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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 567           12th March 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  At present all fixtures are scheduled to take place despite the Corona
    virus, but the situation is being kept under review
 *  Ranelagh win the mob match v Blackheath & Bromley H&AC
 *  Our mob led by Ben Anderson and Bonnie Morgan
 *  Ben Anderson wins the FB Thompson Medal and the Wynne Cup
 *  Clive Naish wins the sealed handicap 
 *  Suzy Whatmough and Ben Anderson are our first finishers in the “National”
 *  James Ritchie and Suzy Whatmough win the club 20 miles championships
 *  Marathon wins for Ryan Hogan and Nick Twomey
 *  Many good road results
 *  Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap this Saturday
 *  Calling all club trophy holders and trophy winners!
 *  Book now for our awards presentation on 4th April
 *  First club road Grand Prix event – the Thames Towpath 10m – filling up

 The situation is obviously still developing, but so far all races are
 scheduled to take place. However, members are requested to take sensible
 precautions and in particular should not attend training sessions or races
 if they are exhibiting any of the widely publicised symptoms associated with
 Covid-19  See the statement from England Athletics here: .

 Ted Mockett writes:
 “Calling all trophy holders. We now need all the trophies back (and
 POLISHED!) in time to be engraved for our annual Baker Cup prize giving on
 4th April. If you were lucky enough to win one of our trophies last year
 please could you get in touch with me, either on Facebook or by email

 All our splendid trophies are on display at the annual awards presentation
 on April 4th ready to go to their new owners – see below. We don’t want to
 have to take them home again! If you have won a club trophy during the past
 twelve months – handicaps, cross country club championships, road club
 championships etc do PLEASE try to attend the presentation. It’s very
 disappointing when half the trophies are not collected! 

 This takes place on Saturday 4th April at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill,
  starting at 7pm. Book your place now – especially if you have a trophy to
 collect! The cost is £25 per head to include a welcoming glass of bubbly,
 free beer while stocks last and a buffet supper. There is a limit of 60, so
 don’t delay. RSVP to Michele Gibson – your glass of bubbly awaits you!
 Please contact Michele at micheleagibson@hotmail.com,  mobile:- 07703
 Cheques payable to Ranelagh Harriers and posted / handed to Ms Michele
 Gibson, c/o Baker Cup Supper, 79 Thames Side, Staines upon Thames, Middlesex
 TW18 2HF or leave in the clubhouse safe with the name Michele Gibson / Baker
 Cup on the envelope. 
 Cash payable to Michele Gibson at the Club on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
 Leave in a named envelope in safe / hand to me.
 BACS Payments - Ranelagh Harriers, Sort Code 401310, Account 12154501 Ref-
 Baker Cup & YOUR NAME

 John Herriott writes:
 "Thank you for those who have already shown an interest in helping the club
 out in this role. For anyone who  missed the original request please see the
 article below." 
 “I am part of the team that help the Intermediate 2 group every week
 together with Martin Nance, Anna Reichwald and Ian Grange. In Intermediate 2
 we have an enthusiastic Partially Sighted Runner, Roger, who comes along
 every 2 to 3 weeks and each time he attends a member of I2 guides him on the
 training session. 
 I am looking to get more RH volunteers interested in helping Roger and other
 partially sighted runners. I have made contact with a local partially
 sighted runner Roy Smith, MBE, via the RNIB Website. He is happy to come
 along to the clubhouse to talk to volunteers who would be interested in
 taking up this role. The talk would be after a  Tuesday training session and
 take place in March/April.
 If you would like to find out more and/or become involved in making a
 rewarding contribution to the club, please send an e-mail to
 ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com and I will put together a rota of RH
 runners potentially interested in assisting our visually impaired

 The club junior championships for the Lotinga Cup (male) and the Camilla Cup
 (female) take place on Saturday 28th March in Richmond Park over a 2.7 miles
 / 4km course. Start time is 3pm and all under 20s are welcome. Register on
 the day at the  clubhouse or at the start. Juniors will run with the Ellis
 and Dysart Cups senior race but will finish after one lap only.
 One week later we have the last club handicap of the season, the 3 miles
 road race for the Baker Cup. Again, all juniors are welcome and the Jack
 Ellicock Trophy goes to the first under 18 to finish.
 The Stragglers / Ranelagh junior handicap series kicks off on 23rd April –
 see below.

 CLUTTON CUP 10 miles handicap  Saturday 14th March in Richmond Park
 NOTE the date is March 14th not the 21st as previously advertised.
 Start time is 2pm. This is our longest club handicap and arguably the
 easiest to win as it usually attracts a fairly small field. All are welcome,
 register at the clubhouse. Note that the course will be flagged but not
 marshalled, so please familiarise yourself with it.  

 RANELAGH CUP SCHOOLS RACE  Saturday 21st March in Richmond Park
 NOTE the date is March 21st not the 14th as previously advertised. Start
 time is 3pm.

 ELLIS CUP and DYSART CUP  Saturday 28th March in Richmond Park 
 Start time is 3pm. This is an inter-club race for the Ellis Cup (men) and
 the Dysart Cup (women) . It’s two laps of our old League course, totalling
 about 5.5 miles. The Stragglers are current holders of the Dysart Cup while
 we hold the men’s. All are welcome, register on the day. As detailed above,
 the race also incorporates our club junior championships. All under 20s are
 eligible. The juniors will start with the main race but will finish after
 one lap.   

 These two competitions – for men and women respectively – are based on
 points scored throughout the winter season. The men’s competition is still
 very close. Peter Haarer has leap-frogged into first place but close behind
 only six points currently separate Ed Forbes, Jonathan Smith and Dave
 Lawley. In the women’s competition Marianne Malam is streets ahead of
 Rebecca Northmore and Rebecca Bissell. Full scoreboards here:. 

 All under-18s are welcome. Dates and venues are shown below. Registration
 opens at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm start. Pre-registration is necessary and a
 consent form must be completed for any child taking part for the first time.

  Thursday 23rd April at the Hawker Centre
  Thursday 21st May at the Ranelagh Clubhouse
  Thursday 11th June at the Russell School, Petersham
  Thursday 25th June at the Hawker Centre
  Thursday 9th July at the Ranelagh Clubhouse
  Thursday 27th August at the Hawker Centre 

 For registration and more details:.

 RANELAGH RICHMOND 10k  Sunday 21st June
 It’s unclear yet whether we will be able to hold these races or not. All big
 events are vulnerable including the London Marathon but the situation is
 fluid. In the meantime entries are still open at ranelagh-half-marathon.co.uk and ranelagh-10k.co.uk
ranelagh-half-marathon.co.uk/ and   Details and entry:.
 The next GP event is the London  Marathon on 26th April or any spring Marathon up to 10th May. 

 Andy Bickerstaff is once again organising his three summer evening 5 mile
 trail races on Wimbledon Common. They are all on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.
 Dates are May 6th, June 3rd and July 1st Details:.     

 Our supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s, is iProsports. Details and orders:

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook

Our winter fixture list is now up on our website here:. 
More details of the following from the men’s Captains (ranelagh.men@gmail.com)
or the women’s Captain / Team Manager (ranelagh.women@gmail.com )

 Saturday 14th March   Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 2pm
 start. Register on the day at the clubhouse.

 Saturday 21st March   Ranelagh Cup schools race 6k in Richmond Park. 2.30pm

 Sunday 22nd March    South of England Road Relay Champs at Milton Keynes

 Saturday 28th March   Ellis Cup (men) and Dysart Cups (women) inter-club 8km
 in Richmond Park incl club junior championships 4km

 Saturday 4th April        Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in Richmond Park
 near White Lodge. 3pm start. All welcome, register at the clubhouse.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 Wollaton Park, Nottingham
 Pheidippides reports:
 “It was a pleasure to return to Wollaton Park for the National, a special
 favourite with fond memories including the days when it provided the venue
 for the Inter-Counties competition (but on a different course which opened
 with a charge up the hill towards 'Batman's lodge').  The course repeated
 that of 2017 to which I have nothing to add to my previous description, but
 there was novelty.  Starting pens were abandoned (I avoided the pile-up on
 the side where everyone wanted to be first to reach the first turn, and
 enjoyed the open spaces to the left).  Also, someone had decided to dump
 three tree-trunks on the course, two on long fast down-hill stretches but
 the third across a quagmire which was a real cadence-breaker.  And what a
 quagmire it was due to the abundant recent rainfall.  Appropriate
 descriptors for the mud provided the hot topic of conversation: was it best
 to bring up comparisons to food (soup, rice-pudding, porridge) or to pass
 through less salubrious comparanda (slurry, semi-solids, worse ...)? - and
 the pungent smell should not be forgotten.  Nothing can rival Parliament
 Hill for overall mud content (with the exception of Alton Towers in 2011)
 but the Wollaton mire, when we met it, provided the most challenging matter
 I have met: would my leg, knee-deep, ever resurface?  Does the intention of
 running mean that one is also performing the act, however slow the
 cadence?  And would my toes fall off?  (That mud was colder than it looked,
 and my sockless tactic meant that all feeling fled the extremities of my
 feet mid-course.).
 The women's race was run before the junior men with the advantage of
 offering much better opportunities for spectating by the senior men, so we
 were able to cheer on Suzy Whatmough as she led the Ranelagh women home
 (winning the Aotearoa Trophy), followed not too far behind by the rising
 star of Natalie Haarer (is that bias?) and a little further back by Rebecca
 Northmore, Marianne Malam (always improbably cheerful when racing) and Ann
 Kearey.  In the men's race, Ben Anderson was spotted hurtling through the
 melée towards a good spot on that first corner thereby contributing to a
 decent finishing position to bag the much-coveted Roffey Salver.  Graham
 Brook hared off to a good start also and finished very creditably, followed
 at increasing distance by Peter Haarer and James Ritchie.  Culinary delights
 were supplied by Marianne and wolfed down by all, and where would we have
 been without the support on-course of Phil Aiken?
 It was regrettable that Ranelagh was thin on the ground for such a
 magnificent course, and that our front-runners were not supported in depth
 by a larger turn-out (but all credit to those happy few who were there
 sporting the blue and gold). The English National is a terrific day out -
 all welcome come next time around!”.

 Although there are no official masters categories in the National, it’s
 worth noting that Peter Haarer was the third over 50 to finish.

 Senior Women
 1   Anna Moller (AFD)        32.59      
 110 Suzy Whatmough (Rane)    39.20      
 188 Natalie Haarer           41.34      
 439 Rebecca Northmore        47.39      
 468 Marianne Malam           48.15    
 664 Ann Kearey               53.40    
 Teams (4 to Score)                 
 1   Aldershot F&D AC         48             
 37  Ranelagh H               1205
 Senior Men                                                    
 1   Calum Johnson (Gates)    43.36  
 142 Ben Anderson (Rane)      48.57      
 333 Graham Brook             52.15    
 460 Peter Haarer             54.12    
 866 James Ritchie            60.21    

 PELLING RATCLIFF CUP MOB MATCH v Blackheath and Bromley HAC  Saturday 7th
 March in Richmond Park
 Rich Kimber reports:
 “There are no foregone conclusions in running, and only a fool would
 completely write off a club that had 70 wins to Ranelagh's 29 in the long
 history of this fixture. All the same, with recent form on our side, the
 home advantage, an audience of Ranelagh legends including Bill Bird and Hugh
 Jones, several returning past winners and the added incentive of free beer,
 you had to like us for the win.

 Blackheath mustered bigger numbers than they've brought to the fixture for a
 while but their 22 were no match for us. With 19 to score, a crushing win of
 230 to 744 meant we completed the Grand Slam for the season, winning every
 one of our mob matches. So first of all, huge congratulations go to all of
 you for giving it everything so consistently.

 Just a skim over the full results says it all. By the time our scoring 19
 were home (Ross Clayton in 26th), just seven Heathens had finished. And it
 was still wave after wave of blue vests after that breaking things up.

 Ben Anderson wrote himself into Ranelagh history once again, capping a
 season of brilliant performances to take the Wynne Cup for the club
 championships and the FB Thompson Medal as race winner. Pat Wright ran a
 course PB for 2nd, pulling away from Carl Assmundson at the finish after
 running the whole race with him. Special mention to comeback king Jordan
 Mungovan, who was next home in another course PB of 44:57 and a whopping age
 grade best of 78.6%. Jon Smith also continued his excellent form with
 another course PB, and returning winner Chris Illman put in a strong run
 just ahead of him. Behind Jon was Peter Haarer, again taking the Harry Sheer
 Trophy for first V50.

 Congrats to Clive Naish, who took the sealed handicap, narrowly beating
 James Russell. Chapeau to Andy Hayward too, whose commemorative Celebration
 Ale went down a treat after the race.

 It was especially pleasing to see so many Ranelites slogging it out right to
 the bitter end, from the intra-club battles at the front to Rue Turner's
 spectacular sprint finish to beat a Blackheath runner on the line. As this
 extends our mob winning streak to six (seven including the Stragglers mini
 mob), the same feat next season would take us to double figures. Now there's
 a target.”

 This was the 100th mob match between the two clubs, and so it was thought
 that some small celebration was called for. As mentioned above, Andy Hayward
 and his Thames Side Brewery produced a special commemorative brew of best
 beer and all runners and officials were presented with a bottle.. As many
 former winners of the mob match as Hon Sec Gordon Whitson could locate were
 invited to come along for the morning. Not everyone could make it (and we
 managed to rouse none from Blackheath), but amongst those who did was a
 veritable panoply of the great and the good from Ranelagh’s recent history.
 We welcomed as spectators Bill Bird, Alan Hedger, Hugh Jones, Tim Woods,
 Dave Daniels, Phil Killingley and Eirin McDaid, plus taking part David
 Wright , Peter Haarer, Chris Illman, Simon Collingridge and of course coming
 right up to date Ben Anderson. Leading women were not left out and we were
 pleased to see Margaret Auerback, Sonia Rowland, Sue Colver, and Becky
 Curtis-Hall in attendance, plus Marie Synnott-Wells, Wiebke Kortum and Anna
 Reichwald taking part in the race. Nice to see you all!

 This was David Wright’s 180th mob match, and Mike Peace’s 149th. Clive Naish
 moved into third place in the mob match count with 142. Clive also won the
 sealed handicap ahead of James Russell and Neil Walford, only 15 seconds
 covering the three of them. Well done Mr Handicapper! 

 In the results in e-news #565, James Ritchie was credited with a time of
 1:15.38. I’m sure he would have been delighted with this, but unfortunately
 the correct time was 1:25.38  

 RUNTHROUGH HYDE PARK  10km  Saturday 22nd February
 1   A Ugarte (unatt)         32.49 
 244 Roger Wallace            56.18

 A PB and a 4th place for the second week in succession for Pat Wright.

 1    A Blyth (Herc Wimb)     1:11.41 
 4    Pat Wright              1:13.38
 55   Sam Dalgleish           1:22.32
 67   Gareth Wlliams          1:23.13
 97   Will Harding            1:25.01
 188  Neil Rae                1:29.39
 189  Alex Ring               1:29.44
 395  Ross Clayton            1:30.22
 940  John Reece              1:45.40
 957  Rebecca Bissell         1:45.49
 1068 James Ritchie           1:48.38
 1069 Susan Ritchie           1:48.38
 1230 Camilla Mignot          1:50.09
 1690 Karima Graham           2:00.25
 2009 Anne Lotter             2:05.22
 2018 Colette Doran           2:14.12
 2060 Margie Harrison         2:07.07
 2136 Ian Harrison            2:09.47

 1    K Moore (Brighton & H)  1:09.05
 416  Alun Thomas             1:33.32
 2415 Melanie Thomas          1:54.27
 2782 Danni Croucher          1:54.44
 3322 Ella Stanbrook          1:56.36
 3737 Ally Salisbury          2:05.51

 WOKINGHAM HALF MARATHON  Sunday 23rd February
 1   J Cornish (Herc Wimb)    1:07.13
 67  Marc Leyshon             1:17.22
 75  James Whistler           1:17.49
 665 Phil Roberts             1:37.31

 HILLINGDON 10km  Sunday 23rd February
 John Shaw is flying since he turned 60, and here he won the overall masters
 first prize in 7th place. His time of 37.35 places him top of our all-time
 10km rankings for over 60s, displacing at last the late Ken Fotherby senior
 whose 37.50 had stood since 1989.  It should be noted however that the
 legendary Ed Whitlock ran 37.33 as an over 70!
 There was also a PB of 36.16 for David Ready who finished in third place. 

 1   M Mohamed (Hill)         31.43
 3   David Ready              36.16 
 7   John Shaw                37.35                

 at East Sheen
 Cecily Day finished third overall and first woman.

 1   S Struthers (unatt)      41.00
 3   Cecily Day               44.16
 8   Jess Harbert             48.34
 9   Jeremy Day               48.37
 16  Clare Day                54.30     

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5k  Friday 28th February in Hyde Park
 1   O Newton (TVH)           15.52
 104 Andrew Kew               20.35 

 VITALITY BIG HALF MARATHON  Sunday 1st March in London
 1     K Bekele (Ethiopia)    1:00.22
 99    Ross Macdonald         1:15.18
 319   Kris Davidson          1:18.10
 1279  Felix Adams            1:29.56
 2796  Simon Martin           1:39.55
 3292  Emma Lloyd             1:41.54
 3979  Hadi Khatamizadeh      1:45.12
 4693  Richard Gurd           1:48.17
 5984  Melanie Thomas         1:53.17
 7496  Fiona Pugh             1:58.32
 9089  Roger Wallace          2:04.56
 10003 Colette Doran          2:09.30
 15097 Siobhan Sharp          2:51.49 
 RUNTHROUGH VICTORIA PARK  10km  Saturday 7th March
 1   J Van Deventer (Clapham) 31.27 
 242 Roger Wallace            54.56

 HILLINGDON 20 miles  Sunday 8th March at Ruislip
 This race incorporated our club 20 miles championships, which were won by
 James Ritchie and Suzy Whatmough.

 1   George Suthon (Serp)     1:56:57      
 51  James Ritchie            2:18:15    
 78  Ross Clayton             2:25:15      
 172 Suzy Whatmough           2:43:11      
 253 Ann Kearey               3:03:11    

 Ryan Hogan was an impressive winner in his build up to the Brighton

 1   Ryan Hogan               1:13.34

 SURREY HALF MARATHON  Sunday 8th March at Woking
 1    B Cole (Tonbridge)      1.10.17
 36   Ed Perry                1:16.47
 60   David Ready             1:19.28
 2278 John Herriott           2:10.17  

 Ross Macdonald reports:
 “8th place at Bideford Half Marathon (1:14:54) on Sunday. An undulating
 first half in wind and heavy rain, followed by a pan-flat second half in
 sunshine and with a tailwind. This followed last weekend's Big Half time of
 1:15:15. Heading in the right direction!”

 1   R Richmond (Bideford)    1:07.39
 8   Ross Macdonald           1:14.54

 MARRIOTT’S WAY TRAIL MARATHON  Sunday 8th March at Norwich
 Rich Kimber writes:
 “Some runners would lose their nerve after their target marathon was
 rescheduled due to adverse weather. What if they'd peaked? How would they
 train for the next two weeks? Not Nick Twomey. The Marathon Man put in an
 impressively paced solo run, without company from start to finish, to win
 the Marriott's Way trail marathon in 2:49:56, a mere 36 minutes ahead of his
 nearest competitor”.
 Nick Twomey adds::
 “Delighted to win the Marriott’s Way Trail Marathon today in just under
 2hours 50mins. I was on my own from start to finish but it was a great
 marathon. My first marathon running wearing a hydration vest!”

 1   Nick Twomey              2:49.56 

 Rich Kimber again:
 “James Riley ran an amazing 1:13:50 for a top 50 finish (4th V40) at the
 highly competitive Cambridge Half. He jumps six places to 7th on the club's
 Marathon leaderboard".”

 1    J Escalante (C&C)        1:05.36
 45   James Riley              1:13.50
 1096 Sally Minchella          1:33.21
 1283 Jonathan Martin          1:35.13
 2640 Paul Hodges              1:43.44
 SECOND SUNDAY 5 miles  Sunday 8th March on Wimbledon Common
 1   A Ismaili (Fulham)       31.55
 50  Carol Aikin              49.41

 THAMES MEANDER MARATHON  Sunday 8th March at Kingston
 1   J Groves (unatt)         2:55.17
 22  Bruce McLaren            3:18.08
 191 John Reece               4:16.21
 275 Ian Grange               5:02.00 

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 Wally Garrod writes:“I know self-praise is no recommendation but follow this
 link to Bushy parkrun news for 22nd February ..and be ???impressed ??”