Newsdesk 2015

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 451             29 May 2015
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  Lots of PBs in the BUPA London 10km
 *  Relay fun in the Green Belt and the Richmond Parkland races
 *  Ted Mockett and Wiebke Kortum win the Magic Mile 
 *  Juniors finish second in the Stragglers Handicap race 2 but share overall
 *  parkrun placings for Becky Hall, Clare King, Sonia Rowland, Eirin McDaid,
     Kris Davidson, Ted Mockett, Karen Weir, Michelle Davies, Jane Craigie-Payne,
     Craig MacLellan, Nick Wright, Tom Bradley and David Lawley 
 *  Next GP and League race - Dorking 10 miles on June 7th
 *  Mini Mob Match v Stragglers at the Kingston parkrun on June 13th 
 *  Richmond 10km on June 21st - help needed
 *  2015-16 subscriptions are now overdue

 RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 21st June
 Race Director Rick Jenner writes:
 "Our own Ranelagh 10k is less than a month away so if you haven't entered
 yet and fancy a fun, fast race by the river don't delay and enter today here:.
 Whether you're racing or not we'd really appreciate it if you could spare a
 bit of time and help out on the day. If you can please drop Rick Jenner an
 email at ranelagh10k@gmail.com with any preferred role, whether you're
 running or not and your mobile number."

 Entries from Ranelagh alone now total an amazing 86. There's still room for
 more and it's great to see so many wanting to run, but it does reduce the
 numbers available for marshalling, manning water stations etc. So if you can
 help in any capacity please don't hesitate - contact Rick right away! 

 Following the race, we'll be having our usual barbecue back at the clubhouse
 - all welcome.

 ...for 2015-16 are now overdue.
 Despite the increase in the England Athletics registration fee to 12, we
 are keeping our subscription rates unchanged for at least another year.
 That's 40 for seniors, 20 for second-claim members and those who are
 retired and over 60, 10 for under 20s and students and non-running members.
 There is also a 70 family membership.  Post your cheque to Membership
 Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA
 or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A Standing Order form is
 available from our website here:  . For Bank Transfers, our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. For any queries, e-mail the
 Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk. 

 MINI MOB MATCH  Saturday 13th June at the Kingston parkrun
 Our annual parkrun mini mob match against the Stragglers will take place on
 Saturday 13th June. It's Stragglers' turn to be "at home" and they have
 chosen the Kingston parkrun, which starts and finishes on the towpath close
 to the Hawker Centre. As always with mob matches, the more runners we have
 the better our chances of success. So if you're running a parkrun that day,
 make it Kingston. And if your parkrun registration doesn't currently list
 you as Ranelagh, please update it! See below.

 If your parkrun registration doesn't already show you as a member of
 Ranelagh Harriers, please take a moment to update it. This will ensure your
 performances are picked up in the e-news and also that you will count for
 Ranelagh if you run in the mini mob match mentioned above. Click on the
 Manage My Profile link on parkrun e-mails.  

 The first four events in Ranelagh's Road Grand Prix have taken place and the
 leading scores to date are: (Open) Steve Whitehead 33, Kris Davidson 25, Ted
 Mockett 20; (Men Over 40) Steve Whitehead 18, Kris Davidson 16, Stewart
 Anderson 15; (Men Over 50) Bill Neely and Paul Rider 15, Paul Gilbert 7;
 (Women) Marie Synnott-Wells 11, Becky Hall 9, Carol Aikin 8; (Women Over 40)
 Mel Davison 8, Colette Doran, Tanya Allen, Kirsty Bangham  and Wiebke Kortum
 6; (Women Over 50) Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Carol Aikin 11, Lynne Barber 9. 

 Next event is the Dorking 10 miles on June 7th - :  DorkingTen2015 followed by our own
 10km - see above.

 Full details of the Grand Prix here:. 

 Thirty-two Surrey clubs, including Ranelagh, compete in the Road League. It
 began with our Half Marathon followed by the Sutton 10km and continues with
 the Dorking 10 miles. After two races we are joint top of the men's league
 and third in the women's. Our best individual is Steve Whitehead who leads
 the M40 class. Full details are on the Surrey Athletics website here:.  

 Head coach Karen Weir writes:
 "The Ranelagh coaches will be putting on monthly strength and conditioning
 sessions on a Tuesday evening after training. These will consist of a few
 short but very specific exercises for runners, that can then be repeated at
 home. If the weather is good we'll be outside where there is a little more
 room, however if it's wet we'll try and cater for as many people in the
 clubhouse as possible. Sessions will start at 8.30pm and be led by different
 coaches each month. Dates/coaches are as follows:
 Tuesday 2nd June - Colin, Michelle and Deborah, 30th June - Wiebke and
 Vicci, 28th July - Chris and Peter, 25th August - Karen ".

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Andy Bickerstaff and the Good Run Guide are repeating their series of scenic
 summer trail races on Wimbledon Common. The remaining races are on the first
 Wednesday of June and July, each starting at 7pm from the Windmill. The next
 - on June 3rd - is over 5 miles, while the last on July 1st is over 8 miles.
 Andy adds "All my helpers get a mug, chocolate, fruit at the race, and pint or glass at the
 Telegraph". Contact Andy andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk .   

 Roy Reeder of Stragglers writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free. Full details here:.  I'm offering 4 off the entry fee to Ranelagh
 Harriers runners till 18th July. Use the entry code ranh4off at the Sport
 Systems store." 
 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section here:. 

 The junior handicap series is held on Thursday evenings between April and
 August at the Hawker Centre off Lower Ham Road in Kingston - excepting only
 the June 11th event which we are hosting from the Ranelagh clubhouse. 
 Thursday 11th June - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start - from the
 Ranelagh clubhouse.
 Thursday 25th June - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 16th July - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 27th August - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start

 Runners are allotted a start time depending on their previous performances,
 with the slower runners starting first. First time runners are given a
 handicap according to their age. The course is just over 2 km on the grass
 area in front of the Hawker Centre. It consists of four laps of the
 perimeter of the grass area, which will be marked out. After the end of the
 fourth lap the runners will cross the finish line and go down the finish
 funnel in the order in which they crossed the line. New or inexperienced
 runners, if they find 2 km a bit far, can run one lap - they will be given a
 time, but their results will not count towards any individual or team

 Points are scored for your club according to finishing position and personal
 best times. First timers receive a medal for completing the course. In each
 race medals are awarded to the first boy and first girl (regardless of their
 overall place), and further medals are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd overall
 places (whether boys or girls). The overall trophy and shields for first,
 second and third places and the team trophy will be presented on the last
 Thursday of either September or October. We will announce the actual date as
 widely as possible. In order to take part in the junior handicap, entrants
 must have a consent and medical form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
 See:. Please pre-register with coaches Colin, Heather or Maia.

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Sunday 7th June                Dorking 10 miles  9am start.   Details:.  Includes county

 Thursday 11th June            Stragglers Junior Handicap Series race 3 in
 Richmond Park

 Saturday 13th June            Mini Mob Match v Stragglers at the Kingston
 5km parkrun. 9am start.  Se heree for details of venue

 Sunday 14th June              MABAC League 5 miles at Holmwood. 11am start.

 Sunday 21st June              Ranelagh Richmond 10km. 9am start.  Details:.   Includes county

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 GREEN BELT RELAY 16th and 17th May
 Michelle Davies organised our teams again this year. Michelle reports:
 "The 19th Green Belt Relay www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/  took place
 over the weekend of May 16/17 and we were very lucky that the weather was
 great - as it has been for us for the last few years! We had two teams out,
 sadly only one was a complete team but that didn't matter as we all had a
 great time. Ranelagh 1 came 9th, Ranelagh 2 were disqualified for being
 We had strong performances from almost all runners and some very funny
 incidents of people getting lost, the best one being Vaughan Ramsay who
 specifically asked to run the same leg as last year so that he could 'master
 it'... then proceeded to get lost and ran over 2 miles more than he should
 have! There are so many nice stories and we had great fun, if you look on
 our Facebook pages and the GBR Facebook page you will see our pictures and

 We had no stage winners this year though there were some near misses -
 including Vaughan again who went off course when leading stage 20! Our one
 success by proxy came from Steve Whitehead who won the penultimate stage -
 but in the colours of the Stock Exchange team.   
 I think the key messages we want to get out are:
 1. It is an event for all abilities and ages and a fantastic opportunity to
 run some challenging and beautiful legs. 
 2. We really want more teams next year so please please look at the GBR
 www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/  website. The dates for  next year are
 May 21/22 and Ashleigh Ferris and Leeanne Bryce are going to be organising
 it for Ranelagh.
 3. Everyone has great fun and thanks to the efforts of the team captain and
 the drivers (particularly Dave Lawley for sorting the mini bus) no one has
 to worry about transport and the costs are kept as low as possible."

 Leeanne Bryce adds:
 "It was a fantastic event and Michelle has done a stellar job at organising
 the event over the last few years - it is especially a fantastic social
 event and as a slower runner or new Ranelagh member it's an opportunity to
 get to know people at all levels of the club and I know other clubs such as
 Chasers use this as their official club social weekend. Anyone interested in
 next year's race can drop me or Ashleigh an email and we will also set up a
 Facebook invitation group in the next few weeks. Contact liane22@gmail.com
 or ashleigh.ferris@haymarket.com." 

 First Day
 Stage 1   12.7 miles  Hampton Court - Staines

 1   N Smeaton (Clap)        1:16:26     
 6   Nick Twomey             1:21:15     
 19  Kirsty Bangham          2:02:36   
 Stage 2   9.64 miles  Staines - Boveney                                   
 1   A Reeves (Serp)         1:00:25       
 5   Lee Davies              1:09:49     
 25  Leeanne Bryce           1:31:21     
 Stage 3   11.0 miles  Boveney - Little Marlow

 1   B Reynolds (Clap)       1:03:46       
 2   Steve Whitehead (SE)    1:06:32 
 14  Michelle Davies         1:25:00     
 16  Simon Lawrence          1:29:11   
 Stage 4   12.2 miles  Little Marlow - Great Kingshill

 1   A Barnes (Stock Exch)   1:19:40     
 8   Dave Lawley             1:29:33     
 Stage 5   13.5 miles  Great Kingshill - Chipperfield

 1   J Gillanders (Lond FR)  1:21:43       
 26  Vaughan Ramsay          1:56:18   
 29  Tom Reay                2:27:00   
 Stage 6    8.4 miles  Chipperfield - St Albans

 1   H Torry (Serp)            47:53     
 2   Mark Herbert              56:50     
 25  Phil Aiken              1:22:00   
 Stage 7   12 miles  St Albans - Letty Green

 1   J Neave (Clap)          1:11:59       
 20  Ellen Clague            1:32:54   
 Stage 8   10.65 miles  Letty Green - Dobbs Weir

 1   R Taylor (Serp)         1:03:53 
 3   Andrew McLauchlan (SE)  1:13:06      
 10  Wiebke Kortum           1:20:20   
 20  Verka Lafeuille         1:24:50       
 Stage 9  10.2 miles  Dobbs Weir - High Beach

 1   J Hillier (Stock Exch)  1:05:18       
 21  Ashleigh Ferris         1:22:19     
 Stage 10   9.7 miles  High Beach - Toot Hill

 1   D Dixon (BA)            1:00:18     
 3   Ted Mockett             1:04:00     
 Stage 11   7.5 miles  Toot Hill - Blackmore                                 
 1   D Evans (Serp)            46:10       
 17  Michael White           1:03:12   
 20  John Herriott           1:10:23   

 Second Day                                                        
 Stage 12   10.9 miles  Blackmore - Thorndon Park

 1   N Smeaton (Clap)        1:02:32     
 6   Andrew McLauchlan (SE)  1:15:31
 17  Wiebke Kortum           1:25:46   
 Stage 13   6.6 miles  Thorndon Park - Cranham

 1   B Porzuczec (Serp)        40:31       
 10  Michelle Davies           47:08     
 30  Tom Reay                1:04:10   
 Stage 14   8.2 miles  Cranham - Davy Down                                 
 1   J Hillier (Stock Exch)    50:32       
 18  Lee Davies              1:02:53     
 26  Leeanne Bryce           1:17:00     
 Stage 15   9.2 miles  Stone Lodge - Lullingstone Park

 1   M Munro (Stock Exch)      56:01       
 18  Ellen Clague            1:14:31   
 Stage 16   13.3 miles  Lullingstone Park - Tatsfield

 1   H Torry (Serp)          1:24:57     
 7   Mark Herbert            1:39:44     
 Stage 17   10.5 miles  Tatsfield - Merstham                                 
 1   S Barrett (Serp)        1:01:15       
 9   Nick Twomey             1:12:17     
 Stage 18   8.6 miles  Merstham - Box Hill                                  
 1   C Sicart (Clapham)      1:03:23       
 19  Ashleigh Ferris         1:20:31     
 Stage 19   9.8 miles  Box Hill - West Hanger

 1   M Rutter (Clapham)      1:03:06       
 26  Michael White           1:29:06   
 29  Kirsty Bangham          1:37:45   
 Stage 20   6 miles  West Hanger - Ripley                                   
 1   J Edgar (Serp)            36:38       
 4   Vaughan Ramsay            38:18   
 11  Simon Lawrence            44:06   
 Stage 21   8.4 miles  Ripley - Walton Bridge

 1   Steve Whitehead (SE)      49:09   
 3   Dave Lawley               53:03     
 27  Tom Reay                1:17:46   
 Stage 22   9.15 miles  Walton Bridge - Hawker Centre

 1   R Taylor (Serp)           54:14       
 3   Ted Mockett               57:54     
 26  John Herriott           1:22:23

 1   Serpentine              23:53.10  
 2   London Frontrunners     24:02.25
 3   Stock Exchange          24:10.42  (1st mixed team)
 9   Ranelagh A              27:22.41  (4th mixed team)
 30  Ranelagh B              36:22.37  (21st mixed team)
 Bruce McLaren writes on Facebook:
 "There's over 1,000 ft uphill in it (yes, you get the downhills too) so if
 anyone has any idea how I can run it in 3:22:30, 43 seconds faster than a
 flat London which I specifically trained for I would love to know!!! Turns
 out it was my second fastest marathon ever after 34 attempts. Feeling

 1   A Jaksevicius (Belg)    2:34.18  (chip time 2:34.18)
 16  S Walsh (unatt)         3:18.21  (3:18.20 - 1st woman)
 20  Bruce McLaren           3:22.38  (3:22.30)        
 208 Ian Grange              4:25.04  (4:25.01)
 243 Ann Kearey              4:37.44  (4:36.52)

 STAINES 10km  Sunday 17th May
 1   B Martin-Dye (Brack F)  34.29
 6   Ian Kenton              35.58
 38  K Trinder (Wok)         41.43
 157 Louise Piears           48.33            

 GODALMING RUN 10km multi-terrain  Sunday 17th May
 1   M Cox (AFD)             37.34  (chip time 36.41?)
 27  K Wills (Seven)         46.17  (45.16? - 1st woman)
 78  Sonia Rowland           51.18  (50.13?)     

 BOGNOR PROM 10km  Sunday 17th May
 1    J Corbett (N&EB)       32.57  (chip time 32.57)
 16   S Crombie-Hicks (Bourt)38.19  (38.18 - 1st woman)
 139  David Rowe             44.27  (44.14)
 1447 Sharon Rowe            82.22  (78.28)  

 RUN THROUGH HYDE PARK 10km  Sunday 17th May
 1   M Spiller (unatt)       37.48  (chip time 37.48)
 26  D Kempe (unatt)         41.52  (41.31 - 1st woman)
 62  Andres Uyaban           46.05  (45.42)  
 STOCKLEY PARK 10km  Sunday 17th May
 1   C Bradfield (Datchet)   34.49
 32  R Badham (West 4)       41.46  (1st woman)
 178 Pete Warren             54.44      

 THAMES HARE & HOUNDS 22nd PARKLAND RELAYS  Wednesday 20th May in Richmond
 Peter Fordham reports:
 "14 clubs, 40 ladies teams, 45 men's teams, over 300 runners....this sums up
 the status of this competitive, but social summer evening in the Park. Clubs
 from all around South London were represented with each runner completing a
 2.8 mile loop through the middle of the park.

 Ranelagh entered one team for the ladies with new member Elisa Ferrua
 leading the way for the club in 21.25, followed by Jo Sinton-Hewitt and
 Cathy Holman. The team finished in 33rd place out of 40. The men's 'A' team
 of Nick Twomey, David Lawley, Mark Herbert and Vaughan Ramsey achieved a
 highly creditable 9th place out of 45 with Nick 13th fastest individual on

 Competition for the 'A' team may increase next year as Paul Sinton-Hewitt
 and Colin Brett, both running for the Vets, posted times worthy of the
 fourth place in the senior 'A' team. The Vets 'A' placed 22nd overall and
 the Vets 'B' comprising three over 60's plus Bruce McLaren who had completed
 the Richmond Park Marathon only three days previously, placed 39th out of
 the 45 teams.

 Put in your schedule ... it's hard to think of a better summer inter-club
 event... the third Wednesday of May 2016."         

 1   Clapham Chasers         59.24
 9   Ranelagh H              65.18
     Vaughan Ramsay            17.42
     David Lawley              16.05
     Mark Herbert              16.05
     Nick Twomey               15.26
 22  Ranelagh H Vets         70.57
     Simon Martin              17.58
     Paul Rider                18.09
     Colin Brett               17.34
     Paul Sinton-Hewitt        17.16
 39  Ranelagh H Vets B       82.10
     Mike Peace                20.03
     Peter Fordham             22.47
     Phil Jackson              21.05
     Bruce McLaren             18.15

 1   Clapham Chasers         51.12
 33  Ranelagh H              66.46
     Elisa Ferrua              21.25
     Jo Sinton-Hewitt          21.56
     Cathy Holman              23.25
 MAGIC MILE  Thursday 21st May at Osterley
 David Lawley reports:
 "28 braved the inevitable lung burn and coughing fits to speed around
 Ranelagh's new permanent weekly track fixture at Osterley and try their hand
 at another 'Magic Mile', Ranelagh's third in fact.

 In each of the five heats there were pb's, excellent times and great races.
 Stand-out performances were two first sub 5 mins for Ted and Dave. Ted was
 drafting until he took off on his trademark strong finish, timed perfectly
 with 200m to go, and recorded the fastest time of the evening (4:55). Wiebke
 Kortum was the fastest woman on 6:21, while Rachel Revett (7:02) was
 agonisingly close to smashing sub 7, with the help of pacer Becky Hall, but
 still knocked 6s off last year's time. Cathy Holman not only recorded a huge
 new PB (30s) but also baked some delicious cakes.

 A lovely sunny and fun evening and thanks to Rob Curtis for helping time and
 press the trigger.   

 For those that missed out Karen Weir aims to incorporate more mile efforts
 at the end of her excellent blocks of track training, which has now been
 extended to the end of the year, so fear not you too can experience the burn
 and coughing soon and challenge yourself at this iconic distance."
 1   Ted Mockett             4.55  (Heat 5)
 2   David Lawley            4.57  (5)
 3   James Whistler          5.03  (5)
 4   Mark Herbert            5.12  (5)
 5   Mark Birch              5.19  (5)
 6   Simon Martin            5.33  (Heat 4)
 7   Vaughan Ramsay          5.35  (4)
 8   Tom Kearey              5.47  (4)
 9   Mark Edmunds            5.48  (Heat 3)
 10  Kev Kearey              5.51  (4)
 11  Liam Griffin            5.57  (4)
 12  Matt Sowton             6.05  (3)
 13  Andres Uyaban           6.06  (3)
 14  Wiebke Kortum           6.21  (3)
 15  Becky Northmore         6.28  (3)
 16  Susie Whatmough         6.32  (Heat 2)
 17  James Barber            6.46  (2)
 18  Josie Kearey            6.50  (2)
 19  Becky Hall              7.02  (2)
 20  Rachel Revett           7.02  (2)
 21  Cathy Holman            7.16  (Heat 1)
 22  Louise Atkinson         7.24  (2)
 23  Tamsin Burland          7.41  (2)
 24  Leeanne Bryce           7.42  (1)
 25  Bronwen Northmore       8.23  (1)
 26  Cindy Croucher          8.37  (1)
 27  Katie Walton            8.52  (1)
 28  Jackie Dunkley          8.57  (1)  

 STRAGGLERS JUNIOR HANDICAP SERIES  RACE 2  Thursday 21st May at the Hawker
 Centre, Ham
 There were 75 starters in the main race, 18 of them representing Ranelagh.
 21 of the runners were first-timers and so were given estimated handicaps.
 Most of these came in towards the head of the field but as first timers were
 not included in the reckoning for "first gal" and "first lad" who actually
 crossed the line down in 13th and 14th places. Both of these were
 representing the "Flaming Penguins" school team, which took not only the top
 two places in the handicap but also third and fourth as well. This gave them
 an unassailable lead in the team scoring, where they totalled 50 points to
 Ranelagh's 25. Overall after two races the two teams are level on 66 points.

 The fastest boy and girl look to have raced together all the way, with
 Matthew O'Donovan of St Andrew's and St Mark's crossing the line one second
 ahead of Poppy Jensen who was representing Stragglers, although she is also
 a Ranelagh member. First finisher representing the blue and gold was Molly
 Stewart in 22nd place, just ahead of Connor Clarke, Matthew Beal, Francesca
 Baty-Symes and then a steady stream of Ranelaghs. 

 Fastest Ranelagh times, apart from Poppy, were set by Euan Sinclair and
 Kabir Sait who were two of only five in total to beat the 8 minutes barrier.
 Frida Roper on 8.34 led home three more Ranelagh inside 9 minutes.  

 The next event will be on Thursday 11th June from the Ranelagh clubhouse
 rather than the usual Hawker Centre venue.     

 1   F Chang (unatt)         14.21  (actual time 9.21)
 5   M O'Donovan (StA & StM) 15.34  (7.34 - fastest boy)
 6   Poppy Jensen (Strag)    15.35  (7.35 - fastest girl)
 13  J Marques (Flaming P)   17.21  (9.51 - 1st gal)
 14  S Masingo (Flaming P)   17.45  (12.15 - 1st lad)
 22  Molly Stewart           18.52  (11.22)
 25  Connor Clarke           19.00  (9.00)
 26  Matthew Beal            19.02  (9.02)
 29  Francesca Baty-Symes    19.05  (9.35)
 31  Oliver Beal             19.11  (9.41)
 32  Nathaniel Bond          19.12  (10.42)
 37  Kabir Sait              19.22  (7.53)
 42  Astrid Roper            19.31  (10.31)
 44  Frida Roper             19.34  (8.34)
 49  Oscar Stewart           19.37  (10.07)
 51  Afrah Sait              19.40  (13.10)
 55  Tor Heron-Brett         19.44  (9.14)
 57  Sam Rushby              19.46  (9.46)
 58  Luke Maguire            19.47  (8.47)
 61  Euan Sinclair           19.49  (7.49)
 68  Isabelle Clarke         19.59  (10.59)
 70  Noah Heron-Brett        20.07  (8.37)
 72  Daniel Rushby           20.23  (8.53)

 Teams                              Overall after 2 races      
 1   Flaming Penguins        50     1=  Ranelagh H              66 
 2   Ranelagh H              25     1=  Flaming Penguins        66 
 3=  Stragglers              16     3   Stragglers              42
 3=  St Andrew's & St Mark's 16     4   Sheen Shufflers         22
 3=  Surbiton HS             16     5=  St Andrew's & St Mark's 16      
 6   Sheen Shufflers         14     5=  Surbiton HS             16   
 7   St Mary's                8     7   St Mary's               12
                                    8   Kingston AC & Poly H     8 
 1   A O'Brien (Strag)        2.42
 5   Ben Rushby               3.08 

 SURREY TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 23rd May at Kingsmeadow
 Sacha and Léonie Kennedy represented Ranelagh in the U15 Girls 1500m,
 finishing 10th and 12th in their heat with times of 5:34.12 and 5:42.36

 WESTMINSTER MILE  Sunday 24th May
 A handful of Ranelaghs took part, possibly more than we have found results
 for. Dave Lawley ducked inside 5 minutes and Grace Munro ran well to finish
 second in the 17 years category. There were different waves, so the results
 shown below are simply in speed order. 

    Dave Lawley              4.57
    Paul Sinton-Hewitt       5.29
    Grace Munro              6.32
    Andrew Brown             6.54
    Jo Sinton-Hewitt         7.03
    Alan Davidson            7.12 
 BUPA LONDON 10km  Monday 25th May
 The BUPA London 10km - incorporating the UKA Championships - has become one
 of the classiest races in the calendar. This year Andy Vernon ran a
 world-class 28.38 in winning the race, pulling ten more runners home inside
 30 minutes and another twenty-one inside 31 minutes. None of those were
 representing Ranelagh but we didn't have to wait too long before Eirin
 McDaid appeared, crossing the line in a PB 33.25. Eirin writes on Facebook:
 "First 10K in 10 months done and dusted, 33.25. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Absolutely delighted with my run this morning, finishing 91st overall, top
 100 out of 12,000 runners but more pleased about the way I ran the race with
 a 16.50/16.35 split for my two 5Ks, second half was so much fun and felt so

 Richard Gregory headed Eirin at half-way but a little short of top fitness
 he faded slightly in the second 5km and finished six seconds behind Eirin.
 James Whistler was next, running a huge PB of 35.38 - his first time inside
 37 minutes, let alone 36. Kris Davidson just missed 36 but his 36.04 was
 another PB and placed him 20th over 40. Then came another sub 37 PB from
 Jonathan Smith. 

 Megan de Silva was the next Ranelagh finisher, with a fine well-judged run
 to provide us with yet another PB. Megan was the 50th woman home in 38.05
 after passing half way in 19.02. Liz Kipling ran negative splits and
 finished 70th overall in the women's race, and 5th over 40. Her 38.59 was
 well outside her very classy PB but was nevertheless her fastest time for
 four years. Co-incidentally, so was Marie Synnott-Wells's 40.28. Marie
 placed third in the over 50 category. Women's team results - three to count
 - have yet to be confirmed but it looks like we just missed the top ten.

 Richard Holme, Julia Bailey and Deepa Sharma all look to have set PBs too -
 a very successful day for Ranelagh!

 1    A Vernon (AFD)         28.38
 77   J Pavey (Exeter)       32.56
 91   Eirin McDaid           33.25
 96   Richard Gregory        33.31
 221  James Whistler         35.38
 250  Kris Davidson          36.04
 305  Jonathan Smith         36.54
 399  Megan de Silva         38.05
 480  Liz Kipling            38.59
 503  Colin Brett            39.11
 600  Richard Holme          39.52
 665  Marie Synnott-Wells    40.28
 790  Bill Neely             41.23
 847  Julia Bailey           41.46
 1025 Vaughan Ramsay         42.55
 1385 Paul Hodges            44.48
 2119 Lara Werrett           47.42
 3348 Becky Hall             51.24
 5242 Deepa Sharma           56.04           

 SELF TRANSCENDENCE 5km  Monday 25th May in Battersea Park
 1   T Heslop (VP&TH)        15.49
 33  L Rooney (Coll)         18.59
 92  Alan Davidson           24.14

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th May
 Nick Wright finished third.

 1    Unknown                15.52
 3    Nick Wright            17.33
 5    K Brown (SMR)          17.37  (1st woman)
 13   James Whistler         18.10
 34   David Ready            18.57
 98   Sacha Kennedy          20.33
 150  Matt Sowton            21.33
 162  Léonie Kennedy         21.46
 255  Chris Spink            22.51
 316  Ian Grange             23.34
 323  Rachel Revett          23.39   
 1064 Wally Garrod           37.15
 1086 John Hanscomb          40.54

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th May
 Eirin McDaid won for the second week in succession.

 1   Eirin McDaid           16.32
 15  Peter Faull            19.02 
 21  H Taranowski (W4)      19.29  (1st woman)
 33  Alberto Esguevillas    20.47
 46  Steve Aikin            21.33
 59  Paul Noel              22.33
 62  Amrut Sharma           22.37
 76  Matt Aikin             23.03 
 97  Grace Munro            23.35
 113 Carol Aikin            24.07
 132 James Rushby           24.41
 140 Sally Yau              24.51   
 145 Daniel Rushby          25.02
 146 Phil Rushby            25.03
 152 Maia Rushby            25.23
 185 Chris Cato             26.36
 212 Michael Sikora         27.30
 223 Philippa Kitchen       27.50
 230 Sue Camp               28.00
 241 Deepa Sharma           28.14
 284 Rob Kitchen            30.07
 306 Hilary Thomson         31.32  
 311 George Coates          32.21
 344 Penny Merrett          34.15
 355 Andrew Brown           36.47
 365 Pat Hewlett            39.46

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th May
 First woman was Clare King.

 1   P Christian (SMR)      18.34
 6   Tom Kearey             20.43
 7   Clare King             20.55  (1st woman)
 16  Chris Read             22.50
 28  Josie Kearey           24.16
 29  Kevin Kearey           24.16
 48  Luke Maguire           25.57
 58  Paul Wapshott          26.27
 67  Paula Maguire          27.44
 86  Bronwen Northmore      30.12
 93  Cindy Croucher         30.51
 106 Su Clark               34.47   

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th May
 Karen Weir and Kris Davidson both placed second and Craig MacLellan was

 1   D Stacey (unatt)       17.41
 2   Kris Davidson          18.08
 3   Craig MacLellan        18.46
 4   Peter Weir             19.04
 8   Tom Bradley            19.54
 13  B Farr (Sheen S)       20.50  (1st woman)  
 24  Karen Weir             22.34
 33  Phil Roberts           23.33
 78  Florence Hughes        30.22
 89  Katie Walton           32.35
 91  Deborah Blakemore      32.40  

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th May
 Leading woman was Peter Haarer's niece Natalie.

 1   S Don (SMR)            17.58
 12  Natalie Haarer (unatt) 21.31  (1st woman)
 63  Lynne Barber           28.08
 85  Christine David        30.34
 97  Stacey Barber          32.14
 104 Tracey Small           32.44      

 BRACKNELL parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th May
 Becky Hall finished second overall and first woman.

 1   A Wybrott (unatt)      18.46
 2   Becky Hall             20.41
 18  Rob Curtis             23.08

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 16th May)
 Banstead Woods: 131 Alison Dicks 26.38 
 Banbury: 4 Jonathan Smith 18.18
 Bournemouth: 142 Eugenio Carmo 25.19
 Gunnersbury: 89 Rebecca Northmore 23.04,  363 Lexi Slaughter 39.00,  364
 Waldron Slaughter 39.02
 Kingston: 25 Chris Camacho 21.12,  61 Peter Wright 24.39,  62 Hannah Doyle
 Perry Hall: 17 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.43,  108 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.39 
 Winchester: 125 Colette Doran 26.10
 York: 124 Phil Jackson 23.13
 Abingdon: 92 Peter Fordham 25.10
 Bognor: 12 David Rowe 22.18  

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 1   Unknown                 15.57
 5   J Bleasdale (TH&H)      17.01  (1st woman)
 22  Peter Faull             18.49
 30  David Ready             19.07
 274 Chris Spink             23.45
 317 Rachel Revett           24.17
 608 Kirsty Bangham          27.27
 614 Clive Naish             27.33
 706 Jackie Dunkley          28.51
 738 Mary Hickson            29.19  
 960 Wally Garrod            37.28
 988 John Hanscomb           40.35

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 1   J Cornish (Herc Wimb)  16.24
 16  C Clover (Newbury)     19.24  (1st woman)
 25  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     20.31
 48  Richard Kennedy        22.15
 55  Wiebke Kortum          22.41     
 65  Amrut Sharma           23.03
 93  Grace Munro            24.04
 98  Nick Fordham           24.10
 107 Ali Kennedy            24.31
 146 Tomas Sterner          25.58
 149 Alberto Esguevillas    26.07      
 188 Ali Salisbury          27.23
 191 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       27.30
 198 Michael Sikora         27.38
 226 Lorna Smith            28.17
 249 Phil Aiken             29.06
 267 Deepa Sharma           30.01
 268 Heather Martingell     30.02
 269 Mike White             30.03
 300 Hilary Thomson         31.42  
 320 Katie Walton           33.27  
 355 Penny Merrett          35.54
 372 Bev Ali                41.08
 373 Pat Hewlett            41.25
 376 Martin Clark           45.57
 377 Andrew Brown           46.01

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 1   A Keane (unatt)        18.42
 4   Duncan Mallison        19.44
 10  Daniel Chiechi         21.12      
 11  Tom Kearey             21.19
 13  Kabir Sait             21.29
 18  Kevin Kearey           21.59
 19  Adam Wright            22.03
 24  A Brooks (BeaRCat)     22.42  (1st woman)
 41  Paul Wapshott          24.48
 48  Josie Kearey           25.20
 52  Ann Kearey             25.30
 81  Rachel Allen           27.43
 124 Afrah Sait             36.33
 126 Sally Spaull           36.50
 129 Lexi Slaughter         40.33
 130 Waldron Slaughter      40.34 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 Kris Davidson stepped up to first place this week, with Tom Bradley third.

 1   Kris Davidson          18.40
 3   Tom Bradley            20.05
 4   Si Martin              20.10
 5   Colin Brett            20.10
 10  B Farr (Sheen S)       20.51  (1st woman)  
 20  Phil Roberts           23.12
 38  Luke Maguire           25.56
 39  Julian Holden          25.58
 41  Paula Maguire          26.12
 49  Tor Heron-Brett        27.38
 62  Deborah Blakemore      30.02  

 GORLESTON CLIFFS parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 Sonia Rowland was the leading woman.

 1   D Oliver (Norwich)     17.35
 26  Sonia Rowland          22.25  (1st woman)
 106 Steve Rowland          26.42

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 Another first place for Becky Hall.

 1   A Gray (unatt)         18.51
 8   Becky Hall             21.21  (1st woman)

 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 Ted Mockett was the overall winner and there were third places for David
 Lawley and Michelle Davies.

 1   Ted Mockett            17.13
 3   David Lawley           17.41
 5   Mark Herbert           18.10
 18  G Bitaraf (Gade V)     19.30  (1st woman)
 68  Vaughan Ramsay         21.25
 71  Michelle Davies        21.32
 181 Cathy Holman           25.50
 213 Ellen Van Keulen       26.46
 255 Lynne Barber           27.56
 306 Christine David        30.26
 339 Stacey Barber          31.29 

 SHERINGHAM parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd May
 Jane Craigie-Payne was third woman home.

 1   N McCallum (unatt)     18.38
 15  C Neale (N Norfolk)    20.56
 56  Jane Craigie-Payne     24.32       

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 23rd May)
 Wimbledon Common: 202 Tom Reay 25.52 
 Kingston: 33 Chris Camacho 21.29,  69 Hannah Doyle 24.24,  78 Peter Wright
 24.57,  99 Fiona Pugh 26.45
 Bournemouth: 239 Eugenio Carmo 28.44
 Gunnersbury: 152 Alan Davidson 25.09
 Brockwell:  52 James Whistler 21.18
 St Albans: 32 Lydia Louw 20.10
 Bracknell: 205 Deirdre Inman 36.35
 Maidenhead: 84 Peter Fordham 27.30
 Dulwich: 44 Richard Gregory 20.29
 Preston Park, Brighton: 125 John Pratt 24.15
 Bognor: 21 David Rowe 21.18,  175 Sharon Rowe 36.15
 Osterley: 31 Rebecca Northmore 24.29 
 Hazlehead, Aberdeen: 129 Su Clark 35.02 

 Never mind a finishing dip, this is the way to do it:
 Video:. He won.