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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 517               5th January 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  


 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Phil Killingley, Perry Rendell and Michele Gibson win the Henty Relay  
 *  Richard Gregory finishes 3rd in the Last Friday 5km in Hyde Park
 *  Vets awards for Marie Synnott-Wells and Mick Lane at the New Year’s Day
 *  County Championships this weekend – Middlesex on Saturday 6th, Surrey on
     Sunday 7th
 *  Next Surrey League races on Saturday January 13th – women on Wimbledon
     Common, men at Coulsdon  
 *  Marshals needed for home races in February and March 
 *  Sharon Laws obituary 

 Starting at the beginning on February we have six home races in Richmond
 Park in the space of seven weeks. All these will need marshalling but we
 can’t rely on the old faithfuls to cover all of them. We urgently need help
 from the wider membership. If all active members would volunteer to marshal
 one race we would have no problems. Many of you volunteer to help at
 parkruns – well, please don’t forget that your club needs you too!
 The dates are 3rd February, 10th February, 17th February, 3rd March, 10th
 March, and 17th March. All are Saturday afternoons, except the women’s
 League races on 10th February which start at 11am. Two of the races are mob
 matches, where we would encourage as many to run as possible, but if you are
 injured or 7.5 miles is too far for you, please volunteer instead. The
 Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap on March 17th will have minimal marshalling.
 If you can help on one or more of these dates, please reply to this

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 Middlesex Cross-Country Championships for all age groups take place at
 Perivale on Saturday 6th January, while the Surrey Championships will be on
 the following day, Sunday 7th, at Denbies Vineyard, Dorking. Entries for
 both close are now closed.

 The third Surrey League races for men and women both take place on Saturday
 13th January. The women are on Wimbledon Common, senior start time is 11am.
 Girls Under 15 and Under 17 run at 12 noon, Under 13s run at 12.30pm.
 The men are visiting Coulsdon again, start time for seniors is 2.30pm,
 following the juniors at 2.00pm. Note early start times.  

 INTER-CLUB 5 miles  Saturday 20th January in Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate)
 This is the Bank of England’s race, starting and finishing just inside
 Roehampton Gate. No three-line whips for this one, but all are welcome. It
 incorporates a match between ourselves and Ealing Southall and Middlesex AC
 for the Hec Petersen Trophy. The race HQ is the Bank’s Sports Ground in Bank
 Lane, a short distance from the Park. Register on the day.   

 It’s not until 3rd February but put the date in your diary – at home in
 Richmond Park against Orion Harriers.

 Michael Morris has recently been appointed manager of the Sporting Feet
 store in Richmond – which means he’ll have to miss out on our Saturday
 afternoon races. But he’d still like to see us!

 Michael says: “I am offering a 10% club discount to Ranelagh Harriers
 members across all of our non-sale items. We have shops in Richmond (9, King
 Street, TW9 1ND) and Putney (3, Lacy Road, SW15 1NH). Running is our lead
 sport and we stock an extensive range of footwear from key brands such as
 Asics, Brooks, New Balance and Saucony, Mizuno and adidas amongst others. 
 We also have a great range of clothing, accessories, technology and
 nutrition. We offer free gait analysis and also use the latest digital foot
 scanning equipment.”

 For anyone who fancies a change from normal Tuesday night training, the
 South London Orienteers (Ralph Street’s club) are organising another Street
 Orienteering event in Richmond next Tuesday, January 9th. No compasses or
 complex route finding necessary – you just need to be able to read a road
 map. Start times are between 6.30pm and 7.30pm from the Slug and Lettuce pub
 on Richmond Riverside.  More info:

 Former Ranelagh member Sharon Laws sadly died on December 16th at the age of
 just 43. She was part of the very strong Ranelagh team which dominated the
 Surrey League in the mid-2000s. Work then took her to Australia where she
 discovered a latent talent for road cycling. By 2008 was competing
 internationally and represented the UK in the road race in that year’s
 Olympics at Beijing. Later that year she won the British Time Trial
 Championship and in 2012 won the National Road Race Championship. Sharon
 retired from professional cycling in August 2016 and later that year was
 diagnosed with cervical cancer.     

 The latest edition of our annual club magazine has recently been published –
 very late, for which the editors humbly apologise. There are copies in the
 clubhouse, please help yourself. Alternatively if you’d like a copy posted
 to you please reply to this e-news. 

 Paul Gregory revived this event a few years ago, but we have only put in a
 crew on one or two occasions since. The event has been growing in popularity
 and five local running clubs put in crews last year. The cup is actually
 ours – it was donated by Ranelagh member R H Franckeiss in 1929 – but we
 haven’t brought it home for some time. This year’s races will take place at
 The Skiff Club Teddington on Sunday 14th January.

 We have one pair lined up to fly the Ranelagh flag - do we have any other
 rowers in our midst, or anyone who would like to give it a try? The boats we
 use are two-person skiffs with a cox.  Paul writes: “Crews are doubles,
 ladies, men’s and mixed. No experience is necessary, three free training
 sessions are optionally available on Saturdays or Sundays - pre-booked only.
 The Skiff Club provides coxes if needed. Entry fees are £12 per crew on the
 day. For more info: and here:.” Reply to this email if you’re

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

  More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 6th January         Middlesex Championships women and men at

 Sunday 7th January           Surrey Championships women and men at Denbies
 vineyard, Dorking

 Saturday 13th January       Surrey League – women on Wimbledon Common, men
 at Coulsdon. See above.  

 Saturday 20th January        Inter-club race at Roehampton. See above.

 Saturday 27th January        South of England Championships at Stanmer Park,

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 30th December in Richmond Park
 There was a reasonable turn-out of 27 runners making up nine teams of three.
 Ken’s computer categorised them as fast, medium and slow, and arranged the
 teams to be as well balanced as possible. In each team, the “fast” would
 cover three laps of Sidmouth Wood, the “medium” two and the “slow” one lap. 

 Lap 1 saw Phil Killingley battling all the way with Graham Brook before
 prevailing by five seconds in a time of 7.21. Not far behind in third place
 was Ed Perry. Peter Haarer’s team ran their medium runner Gordon Whitson on
 the first lap rather than Peter himself. Gordon came home 7th, but Peter
 then proceeded to storm through the field into the lead. Perry Rendell for
 Phil’s team was all  of a minute behind in 2nd place, while not much further
 back was Niamh Holt for Finlay Sinclair’s team. It was Wally Garrod who
 carried that lead into the third lap, but he was soon swallowed up by most
 of the field. Phil K regained the lead, with Ed Perry about a minute back
 pursued by Euan Sinclair. 

 Lap 4 saw Michele Gibson on course for Phil’s team and she was ungallantly
 pipped at the post by Andy Hayward. Eilidh Sinclair was 3rd. On lap 5 Perry
 Rendell held on to 2nd place as Niamh Holt came through to take the lead
 with Chris Read in 3rd place for Ed Perry’s team. Niamh passed the
 metaphorical baton on to young Finlay Sinclair who set off for the final
 circuit with the unenviable task of defending a 14 seconds lead over club
 men’s captain Phil Killingley. Finlay did his best but of course there was
 no stopping Phil and he ended the lap in the same position he had been in at
 the beginning of the afternoon – first. Ed Perry came through for second
 with Finlay just hanging on for third ahead of Eliott Wells.

 Fastest lap time (though note the first lap is slightly shorter) was Phil
 Killingley’s 7.21. Fastest “medium” was Marco Perinelli’s 8.32, while
 fastest “slow”  was Eilidh Sinclair on 11.02. Fastest woman of the day was
 Niamh Holt who ran 10.00 dead. 

 CABBAGE PATCH BOXING DAY 4 miles  Tuesday 26th December at Twickenham
 1   O Garner (Strags)         21.56
 5   Sam Hunton (Ranelagh)     23.29
 20  Steve Aikin               27.01
 41  Matt Aikin                29.52
 50  Carol Aikin               31.08
 59  Chris Hunton              32.41  

 GREEN CASTLE 5 miles  Tuesday 26th December in Tyrone
 1   P Pollock (Annadale)      24.31
 76  Eirin McDaid (Rane)       32.56       
 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 29th December in Hyde Park
 Richard Gregory saw out the old year with a third place.

 1   L Caldwell (DMV)          15.04
 3   Richard Gregory (Rane)    16.09
 43  Matthew Roberts           19.13 

 SERPENTINE NEW YEAR’S DAY 10km  Monday 1st January in Hyde Park
 Marie Synnott-Wells and Mick Lane made successful openers to 2018 with first
 place in the women’s over 50 category and 3rd in the men’s over 55

 1   R Allen (AFD)             30.26
 9   E Pallant (AFD)           33.53  (1st woman)
 72  Stewart Anderson (Rane)   40.34
 73  Mick Lane                 40.38
 129 Marie Synnott-Wells       44.12

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 23rd December

 Bushy Park
 Jonathan SMITH 17:29, Eliott WELLS 19:13, Euan SINCLAIR (jnr) 20:32, Finlay
 SINCLAIR (jnr) 21:34, Joe BRYANT 22:48, Simon ROTHWELL 23:17, Marianne MALAM
 23:29, Hannah MALAM (jnr) 25:09, Abigail MALAM (jnr) 25:42, Adam WRIGHT
 25:46, Colette DORAN 27:22, Julie DRUMMOND 27:55, Janet TURNES 30:35, Wally
 GARROD 40:30, John HANSCOMB 51:53

 Wimbledon Common
 Laura Blazey was second woman home.
 Laura BLAZEY 19:18

 Banstead Woods
 Toby COOPER 29:22

 Richmond Park
 Ralph STREET  16:07, Richard GREGORY 16:15, Graham BROOK 18:26, Tom BRADLEY
 (jnr) 18:35, Charlie PEDLAR 18:48, Stewart ANDERSON 20:28, James RITCHIE
 20:46, Adrienne BADDELEY 21:30, Stephen AIKIN 21:52, Sam RUSHBY (jnr) 22:39,
 Gary LEE 22:41, Elisa FERRUA 22:51, Daniel RUSHBY (jnr) 22:58, Karl GARVEY
 23:04, James RUSHBY (jnr) 23:10, Simon TAYLOR 23:53, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH
 24:07, Alastair RITCHIE 24:40, Matilda HARRISON 24:40, Margie MARSHALL
 25:19, Carol AIKIN 25:53, Aoife KILPATRICK 26:44, Ian HARRISON 27:09, Sally
 BAMFORD 27:36, Maia RUSHBY 28:40, Michael SIKORA 28:58, Mark BYATT 30:03,
 Andrew BROWN 31:53, Ben RUSHBY (jnr) 33:42, Phil RUSHBY 33:43, Annemarie
 GOODRIDGE 35:03, Wendy FISHER 39:07, Phil AIKEN 44:53, Penny MERRETT 48:23,
 Beverley ALI 48:24

 Brighton and Hove
 Ally PICKARD 25:34

 Frimley Lodge
 Nick TWOMEY 18:54

 Old Deer Park
 First place for Jonathan Moore.
 Jonathan MOORE 19:07, Kris DAVIDSON 21:49, Michael BEVERLY 26:26, Mark ROPER
 26:51, Emma WELLHAM 27:02, Katrina ROCHE 31:59, Clare FOWLER 44:36

 Melanie DAVISON 37:45

 Chris CAMACHO 23:59, Claire WARNER 26:06, Tom REAY 26:25, Jane CRAIGIE-PAYNE
 30:55, Verka LAFEUILLE 30:56, Michael WHITE 30:57

 Evelyn JOSLIN 29:33

 Alan DAVIDSON 28:18

 Milton Keynes
 Nick FORDHAM 21:09, Peter FORDHAM 29:25

 Bath Skyline
 Nick WRIGHT 20:46

 Gunnersbury Park

 Ted Mockett placed second.
 Ted MOCKETT 17:48, Ellen VAN KEULEN 27:46

 Pat HEWLETT 45:53

 Ashleigh FERRIS 30:08

 Becky Curtis-Hall was the first woman to finish.
 Becky CURTIS-HALL 20:06, Rob CURTIS 23:34

 Delta, South Africa
 Sam DALGLEISH 18:43

 Leeanne BRYCE 27:04

 Crane Park
 Daniel LITTLE 19:24, Richard GURD 21:44, Alan ELDER 22:19, Michelle BEAUMONT
 23:45, Tamsin BURLAND 27:34, Christine DAVID 30:20, Louise WAPSHOTT 32:53,
 Cindy CROUCHER 34:23, Su CLARK 35:48, Nigel COOMBES 59:50

 Upton Court
 James Whistler was first across the line.
 James WHISTLER 18:06

 Marlay, Ireland
 Niamh HOLT 22:01

 Osterley Park
 A 1-2 for Mark Herbert and Dave Lawley.
 Mark HERBERT 17:51, Dave LAWLEY 18:01, Michael OSBORNE 23:42

 Fulham Palace
 Jarryd HILLHOUSE 21:17, Lloyd CAMP 23:39, Sue CAMP 28:18, Ewa SOLTYS 29:56

 Victoria ORME 30:34

 Reigate Priory
 Duncan MALLISON 20:46
 Mike PEACE 25:41

 Shellharbour, Australia
 Glen Turner led the way.
 Glen TURNER 17:33

 Ed Barker placed third.
 Ed BARKER 18:36

 Julian SMITH 26:18, Sarah SMITH 32:38

 The Ponds, Australia
 Daniel CHIECHI 22:31, Prelini CHIECHI 30:07

 Bobby JACKSON 21:42

 Swansea Bay
 James RILEY 17:46

 Ann KEAREY 25:40, Josie KEAREY (jnr) 29:53

 Montsouris, France
 A win in France for Carl Selya-Hammer..
 Carl SELYA-HAMMER 16:39

 Skatås, Sweden
 …and a win in Sweden for Carl Assmundson.
 Carl ASSMUNDSON 17:29

 Junior parkruns 2km  Sunday 24th December

 Savill Gardens
 James RICKETTS 12:51, Aaron SCALLY 18.26, Connor SCALLY 19.18 

 Cian O’BRIEN 16.54

 Campbell McLAREN 10.11

 parkruns 5km Christmas Day  Monday 25th December

 Bushy Park
 Ted Mockett 17:15, James Whistler 18:06, Marc Snaith 18:45, Euan Sinclair
 (jnr) 20:18, Finlay Sinclair (jnr) 21.53, Chris Camacho 25:02, Alastair
 Sinclair 25:21, Jo Billings 25:48, Emma Wellham 26:37, Julie Drummond 27:59,
 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 28:22, Paul Sinton-Hewitt 28:22, Jackie Dunkley 30:56, Matt
 Sowton 32:41, Robin Drummond 36:36

 Richmond Park
 Jake Waldron and Jordan Mungovan finished first and second.
 Jake Waldron 16:40, Jordan Mungovan 17:34, Graham Brook 18:15, Tom Bradley
 (jnr) 18:20, Tom Armstrong (jnr) 18:27, Michael Morris 19:56, Bill Neely
 20:47, Steve Aikin 22:17, Jarryd Hillhouse 22:24, Tom Cameron 22:25, Elisa
 Ferrua 23:02, Julia Bailey 23:14, Cecily Day (jnr) 23:26, Ellie Luxmoore
 (jnr) 23:29, Jeremy Day 23:52, Simon Taylor 23:58, John Hobson 25:16, Carol
 Aikin 25:41, James Rushby (jnr) 26:26, Margie Marshall 26:31, Daniel Rushby
 (jnr) 26:33, Clare Day 27:04, Andrew Brown 27:18, Tony Appleby 27:56. Ian
 Harrison 28:20, Sue Camp 28:57, Lloyd Camp 29:02, Phil Aiken 44:36 

 Crane Park
 Eliott WELLS 19.47, Dan LITTLE 20.00, Richard GURD 23.05, Marianne MALAM
 23.32, Abigail MALAM (jnr) 26.26, Michelle BEAUMONT 28.12, Jon SANDAPIN
 28.25, Mike WHITE 34.49, Danni CROUCHER 37.15, Cindy CROUCHER 37.15, Su
 CLARK 38.23, Tamsin BURLAND 38.23, Nigel COOMBES 46.19 

 Old Deer Park
 Bruce McLAREN 23.16, Michael OSBORNE 24.07, Julian HOLDEN 30.38, Ciara
 McLAREN (jnr) 31.22, Louise ROPER 33.06, Mark ROPER 33.06

 Eirin McDaid finished first back home in Northern Ireland.
 Eirin McDAID 17.37

 David ROWNTREE 32:07

 parkruns 5km Saturday 30th December

 Bushy Park
 Nick WRIGHT 20:16, Ria WOODFIELD 20:47, Joe BRYANT 22:37, James WHISTLER
 23:44, Alastair RITCHIE 25:24, Noel SIMPSON 28:39, Jackie DUNKLEY 30:49,
 John HANSCOMB 52:55, Wally GARROD 55:11

 Wimbledon Common
 Steve AIKIN 23:16, Carol AIKIN 28:02

 Richmond Park
 Ralph STREET 16:38, Bill NEELY 21:03, Adrienne BADDELEY 21:27, Nick FORDHAM
 22:12, Gary LEE 22:43, Cecily DAY (jnr) 23:35, Sam RUSHBY(jnr) 23:37, Jeremy
 DAY 23:57, Margie MARSHALL 25:05, Jarryd HILLHOUSE 25:54, James RUSHBY (jnr)
 26:00, Clare DAY 27:14, Emma WELLHAM 28:03, Ian HARRISON 28:12, Ben RUSHBY
 (jnr) 29:16, Maia RUSHBY 29:20, Daniel RUSHBY(jnr) 29:43, Phil RUSHBY 29:44,
 Andrew BROWN 33:05, Gavin HILLHOUSE 35:10, Wendy FISHER 40:49, Pat HEWLETT

 Marianne MALAM 22:45, Hannah MALAM (jnr) 26:15, Abigail MALAM (jnr) 26:24

 Bedfont Lakes
 Ian Kenton placed second.
 Ian KENTON 19:45

 Frimley Lodge
 Nick TWOMEY 18:48

 Tamar Trails
 Toby COOPER 22:28

 Old Deer Park
 Bruce McLAREN 22:24, Paul GiLBERT 23:33

 Hampstead Heath
 Melissa GLACKIN 28:19, Pete WARREN 28:37

 Chris CAMACHO 24:04, Jar O’BRIEN 25:54, Fiona PUGH 26:54, Tom REAY 27:26

 Cannock Chase

 Alan DAVIDSON 30:26

 Peter FORDHAM 27:17

 Angus CATER 29:03

 Eden Project
 Dave LAWLEY 17:56

 Linford Wood
 Marc SNAITH 23:28

 Ally Pally
 Andres ARANA GARCIA 23:20, Mel DAVISON 30:35, Mike WHITE 30:37

 Dan LITTLE 20:01

 Crane Park
 Ted Mockett and Jonny Brook finished 1st and 3rd.
 Ted MOCKETT 18:00, Jonny BROOK (jnr) 18:48, Eliott WELLS 21:20, Rebecca
 NORTHMORE 24:47, Tom KEAREY (jnr) 24:52, Ann KEAREY 25:36, Claire WARNER
 26:14, Lewis EMERY 27:09, Colette DORAN 27:45, Victoria ORME 31:17, Cindy
 CROUCHER 36:56, Su CLARK 36:58, Christine DAVID 36:58, Ellen VAN KEULEN
 36:59, Katie WALTON 36:59 

 Clermont Waterfront, USA
 Nigel COOMBES 35:49

 MUSA Cookstown
 Aoife KILPATRICK 26:21

 Marie SYNNOTT-WELLS 21:40

 Richard GURD 21:12, Michael OSBORNE 28:55

 Fulham Palace
 First place for Nick Impey
 Nick IMPEY 16:25

 Northala Fields
 Sharon DOOLEY 28:06

 James RILEY 18:35

 Becky Curtis-Hall was the leading woman.
 Becky CURTIS-HALL 22:36, Mike PEACE 25:15, Rob CURTIS 26:00

 Top spot for Glen Turner.
 Glen TURNER 16:39

 Paula MAGUIRE 29:21

 Swansea Bay
 Jonathan Smith finished third…
 Jonathan SMITH 17:23

 …and second for Richard Kimber…
 Richard KIMBER 18:45, Simon TAYLOR 24:23

 Hout Bay, South Africa
 …and second in South Africa for Sam Dalgleish.
 Sam DALGLEISH 19:34

 Junior parkruns 2km  Sunday 31st December

 Nathaniel BOND 9.12


 Here’s a Pathe News feature on the National Cross-Country Championships held
 in Leicester in February 1964: Video:.
 Nothing unusual, you say? Have a closer look at the pre-race section lasting
 only three or four seconds beginning about seven seconds in…it’s the
 Ranelagh Harriers team! Bob Maslin, who died this August at the age of 101,
 turns and gives a cheeky grin at the camera. Others visible are Ray Walker
 (his back to the camera), Jeff Bull (who also died in 2017), Danny Wakeford,
 Bill Bird, Alan Hedger (very fleetingly) and Peter Fowler. Clubs were
 restricted to nine runners in the “National” in those days, and our other
 two runners Brian Nott and Colin Miles don’t seem to be in shot. On the
 left, obviously not taking part, is Arthur Allwright and next to him someone
 acting as team manager whom we have so far been unable to identify.