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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 575          14th September 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  
 Gordon Whitson writes as our COVID-19 Co-Ordinator:
 England Athletics have today given clubs the all
 clear to continue racing and training activities 
 providing a covid-19 secure environment has been 
 established. So it seems we are OK to 
 continue on Tuesday evenings. If you have any queries 
 please contact Gordon at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com".  

 Congratulations to our statsman extraordinary Ken Powley, 
 who turns 90 on September 14th. 
 It’s an auspicious date  for a birthday, shared with 
 Hon Sec Gordon Whitson and Chief Race 
 Official Andy Bickerstaff – though Gordon and Andy 
 insist they have a few years to go before they reach 90!   
 VIRTUAL THOMAS CUP  3.8 miles handicap Friday 4th to 
 Sunday 6th September
 James Ritchie reports:
 Last weekend saw the opening race of Ranelagh's calendar 
 with the Thomas Cup Handicap Race.  
 The traditional precursor to this is the annual club photograph.  
 This year will see our first 'virtual'
 club photograph, and we already have many fine selfies of all 
 you lovely people sent in. 
 For those who have not yet done so, please send your snaps 
 to ranelagh.strava@gmail.com.
 And so to the results.  An early marker was laid down by 
 Gary Armstrong with 21:49. 
 Could anyone beat that?  For a long time, it seemed not.  
 A very impressive 22:37 from veteran 
 Jnathan Moore was not close enough.  A smaller Saturday 
 set of six speedsters padded out the
 top ten, with other impressive solo runs dotted across the 
 weekend.  A very impressive 29km warm
 up (at 4:16 / km pace) seemingly left James Riley undercooked, 
 as he was unable to even squeeze 
 into the top 10.  However, for any Strava watchers patting 
 themselves on the back at beating Ben
 Anderson's 32:16, this turned out to be merely his warm up 
 lap.  With the gas turned on, he took the win with a time of 20:36.
 Women's captain, Suzy Whatmough, was also an early runner, 
 although her Scottish course appeared to 
 be slightly sub-optimal, with almost three times the Thomas 
 Cup height!  As such her time was a little less 
 challenging for the women.  Adrienne Baddeley ran 26:46 for 
 a fairly comfortable victory over Clare Fowler.  
 Meanwhile Sarah Palmer was getting dizzy running in circles 
 in the Cotswolds to narrowly claim third place over Cecily Day.

 In the handicap, with a stunning turn of speed from someone 
 who had suffered a mild heart attack ten weeks ago, 
 Rodney Oliver stormed to a convincing victory, and this 
 despite running more than 500m further due to some navigational
 issues!  In second place was Felix von Schubert, with 
 Amrut Sharma running a PB to take third. 

 There were PBs also for Ann Kearey, Carol Aikin, Sally 
 Bamford and Dave Lawley (with apologies if we've missed some). 
 Well done to all of you!

 Of the 61 runners, all bar 15 ran on the Thomas Cup course.... 
 or rather tried to run on the Thomas Cup course,
 as there were many interesting variants to be seen!  
 Thanks are due to Hadi Khatamizadeh who would have been 
 15 minutes quicker, but for stopping to mark the infamous 
 'fern turn' that would likely have otherwise seen many more run astray.

 Gordon Whitson adds:
 Those of you who ran round the Thomas Cup course 
 over the weekend will I am sure
 have been impressed with the manicured and unencumbered 
 path from the Pen Ponds 
 through the ferns as the course headed up to the finish.
 It would appear that I will need to add the role of course 
 gardener to the Hon Sec's job 
 description after my wife and I took a pair of shears to the 
 ferns on the Wednesday before the event.
 Had I not been still so exhausted after all this work, I am 
 sure that I would have broken 21 
 minutes when I ran round on the Friday morning rather than 
 needing 29mins+.
                             Hcap     Hcap     Actual   Speed
Pos         Name             Time     Allow     Time    Order
  1   Rodney Oliver          16.01    27.40     43.41    44  
  2   Felix Von Schubert     19.17    10.10     29.27    29  
  3   Amrut Sharma           20.23     8.40     29.03    26  
  4   Rebecca Bissell        20.31     8.30     29.01    25  
  5   Lloyd Camp             20.50     9.20     30.10    32  
  6   Clare Day              20.55    11.40     32.35    39  
  7   Carol Aikin            21.00    11.10     32.10    38  
  8   David Lawley           21.10     1.50     23.00     6  
  9   Sally Bamford          21.16    11.30     32.46    40  
  9   Adrienne Baddeley      21.16     5.30     26.46    18  
 11   Philip Andrews         21.17     4.30     25.47    15  
 12   Gary Armstrong         21.19     0.30     21.49     1  
 13   Marcus Atkins          21.21     5.50     27.11    19  
 14   Richard Willoughby     21.25     4.50     26.15    17  
 15   Phil Roberts           21.32     7.00     28.32    24  
 15   Jonathan Smith         21.32     0.40     22.12     3  
 17   Claire Warner          21.33    10.30     32.03    36  
 18   Marie Synnott-Wells    22.01     7.50     29.51    31  
 18   Alex Ring              22.01     3.50     25.51    16  
 20   Rebecca Northmore      22.02     7.10     29.12    27  
 21   Marc Leyshon           22.03     0.00     22.03     2  
 22   Andy Starr             22.04     1.30     23.34     7  
 23   Ed Perry               22.05     0.30     22.35     4  
 23   Ann Kearey             22.05     9.20     31.25    35  
 25   Jonathan Moore         22.07     0.30     22.37     5  
 26   Deborah Blakemore      22.12    23.50     46.02    46  
 27   Wiebke Kortum          22.23     6.50     29.13    28  
 28   James Ritchie          22.26     3.10     25.36    14  
 29   John Shaw              22.29     2.30     24.59    11  
 30   Mark Herbert           22.31     1.20     23.51     8  
 31   Jeremy Day             22.34     7.40     30.14    33  
 32   Neil Rae               22.39     2.50     25.29    13  
 33   Dave Kew               22.41    11.30     34.11    41  
 33   Fiona Pugh             22.41    12.30     35.11    42  
 35   Simon Taylor           22.44     8.40     31.24    34  
 36   Marianne Malam         22.56     6.50     29.46    30  
 37   Sergio Stillacci       23.07     1.40     24.47    10  
 38   Jarryd Hillhouse       23.14     4.20     27.34    21  
 39   Cecily Day             23.21     5.10     28.31    23  
 40   James Whistler         23.28     1.00     24.28     9  
 41   Clare Fowler           23.31     3.50     27.21    20  
 42   Rachel Revett          23.44     8.20     32.04    37  
 43   James Russell          24.31     3.40     28.11    22  
 44   James Riley            24.38     0.40     25.18    12  
 45   Sue Camp               24.40    12.20     37.00    43  
 46   Janet Turnes           25.42    18.50     44.32    45  
                  Also Ran (Non-Thomas Course)               
 Ben Anderson 20.36, Rich Kimber 23.11, Rick Jenner 23.18, 
 Gareth Williams 23.50, Tom Cameron 25.00, Peter Weir 26.37,
 Sarah Palmer 28.25, Kevin Knowles 28.30, Karen Weir 28.52, 
 Gordon Whitson 29.33, Camilla Mignot 30.05, Suzy Whatmough 33.52,
 Ian Keith 33.54, John Scally 36.14, Hadi Khatamazadeh 47.55

 Podiums are as below:

 Handicap placings:
 1. Rodney Oliver - Handicap Time = 16:01; (Actual Time = 43:41)
 2. Felix von Schubert - 19:17; (29:27)
 3. Amrut Sharma - 20:23; (29:03)
 1. Ben Anderson - 20:36
 2. Gary Armstrong - 21:49
 3. Marc Leyshon - 22:03

 1. Adrienne Baddeley - 26:46
 2. Clare Fowler - 27:21
 3. Sarah Palmer - 28:25

 Full results can be found at http://www.ranelagh-harriers.com/results2/200907vs.html.

 With thanks to Simon Martin and Ken Powley for providing 
 handicaps and results.
 INTERMEDIATE 3 training group
 Intermediate 3 are using Teamo to allow runners to sign up 
 to Tuesday night training sessions.  
 If you have not already signed up, please do so here:. 
 We are using WhatsApp to keep everyone up to date.  
 If you are not in the group, please email Cindy 
 via ccroucherwright@gmail.com with your mobile phone 
 number to be added.  
 Virtual Club Photo: Don't forget to send in your selfies 
 by Monday 14 September to ranelagh.strava@gmail.com

 Virtual Page Cup Handicap Race: Don't forget to register   (https://data.opentrack.run/en-gb/x/2020/GBR/vran-page-cup/)
 by Sunday 20 September (to take part in the handicap) or 
 Sunday 27 September (for Speed Order results only)

 Inter-Club Virtual Water Marathon Relay
 The Stragglers have invited us (and other clubs) to take 
 part in a River Relay replacement.  Teams of five have to 
 complete a marathon distance between them, with part of the 
 run alongside or around a body of water, 
 and recorded with a GPS device.  All runs must be completed 
 by 27 September.  

 We have already had significant interest with nearly 50 
 runners signed up.  For simplicity we ask that 
 all interested runners should run 5.24 miles and then post 
 their time including GPS link to the 
 spreadsheet here:.   
 We will then submit teams once all results are in.  
 If however you wish to form a team of five yourselves, 
 please let us know at ranelagh.strava@gmail.com.
 For any queries, please contact Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie 
 at ranelagh.strava@gmail.com
 HERC WIMBO 3000m NIGHT  Wednesday 26th August at Wimbledon Park
 Nick Impey won race 4 in a time of 8:57.0.

 September at Tooting
 Paul Doyle finished 8th in race 3 in 10:30.59.

 1   C Mullin (unatt)    1:15.04
 6   Nick Twomey         1:17.15

 RUNTHROUGH BATTERSEA PARK 10km  Sunday 6th September
 1   M Dickinson (Clap)  30.53
 277 Roger Wallace       56.11

 WORLD TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sunday 6th September in Stuttgart
 Gill Sanders represented South Africa in the women’s Elite event. 
 She finished in 53rd
 place in a time of 58.02, a little under 4 minutes behind the 
 British winner Georgia Taylor-Brown.

 September at Parliament Hill
 Nick Impey finished 4th in race 4 of the 1500m in 4:12.8, 
 while Jonathan Smith opted for race 4 of the 3000m
 where he also finished 4th in 9:41.3  
 SOUTH LONDON HARRIERS OPEN  Saturday 12th September at Coulsdon
 16-year old Tom Armstrong showed a fine turn of speed in 
 recording 52.67 in the 400m,
 while fellow junior Sam Nesbitt ran 2:05.91 in the 800m. 
 KEW GARDENS 10k  Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September at 
 Kew Gardens
 This was the only scheduled race of the Richmond Runfest which 
 survived. The organisers ambitiously 
 adopted a system of staggered starts so that all the COVID 
 requirements were met. So desperate are 
 runners for a straight race that they came from far and wide 
 to take part and the standard was high.  
 Demand for places was such that a second race was added, so 
 more than 1,900 took part on 
 Saturday and another 1,600 on Sunday. 
 Fastest Ranelagh time came from Gary Armstrong who ran 33.37 
 on Sunday to take 3rd place in the
 M40 age group. On Saturday Jonathan Moore was the leading 
 over 50 with 35.46 and Cordelia Parker 
 was well placed in the women’s section with 37.53.
 Unfortunately the organisers do not give club names in the 
 results, so the lists below are probably 
 incomplete. if you have any corrections or amendments  
 please let us know.

 Chris Read adds:
 It was apparently the first mass participation running event 
 in London for more than six months.  
 Kew Gardens is a pleasant place for  a race.  The course ran 
 along winding paths.  
 We were allowed into the gardens after the race. The race was 
 well organised and socially distanced. 
 There were no other visitors while we were running.  
 The risk of Covid infection seemed to be reduced 
 as far as possible.  I saw several other Ranelagh runners, 
 in particular Melanie Thomas who 
 must be a glutton for punishment as she ran on both days.  


 1    D Mulryan (TVH)     30.51
 44   Jonathan Moore      35.46
 65   Andy Starr          36.49
 86   Cordy Parker        37.53
 162  Neil Rae            40.45
 163  Daniel Little       40.46
 296  Michelle Beaumont   44.39 
 401  Rebecca Bissell     47.19
 405  Marianne Malam      47.31
 464  Melanie Thomas      48.43 
 482  Kirsty Steel        48.56
 1036 Andrew Brown        58.00 

 1   S Jamaal (London H) 30.14
 9   Gary Armstrong      33.37
 30  Rick Jenner         36.29
 213 Matt Aikin          43.39
 423 Melanie Thomas      48.15 
 478 Will Cavendish      49.02
 503 Chris Read          49.25
 670 Carol Aikin         52.16  
 This takes place on Sunday 4th October. Details: 

 Alun Thomas writes: 
 Challenge Completed; New World Record set (to be validated by 
 Completed in 2 days, 15 hours and 2 minutes; 1 day and 21 hours 
 faster than the previous record set in 2018.
 1. Join the Strava group: https://www.strava.com/clubs/ranelagh-harriers
 2. Log your run and give it a catchy title.
 3. Give our segments a shot!
 4. Check back every week for highlights
 5. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to 
 be set to Everyone if you want the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs
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