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*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 327 24 March 2010 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Liz Kipling and Peter Haarer run well in Inter-Counties * Judd School wins Ranelagh Cup schools race * Half Marathon season - results from Berkhamsted, Eastbourne, Leith Hill, Reading, Fleet and Hastings * 84.19 by Estelle Damant at Fleet, 78.48 by Trevor Maguire at Reading * Fourth places for Marie Synnott-Wells at Eastbourne and Louise Piears at Leith Hill * Sarah Smith wins Tempest 10 * parkrun placings for Sandra Prosser, Karen Weir, Michelle Davies, Luke Wilson, Duncan Mallison, Darren Wood and Nick Wright * Marilena Wilkinson completes Atacama Desert crossing * Heather Martingell runs Washington Marathon * Baker Cup 3 miles handicap this Saturday and supper at the Roebuck in the evening SEE HERE ******** BAKER CUP SUPPER AND PRIZE PRESENTATION There is still time to book for the Baker Cup supper this Saturday (27th March), but Michele has to finalise numbers on Friday so please don't delay. It starts at 7pm upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. The cost is £20 including food and a greeting glass of bubbly. This is the only occasion when our impressive collection of silverware is gathered together in one place - it's worth seeing! To book, e-mail Michele Gibson micheleagibson@hotmail.com or phone 07703 518956. BAKER CUP 3 MILES HANDICAP Our shortest handicap race takes place this Saturday, 27th March, in Richmond Park. It's only 3 miles and all club members are welcome. Just turn up and register on the day - preferably at the clubhouse, otherwise at the start which is in the centre of the Park beside White Lodge. Start is 3pm, but allow time to jog across from the clubhouse as a warm-up. The course is on the closed roads except for a few metres of grass at the start of each of the two laps. More details can be found on our website here:. There is also a new trophy especially for juniors - see below for details. NEW JUNIOR TROPHY AT THE BAKER CUP Simon Burrell writes: "This year we will be awarding a new annual junior trophy at the Baker Cup, in honour of Jack Ellicock, who celebrated his 90th birthday and 60+ years as a Ranelagh member in February. Jack remains very involved with and supportive of the sport and we hope he will be able to present the trophy personally on the day. We would like to get as many juniors running as possible - to be eligible, a runner must: * be under 18 on the day of the race; and * be a paid up member (individual or family); and * meet handicapping criteria (see below). The first eligible junior over the line (in handicap order) will win the Jack Ellicock trophy. To get a full handicap, the usual rules apply with regards three previous runs on which our handicapper (Mike Rowland) can make a judgement. As junior racing opportunities are more limited, Mike will allow up to two parkrun times to be taken into account in setting a junior handicap. This means you only need to have completed in one previous club race, so long as you have run at least two parkruns. You are still welcome to run without a full handicap but this will be as a guest and so you will not be eligible for the trophy. If you do want to run as a junior but don't have three club race results recorded, please let Mike know mike_rowland@fsmail.net and he can check your parkrun times before the day of the race." ROAD GRAND PRIX Details of the Ranelagh 2010 Road Grand Prix are now available on our website here:. The first event is the always popular Thames Towpath 10 miles on Sunday 18th April at Chiswick. www.west4harriers.com/TowpathTen. HIGHLAND FLING New member Gareth Craft wonders if anyone would be interested in doing the Highland Fling race on April 24th as a Ranelagh team. This comes from the race website: "a 53 mile ultra race through some of Scotland's greatest scenery. The challenge is to complete the 53 mile "Fling" course along the Southern part of the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Tyndrum within the appropriate time limit. In addition to the solo runners, there are club competitions, and a four-person relay race. All runners must be 21 years old or over. More details here:. Contact Gareth gareth.craft@googlemail.com . parkrun MOB MATCH Don't forget that we have a "mob match" against Stragglers incorporated with the Richmond 5km parkrun on Saturday 10th April. If you're a regular parkrunner, make it the Richmond event this week. If you're not a regular, here's your chance to give it a try. Start is 9am near Richmond Gate. SUBSCRIPTIONS... ...are due on April 1st. Please be prompt! Rates remain unchanged: Seniors £40; Under 20 or student £10; Family membership £70; Retired and over 60: £20; Second-claim £20; Non-running £10. You can pay by cheque (payable to Ranelagh Harriers and sent to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA) or you can download a standing order form from our web site here:. RANELAGH RICHMOND HALF MARATHON Sunday 16th May 2010 Heather Martingell writes: "Please help. We need plenty of on-course marshals. The race starts at 8.30am. Marshals will be required for about 90 minutes placed somewhere convenient for you, and you will be rewarded with tea, coffee and various edible goodies back in the clubhouse afterwards. There will also be some drinks on the Tuesday afterwards in the clubhouse for marshals only, as well as energy bars for during the race (to tease the runners with). If you are available to marshal please contact me ranelaghhalfhelpers@hotmail.co.uk" MARILENA IN THE ATACAMA Marilena Wilkinson made it across the Atacama Desert! Here are extracts from her blog for the final two days: "Stage 5: HOORAY!!! I have finished the long stage 76km in one go. It was an amazing experience. Very painful because of my blisters, but apart from that my body is feeling fine. It was difficult all along, the salt plains weren't as I thought, smooth all along - no way, it was crusty and very difficult to even walk on it, and with my feet, horrible. We had a long march along stony, sand uphill. A very long way along sand with magnificent surroundings. Then we had a very long, steep sand dune, I don't know what I would have done if I fell backwards - would have to do it all again. After that there was a very long path, difficult on my feet. More sand, up and down. Our last stretch in the dark we thought was going to be easier, but no, it was gruelling. Up hills, down dunes, up again and down along this beautiful canyon, sometimes you had to sit down to jump to carry on walking. Very long, but the sky was beautiful, full of stars. After that we had a long stretch all the way up and down to our camp. It was a very long day, difficult, but I'm glad I did it. Now we have only 10km to our finish line. Looking forward to real food, a nice soft bed and of course to a very cold Pisco Sour Stage 6: a stroll to the finish? Errr, no. With most of us finishing quite late last night, with no briefing today, and with the final little stage not due to start until mid-day, it should have been a lie-in for us all today. Yes? Errrr, no! There was excitement around the campsite from 7am onwards, and any further sleep soon became as unlikely as a short sharp shower. It seemed an age, therefore before we were all assembled at the starting line for our dash for home. Yes? Errrrr, no. The first 2km were all uphill through jagged rocks, and I think that for most of us they were probably the slowest 2km of the week. And my feet hurt! Eventually, the course flattened out, the speedsters raced ahead, and I realised that my race, which I had prepared for for so long, which had been gruelling in the extreme - cruel at times - but which I had enjoyed so very much, was quickly coming to an end. But even with the pain, I didn“t want it to end. I concentrated on the scenery - the dry, arid landscape, the volcanoes in the distance, the sheer never-endingness of it. I looked without success to see my third bird of the week. I savoured every minute, almost hoping the finishing line would get further away rather then ever closer. All too soon, I was in the final straight, and I remembered my lines: I unfurled my Venezuelan flag and held it high and wide just like I had seen the Olympic champions in Beijing; I brought the broad grin back to my face even though I was not pleased to be finishing my race; I completely forgot my painful feet; and to a crescendo of cheers, applause and drumbeats, I crossed the line: tired - exhausted even - but so happy. Alan was there to put the medal around my neck and give me a hug and a kiss, and so were all my new-found friends who had all helped make this such a wonderful week. And yes, over to the side, as promised, there was pizza and coca cola. I grabbed a piece, then another, and then back to the finishing line to cheer in some more of my new friends, more photos, more hugs, more tears of relief, of happiness, and yes, of achievement. What a week! I will never forget it. But I hope my feet will!!" You can read Marilena's full blog here:. If anyone else would like to help Marilena raise money for her chosen charity Ataxia UK, visit her Just Giving page. BAREFOOT RUNNING Jeff Bull sends this. "Dr Lieberman suggests that running barefoot could reduce injuries: "While the average runner strikes the ground 600 times per kilometre, making runners prone to repetitive stress injuries, the incidence of such injuries has remained considerable for 30 years despite technological advancements that provide more cushioning and motion control in shoes designed for heel-toe running. He believes that while cushioned, high-heeled running shoes may be comfortable, they limit the amount one can feel the ground, making it harder to mitigate impact, and easier for runners to land on their heels. He goes on to say that running shoes may weaken foot muscles and arch strength through reliance on arch supports and stiffened soles and that this weakness itself may contribute to 'excessive pronation' and plantar Fasciitis." CORRECTIONS 1 John Atkinson writes from Canada to say that it was not he who ran in the Wimbledon Common parkrun last week: "I ran the St. Patrick's Day 5k in Vancouver on Saturday (March 13th) and finished 48th in 18:02. Dylan Wykes, from Kingston, Ontario, won the race in 14:29." 2 The Dulwich parkrun mentioned in the last e-news should have read Greenwich parkrun. WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07983 430264 (After 5pm Weekdays) / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Saturday 27th March Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in Richmond Park at 3pm. Our shortest handicap. It's on the closed roads in the centre of the Park, starting beside White Lodge. All welcome, register on the day. Saturday 10th April 5km mob match v Stragglers incorporated with the Richmond parkrun Sunday 18th April Thames Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick. Details:. Sunday 25th April London Marathon. Sunday 2nd May Sutton 10km. Details:. parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston Canbury Park Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com Saturday 13th March at Birmingham Surrey silver medallist Liz Kipling's outstanding form continued as she ran a strong second half of the senior women's 5 miles to finish in 53rd place, the third finisher in the Surrey team that finished 5th. Peter Haarer also ran well in the senior men's event for Oxfordshire, for whom he was the fifth finisher. Senior Women 8km 1 F Murray (Scot East) 27.21 53 Liz Kipling (Surrey) 30.38 Senior Men 12km 1 M Farah (N&EB) 34.41 148 Peter Haarer (Oxford) 40.14 RANELAGH CUP SCHOOLS RACE Saturday 20th March in Richmond Park There was a slightly smaller field than usual for our Schools race owing the early end of term at some schools. It was a close race at the front with Alex Clifford of RGS Guildford outsprinting Henry Kinnersley of Judd. Kinnersley had the consolation of leading his team to victory for the third year in succession. 1 A Clifford (RGS Guil) 22.47 2 H Kinnersley (Judd) 22.49 3 J Corsan (Wellingon) 23.19 4 M Anketell (Judd) 23.24 5 T Wiles (Judd) 23.31 6 R Leonard (Harrow) 23.59 7 P Cohen (Westminster) 24.00 8 N Robson (Lancing) 24.04 9 D de Armas (Harrow) 24.17 10 E Parson (Harrow) 24.21 Teams (4 to score) 1 Judd 22 2 Harrow 39 3 Westminster 63 4 Lancing 66 5 Wellington 73 6 RGS Guildford 78 7 Epsom 128 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 27th February Third place for Luke Wilson. 1 A Stay (unatt) 18.59 3 Luke Wilson 20.03 9 Roger Wilson 23.11 ROUNDSHAW DOWNS parkrun 5km Saturday 27th February 1 M Morgan (SoC) 17.48 56 Alison Dicks 34.44 59 Jar O'Brien 34.52 SRI CHINMOY 10 miles Saturday 6th March in Battersea Park Pete Warren writes: "Thanks for spotting that I was the first V70 in the Roding Valley half. In fact as far as I could see I was the only V70 out of the 834 finishers !! It was a new low baseline for GRIM runs. Rain, icy wind, hills, traffic and not very pretty. I was also the first and last V70 in the Sri Chinmoy 10miles at Battersea Park for which they gave me a massive cup. It does not feel right to get a prize for being the first of one!" 1 K Quinn (AFD) 50.52 43 Ben Shore 71.45 86 Pete Warren 81.51 BERKHAMSTED HALF MARATHON Sunday 7th March Chris Read reports: "On Sunday 7th March a small Ranelagh team consisting of Karen and Peter Weir and me did the Berkhamsted Half Marathon. The weather was bright and sunny but cold. The race was well organised and the scenery pleasant. The undulations on the course were less severe than we had feared. The closing stages were downhill, making possible a storming finish. Pete was the first to finish in a time of 1.26.39. Karen was the star of the team, finishing in a time of 1.39.21, a new PB. I finished between the two Weirs in a time of 1.37.17." 1 M Aldridge (Wootton) 1:12.32 40 Peter Weir 1:26.39 189 Chris Read 1:37.17 236 Karen Weir 1:39.21 EASTBOURNE HALF MARATHON Sunday 7th March Marie Synnott-Wells was 4th woman and first over 45. 1 H Mountcastle (Hast) 1:17.56 (chip time 1:17.56) 48 Marie Synnott-Wells 1:31.31 (1:31.27) LEITH HILL HALF MARATHON Sunday 7th March Louise Piears echoed Marie's finishing positions at Eastbourne in this hilly off-road Half. 1 F Del valle (unatt) 1:22.24 87 Louise Piears 1:51.20 107 Michael Cawley 1:54.23 BUSHY PARK 10km Sunday 7th March 1 A Villard (unatt) 36.35 6 Bill Neely 38.36 123 John Hanscomb 65.06 BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap Wednesday 10th March at Westminster 1 J Blake (West 4) 18.43 (actual time 14.43) 11 John Hanscomb 20.51 (23.21) 21 Alan Davidson 21.23 (16.38) RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 13th March 1 A Vandenberg (Herc W) 16.54 5 Peter Weir 18.47 7 Ian Kenton 19.03 16 Bill Neely 19.32 36 Eric Plue 20.52 61 Andrew Brown 22.35 68 Alan Davidson 23.10 79 Donna Mason 23.38 87 Alison Dicks 24.15 118 Phil Aiken 26.48 137 Lorraine Clifton 29.03 143 Christine Goodsell 29.50 155 Pat Hewlett 31.22 156 Lynne Barber 31.22 161 Bronwen Northmore 33.29 167 Penny Merrett 34.13 BUSHY PARK parkrun Saturday 13th March 1 R Franks (SMR) 15.57 23 Charlie Pedlar 18.28 105 Carola Richter 21.20 130 Adam Wright 21.52 243 Roger Wilson 23.42 309 Chris Wright 25.14 327 Nicholas Fordham 25.32 328 Peter Fordham 25.35 356 Ivan Boggis 26.02 444 Val Lowman 28.37 475 Peter Lowman 29.31 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 13th March Duncan Mallison finished in 3rd place and Michelle Davies ran a PB to finish 2nd woman. 1 T Haughian (SMR) 17.48 3 Duncan Mallison 19.22 11 Michelle Davies 22.19 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km Saturday 13th March Third place for Darren Wood. 1 D Symes (unatt) 17.20 3 Darren Wood 18.54 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun Saturday 13th March 1 B Reynolds (Herts P) 17.05 131 Laura Wells 25.52 SPITFIRE 20 miles Sunday 14th March at Dunsfold This and the Tempest 10 were run from Dunsfold, a former Battle of Britain airfield (hence the race names) now better known as the site for the filming of "Top Gear". Well over 600 finished the 20 miler, putting a few more miles under their belts as the spring marathons approach inexorably. 1 A Gibbins (Black & B) 1:56.28 (chip time 1:56.27) 41 Duncan Mallison 2:20.41 (2:20.35) 250 Karen O'Hara 2:51.57 (2:51.44) 518 Tamsin Burland 3:21.35 (3:20.57) 622 Lynne Barber 3:57.01 (3:56.44) 630 Deirdre Inman 4:08.08 (4:07.51) 631 Cindy Croucher 4:13.57 (4:13.40) TEMPEST 10 miles Sunday 14th March at Dunsfold The ten miler was held over one lap of the 20 course. Sarah Smith finished first woman by just a handful of seconds. 1 M Donnery (Epsom & E) 55.48 (chip time 55.48) 7 Simon Hedger 66.57 (66.55) 9 Sarah Smith 68.08 (68.05) 195 Alan Meaden 105.07 (104.52) 217 David Meaden 111.29 (111.15) WIMBLEDON AUDI 10km Sunday 14th March 1 H Raidi (Belgrave) 33.14 (chip time 33.13) 261 Simon Burrell 49.58 (48.42) 746 Deborah Blakemore 67.43 (66.26) RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 20th March Sandra Prosser was the leading woman at Richmond.... 1 J Flood (stragglers) 16.40 8 Jerym Brunton 19.21 19 Chris Read 21.19 31 Sandra Prosser 22.05 45 Alan Davidson 23.13 55 Donna Mason 24.09 70 Neil Myland 25.18 80 Johannes Prosser 25.51 87 Louise Reeder 26.43 121 Annemarie Goodridge 30.52 132 Bronwen Northmore 33.45 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km Saturday 20th March ...and Karen Weir was the leading woman at Frimley. 1 M Rix (Farnham) 17.54 4 Peter Weir 18.44 7 Darren Wood 19.47 9 Karen Weir 22.21 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 20th March This was the first running of the new Kingston parkrun at Canbury Gardens. Nick Wright finished 3rd. 1 R Reeder (Stragglers) 17.50 3 Nick Wright 20.44 5 Chris Camacho 21.14 7 Tony Appleby 21.53 8 Jar O'Brien 21.54 15 Kirsty Bangham 24.31 16 Paul Martingell 24.47 17 Alison Dicks 25.24 18 Michael White 25.25 22 Phil Aiken 26.37 36 Sharon Rowe 34.23 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 13th March Duncan Mallison finished in 3rd place again. 1 R Brookling (unatt) 17.20 3 Duncan Mallison 19.18 BUSHY PARK parkrun Saturday 20th March 1 A Robinson (Herc W) 16.04 13 Nathan Mills 18.01 29 Ted Mockett 18.57 132 Roger Wilson 22.12 146 Adam Wright 22.22 160 Peter Fordham 22.39 290 Jose Scheuer 25.40 319 Ivan Boggis 26.20 334 Julie Naismith 26.38 335 Wally Garrod 26.41 418 Peter Lowman 29.08 429 Val Lowman 29.30 445 Danny Hobbs 30.21 481 John Hanscomb 32.10 ORION 15 miles cross-country Saturday 20th March Andy Bickerstaff writes: "It's hard to outsprint someone when he's two miles ahead.... showered, dressed and with beer in hand (Oranjeboom I think) when a bedraggled Bicks crosses the line." 1 E Phillips (Serp) 1:36.06 19 Chris Bundhun 1:46.07 83 Andy Bickerstaff 2:00.32 WASHINGTON NATIONAL MARATHON Saturday 20th March at Washington DC, USA Heather Martingell was delighted not only to be the first woman finisher from the UK but also to crack the four hours barrier with minutes to spare. 1 M Wardron (USA) 2:21.58 (chip time 2:21.58) 703 Heather Martingell 3:55.43 (3:48.48) KINGSTON 10km Sunday 21st March Steve Whitehead ran a good 35.34 and Marie Synnott-Wells was second woman overall and first veteran, despite running this as a warm-up for a ten miles training run!. 1 H Raidi (Belgrave) 33.07 7 Steve Whitehead 35.34 22 Marie Synnott-Wells 40.45 READING HALF MARATHON Sunday 21st March It's Half Marathon season! Three more local ones this week, with the largest Ranelagh contingent at Reading. Trevor Maguire ran solid six minute miling, with Nick Wright and Duncan Mallison not far behind. Michelle Davies ducked inside the 100 minutes barrier on chip timing. 1 E Kipyego (Kenya) 1:03.03 (chip time 1:03.03) 96 Trevor Maguire 1:18.48 (1:18.44) 152 Nick Wright 1:21.55 (1:21.50) 209 Duncan Mallison 1:23.34 (1:23.22) 1057 Darren Wood 1:35.25 (1:35.12) 1424 Lee Davies 1:38.26 (1:36.56) 1811 Michelle Davies 1:40.59 (1:39.28) 2459 Ian Grange 1:45.27 (1:39.24) 2539 Roger Wilson 1:45.52 (1:44.11) 2737 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 1:47.02 (1:42.11) 3819 Alison Dicks 1:53.20 (1:48.27) 3821 Wiebke Kortum 1:53.20 (1:48.27) 4093 Paula Sheridan 1:54.42 (1:49.59) FLEET HALF MARATHON Sunday 21st March Philippa Shaw reports: "This was a really good half marathon course which was mostly flat and much of it in the countryside. The most notable aspect was the fantastic support from all the local people cheering everyone on which was really great. There were people offering refreshments from their own homes, children banging on saucepans, and one thoughtful on-route resident who was playing 'We are the Champions' by Queen from some speakers in his front garden as I ran past. The sunny but cool weather helped Estelle run a great 84 mins, Rob knock an amazing nearly 22 mins off his half marathon PB and Sally get a very impressive time for her first ever half marathon." 1 M Shore (TH&H) 1:11.14 (chip time 1:11.12) 99 Estelle Damant 1:24.19 (1:24.16) 1254 Rob Kitchen 1:59.20 (1:57.39) 1318 Philippa Shaw 2:00.58 (1:59.18) 1629 Sally Bamford 2:10.25 (2:08.44) 1662 Sharon Dooley 2:11.16 (2:06.24) HASTINGS HALF MARATHON Sunday 21st March Deborah Blakemore reports: "This is a well supported friendly half with lots of marshals and water stations. Course entertainment includes a Scottish band and a couple of church choirs (complete with congregation!) It is certainly challenging though - some short sharp hills in the first couple of miles followed by the longest hill I think I've ever run up all the way to 5.5 miles - it's endless! The second half though has some wonderful 'downs' - you fly all the way to the sea at just before 11 miles and then it's a lovely 2 miles to the finish along the (flat!) promenade. I would highly recommend this one only get that hill training in first! Finally, special congratulations to Christine Goodsell on completing her first half marathon. 1 B Fish (B'burn) 1:07.08 (chip time 1:07.08) 2602 Lynne Barber 2:08.51 (2:07.03) 2684 Lorraine Clifton 2:10.14 (2:08.20) 2813 Marina Quayle 2:12.32 (2:08.15) 3224 Allison Peach 2:22.08 (2:20.23) 3339 Deborah Blakemore 2:25.20 (2:21.03) 3426 Christine Goodsell 2:28.25 (2:26.37) 3462 Deirdre Inman 2:29.46 3590 Tanya Allen 2:34.39 (2:32.47) FINALLY... In the Philippines track championships held in Manila over four days in February, Serenate Saluan won every women's track event from 400 metres up to 10,000 metres! Her performances: 400m 56.98; 800m 2:10.08; 1500m 4:43.36; 5000m 18:39.06; 10,000m 41:44.35 and 3000m Steeplechase 11:56.12.