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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 574          25th August 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  
 We hope to get Tuesday night training under way again from September 8th.
 Further details to follow. In the meantime, if you have any queries please
 contact our COVID-19 Co-ordinator Gordon Whitson:

 This comes from Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie:
 We have a couple of upcoming virtual races open to all members.  

 Virtual "Thomas Cup" Opening Run, Handicap and Club Photo
 Race/ Run: 4th-6th September 2020
 Entry Deadline: 30th August 2020
 Let's kick off the 2020/21 season with a big virtual turnout for our annual
 Thomas Cup run. Details and entries can be found here:.
 Everyone can join in, no matter where you are or which watch you run with
 (or don't run with).

 We'd also like to do our first ever virtual club photo. Please send in a
 photo of yourself to ranelagh.strava@gmail.com by 7th September. We
 want to see photos of all our members - runners and non-runners alike!

 Virtual "Page Cup" Run and Handicap
 Race/ Run: 25th-27th September 2020
 Entry Deadline: 20th September 2020
 Traditionally our second club fixture of the season, this follows the same
 course as our virtual "Coad Cup" last month. Again, we'd like to welcome all
 members to join in, no matter where you run or which device you run with.
 Details and entries are here:. 

 For any queries, please contact Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie at

 1. Join the Strava group:

 2. Log your run and give it a catchy title.
 3. Give our segments a shot!
 4. Check back every week for highlights
 5. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to be set to
 Everyone if you want the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs
 Follow us elsewhere on social:
 Twitter: @ranelaghharrier
Insta: @ranelaghharriers

 ST ALBANS 10k  Sunday 23rd August
 Mick Lane reports:
 I had the pleasure of running a real race for the first time in six months
 today at the St Albans 10K and, apart from a few tweaks at the start to
 accommodate social distancing, it was just like normal. Runners were held in
 pens and brought to the start line in small groups to be set off every few
 seconds, which was obviously a little unusual, but apart from the staggered
 start the race itself was no different from a pre lockdown road race.
 Admittedly, there was no baggage drop, an online race briefing and no prize
 giving ceremonies but apart from that everything else was the same. 

 With around 600 runners ( divided into two races ) taking part it obviously
 took some good organisation, but the system they used was very simple. The
 race had a full UKA licence ( indeed there was a guy there from UKA
 monitoring the whole thing ) and everyone I spoke to agreed that, in the
 current circumstances, this was the way forward for races in the foreseeable
 future if restrictions aren’t loosened. From where I was, everything today
 worked fine and the only possible downside I can envisage is a phone call in
 the next few days from NHS track and trace. 

 Lastly, I know people who have committed to raising money for charity on the
 basis of running London on the 4th October have been talking of running a
 virtual marathon on the same day. If they’re anything like me they might
 prefer the real thing and be interested to know the same race organisers (
 Activetrainingworld.co.uk ) are holding a “proper” marathon at Dorney Lake
 on the 4th October. 

 1   O Garrod (SLH)      32.02
 139 Mick Lane           41.50  (3rd M60)        

 This event was originally part of the Richmond Runfest, but the other races
 have all been cancelled. The Kew race is being held entirely within Kew
 Gardens, which will otherwise be closed to the public. Two 10ks are taking
 place, on Saturday 12th September and Sunday 13th September The Saturday
 event has already sold out, but entries (at £38!) are still open for Sunday.
 A similar technique to that used at St Albans (see above) is planned, with
 staggered starts. For more info go to www.richmondrunfest.co.uk/.

 …Monday’s edition of The Times includes a photo of the start of the Trail
 des Moulins race at La Pommeraye in France. All the competitors are wearing
 face masks, though some are not covering their noses.

 It was finally confirmed that the Virgin Money London Marathon will take
 place on October 4th as an elite race only on a multi-lap course in St
 James’s Park. For more details of referrals and a virtual marathon see:. 

 On August 26th Ranelagh’s Alun Thomas and three colleagues will be
 attempting to set a new record for travelling the length of the Thames on a
 pedalo. They are hoping to raise £10,000 for the MND charity. Details here:

 From the Essex Chronicle, 1830. Reprinted in the Amateur Athletics
 Association Jubilee Souvenir book “Fifty Years of Progress” published in

 Several hundred persons congregated on Waterloo Bridge to witness R Coates,
 the celebrated runner, undertake the following difficult task: to draw a
 one-horse chaise one mile, walk one mile, run backwards half a mile, row a
 boat one mile, trundle a hoop one mile and run forwards one mile – the whole
 to be accomplished within the hour. The match was for £10, and owing to the
 unfavourable state of the weather, the betting was against him. At half-past
 two the parties appeared on the ground and at a quarter to three the runner
 commenced his difficult performance from twenty-seven yards of the Middlesex
 Gate at Waterloo Bridge, which made it exactly a quarter of a mile to the
 gate on the opposite side. The pedestrian went through the whole of his task
 in grand style, amidst the greatest disadvantages, a small rain falling
 nearly the whole of the time, with a strong wind from the westward. At the
 conclusion of the great undertaking, a dispute arose as to whether it was
 accomplished within an hour; a variety of opinions was expressed, but the
 umpires declared the match was lost by one minute and a half. 

 Even in those days, it is interesting to note that “a variety of opinions
 was expressed” upon an athletic feat and although “umpires” were apparently
 appointed, there was no Amateur Athletic Association to adjudicate upon any
 disputed point, or to see that batting was “strictly prohibited”.     

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