Newsdesk 2002

 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers

 Niels has 21 names for the relay in Aarhus on April 28th, enough for one
 men's team of ten, one women's team of five and six-tenths of a second
 men's or mixed team. So we could do with four more runners to complete the
 line-up. It would be especially good to be able to include one or two more
 women as we currently have only the exact five required for a team and no
 reserves. The relay stages are 10km each. Details from Niels Andersen
 (mailto:niels.andersen@fsmail.net / Tel: 07811450266 but he will be away
 for a fortnight from March 2nd) or from Andy Bickerstaff
 (mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk / Tel: 07966 552302), Steve Rowland
 (mailto:SRowland@calorgas.co.uk), or Carol Barnshaw
 Race details are at http://www.aarhus1900.dk/stafet.

 This Saturday in the Park we are hosting a low-key inter-club
 cross-country 5 miles. All are welcome to run. Start time 3pm.

 The promised report of Ranelagh's garden party at Bristol is still
 somewhere in the ether, so I'll have to fill in as best I can. If you're
 really lucky you might get an athlete's account of the races next week. Or
 failing that, one of the Ranelagh team.
 It was apparently typical garden party weather: gales, sleet and snow
 according to "Athletics Weekly", though interestingly their photos seem to
 show most of the fast types in singlets and no gloves.
 We took part. We finished teams. There's probably not much more to say.
 The teams were below strength though not quite as bad in the men's case as
 the original results (repeated in AW) would have you believe. Our first
 two finishers Peter Haarer and Mick Lane were both missed out placing us
 down in the depths in 62nd place just ahead of the delightfully-named
 Hardley Runners. Corrected results raise us to the dizzy heights of 42nd
 out of 94 teams closing in. Julian Smith won, in his own words, "first
 prize for spectacular badness" giving Peter Haarer a seemingly clear run
 for the Roffey Salver as the first Ranelagh bloke in.
 The women's equivalent, the Aotearoa Trophy, was a much more close run
 thing with Margaret Auerback just one second ahead of Sarah Seal. What
 happened? Did Margaret pass Sarah in a last-gasp leap across the line? Did
 Sarah lag behind and then just fail to catch Margaret in a spectacular
 finishing straight sprint? I don't know.  We finished 29th out of 39.
 Alex Hook was our only rep in the junior races, 128th under 13.

 Under 13
 1	L Pidgeon (Gloucs)	12.54
 128	Alex Hook		15.37

 I mentioned a couple of weeks ago Lizzie Clifford's performance in the
 Watford Half Marathon on February 3rd, but it seems that she was not alone
 in flying the Ranelagh flag in the wilds of Hertforshire:
 1	W Musyoki (Kenya)	66.08
 322	Stephen Stuart		94.51
 377	Lizzie Clifford		97.05
 417	Alberto Simon		98.07
 818	Lucy Facer		107.41
 989	John Hanscomb		111.57
 1116	Fiona O'Donovan	115.15
 1385	Jadzia Kruklinski	124.10
 1682	Michael Bartlett		148.59

 Also on February 3rd were the Bushy Park Trail Races:
 1	M Reed (Kingston & P)	24.25
 94	Carol Barnshaw		35.15
 109	Corinne Bishop		36.33
 141	Julie Naismith		38.42
 148	Frances Ratchford	39.22
 153	David Meaden		39.52
 155	Janet Turnes		39.59
 159	Alan Meaden		40.35

 And we had a small but select group at the 26.2 RRC 10km at Hook Arena on
 February 17th:
 1	S Major (SLH)		31.05
 140	Chris Spink		42.23
 252	Simon Burrell		46.41
 423	John Hanscomb		55.30
 427	Alan Meaden		55.45
 446	David Meaden		57.22

 Amongst the proposals put forward by the Royal Parks Agency for traffic
 management in Richmond Park are a reduction in the speed limit to 20mph,
 the permanent closure of Robin Hood Gate (to be trialled for 12 months
 starting in March) and the closure of the Pen Ponds car park. A "land
 train" will probably be introduced to carry visitors from the various
 gates into the centre of the Park and the Ponds car park will remain open
 until this is in place.

 Bev Ali writes:
 "The Baker Cup supper approaches rapidly.  This year it will be dedicated
 to the memory of Bill Day, who contributed enormously to the physical and
 emotional health of Ranelagh for so many years, and sadly died last year.
 We will need two volunteers minimum, one for the Tuesday group, and one
 for the Wednesday group, preferably who are contactable by e-mail, to
 coordinate the sign up lists for meals (anybody who had difficulty last
 year due to vegetarian meals going to non-vegetarians etc would be
 encouraged to participate...). If you wish to help with this, please let a
 member of the committee know ASAP.
 Also on the horizon is the AGM.  We will need nominations/volunteers for
 the positions of Secretary, and Catering Coordinator, at least, and all
 members are encouraged to participate at the committee level if they wish
 - no special skills required, so please don't wait to be invited, put
 yourselves forward.
 Other ways in which your presence can be felt as a Ranelagh member, other
 than with your  running prowess, is to ring Alan Hedger before any
 upcoming fixture to offer your time for marshalling or timekeeping, or to
 help in the clubhouse after races with the tea or washing up".

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 A conversation overheard recently at a running club near you
 "Ranelagh has four coaches"
   "Is this another of those jokes about waiting for hours for a bus then
 four No 49's come all at once?"
 "Please concentrate, not those sort of coaches"
   "Beery trips to the coast in a charabanc?"
 "Please!  We have four coaches, people to help you with your running.
 Margaret Auerback is a Level 1 coach, Sarah Seal Level 2 and Frances
 Ratchford and Robin Drummond are both Level 3 coaches.
   "But my running level is somewhere just above rock bottom"
 "Then they could help you. Margaret is an assistant coach, Sarah is
 qualified as an endurance coach, and Frances and Robin have specialised
 even further and added the marathon to their expertise; those two also
 have certificates in Sports Psychology.
   "So they could help you with the fantasy you keep getting at three in
 the morning  about...."
 "Please control yourself this is read by impressionable young people!!
   "If you'd let me finish.   A fantasy about PB's and winning handicaps
 and getting to the finish line with a smile on your lips, a song in your
 heart, Julian far, far behind you in the mists and....."
 "They're good but they're not Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings (Olympic
 rings that is).
 They will write a training programme just for you, get you fitter, a
 better runner, might even make you faster. Tuesday and Thursday are
 training nights, lots of groups doing reps, relays, hills, drills, and
 threshold work.
   "What happened to a short run and a long beer?"`
 Don't say "Have you heard the joke about waiting hours for a coach then
 four come all  at once"
 Do say "Together we can beat the handicapper"

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

 Saturday March 2nd     Inter-club 5 miles in Richmond Park. 3pm start, all

 Saturday March 9th     Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap in Richmond Park.
 2.30pm start for the last cross-country handicap of the season.

 Saturday March 23rd    Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in Richmond Park.
 3pm start for the shortest handicap race of the year. In the evening will
 be the usual club supper and prize-giving. Details to follow, but you can
 book your places now with Mike Peace (mailto:admin@frimley.surrey.sch.uk).
 All trophy winners please try to attend.

 Our club 20 miles championship will be held with the Worthing 20 on March
 24th: a good training spin for London Marathoners. Likewise the Camberley
 Half Marathon on March 3rd which incorporates the Surrey county
 championship. Entry forms in the clubhouse or from
 www.camberleyathleticclub.co.uk. It's also the first event of four in a
 new county road championship. The Thames Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick on
 March 17th will again be the first event in this year's Ranelagh road
 Grand Prix. Entry forms in the clubhouse.

 The London to Brighton running race is under threat due to a shortage of
 volunteers to marshall the course, particularly in its early miles from
 Westminster through south London and on into Surrey. Its date is normally
 a Sunday in early October but the organisers would like to hear now from
 anyone who might be able to help. Chris Spink, who ran the race last year,
 will be able to put you on to the right people

 In late October Chris Brasher presented the Mayor of Richmond with a posy
 of wild flowers, this being the annual rent to be paid by the Petersham
 Trust for the lease of Petersham Meadows. Chris's charitable trust is
 aiming to raise 500,000 to enable the meadows - which form such a vital
 part of the famous view from Richmond Hill - to be handed over to the
 National Trust.

 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk