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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 541           23rd January 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ranelagh men finish 8th in the third Surrey League race and remain 8th
 *  Ben Anderson leads our team.
 *  Ranelagh wins at the Bank of England inter-club and retains the Hec
     Petersen Trophy.
 *  Ted Mockett leads our team.
 *  South of England Championships this Saturday
 *  Grand Kit Sale

 The next Surrey Cross-Country League races will take place on February 9th,
 the women in Richmond Park (Broomfield Hill) and the men at Lloyd Park,
 Croydon. For the men, this is the final League fixture, but for the women
 there is one more race to come – on March 2nd also at Lloyd Park, Croydon.
 The remaining races are therefore:
 Saturday February 9th at Lloyd Park, Croydon   3pm start for seniors, 2.30pm
 for juniors
 Saturday February 9th in Richmond Park (Broomfield Hill)    11am start for
 seniors,   12 noon for Under 15s and Under 17s, 12.30pm for Under 13s
 Saturday March 2nd at Lloyd Park Croydon    1pm start for seniors, 12 noon
 for Under 15s and Under 17s, 12.30pm for Under 13s 

 Parliament Hill.  
 The “Southern” returns to its spiritual home at Parliament Hill on Hampstead
 Heath. The action starts at 11.00 with the U15 boys and continues with U13
 girls at 11.20, U13 Boys at 11.35, U15 girls at 11,50, U17 men at 12.10, U20
 women at 12.40, U17 women at 13.05, U20 men at 13.30, Senior women at 14.05
 and Senior men at 14.50. The senior women’s race includes our club women’s
 championship. Good luck to all those taking part. 

 Our final mob match of this season is away to Blackheath and Bromley H&AC on
 their 7.5 miles course at Hayes, Kent. At our opponents’ request it will be
 held on Sunday morning 3rd March starting at 11am, rather than the usual
 Saturday afternoon.. Unfortunately this is the day after the rescheduled
 final women’s Surrey League race.  
 The Blackheath course is multi-terrain  with a few sections of road near the
 end, so trail shoes are preferable to  spikes.  As ever, we need all the
 runners we can get. Watch this space for travelling details – we’ll probably
 organise a car pool nearer the time.  
 Looking forward to our two road races – the Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon
 on Sunday 5th May and the Ranelagh Richmond 10km on Sunday 16th June.
 Entries for the Half Marathon are already coming in here:. We’ll
 need plenty of marshals as well as runners, so make a note of the dates. 

 Here’s a message from Marianne Malam and Gordon Whitson.
 We now have a new supplier for our club singlets, men’s and women’s. This is
 iProsports.  Details and orders:.

 Following the termination of our Supply Agreement with AlleyCatz, the Club
 has acquired a large quantity of Ranelagh logo running kit that needs to be
 sold now. A Bargain Sale of this kit will be held at the Clubhouse starting
 on club-night Tuesday 22 January and continuing the following Tuesday 29
 January. All items in the sale will be priced at £10 except boys’, men’s and
 ladies’ running vests which will be on sale for just £5. These prices
 represent exceptional value.

 Items in the sale are: 
 Boys’ and Ladies’ Vests                                        All Sizes
 Men’s Vest One Item only                                     XSmall
 Men’s and Ladies’ Micro Fleeces                          All Sizes
 Men’s and Ladies’ Long Sleeve Running Tops     All Sizes
 Men’s and Ladies’ Short Sleeve Running Tops    All Sizes
 One Ranelagh Coat                                              Size 38

 Payment by cash or cheque in favour of Ranelagh Harriers. Please come along
 to the clubhouse, try on the kit and buy at least one item for yourself, a
 family member or a friend. Marianne Malam and Gordon Whitson will be
 delighted to show you what is available. If you can’t make it to the
 clubhouse, either give a tenner to a friend to buy something on your behalf
 or email Marianne at marianne.malam.flp@gmail.com and reserve an
 item. Please get yourself a real bargain and support the club at the same
 time by buying one or more of the items in the sale.

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 26th January      South of England XC Championships at Parliament
 Hill. Juniors from 11am, Women at 2.05pm (includes club women’s champs), men
 at 2.50pm 
                                           All age groups. Entries closed.

 Saturday 9th February       Surrey Leagues – women in Richmond Park
 (Broomfield Hill) at 11am, men at Lloyd Park, Croydon at 3pm. 

 Saturday 23rd February    National Cross-Country Championships at Leeds.

 Saturday 2nd March          Surrey Ladies League Division 1 at Lloyd Park,
 Croydon. Juniors from 12 noon, senior women at 1pm.

 Sunday 3rd March            Mob Match v Blackheath & Bromley HAC for the
 Pelling Ratcliff Cup at Hayes, Kent. 11am start.  

 Saturday 9th March          Ranelagh Cup Schools Race in Richmond Park. 
 2.30pm start.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 MEN’S SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1  Saturday 12th January on Mitcham Common
 Phil Killingley reports:
 “It wasn't dusty but it was bone dry.  In fact Mitcham Common has perhaps
 never been drier in January, and as such it was a fast-paced burn-up round
 what is normally a waterlogged, slippery slog.  And the talent of Surrey
 League Division One was out in full force yet again.  Ben Anderson saw our
 team home in 12th place, but his captain in 60th was the next home in a
 result that more likely than not will see us relegated to Division 2.  In
 February's final fixture we would need to make up 23 places per scoring
 runner on 7th place SLH - not impossible but not far off.  Of course we'll
 give it a jolly good go! On the plus side, if we do go down, we might have a
 year's respite from Ikea-overlooked Mitcham Common!

 James Riley provided the brightest run of the day, in an excellent 86th and
 making him the most improved runner of the season, seizing 5th scoring place
 in a strong team.  Eirin McDaid also starred - with only 4 miles run since
 the beginning of December he somehow managed to come 13th scorer only 2
 minutes behind his captain. Ten seconds ahead, Nick Twomey was relieved not
 to be caught... (Nick knows what I mean!).  Ted Mockett picked up another
 anchorman trophy and John Shaw was 17th home, last for Ranelagh, so by
 default picked up the B team gong.  

 At the top of the table Hercules look invincible and Kent will be beaten for
 the first time since reaching Division 1, probably in second place, with a
 resurgent Thames in third.  At the other end, Striders of Croydon look set
 to descend with us, and will be replaced by Clapham Chasers, plus one

 It was excellent to see Eli Okuefuna and Finlay Sinclair slogging it out in
 the junior race.  They exchanged places a number of times, both with strong
 runs and Finlay coming in victorious by just a second and a single place:
 83rd and 84th.  Well done  in what is a fiercely fought event.”

 1   Jamie Parkinson (TH&H)    26.33      
 2   Max Nicholls (Kent)       26.55      
 3   Andrew Penney (Herc Wimb) 27.01      
 12  Ben Anderson (Rane)       27.37      
 60  Phil Killingley           29.33      
 73  Marc Leyshon              29.53      
 82  Ross Macdonald            30.13      
 86  James Riley               30.26    
 91  Ian Kenton                30.32      
 95  Graham Brook              30.38      
 99  Oliver Murphy             30.48      
 101 Peter Haarer              30.51    
 111 Ted Mockett               31.16    
 115 Richard Kimber            31.26      
 119 Nick Twomey               31.38      
 121 Eirin McDaid              31.48      
 135 Mark Herbert              32.10      
 146 Dave Lawley               32.42      
 160 Marc Snaith               33.17    
 177 John Shaw                 34.37    

 A Teams (10 to score)                                                 
 Overall (after three races)                  
 1   Hercules Wimbledon AC     165       1   Hercules Wimbledon AC     496
 2   Thames H&H                247       2   Kent AC                   720 
 3   Kent AC                   248       3   Thames H&H                965  
 4   Guildford & Godalming AC  465       4   Guildford & Godalming AC 1288 
 5   Belgrave H                508       5   Herne Hill H             1492  
 6   Herne Hill H              512       6   Belgrave H               1499
 7   South London H            517       7   South London H           1557
 8   Ranelagh H                594       8   Ranelagh H               1777
 9   Striders of Croydon       839       9   Striders of Croydon      2491
 B teams (10 to score)                     
                              Leading B Teams (after three races)
 1   Kent AC                   114       1   Hercules Wimbledon AC     374   
 2   Hercules Wimbledon AC     154       2   Kent AC                   383
 3   Thames H&H                256       3   Thames H&H               1114  
 4   Herne Hill H              379       4   Herne Hill H             1213  
 5   Ranelagh H                547       5   Ranelagh H               1499
 6   South London H            572       6   Guildford & Godalming AC 1663  
 7   Guildford & Godalming AC  635
 8   Striders of Croydon       684
 9   Belgrave H                749  

 Young Athletes (U15 / U17)
 1   Ben Fitzpatrick (Walton)  12.26
 83  Finlay Sinclair (Rane)    15.30           
 84  Eli Okuefuna              15.31 

 BANK OF ENGLAND INTER-CLUB   Saturday 19th January in Richmond Park
 (Roehampton Gate)
 Pheidippides reports:
 “An excellent turnout of twenty-three members of Ranelagh lined up as the
 'B' Team to take on the might of the Bank of England and other teams in the
 neighbourhood of Richmond Park.  The weather was a little raw for spectators
 but otherwise this was a very pleasant low-key fixture with a course that
 made a change from our usual routes. Up at the front there was quite a
 tussle between two of our runners for third place, settled only in the last
 mile by a resurgent Ted Mockett who ran a well-paced race with a well-timed
 surge towards the finish.  There were strong supporting performances from
 Rory Atkins, Mark Herbert and Jonathan Moore to give us five runners in the
 top ten with Edward Forbes completing the team in fifteenth place and
 allowing us to retain the trophy for another year.  It has been a while
 since I last had a go at this fixture and I looked up the report in the
 Gazette for the occasion to discover that Messrs Peace and Naish had
 finished comfortably ahead of me and that the stand-out feature of the day
 then as now was "the legend of Bank hospitality" - a glorious spread of
 luxurious sandwiches, cake and scones.  Veterans of like vintage to me will
 join in the lament that the ‘help yourself’ watering cans full of beer
 ceased to be a feature of the "après race" some time ago (strangely the only
 detail that I remember from that day in January 1987).”

 1   James Meikeljohn (TH&H)   26.26      
 2   Rory Jordan (Milos)       26.38      
 3   Ted Mockett (Rane)        26.47    
 4   Peter Haarer              26.54     
 6   Rory Atkins               27.20     
 8   Mark Herbert              28.23     
 9   Jonathan Moore            28.42    
 15  Edward Forbes             29.31    
 21  John Shaw                 30.27    
 23  Marco Perinelli           30.56    
 28  Richard Willoughby        31.47    
 29  Phil Beausang             31.59
 39  William Griffin           34.02
 41  Marcus Atkins             34.25    
 43  Phil Roberts              35.03    
 44  Andrew Kew                35.15    
 48  Simon Hedger              37.01    
 51  John Ricketts             37.15    
 54  Andy Bickerstaff          37.54    
 56  Michael Osborne           38.54    
 57  Chris Read                39.01    
 59  Alastair Sinclair         39.39 
 61  Carol Aikin               40.41    
 64  Sally Bamford             41.26    
 66  Dave Kew                  41.58    
 70  Paula Maguire             46.01    
 Teams (6 to score side)               
 1   Ranelagh H                 45               
 2   Milocarians                67               
 3   Thames H&H                102               
 4   Hercules Wim.             156               
 5   Ealing S & Middx          208       
 6   Bank of England           220        
 Hec Petersen Trophy contested between Ranelagh and Ealing, Southall and
 Middlesex AC
 1   Ranelagh H
 2   Ealing, Southall and Middlesex AC
 1   E Cameron (VP&TH)         33.42
 198 Roger Wallace             58.56 

 RUNTHROUGH OLYMPIC PARK 10km  Saturday 12th January
 1   D Prosser (unatt)         36.38
 163 Roger Wallace             56.01 

 RUNTHROUGH CRYSTAL PALACE 10km  Sunday 13th January
 1   D Carter (unatt)          35.36
 163 Roger Wallace             56.01 

 SLOUGH NEW YEAR 10km  Sunday 20th January
 1   A Hunt (unatt)            38.20
 140 Peter Warren              62.07

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 Pennine Way “record”:
 Jasmin Paris’s  83h 12m 23s  was an amazing run and set a new course record
 for this race, but she’s well behind the overall record of 65h 20m 15 s. 
 One difference is that competitors in this race had to rely on feeding
 stations. Other record runs have had the benefit of support teams. 
 Back in 1971 Ranelagh beat the existing relay record (teams of 24 runners)
 with 33hr 41 min. Ranelagh’s  Bill Bird then set a new best time for a solo
 run with 104 hr 8 min. Both records were subsequently improved by clear
 margins, but when making comparisons it should be remembered that the route
 is much easier to follow now, and luck with weather and underfoot conditions
 makes a huge difference. 

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