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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 533                      13th September 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Eilidh Sinclair wins the Thomas Cup handicap
 *  Fastest times by George Howard and Becky Curtis-Hall 
 *  Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon Park this Saturday 15th September
 *  South of England Road Relays at Crystal Palace on Sunday 23rd September
 *  Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park on Saturday 29th September 
 *  First Surrey League races on October 13th
 *  Marshals and officials needed for our home races
 *  40% off club kit – buy now!

 These will take place on Saturday 15th September from the Wimbledon Park
 track starting at 12 noon. Entries are now closed but there may be one or
 two places left.    

 The first  League fixture for both our men’s and women’s teams is on
 Saturday 13th October. All are welcome to run, register on the day. The men
 will be using the new course that we used for the women’s League last year.
 This starts and finishes near Sheen Crossroads. The Division 2 race will
 also take place on the same course but starting at 1.30pm. All juniors will
 run at 2.30pm and the Division 1 race – our race -  will follow at 3pm.
 Avoid using cars at all if possible, but in any case please avoid using
 Pembroke Lodge for parking or toilets. Instead use the car parks and
 facilities at Sheen, Roehampton or Robin Hood Gates. There may be a 20p
 charge for the toilets. 
 The women are running at Putney Vale on Wimbledon Common. The Division 1
 race – again, our race – will start at 11am, Under 17s will run at 12 noon
 and under 13s at 12.30pm. Toilets adjacent to the start.         

 Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 “It's that time of year again and I am asking you, YES YOU, to help out in
 at least one of the Ranelagh fixtures this winter. Next up is the Page Cup 5
 miles handicap on September 29th and I need a few marshals and timekeepers.
 If you may be able to help on the 29th September or any other of the home
 fixtures please email me at andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk and
 I'll add you to my list of possible helpers. Thanks.”

 PAGE CUP HANDICAP  Saturday 29th September
 Our second club handicap race of the season is the 5-miler for the Page Cup.
 All members are welcome. Start time is 3pm, but please register at the
 clubhouse by 2.30pm.

 It’s a little way ahead yet but note the date now – Saturday 3rd November
 for our first mob match of the season. We’re away to Orion Harriers on many
 people’s favourite course through a beautiful autumnal Epping Forest. As
 ever with mob matches we need as many runners as we can get if we’re to have
 a chance of retaining the Harold Lee Cup.   

 We’re changing kit suppliers and we have a lot of kit to move. Many items
 are on offer at 40% discount. Treat yourself and take advantage of these
 prices! Order direct from the AlleyCatz website here:.  

 KEMPTON PARK CHASE  Sunday 7th October
 This is a new event claiming to  offer the flattest course in the UK. It’s
 also traffic and pedestrian-free. A Half Marathon is the main event but
 there is also a 5k and a 10k. Ranelagh members are being offered a 20%
 discount on the entry fee for any of the running events. The voucher code is
 RANELAGH20. For more info see here:.

 RUNWELL, FEELWELL WORKSHOP  Saturday 13th October at St Mary’s University 
 Karen Weir writes:
 “I have joined forces with two other lovely ladies and we have created
 RunWell.  We are all about trying to keep runners fit and healthy, rather
 than just being fit. Too many of us spend too much time being injured and we
 really want to address that and help runners understand why that happens. 
 Are you reaching your running potential?
 Does illness and injury keep setting you back?
 Despite training more, are you just not getting any faster?
 Life is overwhelmingly busy and stressful, so you run for relief. Whilst you
 experience temporary relief you still feel exhausted and not much fitter.

 If some or all of these are true for you then ask yourself this…Are you fit
 AND healthy? If the answer is no, fear not. We have created RunWell to help
 # Reasons to Run Well 
 In recent years it has become a worrying trend for recreational runners to
 be so focused on their running and training that they fit it in however they
 can, whenever they can. While initially this may seem like a good thing (and
 to a certain extent it is) what is becoming more and more evident is that
 many runners, instead of being models of health and alleviating some of the
 reasons they started off running in the first place, they are becoming
 stressed, sick or injured. The big question is WHY?! We at RunWell believe
 the following play a big role:  Life Stress    Poor Training
 Comparison-itis and Social Media Pressure
 RunWell Workshops will bring you…Running, education and yoga, helping you be
 the best, happiest and healthiest runner you can be. 
 Book your place at runwellfeelwell.eventbrite.co.uk.  If you have
 any questions please contact us runwellfeelwell@gmail.com.”   

 Roy Reeder writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free – ideal if you are looking for a PB.
  Full details:.  I'm offering £5 off the
 entry fee to Ranelagh runners till 30th September. Use the entry code RANHAR
 at the Sport Systems store." 
 Owing to injury Paul Hodges will be unable to use his entry for the Cabbage
 Patch 10 on October 14th. Transfers are allowed up to 24th September so if
 anyone is looking for a place please contact Paul at paulkhodges@btinternet.com.   

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook.  

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 15th September  Surrey County Road Relays at Wimbledon Park. 12
 noon start. Entries closed 

 Sunday 23rd September    South of England Road Relays at Crystal Palace.
 Senior women 1.30pm, senior men 2.30pm

 Saturday 29th September  Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 3pm

 Saturday 6th October        National Road Relays at Sutton Park, Birmingham

 Saturday 13th October      Surrey Ladies Cross-Country League Div 1 at
 Wimbledon Common (Putney Vale). Senior Women start at 11am followed by
 juniors from 12 noon.

 Saturday 13th October      Surrey Cross-Country League (men)  Div 1 in
 Richmond Park. Start 2.30pm (juniors) and 3pm (seniors) 

 Sunday 14th October         Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. Entries

 Saturday 20th October       Surrey Masters Cross-Country Championships in
 Richmond Park. M60+ and women 35+ 6km at 2.15pm, M40+ 9km at 3pm 

 Saturday 20th October       South of England Cross-Country Relays at
 Wormwood Scrubs

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 THOMAS CUP 3.8 miles HANDICAP  Saturday 8th September in Richmond Park
 The Opening Run of our 138th season followed the usual pattern with the
 annual club photo (efficiently taken by Ken Powley) preceding the Thomas Cup
 handicap. Thankfully we were spared last year’s apocalyptic storm and
 conditions for the race were good, the going firm. This was to be Angus
 Cater’s swansong as the club’s handicapper and he did remarkably well to
 bring all but a dozen of the 65 runners home within the space of four
 minutes. Even statsman extraordinaire Ken was impressed. Angus’s replacement
 is to be Simon Martin, who was firmly ensconced in mid-field today, no doubt
 keeping an eagle eye on the proceedings. Simon will frame the handicap for
 the Page Cup on September 29th. 

 However well the handicap is framed there are always a few runners who slip
 through the net. Today it was the turn of young Eilidh Sinclair. Shepherded
 around by mum Sue, Eilidh came home the best part of a minute clear of the
 rest of the field to put her name on the historic Thomas Cup. Well done
 Eilidh! Michele Gibson led the rest, with Chris Brook closing up fast for
 the bronze medal.   

 Few of the faster runners were able to make much progress through the field.
 George Howard ran the day’s fastest time of 21.54, but this was only good
 for 41st place in the handicap. Marc Leyshon’s 21.57 was second fastest, and
 evergreen Peter Haarer filled third place with 22.07. Our new President
 Becky Curtis-Hall distributed the fastest time medals and found she had to
 present herself with the women’s gold thanks to running the excellent time
 of 25.19. Suzy Whatmough’s 26.16 brought her the silver and Wiebke Kortum
 ran 28.28 for bronze.

                                   H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed
                                   Time      Allow     Time    Order
  1   Eilidh Sinclair      (L)     14.59     21.00     35.59     53 
  2   Michele Gibson       (L)     15.50     23.40     39.30     58 
  3   Chris Brook                  16.00     10.00     26.00     16 
  4   Karen Weir           (L)     16.27     13.10     29.37     32 
  5   Verka Lafeuille      (L)     17.22     17.10     34.32     49 
  6   Becky Curtis-Hall    (L)     17.49      7.30     25.19     13 
  7   Hilary Thomson       (L)     17.59     25.40     43.39     61 
      Pascal Levine           (G)  18.08      8.40     26.48     20 
  8   Rob Wise                     18.14     11.10     29.24     30 
  9   Chris Camacho                18.18     15.10     33.28     47 
      Maia Rushby          (L)(G)  18.27     17.30     35.57     52 
 10   Tom Bradley                  18.33      5.10     23.43      5 
      Andreas Arana           (G)  18.39     10.00     28.39     28 
 11   Jonathan Smith               18.51      5.10     24.01      6 
 12   Angus Cater                  18.55     16.00     34.55     51 
 13   Suzy Whatmough       (L)     18.56      7.20     26.16     17 
 14   Gordon Whitson               19.07      8.40     27.47     23 
 15   Chris Bundhun                19.18      4.50     24.08      7 
 16   Nicholas Fordham             19.20      7.30     26.50     21 
 17   Stephen Aikin                19.31      9.00     28.31     26 
 18   Kate Brook           (L)     19.32     12.10     31.42     41 
 19   Marc Leyshon                 19.37      2.20     21.57      2 
 20   Andy Bickerstaff             19.38     12.40     32.18     43 
 21   Simon Martin                 19.42      6.00     25.42     15 
 22   Bruce McLaren                19.46      7.50     27.36     22 
 23   Peter Weir                   19.47      7.00     26.47     19 
 24   Rob Curtis                   19.49     11.30     31.19     40 
 25   Allan Whatmough              19.50      4.40     24.30      9 
 26   Amrut Sharma                 19.53      9.50     29.43     34 
 27   Philippa Kitchen     (L)     19.55     18.50     38.45     57 
 28   Rachel Revett        (L)     19.55      9.30     29.25     31 
 29   James Riley                  19.56      4.30     24.26      8 
 30   Peter Haarer                 19.57      2.10     22.07      3 
 31   Alastair Sinclair            20.01     12.50     32.51     44 
 32   Clive Naish                  20.17     18.20     38.37     56 
 33   Graham Brook                 20.18      3.20     23.38      4 
 34   Anna Reichwald       (L)     20.19     10.50     31.09     39 
 35   Jackie Dunkley       (L)     20.19     17.50     38.09     54 
 36   Phil Roberts                 20.23      9.50     30.13     37 
      Will Cavendish          (G)  20.25      8.10     28.35     27 
 37   Eliott Wells                 20.26      4.20     24.46     10 
 38   Sally Bamford        (L)     20.35     14.10     34.45     50 
 39   Wiebke Kortum        (L)     20.38      7.50     28.28     25 
 40   Finlay Sinclair              20.43      7.40     28.23     24 
 41   George Howard                20.44      1.10     21.54      1 
 42   Marianne Malam       (L)     20.45      9.00     29.45     35 
 43   Lewis Emery                  20.46     13.40     34.26     48 
 44   Vaughan Ramsay               20.47      4.00     24.47     11 
 45   Rachel Smith         (L)     20.50     11.00     31.50     42 
 46   Annemarie Goodridge  (L)     20.53     22.10     43.03     60 
      Eli Okuefuna            (G)  20.57      8.40     29.37     32 
      Dale Thomas             (G)  21.01      4.40     25.41     14 
 47   Niamh Holt           (L)     21.05      9.00     30.05     36 
 48   Julian Holden                21.07     20.10     41.17     59 
 49   Anne Childs          (L)     21.17     22.50     44.07     62 
 50   Carol Aikin          (L)     21.29     11.50     33.19     46 
 51   Euan Sinclair                21.37      5.00     26.37     18 
 52   Mike Peace                   21.40      8.50     30.30     38 
 53   Rebecca Northmore    (L)     22.00      6.50     28.50     29 
 54   Allan Lang                   22.06     24.30     46.36     63 
 55   Rodney Oliver                22.20     24.40     47.00     64 
 56   Simon Lawrence               22.25     10.40     33.05     45 
 57   Andy Hayward                 23.13     15.00     38.13     55 
 58   Ted Mockett                  23.20      1.30     24.50     12 
 59   Alan Davidson                23.31     24.20     47.51     65 
 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5k  Friday 31st August in Hyde Park
 1   N Besson (Serp)           15.54
 4   Carl Selya-Hammer         16.48
 182 Alan Davidson             28.22   

 1   J Morwood (AFD)           1:10.05  (chip time 1:10.02)
 18  Ross Macdonald            1:15.47  (1:15.47)
 37  Nick Twomey               1:18.50  (1:18.49)
 42  Ryan Hogan                1:20.29  (1:20.22)
 67  Ed Perry                  1:23.03  (1:22.54)
 78  Mark Herbert              1:23.44  (1:23.37)
 403 Carl Selya-Hammer         1:41.02  (1:40.28)
 816 Alex Ring                 1:57.14  (1:56.57)
 817 Ann Kearey                1:57.15  (1:56.20)

 JUNGFRAU MARATHON  Saturday 8th September at Interlaken, Switzerland
 Ben Shore finished in 5:50.35.

 RUNTHROUGH OLYMPIC PARK 10km  Saturday 8th September
 1   P Dickens (Camb H)        33.15
 161 Roger Wallace             55.02

 ERIDGE 10 miles TRAIL  Sunday 9th September
 1   L Reid (Tonbridge)        67.04
 5   Mark Herbert              70.30

 Chris Read reports:
 “Today I ran the Chippenham Half Marathon in Wiltshire.  It was a bit of a
 long drive from London but the race was well organised with a flat and fast
 course.  My chip time was 2.05.00, which was actually the time I was aiming
 for.  My ability to predict my time is clearly better than my ability to run

 1   J Taylor (Bath)           1:15.48  (chip time 1:15.48)
 500 Chris Read                2:05.43  (2:05.04) 

     1 Sir Mo                    59.26
 39045 Beverley Walsh          3:04.55
 42627 Yvonne Howie            3:38.23

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link  for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 1908 Olympics – love those techniques! There’s a Ranelagh Harrier in the
 Marathon start here:.  

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