Newsdesk 2018

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 519               30th January 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 * South of England Champs – Ranelagh women 14th, men 35th (but missing our
    first finisher)
 * Laura Blazey and Richard Gregory officially lead our teams, but Ben 
    Anderson is absent from the results 
 * Ranelagh wins the Bank of England inter-club and the Hec Petersen Trophy
 * Ben Anderson and Suzy Whatmough lead our teams
 * Three RH in the top eight at the Box Hill Fell Race. 
 * Mob matches and final League races all coming up in the next few weeks
 * Big DISCOUNTS on club kit
 * Quiz Night in the clubhouse on March 3rd 

 Our next mob match is at home in Richmond Park against Orion Harriers on 
 Saturday 3rd February. We have home advantage but we can be sure that Orion
 will bring a sizeable mob over from Essex to try to wrest the Harold Lee Cup
 away from us. As ever with mob matches we need all the runners we can get –
 the more we have on the starting line, the better our chances of hanging on
 to the Cup. It’s 7.5 miles, starting at 2.30pm from our usual place opposite 
 Pembroke Lodge. Register on the day – at the clubhouse if possible,
 otherwise at the start. The race also includes the club veterans
 championships – the Hastings Cup for the first over 40, the McDowell Salver
 for the first over 50 and the Maslin Mug for the first over 60. 
 And then…this season’s final mob match against Blackheath and Bromley HAC.
 It’s also in Richmond Park starting at 2.30pm on Saturday 17th February. It
 incorporates the club championship for the Wynne Cup. 

 Here’s an important message from our Kit Steward Marianne Malam:
 “The club's present Kit supplier - AlleyCatz - has decided they will no
 longer be working with sports clubs but rather concentrate on their school
 uniform business. Therefore a lot of the Ranelagh stock they currently hold
 is now discounted online to try and clear as much as possible. Please do
 look at their website here
 and order what you need while it is on offer.
 We will be moving to a new supplier over the coming months - if anyone has 
 any contacts/tips for such a change - let me know - I'd be really grateful!”
 Contact Marianne if you have any suggestions: Marianne.malam.flp@gmail.com or 07786

 The fourth and final Surrey League races for men and women both take place
 on Saturday 10th February. The men are on Wimbledon Common, juniors at
 2.30pm, seniors at 3pm. More details of the venue and course to follow. 
 We are the hosts for the Ladies League event in Richmond Park. There  are
 four races – senior division 2 at 11am, under 15s/under 17s at 12 noo n,
 under 13s at 12.30pm and senior division 1 at 1pm. We have been asked to
 keep clear of Pembroke Lodge as far as possible and so we have devised a new
 course starting and finishing near Sheen crossroads (close to the road
 leading up to White Lodge). Use public transport if you can, but If you’re
 coming by car, please do not park at Pembroke Lodge. Sheen Gate and 
 Roehampton Gate are the closest to the start, or there is Robin Hood Gate
 and the Pen Ponds car park (though the latter has no toilets). Remember
 there is now a 20p charge at most of the toilets in the Park. More details
 of the course will follow. 
 Here’s an extra request: does anyone have a video camera or similar kit we
 could use to record the finish of the two senior races as a backup to the
 normal number recording? 

 …for our Half Marathon on May 6th here:
 …and our 10k on June 17th here:. 

 THAMES TOWPATH 10 miles  Sunday 4th April at Chiswick
 This is always a popular event and is the opening race in our 2018 Road
 Grand Prix. Details:. 

 We’re hoping to hold a Quiz Night in the clubhouse on Saturday 3rd March.
 All are welcome, make up your own team of four or we’ll find a team for you.
 £10 per head including fish and chip supper (or veggie alternative). Let us
 know if you’re coming.   

 Paz Mendez Hodes writes:
 “I'm a producer working for filmmaker James Bowthorpe on a short documentary
 about running and I was hoping that some runners from Ranelagh might
 potentially be interested in taking part.

 We have already found some runners who we will be profiling but for now are
 focusing our search on female runners specifically - I've found women are
 unfortunately less likely to put themselves forward! We're not looking for
 professionals but amateurs who are quite serious about their running.

 The film is about the many different ways runners use music - whether simply
 as motivational tool, as a distraction from external stimuli, a way of
 deepening introversion, or helping to get to the elevated state so many
 runners describe. We will conduct preliminary interviews with runners
 talking about the subject which will be used as voiceover in the film. These
 interviews will be illustrated with archive footage or other interesting
 visuals, paired with studio footage of the runners. The film will be shot on

 All filming/interviews would take place in Central London  - we will
 schedule around participants. As this is a documentary project we will not
 be offering a fee although expenses can be paid. The shoot would be about
 half a day's time commitment.

 If you know of anyone who might be interested in speaking to us I would
 really appreciate any suggestions: Paz Mendez Hodes tel:+44%207453%20292639
 or here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ranelaghharriers. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 3rd February         Lee Cup mob match v Orion Harriers in Richmond
 Park. 7.5 miles, 2.30pm start. All needed, register on the day. See above

 Saturday 10th February       Surrey Leagues – men on Wimbledon Common, women
 in Richmond Park. See above for details.

 Saturday 17th February       Pelling Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath and
 Bromley HAC in Richmond Park 7.5 miles 2.30pm start. Register on the day.

 Saturday 24th February       National Cross Country Championships at 
 Parliament Hill. Entries closed.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 BANK OF ENGLAND INTER-CLUB 5 miles  Saturday 20th January in Richmond Park
 (Roehampton Gate)
 This was Ben Anderson’s first race for months owing to injury and he showed
 an impressive turn of speed to finish over a minute and a half clear of Ted
 Mockett and Phil Killingley. Bank of England were the hosts but they fielded
 only three runners. In deference to them the scoring was set at three a
 side, and as we had the first three home that was job done!  The race
 incorporated the match between ourselves and Ealing, Southall and Middlesex
 AC for the Hec Petersen Trophy, which we also won comfortably.

 Phil Killingley adds:
 “Well, Ben Anderson and Ted Mockett (both A team scorers in their last
 Surrey League event) didn’t get the memo about this being a B team race and
 so denied their captain (now very much a B team runner after last weekend) a
 piece of glory. ;)
 Richmond Park is famous amongst cross country runners for its quick drying
 terrain but the rain didn’t stop to let that happen yesterday and made 
 conditions very slippery indeed - a clear and unusual case for 12mm spikes,
 which most of us failed to anticipate, leading to much sliding about.  The
 course was advertised as 5 miles and in practice was more like 4.5. But it
 was a beautiful route, taking us out and back through the testing ups and
 downs of Spankers Hill Wood.
 With three to score Ranelagh took minimum points. Our B team of Dave Lawley
 (still in fine form), Mark Herbert and a fast starting James Riley scored 20
 and were only a point behind second placed Thames. It was also great to see
 Suzy Whatmough win 1st lady, a mere two seconds ahead of the nearest
 challenger from Thames. George Howard couldn’t resist a spot of mud and rain
 and Jordan Mungovan couldn’t turn up on time (he has form at this event). 
 So while there will be more difficult tests of our team's resolve, it was
 still a pleasing afternoon.” 

 SOUTH OF ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 27th January at Stanmer Park,
 Phil Killingley reports:
 “Mark Herbert's first visit to the Southerns in Brighton 'did not
 disappoint'.  Translated, that means the course was epic, with more hills
 than flat and it chucked it down for the whole duration of the men's race. 
 Ben Anderson was our top finisher but doesn't appear in the results - not
 sure why. So Richard Gregory was our first home officially in 85th, which he
 won't mind me saying is not nearly as quick as he is capable of. Glen Turner
 was 162nd on return from Oz.  Marc Snaith ran solidly and slipped
 brilliantly (apparently a 10 metre mud slide on a downhill, delighting
 nearby spectators). Honourable mentions also to Tom Cameron and Mike Peace
 for completing the course and the team.  We were 35th, but with Ben scoring
 would have done much better – probably the low 20s.  Well done to Ranelagh
 women who also braved the conditions and finished a very respectable 14th,
 led home by Laura Blazey in 50th and Fanny Vein 70th. Becky Curtis-Hall and
 Marie Synnott-Wells closed in the team, with Rebecca Northmore and Tamsin
 Burland backing up.  The men's team race was won by Bedford and County and
 the women's by Aldershot Farnham and District. Belgrave's Paskar Owor, who
 has many Surrey League individual wins to his name, was a lowly 54th, and
 Jon Pepper 66th, for Brighton Phoenix.”  

 SECOND SUNDAY 5 miles  Sunday 14th January on Wimbledon Common
 1   A Cumine (unatt)          32.03
 7   C Cummings (C-le-S)       35.12  (1st woman)
 23  Steve Aikin               39.11
 45  Lloyd Camp                42.40
 58  Andy Bickerstaff          45.56
 76  Sue Camp                  49.44 

 BOX HILL FELL RACE  Saturday 20th January
 Ross McDonald reports:
 “The 37th Box Hill Fell Race took place on Saturday 20th January. The 12km
 off-road run with 520 metres of ascent is organised by South London
 Orienteers and is limited to 250 entries. It normally fills up within 12
 hours of entries opening!

 It was a nice surprise to be joined on the start-line by Nick Impey and Carl
 Assmundson. I am still getting to know everyone at the club so it's great to
 spot new faces in Ranelagh colours each week and to have a chat.

 Pre-race chat this week involved planning for the first kilometre, as this
 involved everyone funnelling into one path 50 metres after the start and
 then immediately hitting the 3-4 minute climb from the stepping stones up to
 the Box Hill viewpoint. I was weighing up not wanting to blow-up on the
 first climb versus not wanting to get stuck behind anyone on the climb. I
 went for the former, led for the first half of the climb, and blew-up as
 anticipated just short of the top! Carl had no fear on the downhills and was
 soon off into the distance whilst Nick and I ran close to each other for the
 rest of the race. There were several short, sharp climbs on the course and
 two or three nice long drags. Needless to say, my quads are still aching
 several days after racing! The run finished with a fast decent back to the
 stepping stones. I just held Nick off, thanks to Nick's bad footwear choice
 (x-country spikes, with the spikes removed as they were not allowed) and my
 slight second-wind. Carl was up the road/trail by a few minutes and took a
 brilliant 4th overall and 3rd senior, with myself in 6th and Nick in 8th. A
 pretty decent showing from Ranelagh! Despite the pain, it was a fun, muddy,
 friendly, local event that I think we would all recommend. 

 There is a good little video of the three of us after the first climb on my
 insta page https://www.instagram.com/p/BeLRFyojhHm/?taken-by=sportyross.
 There are also official race photos, including Nick’s contretemps with a
 tree, here:  http://www.tomhosking.co.uk/gallery/2018-box-hill-fell-race/.

 I train and race around the Box Hill area fairly often and if anyone is keen
 to race off-road as well then I recommend the Leith Hill Half Marathon in
 April (which also incorporates the UK wife carrying championships!) and the
 Midsummer Munro Half Marathon. here:.” 

 1   A McGrady (VP&TH)         56.40
 4   Carl Assmundson           58.53
 6   Ross McDonald             59.45
 8   Nick Impey                60.20

 1    M Costley (Soton)        1:12.13
 2005 Marco Perinelli          2:00.46

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 26th January in Hyde Park
 1   R Weston (Serp)           15.17
 60  Matthew Roberts           19.01
 61  Paul Sinton-Hewitt        19.04
 245 Alan Davidson             27.57   

 1   A Bond (Dulwich)          36.16
 269 Roger Wallace             60.57 

 January at Bedford
 Colin Brett reports:
 “Ranelagh juniors Tor Heron-Brett (15) & Noah Heron Brett (13) led their
 respective school teams home with very strong runs in demanding wet cold and
 gloriously muddy conditions .Both qualified as individuals to represent
 London North region in the upcoming ISA XC Nationals in Rugby on March the
 3rd. Tor finished 1st in his year & third place for a Bronze in the -18
 category with Noah just outside the medals in fourth place -15 and also 1st
 in his year in what was a very competitive race.” 

 Colin Brett again:
 “A special mention for new member 16 year old Louis Sartori who finished 5th
 in the Middlesex Schools, to qualify for the National Schools Champs - well
 done and good luck”. 

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 20th January

 Bushy Park
 James WHISTLER 17:54, Jonny BROOK (jnr) 18:03, Jonathan SMITH 18:24, Joe
 BRYANT (jnr) 21:05, Rebecca NORTHMORE 22:22, Paul SINTON-HEWITT 23:26,
 Rebecca CURTIS-HALL 24:16, Rob CURTIS 24:20, Colette DORAN 34:53, Wally
 GARROD 41:04, John HANSCOMB 52:32

 Wimbledon Common
 Ben SHORE 21:55

 Banstead Woods
 Christopher PARSONS 24:23

 Richmond Park
 Adrienne Baddeley was the leading woman.
 Adrienne BADDELEY 20:35, Sam RUSHBY (jnr) 22:11, Richard PENDER 22:18, James
 RUSHBY (jnr) 23:11, Saskia RICHARDS (jnr) 23:44, Mia BROOKS 23:45, Simon
 TAYLOR 24:33, Margie MARSHALL 25:01, Andrew BROWN 25:12, Alastair RITCHIE
 25:18, Jarryd HILLHOUSE 25:21, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 25:21, Carol AIKIN 26:02,
 Ian HARRISON 26:12, Aoife KILPATRICK 26:27, Gavin HILLHOUSE 26:45, Ben
 RUSHBY (jnr) 27:40, Maia RUSHBY 27:40, Phil RUSHBY 27:50, Sue CAMP 30:03,
 Tamsin BURLAND 32:21, Rachel REVETT 32:22, Bronwen NORTHMORE 33:06, Pat
 HEWLETT 45:42, Martin CLARK 46:56, Penny MERRETT 48:39

 Bedfont Lakes
 Emma WELLHAM 26:16

 Eliott WELLS 20:31

 Old Deer Park
 Kris Davidson was 3rd overall while junior Francesca Baty-Symes was second
 Kris DAVIDSON 19:03, Francesca BATY-SYMES (jnr) 23:55, Julian HOLDEN 30:14,
 Lorna SMITH 31:07, Deborah BLAKEMORE 38:56, Colin BRETT 38:58

 Glen Turner ducked inside 17 minutes in finishing second.
 Glen TURNER 16:50, Nick WRIGHT 19:26, Gary LEE 21:36, Clare FOWLER 23:04,
 Chris CAMACHO 24:10, Alison DICKS 26:52, Verka LAFEUILLE 27:07, Fiona PUGH

 Cannock Chase
 Richard GURD 27:11

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:58

 Toby COOPER 21:10

 Angus CATER 27:41

 Ally Pally
 Andres ARANA GARCIA 23:15

 Wormwood Scrubs
 Bruce McLAREN 27:46

 Laura Blazey was the second woman.
 Laura BLAZEY 18:58

 Peter FORDHAM 29:30


 Crane Park
 Gareth WILLIAMS 18:02, Daniel LITTLE 19:41, Eric PLUE 20:34, Michelle
 BEAUMONT 22:53, Marianne MALAM 23:41, Adam WRIGHT 23:51, Kevin KEAREY 24:13,
 Ann KEAREY 24:14, Rue TURNER 25:43, Hannah MALAM (jnr) 25:45, Abigail MALAM
 (jnr) 26:23, Paul WAPSHOTT 28:47, Heather MARTINGELL 29:59, Michael WHITE
 30:00, Christine DAVID 30:40, Tracey SMALL 32:06, Hilary THOMSON 32:43,
 Louise WAPSHOTT 33:22, Nigel COOMBES 34:10, Cindy CROUCHER 35:19, Su CLARK

 Northala Fields
 Pete WARREN 26:48

 Mike PEACE 26:13

 Rhodes (Australia)
 John PRATT 27:16

 Woodbridge Riverside
 Julie DRUMMOND 27:49

 Clover Point, Canada
 John ATKINSON 36:13

 parkruns 5km Saturday 27th January

 Bushy Park
 Nick WRIGHT 19:03, Euan SINCLAIR (jnr) 19:25, Finlay SINCLAIR (jnr) 19:49,
 Joe BRYANT (jnr) 21:23, Simon COLLINGRIDGE 23:24, Ian GRANGE 24:40, Noel
 SIMPSON 28:04, Jackie DUNKLEY 29:26, Linda HONEY 30:11, Wally GARROD 40:36

 Wimbledon Common
 Nick Twomey finished third.
 Nick TWOMEY 18:38

 Banstead Woods
 Jonathan Smith 18:34, Christopher PARSONS 23:52

 Richmond Park
 Graham BROOK 18:50, Adrienne BADDELEY 20:35, Jarryd HILLHOUSE 21:22, Ben
 RIEDEL (jnr) 21:49, Sam RUSHBY (jnr) 21:54, James RUSHBY (jnr) 21:54,
 Richard PENDER 21:56, Jeremy DAY 22:56, Karl GARVEY 23:54, Daniel RUSHBY
 (jnr) 24:03, Amrut SHARMA 24:20, Simon TAYLOR 24:25, Margie MARSHALL 24:45,
 Aoife KILPATRICK 25:22, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 25:23, Andrew BROWN 26:15, Clare
 DAY 26:19, Karen HARBERT 26:46, Ian HARRISON 27:14, Phil RUSHBY 27:26, Ben
 RUSHBY (jnr) 27:41, Maia RUSHBY 27:41, Deepa SHARMA 32:54, Gavin HILLHOUSE
 32:55, Bronwen NORTHMORE 32:56, Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 35:12, Carol AIKIN
 39:21, Penny MERRETT 42:04, Beverley ALI 42:25, Martin CLARK 43:53

 Brighton and Hove
 Dave Lawley finished third.
 David LAWLEY 17:31

 Old Deer Park
 A double first for Eirin McDaid and Francesca Baty-Symes, and also third
 place for Kris Davidson.
 Eirin MC DAID 17:36, Kris DAVIDSON 19:14, Bruce MCLAREN 23:34, Francesca
 BATY-SYMES (jnr) 23:52, Julian HOLDEN 30:18, Leeanne BRYCE 33:17, Michael
 WHITE 33:18, Melanie DAVISON 35:10

 Andy BICKERSTAFF 23:58, Peter FORDHAM 28:48

 Hampstead Heath
 Pete WARREN 28:37

 Ed Perry was first overall and Bonnie Morgan was second woman.
 Ed PERRY 18:21, Bonnie MORGAN 22:04, Wiebke KORTUM 22:33, Chris CAMACHO
 24:07, Alison DICKS 25:36, Tom REAY 26:29

 Alan DAVIDSON 30:39

 Highbury Fields
 Peter FAULL 19:17, Matthew WILLIAMS 19:19

 Royal Tunbridge Wells
 Fiona PUGH 28:56

 Fælledparken, Denmark
 Philip ANDREWS 21:23, Rachel REVETT 23:10

 Niamh HOLT 23:00, Sue CAMP 27:35, Angela DUFFY 30:38

 Wormwood Scrubs

 Rondebosch Common, South Africa
 James Whistler finished third in South Africa
 James WHISTLER 18:37

 Crane Park
 Gareth Williams placed second.
 Gareth WILLIAMS 17:57, Glen TURNER 19:46, Eric PLUE 20:32, Eliott WELLS
 23:02, Marianne MALAM 23:02, Adam WRIGHT 23:21, Rue TURNER 24:33, Abigail
 MALAM (jnr) 26:33, Paul WAPSHOTT 27:05, Heather MARTINGELL 27:58, Katie
 WALTON 31:01, Louise WAPSHOTT 31:28, Hilary THOMSON 33:17, Cindy CROUCHER
 34:27, Nigel COOMBES 35:51

 Hilly Fields
 Richard GURD 23:49

 Osterley Park
 Michael OSBORNE 26:09, Emma WELLHAM 26:14

 Lexi Keech finished second woman.
 Lexi KEECH (jnr) 21:17

 Fulham Palace
 Chris READ 25:56

 Sam Dalgleish was first home.
 Sam DALGLEISH 18:21

 Exeter Riverside
 Cecily Day was the second woman to finish. 
 Cecily DAY (jnr) 21.40

 Hove Promenade
 Ally PICKARD 25:02

 Maylands Peninsula, Australia
 Julie DRUMMOND 27:23

 Lac de Divonne, France
 Alastair RITCHIE 24:30 

 From Athletics International:
 Athletics has been voted by the British public as the most exciting sport to
 watch on TV. According to a YouGov poll, 47% of those questioned rated
 athletics as “very/quite exciting” with 43% opting for football and tennis,
 41% for Rugby Union and 36% for gymnastics. Despite all its massive media
 coverage, cricket ranked 12th of the 17 sports listed with 22%. Bottom of
 the list with just 11% was golf. A total of 1,616 British adults were polled
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