Newsdesk 2010

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 338 8 October 2010 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Marina Quayle wins the Page Cup from Chris Wright and Simon Burrell * Fastest times by Ed Barker and Marie Synnott-Wells * 73.57 by Steve Whitehead in the Great North Run * 94.27 Half Marathon in Toronto by 79 year-old Ed Whitlock * Vets placings for Marie Synnott-Wells, Sandra Prosser, Martin Halvey and Mike Peace * parkrun placings for Trevor Maguire, Duncan Mallison, Sean Paynter, Sally Bell, David Bell, Estelle Damant, Iona Robertson, Chris Camacho, Kate Comisso and James Whistler * League races this Saturday * All hands on deck for our home mob match v South London Harriers on October 23rd * Book for our Quiz Night on October 23rd SEE HERE ******** SURREY LEAGUE This Saturday sees the opening Surrey League races of the season. The women's League will be about 6km and it's five to score but there are B, C and D teams too, so anyone can run, the more the better. The opening race is on familiar territory in Richmond Park, at the Kingston Gate end: 12 noon start for the senior race followed by the junior events. Details: Just turn up and register on the day. The men's race is 8km at Lloyd Park, Croydon. Under 17s start at 2.30pm, seniors at 3pm. It's ten to score, and again registration is on the day. Details:. SURREY VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIP We are again hosting the Surrey Veterans Championship in the Park on Saturday October 16th. There are separate competitions for over 40s, over 50s and over 60s (men) and over 35s, over 45s and over 55s (women). The women's race is 6km (2.30pm start) and the men's is 10km (3pm start). Entries will have officially closed by the time you read this, but if you want to run please contact the editor without delay. CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles Sunday 17th October at Twickenham Entries are still open for the popular and fast Cabbage Patch 10, though they have nearly 2,000 entries to date: Details:. MOB MATCHES Niall O'Connor writes: "Our first mob match of the season is on the 23rd October in Richmond Park. A highlight of every mob match is the post-race analysis (with 'that which has been earned' in hand, of course). A topic invariably covered is the complexities of the mob scoring system. We chat about it, discuss it, analyse it, have another pint and then accept that our place is to run while Ken's black box exists to churn out the result. This season, pre-mobs, I will attempt to explain the scoring system. In a mob the lowest score wins. Let's say Ranelagh have 70 runners while Opposition turn out 50. This means the sum total of the finishing positions of the first 47 runners in each team is the 'score' (47 is the lower of the individual teams entrants less three, to allow for drop-outs - this is the only 'rule'). The sum total of the finishing positions of Ranelagh finishers 1 to 47 is the Ranelagh 'score'. If Ranelagh finishers 48 to 70 finish ahead of the fourth last runner for Opposition (Opposition finisher number 47) then the Opposition 'score' increases as their finishing positions increase. Likewise for Opposition the sum total of the finishing positions of their finishers 1 to 47 is their 'score'. Opposition finishers 48 to 50 will increase the Ranelagh 'score' if the finish ahead of the 47th blue vest. The more runners that turn out the better a chance we have of winning. Irrespective of your fitness put October 23rd in your diaries - Ranelagh needs you!" QUIZ NIGHT We're planning to hold a quiz night at the clubhouse after the South London mob match on October 23rd. The plan is to start the quiz at about 6.30pm with a break for a fish and chip supper (or veggie alternative) at about 8pm. The cost will be a tenner per head to include the supper. Maximum four people per team - either make up your own team or link up with others on the day. Please contact Andy Hayward (andrewhayward@catalinare.com or at the clubhouse) to reserve a place. SPEEDWALKING Angus Cater writes: "I have had my trials, having pulled a hamstring whilst training for the Bristol Half Marathon. In the end, after several abortive attempts to get running again I decided to speedwalk it. This I did in 2hrs 54 minutes and 26 seconds, coming 10,663rd. I rather enjoyed it - does anyone know of any other speedwalking events?" WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 (After 5pm Weekdays) / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Saturday 9th October Surrey League - men (Division 2) at Lloyd Park, Croydon, women in Richmond Park (Kingston end). See above. Saturday 16th October Surrey Veterans' Championships in Richmond Park. See above. Sunday 17th October Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. 10am start. See above. Saturday 23rd October Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers in Richmond Park. 2.30pm start. See above. Followed by Quiz Night in the clubhouse parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** PAGE CUP 5 miles handicap Saturday 2nd October in Richmond Park A gloomy and wet day did not deter fifty Ranelagh Harriers from turning out for our second club handicap of the season. Pat Hewlett was first on her lonely way, with a good five minutes in hand over Annemarie Goodridge who was followed by Deborah Blakemore and Penny Merrett. Then came Marina Quayle. Marina finished second in last year's Thomas Cup and won the sealed handicap with the Hastings Cup so it might have been supposed that her chances of further handicap success in the near future would be slim. Not a bit of it, though, as Marina made short work of those in front and ran on to victory by a minute and a second. "Marina completely fooled me last Saturday," confessed the Handicapper, "But according to my records it was a vast improvement so well done her. Not so much of an excuse for Chris Wright - I was a bit lenient on him but he'd only shown form like that once this year - a 5k back in March and I have lots of data for him since. After those two... well I was quite pleased!". Chris Wright was a clear runner-up and Simon Burrell finished strongly for third place a few seconds ahead of Tamsin Burland and a fast-closing Ted Mockett. Certainly it was another good job by Handicapper Mike, with only three minutes covering 3rd to 39th. Fastest on the day was Ed Barker on 30 minutes dead. John Shaw was four seconds behind and Marc Snaith was third on 30.20. As usual Marie Synnott-Wells was the fastest woman on 32.10, well clear of Sandra Prosser (35.39) and Kate Blakey (35.48). SOUTH OF ENGLAND ROAD RELAYS Sunday 26th September at Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot. Our best efforts to raise teams for the senior and vets events unfortunately fizzled out in a long list of injuries and other unavailabilities so the only Ranelagh team to actually complete the course was the geriatric M60s...and even they had to call upon a sprightly seventy year-old to bring them home in 12th place. Marc Snaith and Chris Bundhun thought they'd have a spin round anyway on the first two legs of the senior event and recorded 21.27 and 22.43 respectively. Two other Ranelagh Harriers were in action: Phil Killingley recorded 19.11 for Winchester and Mick Lane 23.19 for the Met Police. Men Over 60 1 Oxford City 1:36.19 12 Ranelagh H 1:48.23 Martin Wolfson 12 27.44 Mike Peace 12 26.06 Steve Rowland 12 26.07 Pete Warren 12 28.26 WARRIORS RUN 14.5km Saturday 28th August at Strandhill Jar O'Brien reports: "The Warriors Run is held each year in my home village of Strandhill, County Sligo in the West of Ireland. As the name suggests, the village is situated beside the sea and at the foot of a hill called Knocknarea. At the top of Knocknarea is a 10 metre high stone Cairn thought to date from around 3000BC. The famous 'Warrior Queen' Maeve is said to be buried beneath the cairn (though there is some doubt cast upon this by other less reputable parts of Ireland). As with most things in the West of Ireland (and many a running event) the idea was formulated 26 years ago as the result of a wager made over a couple of pints. The run starts at the beach and ascends over 1000 feet to the Cairn on top. After circling the Cairn and taking in the view, it's hell for leather down the hill and back to the beach. In total it is approximately 14.5k over multi-terrain, often on hands and knees on the way up and occasionally on your bottom on the way down. My time this year was some way off my PB due to only finding out I had received an entry the night before in the pub but, with the help of a small wager and a few pints, I have promised to do better next year." 1 E Gahan (Sligo) 54.33 329 Jar O'Brien 89.29 DREI ZINNEN ALPIN LAUF / CORSA DELLE TRE CIME 17.5km Sunday 12th September in South Tirol, Italy Peter Fordham reports: "The selectors delayed selection for the 'Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime' until the results of the Sid Thomas handicap were in. Sadly, Sid is no longer available for selection, so with the likes of Peace, Hayward, Naish and Wilson all running below par and Ken Powley still celebrating his 80th birthday, the obvious choice was Jar O'Brien. However, once I pointed out that he had received a highly debateable handicap, it fell on me to represent my country for the third time this year. This race starts in Sesto/Sexten in the Dolomites. For the non-geologists among you, these limestone rocks were all under the sea before most of you were born, and include many fossilised remain of sea creatures. Nature was then able to force these vertiginous monoliths into the sky following two previous planning rejections, so that we can run up and down them. The Drei Zinnen Lauf/ Corsa delle Tre Cime translates into 'The Three Peaks Race'. Now, this is much tougher than the Three Peaks Race that most of you have heard of, as here you have to say everything twice, (German and Italian), as a result of some territorial dispute nearly a century ago. In fact, this race is not a 'three peaks race' at all, it just happens to finish under three peaks with a sheer 700 metre face. The imaginative Italian Alpine Associations have yet to work out how to incorporate the peaks into an event, but just give them a few years. This was the second time I had run this race - the first time the final stages were run in low cloud and sleet. It is also unusual, in that most Dolomite courses are up and down; this one is shorter than most and just an up course, in the mid section you rise 1000m in 7km. The first time I ran it caught me out, nobody had informed me that the only way back from the finish is to walk back, I was prepared this time. So you actually manage over 30k in the day. Thoughts of claiming 'The Peaks' for Britain on a beautiful sunny and crisp morning in the mountains dissipated at the start line, with the appearance of Jonathan Wyatt, the course record holder, and probably the world's fastest 'short' course uphill runner. Plan B was put into place and I settled into the back of the main pack - I'm not one to have the entire field slipstreaming behind me. Three kilometres into the race, in a field at Bad Moos, it's bad news for anyone not feeling too good as the helicopter takes off with all the baggage en route to the finish - if you want to see your air conditioned, moisture control, wind resistant outer shell again, you just have to get up there. So, it was upward and onward through the narrow ravines and scree and past the gigantic pointed cliffs that typify the Dolomites to emerge at the 'Three Peaks' base 2,405m. For anyone not yet bitten by Dolo Mites, I really recommend you give it a try. They're probably the most spectacular mountains in Europe, and the race is up there with the best, together with the chance to run against Luciano, Gianni, Franz, Antonella, Carla and Maria. Ask me if you would like any information or try www.dreizinnenlauf.com. Next race: 10th September 2011. 1 J Wyatt (NZ) 1:26.23 585 Peter Fordham 2:40.03 Footnote: If the Drei Zinnen Lauf does not sound tough enough or long enough then try the Gortex Trans-Alpine Challenge - 300 Km and 13,500m up and down over eight days. I was privileged to see the British win the men's and mixed team event in Sexten that weekend. Someone from Ranelagh also did it - let's hear about it!" GREAT NORTH RUN HALF MARATHON Sunday 19th September Steve Whitehead reports: "I was delighted with my time as it knocked just under three minutes off my PB. I ran with a couple of friends from work whom I do a lot of my training with; we all finished within 40 seconds of each other and all broke our target of 75 minutes. Our target pace was 5:43 per mile but given we all ran without watches it was all based on feel. It felt very tough from 5 miles on but we passed the single clock on the course at 10 miles in 56:30. From there on we just dug in and the amazing crowds helped carry us (not literally) home. I got one big 'Go on Ranelagh' cheer fairly early on so thanks to whoever that was. Well done to the other Ranelagh runners." 1 H Gebrselassie (Eth) 59.33 55 Steve Whitehead 1:13.57 2246 Richard Aird 1:39.30 2530 Kay Milbourne 1:46.27 SYDNEY HALF MARATHON Sunday 19th September Paul Rider writes from Australia: "I ran in the Sydney Half Marathon on the 19th of September. There were 8,000 in the half, with another 3,000 or so in the marathon, and 34,000 people all up in five different events in the 2010 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. The course doubled back on itself a few times, and Steve Moneghetti ran past twice, 12 minutes ahead after 9km. Even though we crossed the Bridge after 1km, ran through the Botanic Gardens and finished in front of the Opera House, it wasn't a pretty course, but it was reasonably quick, which makes up for a lot of course. I finished in 1:34.50 (1:33.27 on chip timing)". BADEN MARATHON Sunday 19th September at Karlsruhe, Germany Martin Halvey was the second over 50 to finish. 1 D Mutai (Kenya) 2:14.33 (chip time 2:14.33) 18 Martin Halvey 2:53.57 (2:53.42) AMERSHAM 5 miles Sunday 19th September Mike Peace was the leading over 60. 1 A Jackson (Shaft B) 31.57 38 Mike Peace 40.56 FARNHAM PILGRIM HALF MARATHON Sunday 19th September Sandra Prosser finished 2nd in the 31-40 age group in this off-road half marathon. 1 D Rollins (unatt) 1:25.58 (chip time 1:25.53) 63 Sandra Prosser 1:54.35 (1:54.21) LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km Friday 24th September in Hyde Park 1 M Muir (Ilford) 16.19 43 Simon Hedger 19.22 117 Alan Davidson 22.17 204 John Hanscomb 32.04 TORONTO WATERFRONT HALF MARATHON Sunday 26th September Ed Whitlock writes from Canada: "I had my best run in over two years today in the half marathon section of the Waterfront Marathon. I managed 1:34.27 which beats the existing record of 1:37.55 for the single age of 79 according to ARRS (Association of Road Race Statisticians). Did it in a Ranelagh vest too. The M80 marathon record is 3:39:18 by an Australian. Based on my half this should not be that difficult to beat. The problem is, will I be able to run any sort of marathon? My knees are still fragile and so far I have been unable to string together a long enough period of training to attempt a marathon. I am hopeful about next year but not confident." FOLKESTONE HALF MARATHON Sunday 26th September Marie Synnott-Wells was 4th overall in the women's race and 1st over 45. 1 M Wilkins (Inv EK) 1:14.42 30 Marie Synnott-Wells 1:28.35 170 Peter Gatley 1:47.13 DRY HILL 10 miles Sunday 26th September at Lingfield Bronwen Fisher finished 6th in the women's section. 1 T Adams (unatt) 61.57 36 Bronwen Fisher 81.27 NEW FOREST HALF MARATHON Sunday 26th September 1 T Cornthwaite (B'bn) 1:11.50 (chip time 1:11.50) 336 Andy Woodhouse 1:44.33 (1:43.45) 1199 Marina Quayle 2:08.26 (2:06.50) SWITCHBACK 5 miles Sunday 26th September at Lloyd Park, Croydon 1 A Madar (N&EB) 27.21 82 Lynne Barber 46.38 95 Christine Goodsell 50.14 WINDSOR HALF MARATHON Sunday 26th September 1 S Overall (B&B) 1:08.14 (chip time 1:08.14) 651 Nick Hucker 1:44.31 (1:43.54) BERLIN MARATHON Sunday 26th September Rob Kitchen reports: "Attempting my first marathon I was expecting a sunny Berlin, a million spectators and to see Haile Gebrselassie. None of this occurred. Instead, the thousands assembled got persistent rain for the whole race. Expecting sun, I had only packed a Ranelagh vest and my warm up consisted of running around trying to find a plastic bag to shelter in before the start. Still, after the first 5km I ceased to notice the rain and set about 10 min miling for the next 4 hours. My spirits were raised by jazz bands practically every mile (nice!) and bumping into Franz (of Richmond parkrun/Stragglers fame). I reached halfway in 2.10. Meeting Phil on the course twice also gave me a boost. Yet more great bands (thankfully the Berlin techno set were probably still sleeping) helped pass a few more miles before I approached the city centre again. But from 22 miles on, 10 min miles were much harder to do. However, I eventually reached the last corner and saw the welcome sight of the Brandenburg Gate. Sadly I soon realised that was still 1200m away. Grr. Still, spirits raised, fellow runners and I surged to the line to the slightly inappropriate song of 'Everybody Dance Now'. Relief soon followed, along with yet more rain. I didn't care - I'd finished and beaten 4 and a half hours! But even then I wouldn't touch the non alcoholic beer the sponsors were trying to give away at the end. Many thanks to all in the Sheen training group, but especially coaches Vicci and Karen for all the training sessions." 1 P Makau (Kenya) 2:05.08 (chip time 2:05.08) 20455 Rob Kitchen 4:51.14 (4:25.11) KINGSTON & POLY 5 miles Saturday 2nd October in Richmond Park Chris Bundhun reports: "On the afternoon of the Page Cup, I opted for a different race in the form of the Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers' 5-mile Cross Country in Richmond Park. Starting and finishing near Sheen Gate, this was a chance to experience a different course, overlapping with some of our favourite Ranelagh hill sections. Although serving as a K&P club championship, the race was well populated by Thames Hare & Hounds runners. Should it not clash with a Ranelagh fixture in future, this is a recommended event." 1 R Ward (Belgrave) 27.37 11 Chris Bundhun 30.42 AUTUMN TEMPEST 10 miles Sunday 3rd October at Dunsfold 1 M Sharp (HW) 57.29 (chip time 57.29) 10 Simon Hedger 66.16 (66.15) 97 Alan Meaden 103.31 (103.24) 104 David Meaden 108.21 (108.10) RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September 1 Unknown 16.01 4 Gareth Craft 18.09 5 Niall O'Connor 18.35 7 Ted Mockett 19.00 11 Bill Neely 19.15 15 Jerym Brunton 19.25 33 Chris Read 21.04 40 Tony Appleby 21.48 62 Andrew Brown 23.27 80 Roger Wilson 24.25 81 Gill Wilson 24.26 90 Philippa Shaw 24.53 130 Tom Reay 27.15 135 Michael Cawley 28.00 142 Val Lowman 28.36 151 Jo Knight 29.39 156 Peter Lowman 29.48 157 Stacey Barber 29.52 170 Annemarie Goodridge 31.06 188 Bronwen Northmore 33.20 200 Sally Bamford 36.10 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September 1 W Cockerell (Belg) 16.07 5 Nathan Mills 17.10 12 Sean Paynter 17.57 211 Ian Grange 23.37 249 Chris Wright 24.25 259 Kirsty Bangham 24.37 348 Wally Garrod 26.21 501 Jose Scheuer 29.11 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September 1 M Alexander (Elm) 17.37 8 Chris Camacho 20.04 18 Alan Davidson 22.18 30 Wiebke Kortum 25.44 36 Hannah Doyle 26.27 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September Trevor Maguire and Duncan Mallison filled the first two places and Kate Comisso led the women. 1 Trevor Maguire 18.18 2 Duncan Mallison 18.35 5 David Rowe 19.11 10 Si Martin 21.01 11 Kate Comisso 21.09 12 Simon Burrell 21.23 19 Richard Goddard-Jones 22.22 31 Jar O'Brien 25.00 32 Mike White 25.06 MILTON KEYNES parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September 1 D Carr (Coventry) 16.15 4 Marc Snaith 18.00 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September 1 B Bradley (AF&D) 17.49 11 Darren Wood 19.52 AMAGER FAELLED parkrun 5km Saturday 18th September 1 J Jensen (Denmark) 17.25 64 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 25.31 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September 1 A Calvert-Ansari (un) 18.10 4 Ted Mockett 18.48 5 Mark Herbert 19.11 27 Chris Read 21.01 39 Andrew Brown 22.01 40 Michael Cawley 22.10 92 Michelle Davies 26.48 106 Val Lowman 27.53 110 Mike White 28.20 111 Heather Martingell 28.21 112 Wiebke Kortum 28.22 115 Peter Lowman 28.25 119 Lynne Barber 28.51 137 Christine Goodsell 30.24 146 Bronwen Northmore 32.33 154 Bev Ali 36.08 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September First place for new member James Whistler. 1 James Whistler 18.45 6 Simon Burrell 21.19 10 Peter Simmons 22.12 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September Estelle Damant won the women's section in an impressive 17.47, knocking three seconds of Jo Ronaldson's fastest time by a Ranelagh woman on this course. 1 J Flood (Strag) 16.35 5 Nathan Mills 17.18 11 Estelle Damant 17.47 61 Adam Wright 20.23 81 Simon Rothwell 21.10 98 Alexander Fordham 21.25 142 Peter Fordham 22.22 143 Paula Sheridan 22.23 216 Roger Wilson 23.39 330 Kirsty Bangham 26.01 599 John Hanscomb 33.29 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September 1 R Reeder (Strag) 18.35 7 Chris Camacho 20.26 16 Alan Davidson 22.44 30 Janet Turnes 28.24 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September An unexpected win for David Bell. 1 David Bell 19.32 GLASGOW parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September 1 R Simpson (Deeside) 15.50 96 Karl Garvey 23.09 CANNON HILL parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September Third place for Sean Paynter, now back at Uni. 1 J Venables (Birm Row) 17.30 3 Sean Paynter 17.46 EASTLEIGH parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September 1 M Kwint (Winch) 17.37 45 Chris Wright 24.15 50 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 24.23 74 Mary Hickson 26.52 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km Saturday 25th September 1 D Symes (unatt) 18.15 5 Darren Wood 19.56 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd October Iona Robertson was second woman home. 1 E O'Connell (Serp) 17.34 5 Bill Neely 19.02 7 Iona Robertson 19.17 38 Michael Beverly 21.57 39 Michael Cawley 22.06 53 Andrew Brown 22.43 60 Karl Garvey 22.59 74 Johannes Prosser 24.11 110 Sue Camp 26.44 152 Celia Beverly 32.31 158 Stacey Barber 33.06 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd October The second win in three weeks for Trevor Maguire and first place also for Sally Bell. 1 Trevor Maguire 18.36 10 Sally Bell 26.37 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd October 1 R Ward (Belg) 15.51 25 Mark Herbert 18.50 35 David Rowe 19.03 47 Darren Wood 19.16 76 Luke Wilson 20.08 86 Simon Rothwell 20.42 114 Adam Wright 21.18 211 Jose Scheuer 23.02 276 Roger Wilson 24.00 316 Gill Wilson 24.40 462 Mary Hickson 27.23 506 Wally Garrod 28.30 516 Michelle Davies 28.39 529 Lee Davies 28.49 530 Mike White 28.49 611 John Hanscomb 31.45 622 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 32.21 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd October Third place for Chris Camacho. 1 C Wagner (Strag) 19.34 3 Chris Camacho 20.47 26 Janet Turnes 29.14 CANNON HILL parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd October 1 S Brookes (unat) 15.51 4 Sean Paynter 18.16 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd October 1 G Thomas (Walton) 18.41 36 Deirdre Inman 30.49 42 Cindy Croucher 32.49 43 Tanya Allen 33.34 52 Sharon Dooley 42.16 FINALLY... Old timers' lament: "The older I get, the faster I ran".