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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 492               5th January 2017
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  


 *  Michael Morris, Ann Kearey and Ian Grange win the Henty Relay
 *  Bill Harvey completes his 100th mob match
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells places third in the Lauriston 5 miles
 *  Ralph Street runs 15.14 in the Bushy Park parkrun
 *  Surrey Championships at Lloyd Park (Croydon) and Middlesex at Hillingdon
     this Saturday January 7th
 *  Next Surrey League races for men and women on Saturday January 14th

 ...to other championship races for which entries have to be made in advance.
 Contact the Captains / Team Managers if you want to be entered (see What's
 Coming below for e-mails). All events include junior as well as senior
 Sat 28 Jan 2017 South of England Cross-Country Champs at Parliament Hill,
 Hampstead Heath. Entries closed.
 Sat 25 Feb 2017 National Cross-Country Championships at Nottingham. First
 claim only, deadline Friday 13 Jan.

 The third League races for men and women both take place on Saturday 14th
 January. The women are at Lloyd Park for the second week in a row, NOT on
 Ham Lands as shown on our Fixture Card. Distance for the seniors is 5 miles,
 start time is 12 noon. The Under 15 / Under 17 race follows at 1pm and the
 Under 13s at 1.30pm. The men are on Mitcham Common, with an earlier than
 usual start time of 2.30pm. The junior race (all age groups) precedes the
 men at 2pm. Register for all races on the day.

  Our last mob match this season is away to Blackheath and Bromley HAC on
 their 7.5 miles true country course at Hayes, Kent. At their request it's a
 SUNDAY MORNING race starting at 11am on February 19th. This, if we can
 defeat the 'heathens, will be our fifteenth mob match win in a row. As ever,
 we need all the runners we can get. When we last visited Hayes two years ago
 both clubs fielded about 60 runners. We need that many again, more if we
 manage it. Travel details nearer the date, but in the meantime here's a map
 showing the location of the B&B HQ at the Sydney Wooderson Centre in Bourne
 Way, Hayes (Kent): Note it's a ten minutes jog from the HQ to the start.  

 The annual runners' rowing races take place on the Thames at Teddington on
 Sunday January 15th. Several local clubs are planning to take part - Herc
 Wimb, Thames, 26.2 etc - but at present there's no crew from Ranelagh to
 compete for the main prize, the Franckeiss Cup. This was donated way back in
 1929 by Ranelagh member R H Franckeiss, and we have won it many times over
 the years. The event is now for crews of two plus cox in stable traditional
 wood crafted boats. There are male, female and mixed categories. No
 experience necessary, there will be time for a familiarisation session prior
 to the races. It's short notice but if you're interested please reply to
 this e-mail.

 INTER-CLUB v BANK OF ENGLAND, EALING S&M and others  Saturday 21st January
 in Richmond Park
 The Bank hosts this 5 miles race on their course in Richmond Park. Start
 time is 2.30pm beside Roehampton Gate. The race HQ is at the Bank's sports
 ground in Bank Lane, 500m from Roehampton Gate. MAP. Register on the
 day. The race incorporates the Hec Petersen Trophy between ourselves and

 COACHING CORNER no 2  (by Trevor Maguire) 
 Arthur Lydiard
 In our first Coaching corner we looked at our Ranelagh coaching setup.  I
 plan to reveal more about some of our individual coaches in due course, but
 I thought the next article would be slightly different; a review of Arthur
 Lydiard - probably the most influential person on modern endurance training.
 Many of our older runners would have been disciples of his running
 programmes in the 1970s; so I thought it would be worth a quick trip down
 memory lane to remember the basic principles that Lydiard developed, and are
 still part of training programmes today.  Indeed I remember picking up his
 book in the mid-70s as it was the only book on running in the school
 library.  I found myself doing some long runs and some of his hills sessions
 the following summer!
 Lydiard (a New Zealander) used himself as a guinea pig; experimented with
 different mileage and intensity of runs in the 1940s and 50s.  Ultimately he
 was 2nd in his national marathon championship at the age of 40, represented
 New Zealand in the Empire Games and coached athletes to 17 Olympic Medals,
 including Peter Snell and Murray Halberg. 
 He developed specific periodisation principles that, broadly speaking,
 introduced four different phases of training - Aerobic, Hill strength/Speed
 development, Sharpening and Tapering.  We should remember that none of these
 phases overlapped - it was a strictly linear programme!  
 The transformational revelation was the aerobic phase where base
 conditioning meant doing very high mileage for a few months, often over
 rolling terrain.  Lydiard didn't specify how to pace these runs, apart from
 running 3 long runs per week at a pace that left runners 'fresh'.  He wasn't
 advocating Long Slow Distance which became popular with the jogging craze in
 the 1970s, but rather running at a comfortable pace, which should increase
 as fitness improves.  The mileage achieved was extraordinary for most
 runners, especially for 800m runners such as Snell who regularly would run
 100 miles a week.  Many older Ranelagh runners would think nothing of
 100/120 mile weeks.
 The next phase was brutal - four to eight weeks of building leg strength and
 leg speed, often using a circuit of bounding up hill and relaxed downhill
 running (not quite Kenyan Hills but some similarity), plus other days of
 multiple short reps concentrating on leg turnover on a gradual downhill
 path.  Sometimes these sessions would involve sand dunes, and the overall
 aim would be to finish with nothing left!  The Sharpening phase would
 incorporate shorter runs and more traditional reps with one or two time
 trials a week to really nail down pacing.  Finally the last phase would
 involve reducing mileage and intensity in preparation for a key race.
 The modern criticism would be that the high mileage in the aerobic phase and
 the excessive strain on the body in the second phase are sub-optimal i.e.
 the same/similar training effect can be achieved through fewer miles and
 less intense hill strength/leg speed sessions.  Many older runners in the UK
 would point to the high standard of running in the 1970s and 80s and argue
 it got results.  I won't comment further but I don't recommend anyone
 suddenly jumps to the Lydiard training plans - anyway he would suggest a
 gradual build up depending on current fitness!  
 Have a look out for his books which are still in print if you want more
 information. Here's a short film about Lydiard:.  More articles to follow in
 Coaching Corner about our Ranelagh coaches and other famous coaching

 All Ranelagh coaches have been invited to attend a series of
 practical/theoretical workshops with specialist experts at St Mary's campus.
 The aim is to continue to improve the knowledge and ability of our group of
 qualified coaches.  Anyone interested in coaching should contact the
 coaching co-ordinator Trevor Maguire trevor.maguire@bt.com).

 Leeanne Bryce writes:
 "The Green Belt Relay has been scheduled for Saturday May 20th and Sunday
 May 21st 2017. Initial interest is high and we would like to field three
 Ranelagh teams again this year. The GBR is a spectacular event hosted by
 Stragglers - it is a 2 day 22 stage relay over 220 miles around London's
 Green Belt.
 Teams are 11 people.
 Each day has 11 stages. 
 Each team member must run on both days.
 Each stage is between 7 and 13 miles.
 Details of the race can be found here: 
 It's fun, social and suitable for all but note that runners average 16-22
 miles over the weekend and must be available to run both days. Teams usually
 travel and support via minibus and accommodation and food options in Essex
 on the Saturday night can be arranged. If you wish to run and organise your
 own transport on the two days that can also be considered. Last year the
 full cost of the weekend was less than £100. People who can drive a minibus
 or willing to drive a pick up car are strongly encouraged!
 If you are interested in attending and have not joined via our Facebook age
 then please contact Leeanne Bryce liane22@gmail.com and Ashleigh Ferris

 It's taking place on Sunday 30th April 2017 but organisation under Race
 Director Sandra Forrest is already under way. In particular, one of the
 organising team, Tamsin Burland, wishes to step down after the 2017 race.
 Tamsin is the volunteer co-ordinator and would very much like someone to
 join the team now and shadow her for this year's race in order to learn the
 ropes. Also it's not too early to volunteer as a marshal for the 2017 race!
 We realise a definite commitment may not be possible this far ahead, but if
 you think you might be able to help please let Tamsin know. Contact Tamsin

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on . 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
 or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 7th January             Surrey Championships at Lloyd Park Croydon.
 Entries closed.
                                            Middlesex Championships at
 Hillingdon  Entries closed.

 Sunday 8th January               Tadworth 10 miles multi-terrain on Epsom
 Downs.  Details:. 

 Saturday 14th January           2XU Surrey League (men) on Mitcham Common
 2pm (juniors), 2.30pm (seniors) 
                                           Surrey Ladies League at Lloyd
 Park Croydon (NOT Ham Lands as listed on our printed fixture card) 12 noon
 (women), 1pm/1.30pm (juniors)

 Saturday 21st January           Inter-club v Bank of England, Ealing and
 others in Richmond Park (Bank's course at Roehampton Gate). See above.

 Saturday 28th January          South of England Championships at Parliament
 Hill, Hampstead Heath. Entries closed

 Saturday 11th February        2XU Surrey League (men) on Wimbledon Common
 2.30pm (juniors), 3pm (seniors)
                                          Surrey Ladies League at Coulsdon
 12 noon (women), 1pm/1.30pm (juniors)

 Sunday 19th February          Pelling-Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath &
 Bromley HAC at Hayes (Kent), 11am start

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 December in Richmond Park
 One important item that was accidentally missed out of the race report in
 the last e-news was the fact that this was Bill Harvey's 100th mob match. He
 thus becomes the eighth member of the exclusive 100 club, and mob match king
 David Wright (167 mobs to date and still running!) said a few words and
 presented a delighted Bill with a framed document listing all 100 runs.
 It'll be a few years before anybody else joins the 100 club, the highest
 count of those still competing being Chris Owens's 80.  

 In the evening upstairs at the Roebuck Ed Whitlock addressed a good crowd of
 about 50 or so on his life and running career. Ed has been the centre of
 press interest again in recent weeks, following his sub-4 hours Marathon at
 the age of 85. Here's a New York Times article:. 

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 31st December in Richmond Park 
 On a dark and murky New Year's Eve we had a turnout of nine teams for the
 annual Henty Relay. The race is over six laps of Sidmouth Wood (one lap =
 1.38 miles) for teams of three comprising one "fast" who runs three laps,
 one "medium" who runs two and one "slow" who runs one. Ken Powley did his
 best to come up with balanced teams, but it's an almost impossible task,
 with such a diversity of speeds and ages taking part. It was good to see
 seven juniors in the race.

 It was one of the juniors, 13 year-old Euan Sinclair, who led the way on the
 slightly shorter first lap with a mightily impressive 7.38 clocking. Trevor
 Maguire and Michael Morris were hanging on like grim death to Euan but they
 couldn't match the young man's finishing burst. Jo Peace was fourth in,
 followed by Becky Curtis-Hall and, visiting from Canada, John Atkinson. The
 second lap proved crucial as Ann Kearey took over from Michael and
 established a clear lead, though she was being caught in the closing stages
 by Gordon Whitson for John's team. Michael took over again from Ann for lap
 three and gave his team a lead of more than a minute over Trevor's trio.

 Ian Grange came out for lap four and handed on to Ann with a lead of over
 two minutes ahead of Becky's team who thanks to Rachel Smith had moved up to
 second place. Euan was not far behind in third. Ann ran a solid fifth lap
 and although Gordon Whitson made up ground again the lead was still some two
 minutes as Michael took over for the last lap. He could afford to cruise
 round to secure the Kiwi trophy for his team. Cruising or not, Michael's
 8.18 was the fastest of the day on the longer stages 2 - 6, just one second
 faster than Euan who brought his team through to the runners-up spot. John
 Atkinson's team was just behind in third place.

 For the record, fastest "fasts" were Euan on lap 1 and Michael on lap 6,
 fastest "medium" was Gordon Whitson's 9.27 on lap 2 and fastest "slow" was
 Alastair Sinclair's 10.36 also on lap 2.       

 Phil Killingley comments: "What an excellent fixture, nicely embodying
 Ranelagh's inclusive ethos by pairing 'slow', 'medium' and 'fast' runners in
 teams together, juniors, seniors and vets, men and women.  Relays are almost
 always fun to participate in and exciting to spectate, and this was no

 LAURISTON CHRISTMAS MORNING PAARLAUF  Sunday 25th December on Wimbledon
 1   A Robinson (HW) and L Thomas (HW)  5m 872y
 9   N Fraser (HW) and Rachel Smith     4m 1545y 

 LAURISTON 5 miles MULTI-TERRAIN  Saturday 31st December on Wimbledon Common
 Marie Synnott-Wells was third woman to finish and first over 50.

 1   C Busaileh (HHH)         27.15
 4   G Bruinvels (AFD)        28.13  (1st woman)
 27  Marie Synnott-Wells      33.09     

 SERPENTINE NEW YEAR'S DAY 10km  Sunday 1st January
 We bagged a brace of second places - Mick Lane in the M55s and Heather
 Martingell ("First time running it neither ill nor hungover!") in the W50s -
 and a win for Pete Warren in the M75s.

 1   J Hay (AFD)              30.11
 8   Jake Waldron (N&EB)      32.30
 16  E Pallant (AFD)          35.04  (1st woman)
 47  Mick Lane                38.35
 55  Stewart Anderson         39.29
 99  Julia Bailey             42.48
 160 Heather Martingell       45.57
 398 Pete Warren              57.35
 423 Paul Martingell          59.16

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles Handicap  Wednesday 4th January at Woking
 1   P Thomas (unatt)         24.49  (actual time 19.34)
 2   Alan Davidson            26.10  (24.55)
 16  Sonia Rowland            28.35  (24.35)
 17  Steve Rowland            28.35  (28.35)   

 parkrun results...
 ...showing all PBs, all performances with an age-graded percentage of 65%
 and above, and all junior results. For this week's full Ranelagh results
 follow this link:. From this
 screen you can also access the previous week's Ranelagh results. 

 parkruns 5km Saturday 24th December

 Bushy Park
 Jake Waldron 16.10 (79.79%),  Euan Sinclair 19.42 (73.60% and jnr), Julia
 Bailey 20.41 (71.56%), Finlay Sinclair 22.28 (68.10% and jnr), Rachel Revett
 23.12 (65.95%), Wally Garrod 39.14, John Hanscomb 49.37 

 Richmond Park
 Sean Paynter 18.03 (71.47%), Tom Bradley 18.14 (73.13% and jnr), Ralph
 Street 18.17 (70.56%), James Whistler 18.30 (69.73%), Peter Faull 19.55
 (65.52%), James Ritchie 19.59 (70.39%), Stewart Anderson 20.09 (72.04%),
 Bill Neely 20.17 (77.07%), Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.19 (72.71%), Steve Aikin
 22.32 (65.98%), Matt Aikin 23.03 (jnr), Sam Rushby 23.32 (72.31% and jnr),
 Elisa Ferrua 23.35 (63.82%), Tomas Sterner 23.50 (65.03%), Cecily Day 24.00
 (jnr), Carol Aikin 24.38 (69.76%), Maia Rushby 25.16 (62.86%), Daniel Rushby
 25.17 (jnr), James Rushby 28.28 (jnr), Ben Rushby 29.01 (68.12% and jnr),
 Phil Rushby 29.01

 Crane Park
 Ted Mockett 18.20 (73.36%), Danny Little 19.44 (67.65%), Phil Roberts 21.49
 (68.14%), Penny Merrett 32.42 (61.06%)

 Old Deer Park
 Trevor Maguire 20.21 (73.05%), Fiona Forbes 25.40, Michael Beverly 26.07
 (63.62%), Henry Maguire 46.33 (jnr), Luke Maguire 46.37 (jnr)

 Duncan Mallison 19.12 (71.61% and PB)

 Bedfont Lakes
 Rick Jenner 19.06 (70.94%), Marc Snaith 19.09 (70.23%), Becky Curtis-Hall
 20.57 (71.12%), Lloyd Camp 22.29 (67.75%)

 James McLauchlan 23.47 (66.36% and jnr)

 Llanelli Coast
 Jonathan Smith 18.21 (70.66%)

 Bath Skyline
 Nick Wright 18.19 (74.52% and PB)

 Michael Morris 19.40 (73.22%)

 Dave Lawley 18.25 (72.04%), Ellie Lawley 30.19

 Ian Kenton 17.38 (74.76%)

 Big Bay (South Africa)
 Ellie Luxmoore 28.06 (jnr)

 Dalby Forest 
 Phil Jackson 25.08 (67.37%)

 Osterley Park
 Owen Delaney 19.18 (70.21%), Niall O'Connor 20.42 (66.91%), Richard Gurd
 20.44 (68.41%)

 Great Cornard
 Richard Gregory 17.05 (77.17%), Laura Blazey 19.06 (77.66%)

 Ed Barker 18.58 (74.17%)

 Wyre Forest
 Clare Fowler 22.13 (67.74% and PB), Kate Woodhouse 24.42 (62.75%), Andy
 Woodhouse 25.16

 Ann Kearey 24.44 (66.17%), Josie Kearey 25.27 (jnr)

 Peter Weir 20.55 (71.08%), Karen Weir 24.23 (64.05%)

 Tooting Common
 Megan de Silva 18.56 (78.70%), Marie Synnott-Wells 20.31 (83.75%), Laura
 Wells 30.26

 Shellharbour (Australia)
 Fiona Ford 22.21

 parkruns 5km Sunday 25th December

 Bushy Park
 Euan Sinclair 19.52 (72.99% and jnr), Emma Wellham 22.34 (65.58% and PB), Jo
 Sinton-Hewitt 27.27 (62.60%), Paul Sinton-Hewitt 27.59, Jackie Dunkley 29.56

 Richmond Park
 Jake Waldron 16.28, Nick Impey 17.50 (PB), Tom Bradley 18.29 (72.14% and
 jnr), Ted Mockett 18.46 (71.67%), Peter Faull 19.56 (65.47%), Ralph Street
 20.12 (63.86%), Bill Neely 21.13 (73.68%), Julian Sampson 21.48 (65.06%),
 Julia Bailey 21.54 (67.58%), Steve Aikin 22.24 (66.37%), John Hobson 22.34
 (65.88%), Jodie Gray 23.19 (63.55%), Cecily Day 24.23 (jnr), Carol Aikin
 25.52 (66.43%), Andrew Brown 26.33 (62.59%), Michael Sikora 27.18 (62.58%),
 Bronwen Northmore 32.42 (63.91%)  

 Old Deer Park
 Kris Davidson 18.17 (75.75%)

 Crane Park
 Danny Little 19.59 (66.81%), Becky Northmore 21.10 (69.92%), Elisa Ferrua
 23.17 (64.64%), Heather Martingell 27.04 (62.68%) 

 parkruns 5km Sunday 31st December
 Ralph Street ran an impressive 15.14, the 39th fastest ever at Bushy

 Bushy Park
 Ralph Street 15.14 (84.68%), Ian Kenton 17.00 (77.55%), Greg Atkins 17.15
 (79.42% and PB and jnr), Nick Wright 17.51 (76.47%), James Whistler 18.22
 (70.24%), Rachel Revett 22.51 (66.57%), Colette Doran 28.04 (PB), Michelle
 Davies 28.08, Mike White 28.08, Ashleigh Ferris 28.08, Verka Lafeuille 28.09

 Richmond Park
 Jordan Mungovan 17.16 (74.90%, Tom Bradley 18.10 (73.39% and PB and jnr),
 James Ritchie 20.35 (68.34%), John Hobson 22.00 (67.58%), Jess Harbert 22.05
 (68.45% and jnr), Elisa Ferrua 22.57 (65.58%), Sam Rushby 23.23 (72.77% and
 PB and jnr), Jeremy Day 23,24 (61.54%), Cecily Day 23.55 (jnr), Carol Aikin
 24.45 (69.43%), Clare Day 26.40, Alastair Ritchie 27.31, Ben Rushby 31.05
 (jnr), Dan Rushby 31.06 (jnr), Bronwen Northmore 32.40 (63.98%), Martin
 Clark 39.24

 Old Deer Park
 Clare Fowler 22.14 (67.69%), Henry Maguire 46.27 (jnr)

 David Ready 18.17 (70.56%), James McLauchlan 24.29 (jnr), Charlotte Hyde
 24.40 (60.00%) 

 Alan Davidson 26.13 (66.50%)

 Gunnersbury Park
 Suzy Whatmough 21.24 (69.16%)

 Wormwood Scrubs  
 Nick Impey 18.24 (71.29%)

 Crane Park
 Ted Mockett 18.40 (72.05%), Phil Roberts 21.42 (68.51%), Ann Kearey 24.43

 Big Bay (South Africa)
 Ellie Luxmoore 27.36 (jnr)

 Osterley Park
 Niall O'Connor 20.49 (66.53%)

 Woking Park
 Ed Barker 18.51 (74.62%)

 Cassiobury Park
 Rebecca Northmore 21.26 (69.05%)

 Peter Weir 21.00 (70.79%), Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.20 (72.66%), Jo
 Sinton-Hewitt 27.09, Karen Weir 28.56

 Lytham Hall
 Duncan Mallison 19.07 (71.93%)
 Dalby Forest 
 Phil Jackson 25.36 (66.15%) 

 Nick Twomey 17.37 (73.42%), Dave Lawley 17.43 (74.88%), Mark Herbert 17.50
 (73.55%), Jonathan Smith 17.54 (72.44%), Cathy Holman 29.35
 parkruns 5km Sunday 1st January
 Staggered start times at Bushy Park, Kingston and Crane Park allowed some
 gluttons for punishment to complete two parkruns this morning.  

 Bushy Park
 Nick Wright 17.57 (76.04%), James Whistler 18.17 (70.56%), Trevor Maguire
 19.37 (75.79%), Danny Little 19.52 (67.20%), Duncan Mallison 22.02 (62.41%),
 Elisa Ferrua 23.33 (63.91%), Carol Aikin 24.05 (71.35% and PB), Chris
 Camacho 24.13, Becky Curtis-Hall 24.15, Rachel Revett 26.07, Becky Northmore
 27.26, Rob Curtis 27.26, Tamsin Burland 28.16, Julian Holden 28.46, Wally
 Garrod 38.48, John Hanscomb 52.57

 Richmond Park
 Richard Gregory 16.54 (78.01%), Tom Bradley 18.34 (71.81% and jnr), Michael
 Morris 19.07 (75.33%), James Ritchie 21.44 (64.72%), Jess Harbert 22.14
 (67.99%), Ellie Luxmoore 24.10 (jnr), Cecily Day 24.12 (jnr), Chris Read
 24.27, Michelle Meadows 25.38 (PB), Carol Aikin 26.32 (64.76%), Karen
 Harbert 26.54 (65.55%)

 James Whistler 18.26 (69.88%), Nick Wright 19.05 (71.53%), Danny Little
 20.34 (64.91%), Chris Camacho 26.48, Rachel Revett 28.03, Becky Curtis-Hall
 28.04, Rob Curtis 28.11, Jackie Dunkley 29.31 (65.73%)

 Crane Park
 Duncan Mallison 19.13 (71.55%), Elisa Ferrua 24.20 (61.85%), Kevin Kearey
 25.31, Josie Kearey 26.06 (jnr), Ann Kearey 26.09, Tamsin Burland 27.38,
 Ashleigh Ferris 27.40, Becky Northmore 27.41, Julian Holden 30.59

 Alan Davidson 26.06 (66.79%)

 Osterley Park
 Niall O'Connor 20.53 (66.32%)

 From The Guardian