Newsdesk 2016

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 481             5th August 2016
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

  *  Megan de Silva and Jonathan Smith lead our teams at the Elmbridge 10k
  *  Ranelagh wins all three team races at the Wedding Day 7m
  *  Megan de Silva and Nick Impey lead our teams
  *  John Hanscomb's 500th parkrun
  *  Nick Impey finishes 2nd in Regent's Park 10k
  *  Simon Burrell completes the Nottingham Iron Man
  *  Coaching Corner
  *  Final event in our GP and the Surrey Road League - Perseverance Wimbledon
      5k on 14th August
  *  Opening Run - club photo and Thomas Cup 3.8m handicap on 10th September
  *  Peter Wright obituary
  OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP 6km HANDICAP  Saturday 10th September in Richmond
  The Opening Run of our 136th season takes place on Saturday 10th September.
  All members are very welcome to come along. Proceedings will begin with the
  annual club photograph at about 2.45pm in the Park opposite the clubhouse.
  Then it'll be the Thomas Cup handicap over one lap of our usual 3.8m/6km
  "mob match" course, starting as soon as we can get everyone up the hill to
  the start by Sidmouth Wood. Please register for the handicap in the
  clubhouse BEFORE the photo, or we'll be running late. 

  Petersham Road is now closed until 4th September for  gas main replacement
  works. The clubhouse will still be accessible on foot or by bike but
  vehicles will only be able to reach Cedar Heights from the Richmond
  direction. Full details here:

  DASH 5km  Sunday 14th August at Wimbledon Park
  This is the final race in our own Grand Prix and in the Surrey Road League.
  9.30am start. Details and Entries:. Only some 170
  entries are in so far, 17 from Ranelagh. 

  Leading scores after nine events (up to and including the Wedding Day 7k)
  Jonathan Smith 67, Chris Bundhun 62, Richard Gregory 56, Ian Kenton 48,
  Megan de Silva 44, James Whistler 33, Nick Impey 32, Steve Whitehead 31,
  Nick Wright 27, Dave Lawley 26, Mark Herbert 25, Mick Lane 20, Kris Davidson
  19,  Marie Synnott-Wells 19 
  Megan de Silva 48, Marie Synnott-Wells 30, Michelle Davies 21, Suzy
  Whatmough 17, Laura Blazey 15, Wiebke Kortum 11, Rebecca Northmore 11,
  Heather Martingell 9, Emma Wellham 7
  Men Over 40
  Duncan Mallison 21, Steve Whitehead 18, Liam Griffin 17, Stewart Anderson
  15, Paul Doyle 14, Kris Davidson 11, Michael Everard 11, Bruce McLaren 9,
  Vaughan Ramsay 8 
  Women Over 40
  Wiebke Kortum 24, Hannah Doyle 11, Ellen Clague 9, Rachel Smith 9, Ann
  Kearey 6, Hedy Lorant 6, Colette Doran 6, Tamsin Burland 6, Maya Farah 5,
  Sally Dell 5
  Men Over 50
  Stephen Logue 33, Mick Lane 27, Chris Read 16, Bill Neely 13, Phil Roberts
  11, Alan Meaden 11, Trevor Maguire 10, Chris Owens 10, Steve Aikin 8, Peter
  Fordham 7 
  Women Over 50
  Marie Synnott-Wells 42, Heather Martingell 25, Sally Bamford 17, Bronwen
  Northmore 13, Fiona Hopwood 13, Carol Aikin 10, Penny Merrett 10, Deborah
  Blakemore 8, Paula Maguire 6, Lorna Smith 6 

  158 members have completed at least one of the races. Next event is the
  Wimbledon 5km on Sunday 14th August. Full GP details and scoreboard here:.   

  The Elmbridge 10k was the sixth and penultimate race in the Surrey Road
  League. Full League positions are here:.
  We'll have cause to celebrate after the final race, which is the Wimbledon
  5k on 14th August. It looks as if our women's team already has the title
  sewn up, as has Megan de Silva in the senior women individual category.
  Marie Synnott-Wells is likely to make it a third title for us, though
  mathematically she could still be overtaken. Reigate Priory can't be caught
  in the men's team competition, but Ranelagh looks set for the runners-up

  SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 3rd September at the Wimbledon Park track. 
  Start time for the county road relays is 12 noon. All categories start 
  together - senior men and women, men over 40, over 50 and over 60 and women
  over 35 and over 45. We'll be hoping to enter teams in all categories. The
  relays are all contested over four stages of about three miles each, with
  the exception of the senior men who run six stages and the men over 60 and
  women over 45 who run only three. Contact the captains/team managers if
  you'd like to run  

  ...for 2016-17 are now overdue.
  The club membership fee includes the England Athletics registration fee and
  despite the increase in the England Athletics registration fee to £13, we
  are keeping our subscription rates unchanged for at least another year.
  That's £40 for seniors, £20 for second-claim members and those who are
  retired and over 60, £10 for under 20s and students and non-running members.
  There is also a £70 family membership. Preferred method of payment is by
  Bank Transfer: our account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number
  81109847; please add a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. A Standing
  Order form is available from our website here: . Alternatively post a
  cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
  Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. For
  any queries, e-mail the Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk.  

 Club subscriptions and the E.A. registration fees were both due on 1st
 April. Please pay your membership subscription promptly. The club cannot pay
 your registration fee unless you have paid your subscription. If you are not
 registered you might not be eligible to compete in championships or other
 events under UKA rules. For more information see here:. 

 The summer series of junior handicap races is now a joint enterprise between
 The Stragglers and Ranelagh. The races are all on Thursday evenings and are
 open to all under 18s. Registration is at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. There's
 only one race left, which will be on September 1st at the Hawker Centre.
 Full details, including parental consent forms, are here:. 

 COACHING CORNER with Trevor Maguire
 I guess our average Ranelagh runner doesn't wonder too much about coaching
 at the club. Indeed, one coach overheard a pair of runners suggesting
 coaches were self-elected shouty people!  Whilst firm guidance may be a
 feature of coaching, we think there is a lot more to it than that!  So we
 decided to write a fairly regular section in e-news to help raise the
 profile of the coaching team in Ranelagh.  And to start things off I thought
 it would be helpful to explain who we are and what we do.

 First of all we are all volunteers who want to help runners improve.  We
 work together to ensure there is someone to lead our training groups every
 Tuesday and Thursday.  We also write the training programmes which are
 published on the Ranelagh website.  Finally, there is our highly popular
 8-week Ladies Beginners Course, led by Deborah each year.  

 Second, many of us are qualified coaches who have given up weekends to
 attend England Athletics courses (often funded by the club).  We are
 qualified as Leaders in Running Fitness, Assistant Coaches, Coach in Running
 Fitness, First Aid, etc.

 Third, we hold regular meetings to discuss how we are doing with each of our
 training groups, what resources we need and how to ensure our runners are
 safe.  We also discuss preferred coaching techniques, tips on nutrition and
 locations that allow safe running (especially in the winter).  Occasionally
 we also attend meetings on behalf of the club as well as attending 'coach
 the coach' courses so that we can spread the knowledge throughout the club
 (strength and conditioning course is a good recent example).

 Fourth, so who are we?  Well the personnel does change gradually over time
 but at present we have the following coaches:
 ·         Juniors (Tuesdays at 18:00 @ Clubhouse) - Colin Brett,
 Maia Rushby, Sue Sinclair and Helen Nance (with Heather Martingell as
 ·         Development Group (Tuesday at 19:00 @ Clubhouse - 35 min
 plus 5km) - Follows on from the Ladies Beginners Course, led by Deborah
 Blakemore and a rota of other coaches as required
 ·         Intermediate 3 (Tues at 19:00 @ Clubhouse - 30-35 min 5km)
 - Cindy Croucher-Wright (and looking for a new coaching volunteer as Lynne
 Barber has recently moved away)
 ·         Intermediate 2 (Tues at 19:00 @ Clubhouse - sub 30 min
 5km) - Vicci Randle, Hannah Doyle, Rachel Revett, Heather Martingell and
 John Herriott
 ·         Intermediate 1 (Tues at 19:00 @ Clubhouse - sub 25 min
 5km) - Chris Read, Wiebke Kortum, Lloyd Camp, Daniel Chiechi, Simon Martin
 and Ellen Clague (though sadly for us Ellen is about to return home to
 ·         Cross Country Group (Tues at 19:00 @ Clubhouse for part of
 the  year with a focus on the ladies team) - Becky Curtis-Hall and Phil
 ·         Advanced Group (Tues at 19:00 @ Clubhouse - sub 22 min
 5km) - Phil Killingley, Trevor Maguire, Rick Jenner, Richard Kimber, George
 Howard, Chris Bundhun and Marc Snaith
 ·         Track Training (Thurs at 19:30 at Osterley Track -
 Everyone, all speeds) - Trevor Maguire, Becky Curtis-Hall and Cindy

 Lastly, we have come up with a guide as to what the coaches'
 responsibilities are within the club and to our training group, as well as
 what our runners are to each other and to the training in the club.

 As a club, we will:
 * Provide coaches for each training group
 * Have a club house for all users
 * Make appropriate health and safety assessments
 Coaches will:
 * Respect all athletes
 * Include everyone in training sessions
 * Plan training sessions and races
 * Organise for an injured/ill runner to be escorted back to the club
 * Foster a friendly atmosphere for all standards of runner
 As a club member you will:
 * Respect coaches and fellow runners
 * Respect the public who are sharing your training space
 * Arrive on time for training and races
 * Wear correct clothing for weather and lights when necessary
 * Be responsible for your own safety
 * Follow your coaches' advice
 * Carry an "in case of emergency" number on you
 * Inform your coach if you are injured/ill/want to leave early.  

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section at

 Pete died, aged 59, on 16th July 2016. Pete, from Kingston upon Thames, was
 a keen runner and road cyclist for decades. He was one of the thirteen
 parkrun 'pioneers' and carried his exclusive gold barcode card with immense
 pride. In earlier years he had run for Herne Hill Harriers and British
 Airways AC and had set a time of  2:47 for the marathon. It was not until
 moving to Ham in 2004 that he joined Ranelagh. He made an immediate
 impression by recording a time of 36.32 at the age of 47 for that summer's
 Dysart Dash 10k (the precursor to the Richmond 10k). Thereafter he ran
 regularly in mob matches, road races and handicaps, bagging a silver medal
 in the Clutton Cup in 2006. He also took up long distance cycling.

 In September 2013, he had a seizure while out cycling. Doctors diagnosed
 glioblastoma multiforme, the most common primary brain tumour in adults. The
 survival rates, as Pete described it, 'Are as sinister as the name. Most
 people don't last the first year.' But, fit and strong in mind and body, and
 surrounded by the love of family and friends, he fought the disease for
 nearly three years. As his wife Jackie put it so beautifully at his funeral
 on Thursday, Pete got '1000 Extra Ordinary Days'. When the brain cancer
 struck, he, wife Jackie and their children Pat, Bess, Jordan and Connor,
 refused to accept anything but a positive prognosis. Treatment was as
 aggressive as the tumour - brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and
 immunotherapy - but he got through it. Determined to resume his normal,
 healthy and active life, he set his sights on the 10th anniversary of
 parkrun, in October 2014 - just a year after his diagnosis.  

 'I turned up to Bushy Park, intending just to walk it, but I managed a
 gentle jog,' he said of the day. 'It felt amazing so I returned the week
 after, and the week after that. It wasn't long before I felt well enough to
 rejoin Ranelagh's Tuesday sessions.' Pete became a regular and valued member
 of the Intermediate 2 group and a familiar sight at Kingston parkrun. Sadly,
 many of us will recall only too well that Pete collapsed while out running
 with us last September. It was found that the cancer had returned in three
 sites on his brain and was growing rapidly. The standard NHS chemotherapy
 treatment was thought to be woefully inadequate - on it, he wouldn't see
 Christmas. And so began his family's heartfelt campaign to raise the funds
 Pete would need to seek a revolutionary alternative treatment, known to
 extend sufferers' lives significantly, but not yet approved by NICE. 

 Thousands of pounds were raised by family, friends, strangers - and a
 significant contribution was made by the running community, through efforts
 at Ranelagh, parkrun and more. Pete's son Pat spoke of this, and how touched
 and grateful Pete and his family were, at the funeral. Whenever he could,
 Pete would attend parkruns, club cups and events to cheer on runners and
 thank them for their support. Many of you will have last seen him at the
 Ranelagh Richmond 10K in June.

 Pete was a quiet, friendly, modest and popular presence at Ranelagh. Those
 of us who attended his wonderful send off all learned much more about him, 
 and remarked that we wished we'd known him longer and better. He was a keen
 mountain climber, an avid traveller and adventurer. He worked for Mother
 Teresa in her hospital, nursing the dying, when he was just a teenager. He
 loved music and sang in a choir, which is where he met Jackie. Rather than
 hymns we all sang Lean On Me and Lovely Day during the service, classic soul
 songs they'd enjoyed singing together. There were tears, wobbly lips,
 cracked voices - but also lots of smiles and laughter. After tributes from
 his wife, children, sister, colleague and friend, Peter was laid to rest in
 a peaceful meadow at Clandon Natural Burial Ground near Guildford.  

 He would surely want his fellow club members to keep in mind the words he
 used to encourage parkrunners, when he visited them while having treatment: 
 'I give a short speech to the crowd, just before they set off. I remind them
 what an incredible thing it is they're doing, getting up and joining
 together and going for a run. It's not just about losing weight or getting a
 PB. I'm proof positive that keeping fit through running pays dividends when
 life throws you a challenge like cancer. Being fit and healthy helped me
 cope with cancer treatment and the associated mental and physical trials and
 discomforts. I hope the runners set off just that little bit more inspired,
 thankful for what their bodies are capable of and committed to sticking with

 In lieu of floral tributes, the family are supporting The Brain Tumour
 Charity/The Peter Wright Fund. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so online
 at thebraintumourcharity.org or send c/o Crumpton Rudd Funerals, 14 Park
 Gardens, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5LT.  
More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 3rd September          Surrey County road relays at Wimbledon Park.
 12 noon start. See above.

 Sunday 4th September            Middlesex County 10km championship at
 Victoria Park, Hackney. 10.30am start.  Details:. 

 Saturday 10th September        Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8m handicap in
 Richmond Park, preceded by the annual club photo. See above

 Sunday 25th September          South of England Road Relays (men and women)
 at Bedford Autodrome

 Saturday 1st October              Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond
 Park. 3pm start.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 ELMBRIDGE 10km  Sunday 24th July at Walton-on-Thames
 Elmbridge was a decidedly classy race this year, especially for the women.
 Aldershot's Emily Wicks and South London's Steph McCall slugged it out all
 the way, with Aldershot's Georgie Bruinvels hovering ready to swoop on the
 remains should one of the leaders falter. They did not falter. Mortal combat
 continued through to the finishing straight where Wicks finally broke clear
 - and then by only a couple of metres. They finished just outside 35 minutes
 with Bruinvels another 25 seconds behind. The class did not end there, and
 Megan de Silva, leading our women's team, found another solid sub-38
 performance only good enough for 7th place. Suzy Whatmough was next home for
 Ranelagh with a huge new personal best of 41.20 and she was followed at no
 great distance by Marie Synnott-Wells and Michelle Davies, both inside the
 top 25 women finishers. Clare Fowler was next with a pb of 45.35.

 There was class on the men's side too, but mostly in the solo form of Phil
 Wicks. Emily's husband didn't find it too difficult to fulfil his side of
 the husband-and-wife victory plan, though he was clearly working hard. He
 reportedly had his eyes set on a sub-30mins run, and was smack on target at
 halfway. Thereafter he faded a bit but there was no serious pressure from
 his pursuers and he crossed the line alone in a time of 30.38. Officials had
 to wait almost two and a half minutes for the next man to turn up, Joe Croft
 of South London. Jonathan Smith was the top Ranelagh man in 25th place,
 ahead of Ian Kenton and Chris Bundhun. Then in the 37 minutes bracket we had
 James Whistler, Mark Herbert and Nick Wright. Chris Bundhun was rewarded for
 his efforts by securing the shield for the leading Elmbridge resident, a
 trophy that used regularly to adorn the Owens mantelpiece.  

 Nearly 600 finished the race, 42 from Ranelagh.      

 1   Phil Wicks (Belgrave)  30.38  (chip time 30.38)   
 2   Joe Croft (SLH)        33.04  (33.04)   
 3   Gus Upton (Belgrave)   33.23  (33.23)
 18  Emily Wicks (AFD)      35.05  (35.03 - 1st woman)
 19  Steph McCall (SLH)     35.07  (35.05 - 2nd woman)
 24  Georgie Bruinvels (AFD)35.32  (35.30 - 3rd woman)  
 25  Jonathan Smith         35.36  (35.33)   
 32  Ian Kenton             36.13  (36.11)   
 40  Chris Bundhun          36.29  (36.27)   
 47  James Whistler         37.05  (37.01)   
 52  Mark Herbert           37.27  (37.22)   
 54  Nick Wright            37.35  (37.33) 
 62  Megan de Silva         37.48  (37.45 - 7th woman)     
 83  David Ready            38.46  (38.41)   
 89  Michael Everard        39.14  (38.51) 
 107 Mick Lane              39.54  (39.49) 
 120 Trevor Maguire         40.50  (40.45) 
 131 Suzy Whatmough         41.20  (41.09)   
 132 Chris Owens            41.23  (41.09) 
 146 Marie Synnott-Wells    42.10  (41.59) 
 156 Peter Faull            42.33  (42.27)   
 160 Michelle Davies        42.49  (42.37)   
 165 William Griffin        43.18  (43.08) 
 172 Duncan Mallison        43.32  (43.17) 
 173 Ben Shore              43.35  (43.23)   
 200 Stephen Logue          44.44  (44.26) 
 221 Clare Fowler           45.35  (45.05) 
 229 Phil Roberts           46.04  (45.41) 
 238 Stewart Anderson       46.22  (45.50) 
 244 Daniel Chiechi         46.36  (45.49) 
 246 Chris Read             46.40  (46.15) 
 262 Nicholas Fordham       47.37  (47.19)  
 267 Becky Curtis-Hall      47.57  (47.27)   
 269 Rob Curtis             48.02  (47.30) 
 300 Rue Turner             49.18  (48.24) 
 309 Hannah Doyle           50.00  (49.15) 
 310 Heather Martingell     50.04  (49.19) 
 313 Paul Wapshott          50.11  (49.17) 
 317 Elisa Ferrua           50.23  (49.29) 
 339 Simon Taylor           51.13  (50.42) 
 397 Peter Fordham          54.08  (53.35) 
 437 Fiona Hopwood          56.04   
 448 Sally Bamford          56.57  (56.16) 
 488 Prelini Chiechi        60.15  (59.27) 
 514 David Meaden           63.09  (62.09) 
 535 Alan Meaden            66.31  (65.31) 
 542 Annemarie Goodridge    66.55  (65.46) 
 547 Bronwen Northmore      68.15  (67.05) 
 SUMMER BARBECUE  Sunday 24th July at the clubhouse
 Many thanks to Michele Gibson and Andy Hayward for organising this and
 enabling us to sample once again the delicious output from Andy's Thames
 Side Brewery.

 WEDDING DAY 7km  Friday 29th July in Bushy Park
 The report in the last e-news that we already had over 100 Ranelagh entries
 for the annual Wedding Day jaunt turned out to be a miscount, but we did in
 the end top 90, of whom 76 ran and finished the race. They formed a big
 enough blue wave to enable us to retain the Father Onn mob match trophy for
 the umpteenth year in succession. 

 Individually there was another fine run, as we have come to expect, from
 Megan de Silva who finished in 2nd place in the women's race. Behind Megan,
 Marie Synnott-Wells and Wiebke Kortum finished 3rd and 5th respectively in
 the W45 category, and that trio narrowly edged home for an excellent and
 unexpected team victory. Phil Killingley adds: "A superb team win also for
 the men, with Nick Impey leading the charge in a highly impressive 6th
 place, less than a minute behind the leader Mike Skinner, and with a
 personal age graded record of 77%. Ian Kenton in 12th, Jon Smith four
 seconds back in 13th and Ted Mockett in 15th completed the rout. James
 Whistler was unlucky not to score in 17th, and there were some excellent
 performances lower down including 68% from David Ready.  We probably
 won the barbecue as wel l! Further, Ed Smith was half of the winning 
 couple (his partner  Zoe representing Belgrave)."

 We should also note 2nd place in the M60 category for Chris Owens, 6th in
 the M40s for Nick Wright, 8th in the Senior Women for Becky Curtis-Hall,
 10th in the W45s for Heather Martingell and 7th and 9th in the W55s for
 Fiona Hopwood and Sonia Rowland.

 1   Michael Skinner (B&B)  23.10  (chip time 23.10)      
 2   Neil Chisholm (TH&H)   23.14  (23.14)  
 3   Paul Lowe (Belgrave)   23.15  (23.15)    
 6   Nick Impey             23.56  (23.55)    
 12  Ian Kenton             24.19  (24.18)    
 13  Jonathan Smith         24.23  (24.21)    
 15  Ted Mockett            24.37  (24.36)    
 17  James Whistler         24.47  (24.46)    
 18  Zoe Vail Smith (Belg)  24.49  (24.49 - 1st woman) 
 21  Nick Wright            25.09  (25.08)  
 23  Rick Jenner            25.17  (25.14)    
 29  Mark Herbert           25.30  (25.26)    
 32  Dave Lawley            25.32  (25.29)    
 33  Marc Snaith            25.34  (25.33)    
 42  Chris Bundhun          25.58  (25.57)    
 45  David Ready            26.12  (26.07)    
 47  Megan de Silva         26.19  (26.16 - 2nd woman)    
 50  Owen Delaney           26.41  (26.36)    
 53  Isobel Rea (West 4)    26.46  (26.44 - 3rd woman)    
 61  Dan Little             27.24  (27.18)    
 65  Paul Doyle             27.45  (27.37)  
 69  Vaughan Ramsay         27.53  (27.47)  
 76  Chris Owens            28.07  (28.02)  
 88  Ben Shore              28.27  (28.18)    
 89  Ed Smith               28.30  (28.24)    
 101 Bruce McLaren          28.44  (28.37)  
 108 Simon Martin           29.07  (28.58)  
 111 Marie Synnott-Wells    29.11  (29.03)  
 116 Toby Cooper            29.26  (29.13)    
 139 Lee Davies             30.21  (30.08)  
 142 Stephen Logue          30.25  (30.16)  
 143 Wiebke Kortum          30.30  (30.07)  
 153 Stewart Anderson       30.50  (30.35)  
 161 Paul Wapshott          31.02  (30.34)  
 165 Daniel Chiechi         31.07  (30.55)  
 167 Paul Hodges            31.08  (30.45)  
 183 Becky Curtis-Hall      31.41  (31,26)    
 189 Amrut Sharma           32.01  (31.48)  
 212 Heather Martingell     32.42  (32.31)  
 215 Fiona Hopwood          32.45  (32.35)  
 219 Rob Curtis             32.48  (32.32)  
 221 Verka Lafeuille        32.53  (32.42)  
 229 Emma Wellham           33.01  (32.28)    
 230 Elisa Ferrua           33.02  (32.34)  
 248 Hannah Doyle           33.45  (33.34)  
 253 Andy Woodhouse         33.51  (33.36)  
 261 Ellen Clague           34.06  (33.47)  
 267 Ashleigh Ferris        34.16  (34.03)    
 268 Rebecca Northmore      34.16  (34.07)    
 274 Sonia Rowland          34.27  (33.58)  
 307 Rachel Smith           35.51  (35.41)  
 314 Tomas Sterner          36.07  (35.40)  
 334 Melanie Davison        36.43  (36.30)  
 338 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       36.49  (36.13)  
 355 John Herriott          37.29  (37.14)  
 359 Ally Salisbury         37.46  (37.10)  
 366 Peter Fordham          37.56  (37.30)  
 376 Sue Camp               38.09  (37.42)  
 377 Tamsin Burland         38.10  (37.35)  
 386 Cathy Holman           38.25  (38.04)    
 389 Deepa Sharma           38.31  (38.14)  
 394 Sally Bamford          38.52  (38.08)  
 396 Andy Hayward           39.03  (38.35)  
 409 Ellen Van Keulen       39.24  (39.03)  
 420 Phil Aiken             39.52  (39.18)  
 423 Prelini Chiechi        40.05  (39.38)  
 471 Leeanne Bryce          43.03  (42.41)    
 481 Clive Naish            43.24  (42.54)  
 492 Colette Doran          43.54  (43.10)  
 494 Jackie Dunkley         44.25  (43.57)  
 495 Steve Rowland          44.26  (43.57)  
 497 Bronwen Northmore      44.40  (44.04)  
 498 Annemarie Goodridge    44.45  (44.11)  
 503 Alan Meaden            45.19  (44.45)  
 519 Penny Merrett          46.15  (45.39)  
 524 Tracey Small           46.32  (46.03)  
 530 Katie Walton           46.42  (46.10)    
 531 Deborah Blakemore      46.42  (46.10)  
 552 Katrina Roche          49.29  (48.44)  
 553 Wendy Fisher           49.29  (48.45)  
 556 Su Clark               49.34  (48.59)  
 Paul Doyle reports:
 "This is an AIMS certified low key Marathon, run in parallel with a
 half-marathon, really good fun, well organized with energy drinks etc. After
 running my first London Marathon this year, I thought I would like to run it
 again, so planned to run another marathon this summer to get a qualifying
 time of 3:15 (15 min faster than my London time).  I thought I would try a
 new tactic, running at an even pace. The marathon organizers, had pacers for
 3:00, 3:15. 3:30 etc. so I set off with the 3:15 pacers Val and Paul.  It
 felt like a long Sunday pack run, there were about 20 of us to begin with,
 we enjoyed the Irish countryside and chatted. After half way the group was
 getting smaller and it felt like work after 20 miles.  It was tough to hold
 the pace for the last two miles, but pacers Val and Paul kept us going like
 team mates in a mob match, and thanks to them I got my qualifying time.  It
 will have to be VLM 2018, because the qualifying deadline was earlier than
 usual this year. I have to say, it was a revelation to run an even paced
 marathon! "

 1   P Harty (W Waterford)  2:37.17
 21  Paul Doyle             3:14.36

 BRIGHTON PHOENIX 10km  Wednesday 13th July
 1   J Connor (Kent)        31.00  (chip time 31.00)
 30  Nick Twomey            35.13  (35.12)

 ROYAL PARKS SUMMER SERIES 10km  Sunday 17th July in Regent's Park
 Nick Impey finished in 2nd place.

 1   M Moore (unatt)        35.48
 2   Nick Impey             35.52 

 GREAT NEWHAM LONDON RUN 10k  Sunday 17th July
 1    J Denne (Honiton)     32.44
 1135 Llewellyn Davies      49.45 

 BEAT THE TIDE 10k  Wednesday 20th July at Worthing
 Must be an incentive to run fast!

 1   G Godden (B&H)         38.01
 17  Owen Delaney           43.33   

 OUTLAW IRONMAN TRIATHLON  Sunday 24th July at Nottingham
 Simon Burrell finished in a very commendable 149th position out of almost a
 thousand competitors, and was placed 9th in the M50 category. Simon was way
 back in 878th place after the swim, but a good cycle brought him through to
 423rd and then he stormed through the marathon run in 3:35 to pass almost
 another 300 rivals.

 1   C Walker (KWT)          8:58.52  (swim 52.50, t1 2.30, bike 4:44.26, t2
 2.18, run 3:16.48)
 149 Simon Burrell          11:09.38  (1:40.01, 5.48, 5:40.03, 7.52, 3:35.510

 Allgau, Germany  
 Amrut and Deepa Sharma took the Half Marathon option, Amrut finishing 71st
 in 1:52.24 and Deepa 229th in 2:19.13.

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 29th July in Hyde Park
 1   A Greenleaf (Serp)     15.29
 72  Rob Wise               20.25
 158 Andy Bickerstaff       23.39
 195 Alan Davidson          25.32
 205 Pete Warren            25.52        

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 3rd August at Woking
 1   A Mayger (unatt)       25.37  (actual time 22.52)
 5   Alan Davidson          27.08  (23.08)
 7   Sonia Rowland          27.20  (22.50)
 13  Steve Rowland          29.37  (29.37)

 parkrun results...
 ...showing all PBs, all performances with an age-graded percentage of 65%
 and above, and all junior results. For this week's full Ranelagh results
 follow this Link:. From this
 screen you can also access the previous week's Ranelagh results. 

 parkruns  Saturday 23rd July
 Richmond Park
 Bruce McLaren 21.10 (69.13%), Steve Aikin 22.22 (66.47%), Carol Aikin 25.35
 (67.17%), Daniel Rushby 26.19 (jnr), Sam Rushby 26.52 (jnr), Val Lowman
 30.02 (66.48%), Ben Rushby 32.03 (jnr)

 Bushy Park 
 Nick Wright 19.13 (71.03%)

 Alan Davidson 24.48 (70.30%)

 Nick Fordham 21.49 (jnr)

 Old Deer Park
 Eirin McDaid 17.09 (75.32%), Rick Jenner 18.47 (72.14%)

 Ann Kearey 24.20 (67.26% and PB), Josie Kearey 25.19 (jnr and PB)

 Reigate Priory 
 Jo Knight 36.55 (PB)

 Crane Park
 Mark Herbert 18.46 (69.89%), Dan Little 18.57 (70.45%), Kabir Sait 20.28
 (74.765 and jnr), Afrah Sait 32.39 (jnr and PB) 

 Dave Lawley 18.18 (72.04%)

 Rue Turner 24.09 (PB)

 Dalby Forest
 Phil Jackson 24.31 (69.07%)

 James Barber 22.47 (68.03%), Lynne Barber 27.11 (66.58% and PB), Stacey
 Barber 29.22 (PB)

 Linford Wood
 Marc Snaith 19.11 (70.11%)

 Verka Lafeuille 22.55 (65.67%)

 parkruns  Saturday 30th July
 Richmond Park 
 Eirin McDaid 16.50 (76.73%), Tom Bradley 18.30 (72.97% and jnr), Daniel
 Rushby 27.12 (jnr), Juliet Ricketts 29.01 (jnr and PB), Cecily Day 24.20

 Bushy Park
 James Whistler 18.30 (69.73%), Simon Rothwell 22.21 (73.01%), Finlay
 Sinclair 23.41 (jnr), John Hanscomb 50.26 (500th parkrun)

 Hackney Marshes
 Carl Assmundson 16.39 (77.48%)

 Old Deer Park
 Trevor Maguire 20.03 (74.15%)

 Alan Davidson 25.40 (67.92%)

 Mark Herbert 18.25 (71.22%)

 Crane Park
 Michelle Davies 20.38 (72.21% and PB), Paul Wapshott 21.15 (68.86%), Kevin
 Jacques 25.30 (PB)

 Dalby Forest
 Phil Jackson 24.10 (70.07%)

 St Anne's (Ireland)
 Peter Haarer 16.33 (87.71%)

 Mike Peace 25.24 (66.67%)

 James Barber 23.15 (66.67%), Lynne Barber 26.49 (67.50%)

 Dawn Bates 29.44 (PB)

 Kevin Kearey 21.31 (67.47%), Josie Kearey 24.05 (65.26% and jnr), Ann Kearey
 24.05 (67.96%)

 Nick Fordham 22.26 (jnr) 

 Just a few days before his 81st birthday, John Hanscomb became the fourth
 runner to chalk up 500 parkruns...

 John Hanscomb took his first parkrun steps way back in early 2005, and since
 then he's missed very few parkruns. His name is immortalised on the John
 Hanscomb Trophy, presented to the winner of the annual men's points
 competition at his home event of Bushy parkrun. In the words of parkrun's
 founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt, "This trophy stands for everything John
 represents - commitment, passion, and a love of parkrun." Those traits saw
 John achieve a major milestone last Saturday, and we asked him to tell us
 all about it.  

 "I have been a runner all my life. I joined a running club when I was 17,
 competed in countless races, was President of my local running club, and
 finished 28 consecutive London Marathons. I'd also said I would hang up my
 trainers when I reached 70. Just before I reached this milestone however, a
 member of my running club (you may know of him!) came up with the idea of a
 free 5k time trial every Saturday morning in a local park. Back then I felt
 like I was getting on a bit and 5k was too fast, but after a few months I
 went along to experience it for myself. As someone who had been in the club
 structure and running competitively for more than 50 years, this fun and
 friendly and low-key event instantly appealed to me. Just being with other
 people and running around in that environment was really enjoyable, and
 since that first day I've only missed parkrun when I've been somewhere in
 the world where there is no parkrun! It's something I look forward to every
 week, and I miss it when it's not there. 

 Most importantly for me, parkrun came at a time when I was getting ready to
 stop running. It's extended my running life, and as I've got older and a bit
 slower parkrun has become increasingly more diverse in the ages and
 abilities it attracts. When I did my first parkrun at 69 years of age in
 2005, I was 17th out of 19 people in 27 minutes. Last Saturday I ran my
 500th parkrun a few days prior to my 81st birthday, and I was 949th out of
 963 people in 50 minutes. At parkrun, I have always had people to run with
 and chat to, and my circle of friends has certainly expanded. It caters for
 everyone - from people who have never run before, to regular runners, to
 people such as me who wouldn't have kept going without parkrun. The
 atmosphere and the camaraderie that's built up is phenomenal, and there's no
 doubt that being able to regularly run with friends and family goes a long
 way towards a healthy lifestyle. I still work five days a week, and I still
 pop out for a lunchtime run around Hyde Park five days a week. Never in my
 wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would reach 500 parkruns. And
 celebrating that milestone on the week of my 81st birthday alongside 156,000
 other people running, jogging, walking and volunteering at parkruns around
 the globe at the same time, just goes to show what a phenomenon it has
 become since those early days." 

 A full report on John's milestone parkrun, including photos and video, is
 available here:.