Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 258                30 July 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Paul Doyle and Chris Owens win vets prizes at the Wedding Day 7km
 *  Men's team 2nd and women's 4th
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells is first woman at WCTT
 *  Howard Gleave is age-graded winner at BPTT

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 31st July in Richmond Park
 The annual Ratchford Relay takes place this Tuesday evening in Richmond
 Park, starting at 7.15pm. This is a women-only event, with teams drawn up on
 the night - all speeds welcome.

 TRIANDRUN BELGRAVE 5km  Sunday 12th August.
 This race doubles as the county 5km championship. It's a 10am start at

 Back in the early 1970s the late Chris Brasher came up with the idea of a
 three-man relay along the South Downs Way. The route at that time extended
 for about 70 miles and the rules Chris set down allowed for one car and
 driver in support. Four teams took up the challenge and appropriately
 Chris's own team of himself, Ian Milne and Ian Macintosh set the fastest
 time of 8hr 4min. Teams intermittently returned to the route over subsequent
 years, and in 1976 Milne, Macintosh and Jeff Bull became the first team to
 beat the 8 hours barrier. In 1985, supermen Dave Wright, Mike Riley and
 Geoff Jones set an unassailable record of 7hr 8min, and Mike Peace, Simon
 Hedger and Kevin Harrison set a time that still stands as the second
 fastest, 7hr 42min. On the same day, John Pratt, Ned Sullivan and Jim
 Forrest set a vets record of 8hr 1min. In 1992 Sonia Rowland, Sue Colver and
 Anne Heeringa set the women's record of 9hr 23min. There have not been many
 attempts in recent years, but in 2005 Sonia, Kathy Mallett and Sue Ashley
 set a women's over 50s record of 10hr 26min. 

 Now John Pratt and Jim Forrest are planning a return to the route. John has
 recruited Clive Beauvais and Pete Warren to join him in setting an inaugural
 over 60s record, with Jim as their driver. Sunday September 2nd has been set
 as the date and they are aiming for a time of about ten and a half hours.
 They would like some company on the route! Is there anybody else out there
 who would like to take up the challenge? 

 The route is the 70 miles from Sunwood Farm (near Buriton) to Beachy Head
 along the spectacular South Downs, and there are no set stages - you can
 break it up as you choose. There are, however, some tried and tested
 schedules which can be made available to anyone who needs them. Stage
 lengths generally average about 3 miles, and thus each team member would run
 about 8 times. Brasher's rules specify three-person teams, but anyone who
 feels that 23-odd miles each in one day might be a bit too much is at
 liberty to go for a four or five-person team instead. 

 Keen? Get your own team together or just contact me and I will put
 interested parties in touch with each other. 

 THOMAS CUP 3.8 miles handicap in Richmond Park
 The traditional opening run of our winter season is very early again this
 year, on Saturday 1st September. All members are welcome for the race at
 3pm, and for the annual club photograph that precedes it, at 2.30pm.

 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 8th September at Wimbledon Park
 The county road relay championships will take place on the Wimbledon Park
 course starting at 12 noon. There will be the usual categories - senior men,
 senior women, men over 40, men over 50 and women over 35 - plus two new
 categories this year - men over 60 and women over 45. The senior men's race
 is 6 x 3 miles, all the others are 4 x 3 miles. Contact any of the captains
 if you are interested in running.

 Melanie Pryke writes:
 "Room/flatshare wanted for 30something female runner in Richmond or
 surrounding areas, basically somewhere SW / W London. I am a working
 professional marketing designer and very easy to get on with. My current
 flatmate is moving in with her boyfriend so I am looking for alternative
 accommodation. I'm sporty and love the great outdoors and would like to live
 with like-minded individual/s. I can be contacted on 07791176099 or emailed
 at mailto: mpryke@sweatshop.co.uk or mailto: melpryke@yahoo.com

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ).     

 Tuesday 31st July            Ratchford Relay in Richmond Park. See above.

 Tuesday 7th August         MABAC 5 miles on Wimbledon Common. 7.30pm start.
 Sunday 12th August        Belgrave 5km at Wimbledon incl. Surrey champs.
 10am start.  

 Sunday 19th August        MABAC 10km Pairs Relay at Leatherhead. 11am start. 

 Saturday 1st September  Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap in Richmond Park 3pm start.

 Saturday 8th September  Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon Park starting at 12 noon.

 Every Saturday              Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                     Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                     Banstead Woods Time Trial: 9am start off
 B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
                                     More details at www.parkrun.com

 Only one event to go now in the 2007 GP: the Belgrave 5km on Sunday 12th
 August. See above for details.

 Peter Weir is now clear at the top of the scoreboard in the Open category,
 with 64 points to Paul Doyle's 59 and Trevor Maguire's 54. It's the same
 three at the top of the Over 40s too, the scores being 35, 30 and 27
 respectively. John Hanscomb is clinging on at the top of the Over 50s table,
 demonstrating the importance in this competiton of simply being on the
 starting line. He has amassed 22 points and he is pursued by Martin Clark on
 19, Chris Owens on 17 and Clive Beauvais on 16.

 Mandy Westlake already has the women's competition sewn up with 36 points,
 12 ahead of Marie Synnott-Wells with Karen Broadbent another 8 points behind
 in third place. The over 40 competiton is much closer with Marie and Tanya
 Allen tied for the lead on 24 points, with Lorna Smith third on 18. There is
 a tie also at the top of the over 50s with Corinne Bishop and Anne Baker
 both on 12, but also in the mix are Jane Wyatt on 11 and Catherine Carthy on

 There are now 109 names in all on the GP scoreboard.  Full details.

 The Belgrave 5km on Sunday 12th August is also the final race in the Surrey
 Road League. Ranelagh currently stands in 3rd place in the men's table and
 6th in the women's. We are not really in the running for any of the
 individual titles this year, except perhaps for Paul Doyle in the Over 40
 category; but to have any realistic chance of winning he will need the
 season's star turn Jason Simpson not to turn up for the final race. Peter
 Weir and Trevor Maguire are currently ranked 2nd and 3rd in the Over 40s but
 may be pushed back by Simpson and Doyle. Martin Clark is well placed to
 finish 3rd in the Over 60s.  

 WEDDING DAY 7km  Friday 27th July in Bushy Park
 While an Australian triathlete was running away from the rest of the field,
 Paul Doyle was battling away as usual and kept himself in the mix for 3rd
 place overall. In the end he was well pleased with his 6th place, only 13
 seconds away from 3rd. This brought him the prize for the first vet.
 Jonathon Stacey crossed the line exactly a minute behind Paul in 14th, with
 Ed Barker chasing hard just behind. Peter Weir was next home in 27th with
 Chris Owens in pursuit. Chris at 29th made it a double for Ranelagh in the
 vets categories as he took the over 50s prize. Further back Clive Beauvais
 nearly made it a treble but had to settle for 2nd place in the over 60s -
 though he had the excuse that he had raced a 10km the night before!

 A good run from Marc Snaith saw him next home after CO, and then came the
 ever-improving David Rowe. Chris Brook just missed the top fifty and he was
 the last Ranelagh man home before our first woman, Marie Synnott-Wells. In a
 high quality women's field led home by Olympian Sonia O'Sullivan, Marie
 placed 7th. Behind her came Mandy Westlake at 18th, one place and fourteen
 seconds ahead of Kerrie O'Connor, with Evelyn Joslin next at 32nd.

 Thames H&H carried off both the team prizes but we placed a good 2nd in the
 men's and 4th in the women's.

 It was good to see several new names amongst the nearly forty RH in the
 race, as well as some very old names - John Hanscomb getting the better of
 Wally Garrod in the battle of the over 70s!

 TRAIL CHALLENGE 10km  Tuesday 24th July at Ham
 Niall O'Connor reports:
 "In contrast with the previous Trail Challenge, not only was the weather
 better (i.e. drier) but also many of the better SLOW orienteers didn't
 enter. This meant that after 30 minutes I begin to have visions of glory and
 wondered if winning the event would be enough to get my name on the Ranelagh
 honours board.

 The course looped around the towpath, Ham Common, into Richmond Park by the
 Petersham gate and out by the Ham gate before finishing back at the Hawker
 Centre. My GPS measured it at 10.35km, but I did take a longer route than
 necessary on a few occasions, despite the recent purchase of a compass - I
 must learn how to use it.

 After tussling with a Straggler for the lead over the first eight
 checkpoints I pushed about 50m clear on the way to the ninth - and couldn't
 find the damn thing! The next one I found was the final checkpoint, so I
 scanned it, in 2nd place at this stage, and was promptly disqualified for
 missing the ninth. At least I did win a 'commiseration' prize of a chocolate
 orange, not quite as good as getting on the board but much tastier!"

 Sue Ashley was placed second woman until the fateful ninth control. "I did
 the extra LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG version, "she writes, "Got lost right at the end
 & arrived back just in time to stop the search party going out!"

 1 J Emmines (1OK) 41.13
 dq Niall O'Connor 41.19
 dq Sue Ashley 100.31

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 21st July
 Howard Gleave's 17.34 in 8th place was a new PB for the course and landed
 him top position in the age-graded competition with 83.97%. Other PBs came
 from Heather Martingell and Sharon Rowe.

 1 J Lock (Thames Turbo) 15.51
 8 Howard Gleave 17.34
 19 Andy Bickerstaff 18.08
 22 Marc Snaith 18.23
 29 Andrew Forth 18.45
 32 David Rowe 18.54
 35 Darren Wood 19.12
 79 Phil Aiken 21.04
 99 Adam Wright 21.36
 137 Paul Bisping 22.39
 141 Alastair Sinclair 23.00
 152 Heather Martingell 23.25
 245 Wally Garrod 26.58
 250 John Hanscomb 27.08
 278 Sharon Rowe 28.36 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 21st July
 Marie Synnott-Wells was the leading woman.

 1 J Kelly (Herc Wimb) 16.36
 8 Burkhard Fehsenfeld 19.13
 9 Marie Synnott-Wells 19.27
 11 Stephen Instone 19.42
 37 Catherine Carthy 29.21

 BANSTEAD WOODS TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 21st July
 1 R Ward (Belgrave) 16.23
 69 Brian Chard 28.45 

 NEAR AS DAMMIT 10km  Thursday 26th July at Coulsdon
 Another over 60s win for Clive Beauvais.

 1 J Simpson (SLH) 36.46
 25 Clive Beauvais 42.56

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 27th July in Hyde Park
 1 R McKinlay (Highgate) 16.02
 84 Alan Davidson 21.05
 145 Mike Rowland 25.34
 159 John Hanscomb 26.45 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 28th July
 No fewer than seven RH who had been racing in Bushy Park on Friday evening
 were back for more punishment the following morning, though it's no surprise
 that none of them troubled their PBs. The only new best marks were set by
 Anna-Maria Plaza and Bruno Wilson-Betancor.

 1 D Kiralyfi (Winchester) 16.26
 25 David Rowe 19.03
 32 Darren Wood 19.29
 61 Peter Wright 21.04
 68 Adam Wright 21.16
 95 Phil Aiken 22.15
 129 Anna-Maria Plaza 23.13
 178 Bruno Wilson-Betancor 24.48
 179 Roger Wilson 24.50
 208 Gill Wilson 26.09
 227 Heather Martingell 27.17
 239 John Hanscomb 28.02
 249 Sharon Rowe 28.40 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 28th July
 1 R Marriott (SLH) 17.02
 57 Catherine Carthy 28.25

 John Atkinson writes:
 "I've had a good last few weeks running-wise, lowering my 10k PB by almost a
 minute - and running a decent half marathon in between. Chipped half a
 minute off the 10k mark with 37:18 on July 1st, in the Canada Day 'Run for
 Canada' Vancouver event, placing 6th overall (as five ahead of me were
 inadvertently led astray by one of the lead bikes!) - and then lowered that
 last Saturday (July 21st) to 36:50 in the Summerfast 10k (around Stanley
 Park), finishing in 14th. The former was won by Mark Bomba of Coquitlam in
 32:21 and the latter by Simon Driver of Vancouver in 32:36. In between I ran
 1:23:19 to finish 5th in the Fort Langley Half Marathon (July 15th) - not a
 PB, but a satisfying effort on a very hilly course. That race was won by the
 formerly Cornwall-based Kevin O'Connor in 1:18:38. Now my attention turns to
 training for the Royal Victoria Marathon in October -- and finally breaking
 that elusive 3-hour barrier!" 

 Dave Locke writes:
 "When you're young sex is better than running. As you get older and fitter
 it tends to be the other way about. At pensionable age and past both,
 there's walking - not ambling along with the dog or the unfit partner but
 hard serious stuff like the Coast to Coast for example, 300 kms through some
 of England's most stunning scenery. Thus four of the Club's geriatric
 members (self, Bill Bird, John McGuire and Alan Hedger) with fond memories
 of glorious runs and relays thought it was time for the C2C to be conquered,
 allowing a period of ten days and relying on the wonderfully detailed
 illustrated route description produced by A. Wainwright.

 Despite the fact that this is an iconic world renowned walk it's not been
 gazetted as a national trail like the Pennine Way and Wainwright's original
 route has been revised and revised and revised...causing the occasional
 navigational problem to those going by the book alone as we did. The O.S map
 went with the driver of our support vehicle since it's much more important
 at the end of the day for our baggage to reach its destination and the
 driver to get us to a pub for refreshments - this latter is so important
 that Ian Milne piloted his Cooper up on day nine to ensure we got a decent
 lunch break as well. 

 For the prevailing weather to be at one's back, west to east is the way to
 go. Setting off from St Bees Head on June 1st, for the whole ten days an
 easterly wind blew into our faces. Jackets were shed on the ups and pulled
 instantly back on again to combat windchill as soon as summits were reached.
 But only once did we get a light short shower! Legs and lungs get a huge
 boost from a week up here, aside from the climbs it's hard work pushing
 through knee-deep heather or boulder strewn tussock grass. Best of all is
 getting away from traffic or crowds.

 In a remote part of the Western Lakes there was a touching connection to
 Ranelagh. On the wall just inside the doorway of the Black Sail Youth Hostel
 is a tablet with an inscription to Chris Brasher which reads:

 Chris Brasher CBE
 1928 - 2003
 Olympic athlete, mountaineer, journalist, businessman and philanthropist 

 'Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?'
 Robert Browning

 A lifetime of love and support for outdoor sport and for the world's wild
 places. A benefactor to the YHA and outdoor activity in the Lakes. Spent his
 last night hostelling, with friends, at Black Sail on 29 June 2002 - 'a
 disgraceful episode at which we devoured 14 different curries and consumed
 nine bottles of good Australian wine!'

 This plaque erected by his friends in OBOE - 'On the Back Of an Envelope' -
 the way Chris believed any worthwhile expedition can be planned."

 From The Times:
 "The idea that vitamin C supplements can ward off colds is a myth, a major
 review of the evidence has concluded. The analysis of data from 30 studies
 involving more than 11,000 people found no evidence that high doses of the
 vitamin have any effect against colds for the average person. The research,
 conducted by Australian and Finnish scientists, found that extra vitamin C
 is beneficial only for people under extreme physical stress, such as
 marathon runners and soldiers, who are 50 per cent less likely to catch a
 cold if they take daily supplements. For people living ordinary lives, any
 benefits conferred by vitamin C are so small that they would not be worth
 the effort or expense, the researchers said".