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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 573           5th August 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 England Athletics latest guidelines are here: https://www.englandathletics.org/. 

 Ranelagh Harriers hopes to decide on the approach to be adopted by the Club as soon as possible.
 This will be communicated to members. Any questions you have should be directed in the first
 instance to mailto:ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com. 

 Ted Mockett writes:
 Last weekend saw the end of our Virtual Summer Race Series with the hotly-contested
 Mercurial Mile. With the lack of any running events it’s not surprising that so many of you
 took part in the series with over 105 runners entering at least one race over the past couple
 of months. I would like to say a huge thank you to Suzy Whatmough, James Ritchie and 
 anyone else involved in organising the series and sorting out the results which was not 
 always an easy task given how close some of the results were!

 August is normally a relatively quiet month for running events being sandwiched between the
 end of the Road GP and the start of the cross country season in early September. 
 Unfortunately, there is still no certainty as to when we may be able to resume races and in 
 what form this might be. However, we are currently looking to see whether we may soon be 
 able to restart formal training sessions in some form within a Covid-19 secure environment in
 accordance with the guidance from England Athletics. We will be able to share more on this
 in the coming weeks. 

 Best wishes

 1. Join the Strava group:
 2. Log your run and give it a catchy title.
 3. Give our segments a shot!
 4. Check back every week for highlights
 5. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to be set to Everyone if you want
 the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs
 Follow us elsewhere on social:
 Twitter: @ranelaghharrier
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 We need a new Social Secretary or Secretaries! Either one individual or a group of three of
 four taking on one function each. The main events are the Christmas Party, the Baker Cup 
 Supper and Prize Presentation evening, the summer BBQ and – once every two years - our 
 Thames H&H Mob Match supper. In addition there may be additional irregular events such 
 as quiz nights. Our retiring Soc Secs Michele and Andy will, I am sure, be happy to give you 
 an outline of what needs to be done. If you think you could help with one or more of these
 events please do get in touch.              

 Our virtual summer race series consisted of five events of varying distances at fortnightly 
 intervals during the summer. The last two were the Virtual Coad Cup 5 miles and the Mercurial
 Mile. Results and reports can be seen below. 

 VIRTUAL COAD CUP 5 miles HANDICAP  17th to 19th July 
 Organisers Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie report:
 We had 71 runners taking part in the Virtual Coad Cup, which was the penultimate race in
 Ranelagh’s Virtual Summer Series. It’s not the most obvious course to follow, so many of
 us were heading out for recces in advance. This was also helpful for identifying a fallen tree
 - potentially adding seconds to our race times! Luckily your virtual race director elves managed
 to clear it in time for the race weekend.
 We were impressed to see some Coad Cup PB’s in this virtual version. Well done to James
 Whistler, James Riley, David Ready, Suzy Whatmough and Carol Aikin.
 However, it didn’t quite go to plan for all of us. Despite the recces, many of us still managed
 to lose our way in the ferns (including people who used to mark the course, but we’ll mention 
 no names). One runner took a tumble but managed to finish it anyway and still win his age
 category. Another runner (again no names) clearly wasn’t in the race spirit when he decided to
  stop halfway round for a chat. His elapsed time, not moving time, was counted!
 We had 56 runners following / attempting to follow the Coad Course. We also had people
 running as far afield as Mallorca, Spain and the French Alps (Rachel Revett, Alberto Esguevillas
 and Paul Murphy), and others finding rather excessive elevation gains for their alternative 
 courses. Particular mentions here for Ross MacDonald in Cornwall (486m!), Rick Jenner in 
 Edinburgh (276m and going up Arthur’s Seat), Felix Von Schubert in Austria (218m) and 
 Dave Lawley in Devon (173m).
 In the handicap, John Pratt had a clear lead with two minutes to spare before Clare Day. 
 Ed Smith followed, narrowly beating Jonathan Smith for bronze position. It paid to be a Smith, 
 with Pete in 6th place.
                               Hcap      Hcap      Actual   Speed 
Pos.      Name                Time      Allow      Time    Order 
  1   John Pratt               23.06     28.40      51.46     69  
  2   Clare Day                25.14     17.40      42.54     54  
  3   Ed Smith                 26.40      9.30      36.10     33  
  4   Jonathan Smith           26.45      1.50      28.35      2  
  5   Rebecca Bissell          26.45     12.00      38.45     43  
  6   Pete Smith               26.48      4.20      31.08     11  
  7   Kevin Knowles            26.57     11.00      37.57     39  
  8   Sarah Palmer             27.16      6.40      33.56     21  
  9   Sally Bamford            27.16     15.30      42.46     53  
 10   Phil Roberts             27.31      9.20      36.51     36  
 11   Carol Aikin              27.37     14.40      42.17     52  
 12   Richard Willoughby       27.38      6.20      33.58     22  
 13   Gary Armstrong           27.39      0.40      28.19      1  
 14   Michael Morris           27.41      5.30      33.11     18  
 15   Stewart Anderson         27.41      7.00      34.41     26  
 16   Neil Rae                 27.43      4.30      32.13     14  
 17   James Riley              27.44      1.20      29.04      4  
 18   Tom Bradley              27.45      3.50      31.35     13  
 19   George Howard            27.48      1.30      29.18      5  
 20   Fiona Pugh               27.49     16.10      43.59     56  
 21   James Whistler           27.50      1.10      29.00      3  
 22   Marcus Atkins            27.56      8.20      36.16     34  
 23   Gavin Hillhouse          27.59     11.00      38.59     45  
 24   Ian Keith                28.00     13.30      41.30     50  
 25   Colette Doran            28.03     18.10      46.13     63  
 26   Ed Perry                 28.13      1.30      29.43      7  
 27   Amrut Sharma             28.20     10.50      39.10     46  
 28   Richard Kimber           28.21      2.40      31.01     10  
 29   Suzy Whatmough           28.28      5.00      33.28     20  
 30   Lloyd Camp               28.29     10.10      38.39     42  
 31   Andy Starr               28.35      2.10      30.45      9  
 32   Michael Everard          28.35      5.30      34.05     23  
 33   Wiebke Kortum            28.39      9.00      37.39     37  
 34   John Shaw                28.42      3.40      32.22     15  
 35   Bruce McLaren            28.44      4.30      33.14     19  
 36   Nicholas Twomey          28.45      0.40      29.25      6  
 37   Simon Taylor             28.51     12.10      41.01     48  
 38   Alison Targett           28.57     18.10      47.07     65  
 39   Natalie Haarer           29.00      5.30      34.30     25  
 40   Hadi Khatamizadeh        29.19      8.20      37.39     38  
 41   Anna Scally              29.19     12.00      41.19     49  
 42   Claire Warner            29.25     15.00      44.25     60  
 43   David Ready              29.27      1.10      30.37      8  
 44   Paul Murphy              29.30      5.20      34.50     27  
      Rachel Singleton    (G)  29.34     14.30      44.04     57  
 45   Jonathan Moore           29.39      1.30      31.09     12  
 46   Clare Fowler             29.40      5.50      35.30     29  
 47   Paul Doyle               29.50      3.00      32.50     16  
 48   Marianne Malam           29.52      8.40      38.12     40  
 49   David Lawley             29.55      3.00      32.55     17  
 50   Stephen Aikin            29.55      8.30      38.25     41  
 51   Angus Cater              29.57     20.00      49.57     66  
 52   Jeremy Day               30.00     10.50      40.50     47  
 53   Mike Thomas              30.05      5.30      35.35     30  
 54   James Ritchie            30.07      5.20      35.27     28  
 55   Deborah Blakemore        30.10     30.20      60.30     70  
 56   Sue Camp                 30.13     16.50      47.03     64  
 57   Richard Pender           30.22      8.30      38.52     44  
 58   Alex Ring                30.42      5.20      36.02     32  
 59   Sergio Stillacci         31.08      3.00      34.08     24  
 60   Jarryd Hillhouse         31.16      5.10      36.26     35  
 61   Anna Reichwald           31.37     13.30      45.07     61  
 62   Rachel Revett            31.40     11.50      43.30     55  
 63   Alberto Esguevillas      32.14      9.00      42.14     51  
 64   Dave Kew                 33.30     16.50      50.20     67  
 65   Ted Mockett              34.36      1.10      35.46     31  
 66   Graham Brook             36.49      1.50      44.07     58  
 67   Felix von Schubert       37.14     13.10      50.24     68  
 68   John Scally              39.06     21.30      60.36     71  
 69   Rick Jenner              43.25      2.30      45.55     62  
 70   Ross Macdonald           43.28      0.50      44.18     59  
 A big virtual round of applause for everyone that ran and well done to our podium finishers:
 John Pratt 23:06 (+28:40)
 Clare Day 25:14 (+17:40)
 Ed Smith 26:40 (+9:30)
 Gary Armstrong 28:19
 Jonathan Smith 28:35
 James Whistler 29:00
 Special mention for Marc Leyshon who ran it in 28:57, but didn’t sign up in time to be counted.
 Well done anyway Marc!
 Suzy Whatmough 33:28
 Sarah Palmer 33:56
 Natalie Haarer 34:30
 And well done to our age group winners:
 M35 - Jonathan Smith 28:35
 L35 - Claire Warner 44:25
 M40 – Gary Armstrong 28:19
 L40 – Clare Fowler 35:30
 M45 – Neil Rae 32:13
 L45 – Marianne Malam 38:12
 M50 – Jonathan Moore 31:09
 L50 - Wiebke Kortum 37:39
 M55 – Marcus Atkins 36:16
 L55 - Carol Aikin 42:17
 M60 - John Shaw 32:22
 M65 - Angus Cater 49:57
 M75 - Dave Kew 50:20

 VIRTUAL MERCURIAL MILE  30th July to 2nd August 
 Organisers Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie report:
 Our virtual series finished off with 73 runners competing over the classic mile distance.
 This race attracted an all-age crowd, from Cordelia Perry and Sam Minchella, both in the
 under 11 category, to Dave Kew and John Pratt in the vets 75+ category. Both vets had 
 the lead over these promising youngsters, for now at least!
 We were impressed to see lots of PB’s in this race - well done to Ed Perry, Jarryd Hillhouse,
 Suzy Whatmough, James Ritchie, Andy Starr, Jonathan Moore, Colette Doran, Dave Lawley,
 James Whistler and James Riley. Apologies if we’ve missed any! 
 To add a bit of excitement (and motivation) some of you organised to run the mile in smaller 
 groups. The most popular route seemed to be variations of the flat and fast Arethusa Mile
 course in Bushy Park, though with many of you also running on the middle road in Richmond Park.
 Four of us enjoyed it so much we decided to race twice in Bushy Park - following up the
 Mercurial Mile with a beer mile. Well done to James Ritchie, Suzy Whatmough, Ali Forbes
 and Becky Northmore for their extra dedication!
 It was great to see Sonia Rowland make her virtual race series debut in the Mercurial Mile, 
 and her first race for three years. Emma Harris also made her debut, coming back from injury
 to run a very good mile time, despite turning up slightly late to join the others in Bushy Park.
 A special mention also for Bruce McLaren who completed the mile despite an injury meaning
 he was barely able to move. He valiantly took the last place.
 At the sharp end of the race it was very close for the men, making the adjudicators’ job quite
 exciting! Hopefully we can see them in a real race on the track at some point in the near   future.

 A big virtual round of applause for everyone that ran and well done to our podium finishers:
 Nick Twomey 4:38
 Ross MacDonald 4:42.00
 Ted Mockett 4:42.50
 Suzy Whatmough 5:33
 Natalie Haarer 5:43
 Cecily Day 5:50
 And well done to our age group winners:
 U11G - Cordelia Perry 9:22
 U11B - Sam Minchella 10:05
 M35 - Jonathan Smith 4:43
 L35 - Claire Warner 6:58
 M40 – Ted Mockett 4:42.5
 L40 – Clare Fowler 6:10
 M45 – James Ritchie 5:15
 L45 – Marianne Malam 6:16
 M50 – Jonathan Moore 5:00
 L50 - Emma Harris 5:47
 M55 – Marcus Atkins 5:58 
 L55 - Carol Aikin 7:05
 M60 - John Shaw 5:37
 M65 - Angus Cater 8:28
 L65 - Sonia Rowland 9:31
 M75 - Dave Kew 7:14 

  It’s been great to see everyone getting involved in the series, whether for fun, extra  motivation
 or to enjoy a bit of competition again.
 Across the five races we’ve seen 105 runners take part, 361 runs completed and 2121km
 distance covered. 
 We were also pleased to see dedication across the series with 44 people taking part in all 
 5 races. Well done!
 Newcomer Gary Armstrong won the open category for the series, as well as the M40 category.
 These were his first Ranelagh races (aside from the virtual GBR), so we look forward to meeting
 you in person Gary (and trying to keep up with you)! 
 A big congratulations to all the leaderboard podium finishers:
 Gary Armstrong
 James Whistler
 Nick Twomey
 Suzy Whatmough
 Natalie Haarer
 Sarah Palmer
 Men 40+:
 Gary Armstrong
 James Riley
 Ted Mockett
 Women 40+:
 Clare Fowler
 Marianne Malam
 Rebecca Bissell
 Men 50+:
 Jonathan Moore
 Paul Doyle
 John Shaw
 Women 50+:
 Wiebke Kortum
 Carol Aikin
 Sally Bamford
 A special mention also to those consistently winning their 5 year split age categories in all 5 
 races - Clare Fowler (W40+), Marianne Malam (W45+), Jonathan Moore (M50+), Marcus Atkins
  (M55+), Carol Aikin (W55+), John Shaw (M60+), Angus Cater (M65+) and Dave Kew (M75+).
 The full leaderboards are here:, thanks to Ken Powley.
 Thank you to everyone taking part and making these races so much fun. We hope you’ve all 
 enjoyed it as much as we have. 
 Suzy and James

 SECRET 7k  Friday 31st July
 This virtual event was organised by The Stragglers to fill the hole left by the cancellation 
 of the Wedding Day 7k. The winner was the Lithuanian representing Vegan Runners Andrius 
  Jaksevicius in 23.14. Ross Macdonald finished 2nd overall, Andy Starr was 2nd M40,
 John Shaw was 1st M60 and Rebecca Bissell was 3rd F45.

 Times: 2 Ross Macdonald 24.24, 6 David Ready 25.56, 7 Andy Starr 26.12, 11 John Shaw 27.03,
 Chris Brook 29.06, 32 Rebecca Bissell 31.09.

 Rick Jenner writes:
 A friend's fiancé is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition at St Marys
 University in London. She is looking for recreational and elite athletes to participate in her 
 research study which is an online survey on healthy eating behaviours, and we would be super 
 grateful if you could participate and circulate to any other athletes you know that would fit  the criteria.

 The research project aims to investigate the symptoms and predictors of ‘clean eating’   behaviours
(known as orthorexia nervosa) among athletes at both a competitive / recreational   level and an elite level.
 Until recently, there has been very limited research on orthorexia   nervosa in athletes, therefore little i
 known about the presence and predictors of the eating   behaviour. As a consequence, this researc
 project will be the first study in the UK examining   orthorexic behaviours among elite and recreationa
 athletes, whilst using a relatively new   measurement scale. Results of the study will be used and written
 up as part of a MSc research   project, and with the prospect of publication in an academic journal.

 The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes and works well on a mobile phone if that is more
 convenient. All of your answers and information will remain anonymous. Essentially, to be 
 eligible you need to be an elite athlete or take part at a recreational level e.g. registered  
 with a club, or train = 4 hours per week. I'm sure we all fit into that category.
 Further information and a 'Participant Information Sheet' can be found on the first page of the 
 survey, which can be found here:.

 There’s  still been no definite decision regarding whether the 40th edition of the Virgin Money 
 London Marathon will take place on October 4th.  A further announcement from the organisers
 is expected on August 7th.

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