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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 563           9th January 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
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 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ralph Street wins silver in the Surrey Championships
 *  Men’s team 8th and our women – led by Megan de Silva 15th – finished 7th
 *  Carl Assmundson, Greg Atkins  and Rebecca Northmore lead our teams at the
     Middlesex Championships 
 *  Pat Wright and Fenella Ross lead our contingent at the South of the
     Thames Championship
 *  Ed Perry, Gareth Buchner and Eilidh Sinclair win the Henty Relay
 *  Surrey Leagues on 11th January – men at Chobham Common, women on
     Wimbledon Common
 *  Bank of England race on 18th January
 *  South of England Championships on 25th January

 Many thanks to Michele Gibson for organising our Christmas bash, which seems
 such a long time ago now. As part of the fun and frolics several members
 pulled out the three names for the London Marathon draw. These were:
 Joe Gomes
 Rue Turner
 Tim Miller

 In an uncanny twist of fate, Tim found out a few days later he had a place
 through Vitality Health and thus was able to return our club place. A
 further name was drawn from a new hat and the third place thus goes to
 Bronwen Northmore.

 The third Surrey League races of the season take place on Saturday 11th
 January. The men are at an unfamiliar venue, Chobham Common. The women, on
 the other hand, are on the very familiar ground of Wimbledon Common. Start
 times are early - 11am for women and 2.30pm for men. Junior men will run at
 2pm with the Division 1 fixture at Beckenham Place Park. 

 Details of the men’s race at Chobham Common here:. 
 Details of the women’s race on Wimbledon Common here:.     

 Please note we are hosting the final Surrey Ladies League fixture in
 Richmond Park on Saturday February 8th. This is a major undertaking and we
 will need plenty of marshals and recorders to ensure everything goes
 smoothly. If  you can help please contact Andy Bickerstaff at andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk.  

 Paul Ritchie reports:
 “Throughout December, the Ranelagh Strava Rundown team ran a festive ‘12
 Days of Christmas’ challenge, the aim being to pick up selfies of street
 signs with names containing gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas carol.  A
 dozen Ranelites took part, mostly picking up Days in ones and twos before
 Bruce McLaren went crazy and collected all twelve Days in a single 55km run.
  Bruce helpfully collected them out of order leaving a gap for James Ritchie
 to collect them all in the correct order the following week, zig-zagging
 across central London getting very lost and even more soggy.  Ann Kearey and
 Phil Roberts were next to collect all twelve days, before Suzy Whatmough
 (with James in support) got in the fastest complete round (just over an hour
 including selfie-taking time).  Tim Miller, with eight Days, and Becky
 Northmore and Carol Aikin, both on seven Days, were not far behind.  Ed
 Forbes ran some blistering long runs whilst collecting four Days, although
 his Four Kalling Birds was ruled out by the committee, sorry Ed!  Bringing
 up the rear were Kevin Kearey with three Days, acting in a support role for
 Ann, and Susan Ritchie and Hadi Khatamizadeh who were rather badgered into
 taking part, collecting one Day each - thanks both! 

 It was fantastic to see all those smiling faces in the weekly roundups on
 Strava and Facebook, and the competition provided a great excuse for getting
 out in the darkest days of the year, as well as leading collectors to places
 that they would otherwise never have visited.  Every collector was entered
 into a prize draw (free entry into the Ranelagh 10k or half-marathon) with
 one entry for each Day collected (plus 2 bonus Days for those collecting
 them in a single round).  Pulled out of the stock pot by Anna Reichwald (in
 a process fully compliant with National Lottery rules) was Ann Kearey.
  Congratulations Ann!

 Thanks to all those who took part and those who followed the fun.  We'll
 hope to see more of you taking part next time!” 

 As usual the Bank have invited us to take part in their annual inter-club 5
 miles race. It’s on Saturday 18th January in Richmond Park, but starting
 over at Roehampton Gate. Half a dozen clubs normally take part and the start
 time is 2.30pm. HQ is the Bank sports ground in Bank Lane half a mile from
 the Park. The race incorporates the Hec Petersen Trophy between ourselves
 and Ealing, Southall and Middlesex AC. It’s a low key event, all are
 welcome, register on the day.

 Note the date for our final mob match against Blackheath Harriers and
 Bromley AC at home in Richmond Park on Saturday March 7th. Start time is
 11am.  All needed. Help us to the mob match grand slam!

 RANELAGH RICHMOND 10k  Sunday 21st June
 Race Director Ed Perry writes:
 “Our 10k on June 21st 2020 is now open for registrations. It’s a fabulous,
 fast event, perfect for a PB in mid-summer. It’s also one of the biggest
 money raisers for the club so please do either consider running or
 volunteering. It’s sold out in the last few years so even if summer seems a
 long way away when you’re just trying to get over Christmas I can ensure you
 there’s no better time to register than now! ranelagh-10k.co.uk

 And of course entries are already coming in for our Half Marathon on 10th
 May. Details:. 

 Mitesh Panchal writes:
 “I am a Masters (MSc) student in Advanced Physiotherapy at Kings College
 University in London. I am currently in the process of doing a research
 project and am looking to recruit participants who have been suffering from
 Achilles tendon pain for over 3 months. The aim of the study is to
 investigate whether pain processing is altered in people with chronic
 Achilles Tendon pain compared to healthy individuals. It will hopefully
 provide a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in causing ongoing
 pain in people with chronic Achilles tendon pain. If anyone wants to
 volunteer or requires any further information, please do not hesitate to get
 in touch with me at mitesh.panchal@kcl.ac.uk.”  

 Our supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s, is iProsports. Details and orders

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

Our provisional winter fixture list is now up on our website here:. 
More details of the following from the men’s Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
the women’s Captain / Team Manager ranelagh.women@gmail.com
 Saturday 11th January  Surrey Leagues – women at Wimbledon Common (11am),
 men at Chobham Common (2.30pm)

 Saturday 18th January  Bank of England inter-club 5 miles at Roehampton
 Gate. 2.30pm start. See above.      

 Saturday 25th January  South of England Championships – Senior Women at
 14.05, Senior Men at 14.50. Entries closed.

 Saturday 8th February  Surrey Leagues – women in Richmond Park (1pm), men in
 Lloyd Park Croydon (3pm)

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 Today’s race underlined what a pity it is that we so infrequently see Ralph
 Street competing in the blue and amber. Ralph is a top flight Orienteer and
 a regular member of British teams in the European and World championships.
 In order to advance his career he decided several years ago to base himself
 in Norway, that centre of Orienteering excellence. Trips home to the UK tend
 to be High Days and Holidays only. Five years ago on his Christmas visit
 home Ralph picked up a bronze in the county championships at Lloyd Park.
 Today he went one better – second place, silver medal and closing fast on
 the leader.

 Ralph got away well and was always with the leading group until it began to
 disintegrate leaving Blomquist of Aldershot and Sanderson of Guildford clear
 at the front and apparently in control. It was not until the third and final
 lap that Sanderson began to struggle. Ralph then cruised into second place
 and set off in pursuit of Blomquist – who, incidentally, is also a top-class
 Orienteer. Ralph couldn’t quite close the gap but there were only 6 seconds
 in it at the line.

 Behind Ralph, Ben Anderson was also running well just behind the leaders and
 finished strongly for 12th place. Marc Leyshon had to fight to hold off
 Jonathan Smith as our third and fourth men in. Our next finisher was Jordan
 Mungovan but he lined up without his number and chip and therefore does not
 appear in the results. Our team was completed by Paul Doyle – who had got a
 sneak preview of the course by coming to Denbies on Saturday instead of
 Sunday – and Stewart Anderson, with Mick Lane in pursuit. 199 finished and
 our team placed eighth.

 Felix Allen and Finlay and Euan Sinclair represented us with strong runs in
 the junior men’s events.     

 Ranelagh had five runners in the senior women’s race and there were
 excellent performances all round. Megan de Silva, Suzy Whatmough and Fenella
 Ross were all home in the top 26, while Alice Littler closed in the team at
 78th. Marie Synnott-Wells was close behind at 85th from a field of 132. The
 team placed 7th.              

 Senior Men
 1   Dane Blomquist (AFD)     40.39      
 2   Ralph Street (Ranelagh)  40.45      
 3   John Sanderson (G&G)     40.59      
 12  Ben Anderson             42.59      
 41  Marc Leyshon             46.32      
 44  Jonathan Smith           46.49      
 117 Paul Doyle               52.35    
 139 Stewart Anderson         54.38    
 144 Mick Lane                55.11    
 Also ran: Jordan Mungovan

 1   Hercules Wimbledon AC     55
 8   Ranelagh H               355                               
 Under 15 Boys                                  
 1   Ethan Scott (WSE&H)      14.28     
 33  Felix Allen (Ranelagh)   17.09    
 40  Finlay Sinclair          17.35

 Under 17 Men                                  
 1  Sam Martin (G&G)          21.05     
 63  Euan Sinclair (Ranelagh) 28.46     

 Senior Women
 1   Lily Partridge (AFD)     31.25      
 2   Charlotte Dannatt (Camb) 31.34      
 3   Niamh Brown (AFD)        31.54      
 15  Megan de Silva (Rane)    34.35    
 20  Suzy Whatmough           35.33      
 26  Fenella Ross             36.06      
 78  Alice Littler            40.36      
 85  Marie Synnott-Wells      42.02 

 Teams (4 to score)
 1   Aldershot F&D AC          16
 7   Ranelagh H               138           

 Wormwood Scrubs
 We had only a large handful of members who sallied forth across the border
 to sample the delights of Wormwood Scrubs. Becky Northmore led home a trio
 of Ranelagh women and in the men’s race Carl Assmundson finished an
 excellent 21st. Just as impressive was Greg Atkins’s 7th in the Under 20
 men’s race.  

 Senior Women
 1  Gintare Jukntye (AFD)     33.45       
 45 Rebecca Northmore         40.49     
 58 Rebecca Bissell           42.36   
 60 Marianne Malam            42.48   

 Senior Men
 1  Nick Goolab (Belgrave)    41.14       
 21 Carl Assmundson (Rane)    47.03     
 68 Mark Herbert              52.06     

 Under 20 Men
 1  Seyfu Jamal (London Hth)  20.27       
 7  Greg Atkins (Ranelagh)    24.57    
 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 7.5 miles CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 21st December at Lloyd
 Park, Croydon
 Pat Wright and Fenella Ross led our contingent.

 1   J Morwood (AFD)          40.11
 36  Pat Wright               46.09
 38  N Taylor (Tonbridge)     46.11  (1st woman)
 164 Fenella Ross             55.21  (15th woman)
 178 Mick Lane                56.03
 204 Alice Littler            57.39  (30th woman)
 291 Wiebke Kortum            65.02  (68th woman)
 316 Rebeccca Bissell         68.35  (80th woman)
 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 27th December in Richmond Park
 We had a good turnout on Boxing Day plus one – the usual mix of the very
 young, the very old, the fast, the slow and the somewhere-in-betweens. Once
 Ken’s computer had done its stuff twelve more-or-less evenly balanced teams
 lined up at the start. A word about the start – in a break from tradition we
 started and finished each lap at the same spot beside Sidmouth Wood, and
 thus dispensed with the now unnecessary shorter first lap.    
 All teams bar one elected to run their “fast” runner on lap 1 and after the
 usual burn-up it was George Howard who came back first in 7.18, just four
 seconds clear of Marc Leyshon,  with Ed Perry leading in the rest. Ed’s
 “medium” Gareth Buchner ran a nifty 8.28 on lap 2 to take his team into the
 lead, but on lap 3 Eilidh Sinclair had to contend with some “fasts” and
 slipped back to 5th. It was Dave Lawley who led now, from James Ritchie. On
 to stage 4 and it was Mark Herbert in front, just ahead of Marc Leyshon. Ed
 Perry took the lead after stage 5, and having elected to run the final two
 stages for his team he cruised on to a 17 seconds victory. Mark Herbert made
 a valiant effort to chase Ed, passing James Ritchie in the last few metres
 for second place. 

 Fastest “fast” lap was not surprisingly George Howard’s 7.18 on stage 1.
 Fastest ”medium” was the 8.28 run by Gareth Buchner on stage 2, while
 fastest “slow” was Eilidh Sinclair with 9.35 on stage 3.    
     1st TEAM                         
  3  Ed Perry             7.31   7.31 
  1  Gareth Buchner      16.59   8.28 
  4  Eilidh Sinclair     26.34   9.35 
  6  Gareth Buchner      37.59  11.25 
  1  Ed Perry            45.54   7.55 
  1  Ed Perry            53.51   7.57 
     2nd TEAM                         
  8  Mark Herbert         8.00   8.00 
  7  Jeremy Day          17.46   9.46 
  7  Clare Day           28.44  10.58 
  1  Mark Herbert        36.39   7.55 
  4  Jeremy Day          46.26   9.47 
  2  Mark Herbert        54.08   7.42 
     3rd TEAM                         
  9  James Ritchie        8.11   8.11 
  2  Jarryd Hillhouse    17.05   8.54 
  2  James Ritchie       25.26   8.21 
  3  Alastair Sinclair   37.13  11.47 
  2  Jarryd Hillhouse    46.01   8.48 
  3  James Ritchie       54.13   8.12 
     4th TEAM                         
 12  Finlay Sinclair      8.51   8.51 
  4  Cecily Day          17.37   8.46 
  5  Finlay Sinclair     26.34   8.57 
  5  Anna Reichwald      37.26  10.52 
  3  Cecily Day          46.17   8.51 
  4  Finlay Sinclair     55.21   9.04 
     5th TEAM                         
  7  Ted Mockett          7.46   7.46 
  9  Katherine Mercer    18.05  10.19 
  3  Ted Mockett         25.51   7.46 
  7  Isla Sinclair       38.08  12.17 
  6  Katherine Mercer    48.30  10.22 
  5  Ted Mockett         56.05   7.35 
     6th TEAM                         
  2  Marc Leyshon         7.22   7.22 
  6  Marcus Gohar        17.41  10.19 
  8  Hannah Perry        29.20  11.39 
  2  Marc Leyshon        36.48   7.28 
  7  Marcus Gohar        48.45  11.57 
  6  Marc Leyshon        56.08   7.23 
     7th TEAM                         
 11  Euan Sinclair        8.48   8.48 
  5  Vaughan Ramsay      17.38   8.50 
  6  Keeley Phillips     28.23  10.45 
  4  Vaughan Ramsay      37.14   8.51 
  5  Euan Sinclair       47.04   9.50 
  7  Vaughan Ramsay      56.09   9.05 
     8th TEAM                         
  5  David Lawley         7.35   7.35 
  3  Hadi Khatamizadeh   17.09   9.34 
  1  David Lawley        24.43   7.34 
  8  Cathy Holman        38.27  13.44 
  8  Hadi Khatamizadeh   49.11  10.44 
  8  David Lawley        57.11   8.00 
     9th TEAM                         
  1  George Howard        7.18   7.18 
  8  Almut Kaspary       18.02  10.44 
  9  Abigail Howard      31.45  13.43 
 12  Almut Kaspary       43.15  11.30 
 10  George Howard       51.07   7.52 
  9  George Howard       58.56   7.49 
     10th TEAM                        
 10  Suzy Whatmough       8.20   8.20 
 12  James Ricketts      21.33  13.13 
 10  Rebecca Bissell     31.54  10.21 
  9  Suzy Whatmough      40.32   8.38 
  9  Rebecca Bissell     50.49  10.17 
 10  Suzy Whatmough      59.15   8.26 
     11th TEAM                        
  6  Eirin McDaid         7.40   7.40 
 10  John Ricketts       19.11  11.31 
 11  Cordelia Perry      33.02  13.51 
 10  Eirin McDaid        40.45   7.43 
 11  John Ricketts       51.43  10.58 
 11  Eirin McDaid        59.39   7.56 
     12th TEAM                        
  4  Peter Haarer         7.33   7.33 
 11  Fabio Gohar         19.39  12.06 
 13  Ellie Lawley        33.07  13.28 
 11  Peter Haarer        40.55   7.48 
 12  Fabio Gohar         54.27  13.32 
 12  Peter Haarer        62.47   8.20 

 In a result we missed before, Amelie Hunton ran an excellent 91.50.

 5k's OF CHRISTMAS  Saturday 7th December at Battersea Park
 Race F
 1   M Cummings (HHH)         15.33
 14  James Riley              16.47
 16  Rich Kimber              16.52 

 RUNTHROUGH GREENWICH PARK 10km  Saturday 21st December
 1   E Lovaas (unnat)         34.04 
 231 Roger Wallace            58.30

 RUNTHROUGH WIMBLEDON 10km  Sunday 22nd December
 1   C Mason (Clapham)        38.42 
 380 Roger Wallace            69.27

 BOXING DAY Cabbage Patch 4 miles  Thursday 26th December
 1   O Garner (Strags)        21.33
 6   Sam Hunton               23.56
 25  Chris Hunton             28.43
 77  Sara Hunton              36.22      

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km   Friday 27th December in Hyde Park
 1   S Jamaal (London Hth)    14.42
 43  Megan de Silva           18.26
 107 Steve Aikin              21.31
 120 Marie Synnott-Wells      22.07
 165 Carol Aikin              25.12
 184 Alan Davidson            28.28       

 NEW YEAR’S DAY 10km  Wednesday 1st January in Hyde Park
 1   C Sandison (Fulham)      31.52
 68  Stewart Anderson         39.16
 70  Mick Lane                39.36
 419 Alan Davidson            61.00
 433 Pete Warren              62.37 

 TADWORTH 10 miles  Sunday 5th January at Epsom Downs
 1   F Downs (Chiltern)       55.46
 61  Si Martin                71.53
 68  Bill Neely               73.41
 118 Alex Ring                77.17  
 311 Aoife Kilpatrick         87.46

 RUNTHROUGH BATTERSEA PARK 10km  Sunday 5th January
 1   R Collett (unatt)        34.01 
 231 Roger Wallace            53.37

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 1946 English National Cross-Country Championship at Leamington Spa. Watch
 out for Flatfoot Freddie, The Happy Harrier  

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