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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 549           26th May 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Green Belt Relay – Ranelagh men 3rd, women 4th
 *  Stage wins by Laura Blazey and Jonathan Smith
 *  Neil Rae and Kathy Henry lead our representation at the Sutton 10km   
 *  Ranelagh juniors finish 2nd in the latest junior handicap race
 *  Eirin McDaid leads a Ranelagh 1-2-3-4 in the Woodland Woggle
 *  Still time to enter next Sunday’s League & GP race, the Dorking 10 miles 
 *  Entries and helpers wanted for the Ranelagh Richmond 10km 
 *  Mini-Mob Match v The Stragglers at the Bushy parkrun on 29th June

 Our 10k is approaching fast! It will take place on Sunday 16th June starting
 at 9am beside Riverside Drive. This is the same grassy area where the Half
 Marathon ends. We had a great response to our appeal for volunteers for the
 Half Marathon, with many favourable comments afterwards about the
 encouragement and cheerfulness that came from the volunteers.

 Now please let’s have a repeat show for the 10k. We urgently need plenty of
 marshals, plus helpers at the water stations and the finish. If you’re
 planning to race, that’s OK – here is the link for entries:.  
 But if you’re free for a couple of hours on the 16th please come and help.
 Steve Whitehead is the volunteers co-ordinator. Anyone who can help can
 message Steve at ranelagh10khelpers@gmail.com or 07973 439978.

 All under-18s are welcome. The first two events have already taken place,
 the next is on June 6th at the Russell School. Remaining dates and venues
 are shown below. Registration opens at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm start.
 Pre-registration is necessary and a parental consent form must be completed
 for any child taking part for the first time.

 Thursday 6th June at the Russell School, Petersham
 Thursday 27th June at the Hawker Centre
 Thursday 11th July at the Ranelagh Clubhouse
 Thursday 29th August at the Hawker Centre
 For registration and more details: 

 The Sutton 10km was the fourth Grand Prix event. Next comes the Dorking 10
 miles on Sunday 2nd June. Details and entries:.
 Following on from Dorking is our own  Ranelagh Richmond 10k on Sunday 16th June – see above. 

 More details about the Grand Prix, including current full scoreboard and the
 list of races here:.  Leading
 scores after four events:
 Open: Mick Lane 23, Ted Mockett 20, Stewart Anderson 19, Neil Rae 16, Phil
 Roberts 14, Kris Davidson 13, David Criniti 12, Szymon Chojnacki 12, Richard
 Willoughby 11, Nick Impey 11, Ian Kenton 11, Jonathan Smith 11
 Men Over 40: Ted Mockett 12, Kris Davidson 8, Neil Rae 8, David Criniti 6,
 Dan Chiechi 5, James Riley 5
 Men Over 50: Mick Lane 15, Stewart Anderson 10, Marcus Atkins 9, Phil
 Roberts 7, Martin Harris 6, Jonathan Moore 6
 Women: Carol Aikin 10, Kathy Henry 8, Marie Synnott-Wells 7, Rachel Smith 6,
 Laura Blazey 6, Sally Bamford 6,  Fiona Pugh 5, Alice Forbes 5, Wiebke
 Kortum 5
 Women Over 40: Kathy Henry 10, Rachel Smith 6, Clare Fowler 6, Fiona Pugh 5,
 Fiona Ford 5, Colette Doran 3  
 Women over 50: Carol Aikin 15, Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Sally Bamford 7, Anna
 Reichwald 6, Tamsin Burland 5, Wiebke Kortum 5

 Peter Fordham writes:
 “'I am again organising the men's entries for the annual Parkland Relays in
 Richmond Park on Wednesday 12th June. This is one of the best summer events
 in the area, where 100 teams from the major clubs in the area compete in a
 4 leg relay of about 2.9 miles. It starts at 7pm at Spankers Hill Wood and
 near to Pen Ponds car park.

 Last year we put up three teams, with our 'A' team coming a best ever 5th
 overall, and the Vets 'A' Team 36th. Let's see if we can beat the turnout
 and positions this year. As demand from clubs is high, I have already paid
 for two teams, so please let me know as soon as possible if you would like
 to run in one of the teams. If a 7pm start puts you under too much pressure,
 it may possible to run one of the later legs. Contact me at
 Marie Synnott-Wells is also putting together at least one ladies team. If
 you would like to run, please contact her at:  nandmwells@aol.com or
 tel:07572%20333846. A gathering for prizes, food and rehydration will be at
 the TH&H clubhouse.”  

 Our annual min-mob match against The Stragglers takes place this year on
 Saturday morning 29th June. It will be incorporated with the Bushy parkrun,
 starting at 9am. We need every runner we can get. If you’re running a
 parkrun that day, try to make it the Bushy one. Coffee and croissant on
 Stragglers afterwards at the Tiltyard Cafe. In case you haven’t taken part
 in a Bushy parkrun before, here are the details:.   

 These are Andy Bickerstaff’s annual promotions on Wimbledon Common. I can
 think of many less pleasant ways of spending a summer Wednesday evening.
 Andy writes: 
  “It’s back for the 6th year and yet another iconic mug featuring a part of
 the course is to be had. It would be nice to see a few more of my team mates
 from Ranelagh giving it a go this year for five fun filled and challenging
 Wednesday night miles! There is a series team trophy which has Ranelagh’s
 name on from 2014 but sadly since then it’s been all Clapham and Fulham.
 First race was 1st May and the other two dates are 5th June and 3th July.
 Enter the series here:  or follow links
 to individual races.” 

 Cindy Croucher writes:
 “There is a book launch on Friday 26th June at 5.45pm at St Mary’s.  The
 book looks at strategies for endurance athletes from all levels, especially
 around thoughts urging you to stop or slow down, concerns about pacing,
 managing pain and discomfort, motivation, and the emotional rollercoaster
 that endurance events can present.
 The book ‘Endurance Performance in Sport: Psychological Theory and
 Interventions’ provides you with a background to the main theoretical models
 and covers practical strategies to use in endurance performance.
 In this panel discussion, we will hear from our expert panel who will
 explain how these psychological aspects impact performance, as well as
 providing suggestions for psychological strategies to help deal with the
 psychological demands of endurance performance.
 The content is suitable for endurance athletes (all levels, beginner and
 experienced), coaches, students, and researchers, and is free to attend.
 During the event, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with the
 expert panel, who will give practical examples of how attendees can apply
 the strategies to help them in their training and events.There is also a
 free nutrition workshop.
 You do need to sign up as places are limited – link here:.
 There is no obligation to buy the book either!!”

 John Warner writes from Canada in response to Martin Halvey’s note in the
 last e-news:
 “Ed Whitlock’s time of 2:54:48 for the over 70 marathon world record, still
 stands as the official world record. Unfortunately for Gene Dykes, he ran on
 an unofficial course, in Jacksonville, Florida.  He’s a very nice man and is
 not upset. I’m sure we’ll hear much more about him in the years to come,
 including London next year.  

 Mike Peace writes:
 “Beautiful views, challenging hills, a great village location and Parke
 parkrun just down the road (4km jogging downhill). The pub is 5mins the
 other way for later. We still have vacancies for friends and running
 colleagues over the next four months. Double room, ensuite, free wi-fi,
 self-contained, private entrance, ample parking. Short stays at any time
 with significant discounts for club members.
 Please contact birchanne524@gmail.com for further information,
 pictures and availability (alternatively ring 01647 277125).”

 Megan Barry writes:
 “I am a masters student at St Mary’s University in Twickenham currently
 completing my final research project. I am looking for active male runners
 to participate, aged 18-40. They must be able to run comfortably on a
 treadmill without injury issues and be free from cardiovascular problems.
 The testing will involve three visits to the high-level facilities at St
 Mary’s, each lasting 1-1.5 hours. The visits will run in exactly the same
 format involving a submaximal treadmill test where the speed increases
 slowly, followed by a maximal test. 
 Participants will be provided with a measure of their VO2max, their lactate
 profile curve, heart rate training zones and their anaerobic capacity, along
 with explanations of all of these. Any questions please don’t hesitate to
 get in touch: 184290@live.stmarys.ac.uk.”

 Our new supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s. is iProsports.
 Details and orders:

 Hon Sec Gordon Whitson writes:
 “Ranelagh Harriers club membership subscriptions for the year from 1 April
 2019 until 31 March 2020 are now overdue. You are encouraged to check the
 new subscription rates that were approved at the last AGM and are listed

 If you are a first claim member, an amount of £15 is allocated from your
 subscription to cover your annual registration fee with England Athletics
 and paid on your behalf by the Club. England Athletics have imposed a
 deadline of 30 June 2019 for the payment of their 2019/20 registration fee
 which was also due on 1 April 2019. Any athletes not registered with England
 Athletics by 30 June 2019 become ineligible to compete in EA licenced events
 until their registration fees are paid.

 To ensure that no Ranelagh members find themselves inadvertently ineligible
 and therefore unable to enter EA licenced races, we would strongly encourage
 all members to make sure their subscription is paid as soon as possible and
 in any event no later than 30 June 2019.”

 The new subscription rates are as follows:.
 Seniors £50
 Under 20 or Student £20
 Family Membership £90
 Retired and Over 60 £25
 Second Claim £20
 Non-Running Member £10

 Payment may be made by Standing Order or Bank Transfer to:
 Sort code: 40-23-29
 Account number: 81109847
 Reference: your initial and name and SUBS – e.g. J SMITH SUBS

 Those of you who pay by standing order will have to contact your bank to
 change the amount.  The club cannot do this for you.
 Alternatively you can leave a cheque for the Membership Secretary in a
 sealed envelope in the clubhouse or give cash to the Treasurer Chris Read or
 either of the Assistant Treasurers Deepa Sharma and John Herriott.

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Sunday 2nd June            Dorking 10 miles        *GP race 5*   Details:. 9am start.

 Wednesday 5th June     Wimbledon Trail Race 2 on Wimbledon Common. 7pm

 Wednesday 12th June    Parkland Relays in Richmond Park. 7pm start.

 Sunday 16th June           Ranelagh Richmond 10km      *GP race 6*  Details:. 9am start.

 Saturday 29th June         Mini-Mob Match v The Stragglers at the Bushy
 parkrun. 9am start.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 GREEN BELT RELAY  Saturday / Sunday 18th / 19th May from Hampton Court
 218.14 miles
 Thames Hare & Hounds won this year’s GBR by not much short of an hour,
 interrupting a lengthy series of wins by Serpentine. Thames started steadily
 but by the end of stage 5 they had stealthily moved into a lead they were
 never to relinquish. Serpentine and Ranelagh battled throughout the two days
 for the minor placings. Serpentine led us most of the way and every time we
 felt we were making inroads so they would pull away again. In the end there
 was some 12 minutes in it – and as Thames were competing in the mixed
 category (their team of eleven runners included two women) it turned out
 that we and Serps had been fighting over first and second places in the

 We registered two stage wins, though we had several near-misses. Winners of
 the coveted stage winner t-shirts were Laura Blazey on stage 3 from Boveney
 to Little Marlow and Jonathan Smith on stage 6 from Chipperfield to St
 Albans. Fate was not to allow Laura much time to enjoy her victory, as she
 sustained a knee injury on her Sunday stage from  Burford Bridge to West
 Hanger and failed to finish. This gave the team a cut-off time which put
 paid to their chances of finishing better than fourth. Our men’s ‘B’ team
 performed well, finishing 22nd of the 52 teams taking part. 

 Full stage results will be in the next e-news.     

 1   Thames Hare & Hounds     21:26.41  (1st mixed team)
 2   Serpentine RC            22:19.17  (1st men’s team)
 3   Ranelagh H               22:31.59  (2nd men’s team)
 12  Serpentine RC Women      27:15.05  (1st women’s team)
 22  Ranelagh H ‘B’           28:45.55  (6th men’s team)
 30  The Stragglers RC Women  29:26.15  (2nd women’s team)
 32  Clapham Pioneers Women   29:40.49  (3rd women’s team)
 37  Ranelagh H Women         30:18.06  (4th women’s team)

 SUTTON 10km  Sunday 19th May
 With a strong representation taking part in the Green Belt Relay this
 weekend it was inevitable that our presence at Sutton would be low-key. 13
 Ranelaghs made the journey to Nonsuch Park, some perhaps taking the
 opportunity to rack up a few points in the Road League or our Road Grand
 Prix. Neil Rea was our first finisher ahead of Mick Lane while on the
 women’s side it was Kathy Henry from Anna Reichwald.   

 1   A Jakesvicius (Belgrave) 32.27      
 67   Neil Rae (Ranelagh)     39.16    
 84   Mick Lane               40.17    
 105  Stewart Anderson        42.03    
 142  Stephen Aikin           43.55    
 163  Phil Roberts            44.59    
 170  Kathy Henry             45.55    
 173  Stephen Logue           46.08    
 245  Anna Reichwald          50.32    
 282  Carol Aikin             52.35    
 286  Sally Bamford           52.58    
 318  Dave Kew                54.45    
 425  David Meaden            66.14    
 433  Alan Meaden             67.12    
 Richmond Park
 The second junior race was on our home turf of Richmond Park. It attracted a
 field of 75 runners, of whom 19 were representing Ranelagh. This was an
 excellent turnout, but as in the first race we found ourselves outnumbered
 by the Flaming Penguins team. They scored a clear win but we again had the
 consolation of providing the fastest boy in James Rushby. He recorded a time
 of 7.35. We also provided the third-place finisher in Abigail Howard. The
 next race is at the Hawker Centre on 27th June. See above for full details.

 1   H Bowers (Meadlands)     15.17  (actual time 10.17)
 3   Abigail Howard (Ranelagh)15.32  (10.32)
 9   Chase Lawler             17.58  (7.58)
 15  Alexandra Bramwell       19.36  (9.06)
 25  Izabella Taylor          20.00  (10.30)
 28  Ben Rushby               20.04  (9.04)
 30  Connor Clarke            20.05  (8.35)
 32  Oliver Beal              20.06  (8.06)
 36  Alfie Lafeuille          20.10  (8.10)
 44  Nathaniel Bond           20.15  (8.45)
 45  Tate Lawler              20.16  (9.46)
 57  James Rushby             20.35  (7.35)
 58  Matthew Beal             20.38  (8.08)
 61  Angus O’Brien            20.43  (9.13)
 63  James Ricketts           20.45  (10.45)
 65  Daniel Rushby            20.50  (8.50)
 66  Remy Lafeuille           20.52  (10.52)
 68  Sam Rushby               20.54  (8.24)
 70  Ned Thomas               21.08  (8.08)
 73  Cian O’Brien             21.15  (12.45)

 1   Flaming Penguins         51  (Total after 2 races 96)
 2   Ranelagh Harriers        25  (70)
 3   Meadlands School         15  (19)
 4   The Stragglers RC        13  (33)
 5   26.2 RRC                  8  (20)      

 BRIGHTON MARATHON  Sunday 14th April
 In addition to those already reported, Ian Grange also took part. He
 finished 4925th in 4:25.34. Ian hopes to complete his 100th Marathon during

 ESHER 10km  Monday 6th May
 Ed Smith writes to say that he would love to run sub-40 – as reported in the
 last e-news – but in fact it was a different Ed Smith.

 650  Marianne Malam          3:54.44
 1173 Ian Grange              4:28.07  

 CHILTERN RIDGE HALF MARATHON  Saturday 11th May at Wendover
 1   T Yee (unatt)            1:54.45
 12  Richard Gurd             2:01.05   

 RUNTHROUGH OLYMPIC PARK 10km  Saturday 11th May
 1   J Polini (VP&TH)         32.19
 161 Roger Wallace            54.50 

 WOODLAND WOGGLE  Sunday 12th May at Farnham
 Eirin McDaid led home a mightily impressive Ranelagh 1-2-3-4.

 1   Eirin McDaid             40.21
 2   Nick Twomey              41.17
 3   Mark Herbert             42.32
 4   Ed Perry                 43.36
 203 Fiona Pugh               68.08
 285 Colette Doran            74.12
 288 Heather Martingell       74.15
 336 Alan Meaden              77.27
 384 Paul Martingell          80.53      

 STAINES-UPON-THAMES 10km  Sunday 12th May
 Andy and Michele’s Thames Side Brewery – based in Staines -upon-Thames –
 were the race sponsors.

 1   S Blake (Woking)         32.44
 71  Dan Chiechi              44.33
 242 Louise Piears            52.33
 253 Rob Curtis               53.04
 403 Andy Hayward             59.24
 548 Prelini Chiechi          65.46
 587 Michele Gibson           68.08  

 OXFORD TOWN AND GOWN 10km  Sunday 12th May
 1    J Smith (unatt)         31.41
 1562 Charlotte Hyde          52.08 

 HOGSMILL 5 miles  Sunday 12th May at Ewell
 1   A Tozer (26.2)           32.29
 177 Katie Walton             60.31
 179 Cindy Croucher           60.50  

 HELSINKI MARATHON  Saturday 18th May
 Nick Twomey finished in 3:02.54.

 1   M Chipping (unatt)       33.42
 170 Roger Wallace            54.20 

 Marco Perinelli ran 3:15.41 in his first Marathon.

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 From Athletics Weekly:
 American runner Lauren Smith Stroud smashed the world record for a
 half-marathon pushing a baby buggy recently with 82.29. The Texas-based
 athlete beat the previous best by five minutes as she zipped around the
 Vintage Park Half Marathon with her eight-month old daughter Sadie Rose. 
 Sadie’s views are not recorded.

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