 8pm. As you start you are
 given a map and a clue/answer sheet. The map will be a large scale one of
 the Richmond area, but it will show only roads, footpaths and other
 significant linear features like railways and rivers. Road names are NOT
 shown. The start and finish (i.e. the clubhouse) will be marked with a
 triangle. Also marked will be 30 to 40 numbered circles. These are the
 control points. The controls will be valued at either 10, 20, 30 or 40
 points - generally the ones further away are worth more. Typically the
 controls numbered 1 - 19 are worth 10 points, 20 - 29 are 20 points, 30 - 39
 are 30 points and 40 - 49 are 40 points. On your clue/answer sheet will be a
 description of what you need to identify at each control. These are always
 straightforward enough to see once you get to the right place. They might be
 things like the name of a pub or shop; the colour of the door at number 38;
 the number on a lamp post, the height restriction on a bridge etc etc. You
 have to write the answer on your sheet. 

 You have one hour to visit as many controls as you can (in any order), amass
 as many points as you can and get back to base at the clubhouse. BUT you are
 penalised if you get back over the hour - you lose 20 points per minute or
 part of a minute late.

 So basically, you spend the hour running as fast as you can between controls
 and then having a break while you identify the control and write down the
 answer. As I said, a good fartlek session. The only equipment you need is a
 pen or pencil, and a watch so you can keep track of the time remaining. A
 small hand or head torch is useful too, but it's not vital as everything is
 on lit roads. Most people run singly but anyone nervous of going alone can
 run in pairs or threes (though you do have to keep together - sending one
 person off to one control while the other person goes to a different control
 isn't allowed!). Contact me for more info.

 Frances Ratchford, who is not only our President but is also a Grade 4 Coach
 (the top qualification available), is organising a marathon training course.
 She writes:
 "It's three days coaching per week: Tuesday at the clubhouse, Thursday at
 the track and Saturday at the clubhouse. The Saturday morning, 10.30-11.30
 will include conditioning work. There will be plans for individuals, email
 support and a special coaching day in February. For members of Ranelagh it is
 free but outsiders will have to pay 26.2".
 Contact Frances at mailto: grapevineproductions@compuserve.com

 RICHMOND MINI-MARATHON TRIAL  Sunday 11th February 2007 in Richmond Park
 As usual we are jointly hosting the trials for the Richmond team to take
 part in the London Mini-Marathon. The course is two laps of Sidmouth Wood
 (opposite Pembroke Lodge) and the timetable is: 10am Girls 13-14 and 15-17;
 10.30am Boys 13-14 and 15-17; 11am Girls 11-12; 11.30am Boys 11-12. The
 categories relate to ages on London Mini-Marathon day, which is Sunday 22nd
 April. The first eight finishers in each category will be selected for the
 team. To be eligible for the team you must either live or go to school in
 the borough of Richmond. Entries close on Friday 3rd February - there are
 forms in the clubhouse or call the council Sports Development team on 020
 8831 6133.

 Clive Beauvais writes:
 "A cold, but gloriously sunny morning, gave Fari Shams and Mark Middleton a
 good introduction to the delights of an LDWA event last Sunday! Joined by
 Sue Ashley (SLH & Ranelagh), Ruth Hutton (SLH) and Colin Gray (Stragglers) ,
 the six of us encountered plenty of mud, but also plenty of firm ground in
 the "Tanners" - a great 20+ mile training run for both stamina building and

 On January 28th, Windsor Great Park will be the venue. 10 / 15 / 20 mile
 options - very little mud, some lengthy flat / fast sections, and a pub
 lunch (or just a swift half) afterwards. Meet at the Bishopsgsate entrance
 to the park for a 10:00 am start.

 How to get there - Leave the M25 at junction 13. Follow signs A30 Egham /
 Basingstoke / Bagshot (initially confusing as you have to join the slip road
 back up to the M25 from the direction you've just come!). Follow A30 round &
 under the M25 to the roundabout; take 2nd exit (Egham By-Pass - still the
 A30). At next roundabout (bottom of Egham Hill, BP garage on the left), take
 the 4th exit, Tite Hill. At the top of Tite Hill turn right. At
 mini-roundabout turn right, then immediately left into Bishopsgate Road.
 Follow this to the end and park close to the gates of the Park. (It may
 sound complicated but Junction 13 to Bishopsgate is less than 10 minutes
 driving - if you get lost, ring me on 07786 102130 (on the day only) and I'
 ll guide you in). Sat Nav : try anywhere in Bishopsgate road (Englefield
 Green or Egham) - or the postcode of the pub at Bishopsgate which is TW20

 Normal trainers ideal for this one - not studs".

 Next up:
 Sunday February 4th  Thames Path run (out & back) - 24 miles maximum. From
 Ranelagh HQ (Petersham).

 Sunday February 11th  'Punchbowl Marathon' - another LDWA event, 20 or 30
 mile options. From Witley (nr. Godalming) beautiful scenery and great
 facilities including hot meal at the end.

 Sunday February 18th  24 miler in Windsor Great Park. 4 x 6 mile laps -
 ideal for getting your marathon race drinking needs sorted out - opportunity
 to place drinks every 3 miles.

 (Note : the Windsor Great Park runs - route descriptions will be provided -
 easy paths to follow - you won't get lost!)

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 20th January    Junior Points Prize Race 3 in Richmond Park at 2pm.

 Saturday 27th January    South of England Championships (men and women) at
 Holkham Hall, Norfolk

 Saturday 3rd February    Pelling-Ratcliffe Cup mob match v Blackheath
 Harriers at Hayes (Kent). See above.

 Saturday 10th February   Surrey League Division 1 (men and women) in
 Richmond Park.

 Sunday 11th February    Valentines 10km at Chessington.  
                                    Mini Marathon Trial from 10am in
 Richmond Park. See above.

 Tuesday 13th February   Street O event from the clubhouse. See above.

 Every Saturday               Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                     Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                      See http://www.bptt.net/ for details.

 SWEATSHOP SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1  Saturday 13th January on Wimbledon
 For the third men's Surrey League fixture we fielded our strongest team yet,
 including David Benton over from Paris (and definitely not the David Benton
 in the news this week for keeping a lardy labrador). David had not run
 competitively for some time but was confident enough to start aggressively
 and after a mile he and Phil Killingley both featured in the top ten. And
 there they stayed, never more than a few yards apart, until Phil's powerful
 finish carried him through to 7th, his highest Division 1 finish yet, while
 David followed on in 10th. 

 Paul Doyle and Duncan Bell enjoyed a ding-dong (if you'll pardon the
 expression) in the low 20s throughout the race. Paul finally pulled a few
 yards clear while Duncan just held off a fast-finishing Peter Haarer. This
 gave us 5 home in the top 28, setting up our best team result of the season.
 Jordan Mungovan led the rest, just staying ahead of Mark Middleton, and good
 efforts from Steve Whitehead, Nathan Mills and Ed Barker completed the
 scoring ten, pushing Mick Lane out of the team for the first time in many

 The final reckoning saw us in a clear third place behind Herne Hill and
 Thames. We remain fourth overall, but more importantly we are now very much
 within striking distance of Belgrave in third place. On paper Bels could
 easily put out a strong enough team in the final race to squash our hopes,
 but another performance like today's would certainly give us every chance of
 equalling our best-ever 3rd place overall in Division 1. 

 In the Stranelagh Cup - the unofficial B team competition between Stragglers
 and Ranelagh - we scored our third straight win by 1065 to 1194. The overall
 totals now stand at 3397 for Ranelagh against 3956 for Stragglers. 

 Joss Moran ran very impressively to lead the Under 13s home by over half a
 minute, and Matthew Wilson and George Inman both made the top ten in the
 combined Under 17 / Under 15 event. 

 SURREY LADIES LEAGUE DIVISION 1  Saturday 13th January on Wimbledon Common
 The Thames H&H course is an up and down affair: after a sweep round the
 Memorial playing fields the runners are faced with a long uphill drag to the
 top of the Common before turning round and coming back down - then back up,
 then back down again. It was on the downhill stretch - very narrow in
 parts - that most of the serious mud was to be found, and it was to play a
 crucial part in the outcome of the race. More than one shoe parted company
 with its foot here, and one of them belonged to Epsom's Emily Nelson. At the
 time she was 100 metres clear of the field and running away with the race,
 but after fumbling her foot back into place she found herself in the chasing
 pack. Stragglers' Louise Watson led into the finishing straight but in a
 thrilling sprint finish the honours went to Belgrave's Catherine Bryson,
 with Watson and Nelson just a few metres behind.

 This gave league leaders Belgrave the best possible start in the team
 reckoning, but we had a strong turnout for this race and were confident of
 overturning some of the deficit we incurred at the last league race. Jo
 Ronaldson was poised just behind the leaders throughout and finished in 5th
 place, confessing to feeling tired after last week's hard run at Croydon,
 which had been her first race back from injury. Anna McLaughlin also ran a
 steady race just inside the top ten, with Marie Synnott-Wells never far
 behind. Then came Fari Shams in 16th and slow-starting Clare King who moved
 through to 20th at the finish. This completed our scoring five and they
 pulled off a 20 point win over Belgrave. But overall the Belles retain a
 virtually unassailable lead, and it would take a major disaster on their
 part for them to miss taking the title this year. We are now safely
 ensconced in second place.

 Our second five of Abi Weeds, Yvonne Hill, Liz Kipling, Kim Buckley - in her
 first race for the club - and Sandra Foot were by far the leading B team on
 the day and actually defeated eight of the Division One A teams. Overall
 they stand in 13th place, just eleven points behind the leading B team,
 South London Harriers. There's no trophy for the winning B team, but it
 would be some consolation for surrendering the league trophy! Our C team,
 including another newcomer Sanna Eriksson, was 20th and the leading C team. 

 In the junior events Rebecca Clayden was best-placed, 4th in the Under 17s
 with Victoria Elbourne 9th. Holly Clemens was 24th in the Under 15s and her
 sister Alice was 46th in the Under 13s behind Amelie Hunton who was 10th.

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 13th January
 272 finishers this week, despite the alternative attractions of the other TT
 and the League races, all over on Wimbledon Common. Most times were modest,
 but Sharon Rowe's PB came down by a few seconds. 

 1 L Lythgoe (Ashford) 16.56
 22 Darren Wood 19.44
 37 David Rowe 20.39
 60 Chris Camacho 21.37
 105 Adam Wright 23.11
 130 Paul Bisping 24.18
 179 Zuzana Lhotanova 26.35
 193 John Hanscomb 27.26
 258 Sharon Rowe 31.45 

 MABAC LEAGUE 8 miles  Sunday 7th January in Windsor Great Park
 1 D Cairnie (Runnymede) 46.07
 81 Phil Aiken 59.15
 193 Lorna Smith 80.04
 210 Bev Ali 90.20
 213 Cindy Croucher 94.07 

 Tom Reay writes:
 "I would just like to include the results of my 2006 races, so that they may
 hopefully be recorded for posterity in the next edition of the Gazette, and
 also to show that Wednesday night people do 'get out and about and a bit'
 and run races!!" 

 Dec 2005 Nene Valley 10 79.30
 Jan 2006 Serpentine 10K 47.30
 Feb 2006 Watford Half Marathon 1.49.27
 Feb 2006 Bramley 20 2.51.44
 Mar 2006 Algarve 1 mile 6.30
 Apr 2006 Oakley 20 2.49.31
 May 2006 Ranelagh Half Marathon 1.47.52
 Jun 2006 Dorking 10 1.18.54
 Jul 2006 Wycombe Half Marathon 1.51.27
 Jul 2006 Gloucester Half Marathon 1.48.32
 Aug 2006 Salisbury 30K about 3.10.00
 Nov 2006 Marlow Half Marathon 1:54.00 

 Marius Acker is now living in the Cayman Islands (poor devil) and in
 December won the local Half Marathon in 79.49. 

 More from 'Athletics' by W. Beach Thomas, published 1901. This extract
 refers to Ranelagh's Sid Thomas, four times winner of the AAA 10 miles
 championship in the 1880s. His best times of 51.31 and 51.37 remained
 unsurpassed in the championship for over forty years.
 "Sid Thomas assured me that he had been running two miles regularly morning
 and evening almost every day for the month before he won his last 10-mile
 championship. No man can have gone very far wrong in his preparation if he
 can do 51.37 for 10 miles, but I do not think there are many other men who
 could have endured so severe a preparation".