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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 554           15th August 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Suzie Whatmough, Claire Warner and Katie Walton win the Ratchford Relay
 *  Phil Killingley wins the Tamsin Trail Handicap, Jackson Creegan is
 *  Szymon Chojnacki and Megan de Silva lead our teams at the Wimbledon Dash
 *  Road GP winners – Ted Mockett, Stewart Anderson, Wiebke Kortum, Rebecca
     Bissell, Marie Synnott-Wells and Carol Aikin
 *  Surrey Road League – Ranelagh men finish 4th, women 10th
 *  League W55 bronze for Anna Reichwald 
 *  Good results from Nick Twomey
 *  Ben Anderson on the track
 *  Coming up – Thomas Cup 4m handicap on September 7th, Surrey Road Relays
     on the 14th 
 *  London Marathon Good For Age entry deadline this Friday

 Please note that all access to and from the clubhouse must be via our new
 gate from the public footpath. Please do not cross the pub car park under
 any circumstances.  

 …to our women’s Captain Becky Northmore on her recent marriage.

 THOMAS CUP 4 miles handicap
 The Thomas Cup is the traditional Opening Run of the winter season – our
 139th. It’s a 4 miles handicap in Richmond Park on Saturday 7th September
 preceded by the annual club photo at 2.30pm and followed as soon as possible
 by the race. All members are welcome to take part. 

 The ninth and last club GP race was the Wimbledon Dash 5k on Sunday 11th
 August. Final scoreboard is here:. 
 An impressive total of 156 members competed in at least one Grand Prix race.
 Thanks to Ken Powley for keeping the scores.

 Leading scores after all nine events:
 Open: Ted Mockett 43, Stewart Anderson 38, Nick Twomey 37, Mick Lane 31,
 Jordan Mungovan 30, James Riley 28, Neil Rae 26, Andy Starr 25, Szymon
 Chojnacki 24, Jonathan Smith 23, Ross Macdonald 22, Ian Kenton 21, Phil
 Roberts 20, George Howard 18, Anna Reichwald 17, Richard Willoughby 17,
 Carol Aikin 16, Sergio Stillacci 16, Chris Bundhun 15, Marie Synnott-Wells
 15, Rick Jenner 15, Mark Herbert 14 
 Men Over 40: Ted Mockett 23, Andy Starr 16, Neil Rae 15, James Riley 14,
 Sergio Stillacci 11, George Howard 10, Kris Davidson 8, Rick Jenner 8,
 Dan Chiechi 7, John Rose 7, Gareth Wiliams 7 
 Men Over 50: Stewart Anderson 28, Mick Lane 27,Bill Neely 13, Richard
 Willoughby 12, Jonathan Moore 11, Marcus Atkins 11, Phil Roberts 10, Paul
 Doyle 9, Martin Harris 9, Alan Meaden 8, Stephen Logue 7
 Women:, Wiebke Kortum 19, Anna Reichwald 18, Marie Synnott-Wells 18, Laura
 Blazey 17, Carol Aikin 14, Kathy Henry 14, Rebecca Bissell 11, Rachel Smith
 11, Becky Northmore 10, Claire Warner 10, Sally Bamford 9, Fiona Pugh 7,
 Clare Fowler 7 
 Women Over 40: Rebecca Bissell 26, Kathy Henry 16, Fiona Pugh 13, Rachel
 Smith 12, Clare Fowler 12, Colette Doran 8, Fiona Ford 7, Mel Davison 6,
 Keeley Philips 5 
 Women over 50: Marie Synnott-Wells 30, Carol Aikin 30, Anna Reichwald 28,
 Wiebke Kortum 22, Sally Bamford 14, Susan Ritchie 10, Hedy Lorant 9, Tamsin
 Burland 6, Bronwen Northmore 5 

 Ted Mockett prevailed fairly comfortably in both the Open and M40
 categories. Elsewhere there were some close finishes, with Stewart Anderson
 and Wiebke Kortum winning the M50 and Women titles each by a single point
 from Mick Lane and Anna Reichwald respectively. In the W50 class Marie
 Synnott-Wells and Carol Aikin tied with 30 points each. The W40 class went
 to new member Rebecca Bissell.  

 The Wimbledon Dash 5km was the sixth and last race in the Surrey Road
 League. Our men’s team went into the race within striking distance of the
 leaders Fulham RC, but on the day we had to settle for 9th and slipped back
 to 4th overall. Our women’s team fared better with 4th place and remained
 10th overall. Individual scores have not appeared at the time of writing but
 provisionally our only podium placing is Anna Reichwald who will take the
 bronze medal in the W55 category.

 These will take place on Saturday 14th September on the usual course at
 Wimbledon Park. Start time for all is 12 noon. More details will be
 available shortly but please note that only Surrey-qualified runners will be
 eligible to compete this year. 

 The deadline for submitting entries in the Good for Age category for the
 2020 London Marathon is 5pm, Friday 16th August. Details:.

 All under-18s are welcome. The first five events have already taken place,
 and now there is a gap for summer holidays. The final race is on August
 29th  at the Hawker Centre.. Registration opens at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm
 start. Pre-registration is necessary and a parental consent form must be
 completed for any child taking part for the first time.
 For registration and more details: 

 Our supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s,. is iProsports. Details and orders:

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Our provisional winter fixture list is now up on our website here:. 
 More details of the following from the men’s Captains (ranelagh.men@gmail.com)
 or the women’s Captain / Team Manager (ranelagh.women@gmail.com)

 Saturday 7th September    Thomas Cup 4 miles handicap in Richmond Park. All
 welcome. Club photo at 2.30pm, race at 3pm.

 Saturday 14th September  Surrey County Road Relays at Wimbledon Park. Start
 time 12 noon.   
 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 6th August in Richmond Park
 There was a clear win this year for Suzy Whatmough’s team by almost a
 minute. They didn’t have it all their own way, however, as Suzy was narrowly
 pushed into second place on the first lap by Laura Blazey, with Fanny Vein
 in hot pursuit. Claire Warner for Suzy’s team established a clear lead on
 lap two, with Carol Aikin for Marianne Malam’s team moving up to second
 place. Suzy was out again for lap three and she extended her team’s lead to
 half a minute. Behind her, Laura Blazey climbed back into second place.
 Katie Walton was next up for Suzy’s team and she came home with a lead now
 up to 40 seconds over Sue Lear for Sarah Savage’s team. Claire Warner
 maintained that lead on lap five, leaving Suzy to cruise home on the anchor
 stage. Marianne Malam came in second with Sarah Savage third. 

 Fastest time of the day was Laura Blazey’s 3.34 and she almost repeated that
 time on the final lap. Also inside 4 minutes were Suzy Whatmough, Fanny
 Vein, Ria Woodfield, Marianne Malam and Becky Northmore.  Fastest “medium”
 (running two stages only) was Carol Aikin on 4.22 and fastest “slow” (one
 lap only)  was Sue Lear on 4.58.       
     1st TEAM                       
 2  Suzy Whatmough       3.37   3.37
 1  Claire Warner        8.00   4.23
 1  Suzy Whatmough      11.46   3.46
 1  Katie Walton        17.18   5.32
 1  Claire Warner       21.44   4.26
 1  Suzy Whatmough      25.32   3.48
     2nd TEAM                       
 5  Marianne Malam       3.56   3.56
 2  Carol Aikin          8.18   4.22
 3  Marianne Malam      12.25   4.07
 3  Nerissa Bowles      18.00   5.35
 2  Carol Aikin         22.26   4.26
 2  Marianne Malam      26.29   4.03
     3rd TEAM                       
 8  Sarah Savage         4.08   4.08
 7  Anna Reichwald       8.45   4.37
 7  Sarah Savage        13.02   4.17
 2  Sue Lear            18.00   4.58
 3  Anna Reichwald      22.38   4.38
 3  Sarah Savage        26.47   4.09
     4th TEAM                       
 7  Wiebke Kortum        4.03   4.03
 3  Rebecca Bissell      8.27   4.24
 4  Wiebke Kortum       12.41   4.14
 6  Bronwen Northmore   18.29   5.48
 4  Rebecca Bissell     22.57   4.28
 4  Wiebke Kortum       27.07   4.10
     5th TEAM                       
 1  Laura Blazey         3.34   3.34
 4  Kate Mills           8.34   5.00
 2  Laura Blazey        12.17   3.43
 5  Wendy Fisher        18.24   6.07
 7  Kate Mills          23.37   5.13
 5  Laura Blazey        27.13   3.36
     6th TEAM                       
 4  Ria Woodfield        3.54   3.54
 6  Sally Bamford        8.43   4.49
 5  Ria Woodfield       12.46   4.03
 4  Deborah Blakemore   18.19   5.33
 5  Sally Bamford       23.13   4.54
 6  Ria Woodfield       27.14   4.01
     7th TEAM                       
 6  Rebecca Northmore    3.59   3.59
 5  Fiona Pugh           8.42   4.43
 6  Rebecca Northmore   12.48   4.06
 7  Sarah Moran         18.33   5.45
 6  Fiona Pugh          23.21   4.48
 7  Rebecca Northmore   27.19   3.58
     8th TEAM                       
 3  Fanny Vein           3.39   3.39
 8  Jackie Dunkley       9.44   6.05
 8  Fanny Vein          13.22   3.38
 8  Anne Childs         20.23   7.01
 8  Jackie Dunkley      26.17   5.54
 8  Fanny Vein          29.52   3.35

 WIMBLEDON DASH 5k  Sunday 11th August at Wimbledon Park
 Prolific racer Andrius Jaksevicius notched up yet another local road race
 victory, as usual ploughing a lone furrow for Belgrave Harriers while
 preferring to sport a Vegan Runners vest. First home for Ranelagh was Szymon
 Chojnacki in 11th place just missing 17 minutes. Andy Starr was our only
 other finisher in front of Megan de Silva who was 6th woman home and 3rd in
 the W35 category. As this race doubled as the Surrey Championship Megan will
 be rewarded with the bronze medal. This was also the final race in both the
 Surrey Road League and our own road Grand Prix series. See above for

 1   Andrius Jaksevicius (Bels) 15.43      
 2   Ollie Garrod (SLH)         15.47      
 3   Stephen Blake (Woking)     16.03      
 11  Szymon Chojnacki           17.03      
 37  Andy Starr                 18.35    
 52  Megan de Silva             19.09    
 54  Marco Perinelli            19.13    
 72  Stewart Anderson           20.14    
 83  Bill Neely                 20.56    
 109 Marie Synnott-Wells        22.26    
 114 Wiebke Kortum              22.42    
 140 Anna Reichwald             24.45    
 142 Rebecca Bissell            24.52    
 147 Carol Aikin                25.31    
 150 Dave Kew                   25.41    
 155 Sally Bamford              26.47    
 185 Alan Meaden                32.50    

 INAUGURAL TAMSIN TRAIL HANDICAP  Tuesday 6th August in Richmond Park
 Rich Kimber reports:
 “This was the inaugural (unofficial) Tamsin Trail handicap race. First thing
 to know: this was a resounding success and sure to be repeated. Second
 thing: Jackson Creegan is on fire.

 A field of 22 Ranelites lined up for an event that harked back to the good
 old days when a lap of Richmond Park at blistering pace was a regular
 training session. In any handicap, not getting passed is generally the sign
 of a decent run. Passing the entire field bar one runner, then, is the sign
 of a very good run indeed. That was the story of Jackson Creegan's suitably
 blistering 45:22 over an eight-mile course, as runner after runner was
 hunted down with a growing inevitability.

 But the night belonged to ex-captain Phil Killingley, who capitalised on his
 handicap to be the only competitor to hold off Jackson and finish first for
 a memorable victory. A fitting result, to say the least. A total of  twelve
 runners under 50 minutes gives plenty of reason for optimism come the first
 Surrey League match on 12 October. This looks like the backbone of a strong
 squad. Also worth noting that less than six minutes separated the first and
 last finishers; testament to a handicap well handicapped!

 Thanks go to James Riley for coming up with the idea and organising, and to
 Simon Martin for both handicapping and giving up his night to run the show,
 along with Gordon Whitson (and impromptu marshal Dave Lawley).”       

                              H'cap     Actual     Speed     
                              Time      Time       Order     
 1   Phil Killingley          43.46     48.16        5
 2   Jackson Creegan          44.02     45.22        1
 3   Kris Davidson            45.17     49.07        7
 4   Marc Leyshon             45.24     47.14        3
 5   Liam Griffin             45.54     60.04       22
 6   Ed Perry                 45.56     49.36        9
 7   David Ready              45.59     49.39       10
 8   Graham Brook             46.22     48.12        4
 9   Rick Jenner              46.26     49.56       11
 10  Mark Herbert             46.29     49.09        8
 11  Andy Starr               46.31     50.41       13
 12  Rich Kimber              46.36     49.56       12
 13  James Riley              46.38     48.18        6
 14  Martin Harris            46.55     58.25       21
 15  Ross Macdonald           47.08     47.08        2
 16  Vaughan Ramsay           47.10     56.10       18
 17  John Shaw                47.18     53.58       15
 18  Philip Scard             47.22     55.12       17
 19  Gareth Wiliams           47.44     50.44       14
 20  Alex Ring                48.20     57.20       19
 21  Stewart Anderson         48.39     57.59       20
 22  Paul O’Sullivan          49.12     55.02       16 

 SRI CHINMOY HASTY HARE 5km   Monday 5th August in Battersea Park
 1   S Jamaal (London H)      15.04
 204 Alan Davidson            29.37   

 YATELEY 10km  Wednesday 7th August
 Nick Twomey ran a big 32 seconds PB, just four days after recording his
 fastest parkrun time of 16.41.

 1   J Morwood (AFD)          30.13
 5   Nick Twomey              34.40

 After an absence from the track of several years Ben Anderson made an
 excellent return to his first love with a 1:56 800 metres.

 800 metres race 17
 1   M Bray (Bedford)         1:54.96
 2   Ben Anderson             1:56.02  

 Chris Read reports:
 “On 11 August 2019 I ran the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon. Nick Twomey was
 the other Ranelagh representative.  Burnham Beeches is an attractive area of
 woodland near Slough.  It is undulating so not a course for a pb.  The
 weather was cool and breezy, providing good running conditions.  Mark
 Herbert provided welcome support and encouragement. Nick ran well, coming
 second in a time of 1.18.20.  I followed in a time of 1.55.17, coming
 267th.  Although I did not see him, Pete Warren ran the 10k in a time of
 I recommend this half marathon, although if you do not like beech trees it
 might not be the race for you.”

 1   J Samson (Datchet)       1:14.15
 2   Nick Twomey              1:18.20
 267 Chris Read               1:55.17  

 SECOND SUNDAY 5 miles  Sunday 11th August on Wimbledon Common
 1   D Mulryan (TVH)          29.42
 26  Steve Aikin              39.16
 59  Gavin Hillhouse          47.47

 1   D Subbiah (unatt)  )     1:11.29
 202 Roger Wallace            2:01.40

 RUN THROUGH CHASE THE SUN HYDE PARK 10k Wednesday 14th August
 1   D Searle (unatt)         35.19
 224 Roger Wallace            58.42

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 “You know you are a runner when your shoes have more mileage than your car”.
 Wilbert Gilbry

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