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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 576          2nd October 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 This Sunday the greatest marathon runners in the world will battle it out on a bio-secure
 course in St James’s Park in London while elsewhere 45,000 ordinary runners will
 simultaneously tackle their own virtual 26.2-mile challenge from home. It is happening
 against all the odds and Hugh Brasher, the race director of the Virgin Money London Marathon,    hopes it will be a “beacon of light in the darkness”.

 “I am really proud that we’ve been agile enough to put this race on and have been given 
 the support to do it,” said Brasher, referring to the problems caused by the coronavirus     pandemic. “I hope we can be a beacon of light in the darkness and that this event will 
 show the power of the family of mankind coming together which was a value that my father 
 (Chris Brasher) and John Disley set out in 1981.”

 On the eve of the 40th race this weekend, Brasher said: “When I go for a run, I go past 
 my dad’s grave every now and again. And I had a quiet little chat with him recently where
 I told him how crazy this is, but this is what we’re doing’.” Brasher admitted his one-way   
  conversation with his father from beyond the grave is “an odd story” but it typifies an
 unusual year and, following the postponement of the original race in April, he added his
 team were “delighted to be able to hold this event with the world’s greatest athletes and 
 at the same time with 45,000 in the largest ever virtual marathon in the world, doing it 
 their way, from their homes. “It will be a 40th race that we believe will live long in the  
  memories for being ‘different’ but for being appropriate for the world that we live in. And 
 even though those 45,000 people are doing that race apart, they are still doing it as one  community.”

 Speaking five days before the race, Brasher also revealed the elite fields had lost 
 their first athlete, Degitu Azimeraw, due to coronavirus. The 21-year-old, who ran the    
 second-fastest debut marathon in history and a course record of 2:19:26 to win in 
 Amsterdam 12 months ago, tested positive in Ethiopia before travelling to London. 
 Ethiopian coach Haji Adilo, who advises London Marathon competitors Alemu Megertu and 
 Shura Kitata, also tested positive before travelling but he had not had contact with 
 his athletes in the previous fortnight so they are still safe to race.They are the first    
 casualties of a stringent system that sees athletes and event staff tested firstly in 
 their country of origin, followed by a further test at their hotel on arrival in London 
 and again 48 hours before the race on October 4. Organisers will be hoping there are no
 more positive tests. But nothing is being left to chance with athletes and organisers 
 this week wearing Bump technology – a gadget that buzzes if someone gets too close to you.

 Whatever happens now, London looks certain to be the only race in the Abbott World
 Marathon Majors series to take place this autumn. “We have a quick course,” says 
 Brasher, on a St James’s Park loop that takes place next to Buckingham Palace and 
 which was almost chosen for the INEOS 1:59 Challenge last year. “And you cannot be 
 in a more iconic location in the world.”

 The elite races are set to be shown live on an unprecedented 8hr 20min worth of BBC
 coverage on Sunday. This includes wheelchair races where an innovation includes 
 mid-race sprints to earn bonus prize money and to “ignite” the races in a similar 
 style to those seen in cycling races over the years. “We need to see something that’s 
 going to entertain and inspire us,” says Brasher, “and running, cycling and walking 
 are things people are doing more now as a result of Covid-19.” In addition to the 
 televised races and 45,000 runners tackling a virtual marathon, there is also a 
 virtual Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon with 150,000 primary school children 
 running 2.6 miles this week. “It shows the power of the brand and the inspiration,” 
 says Brasher.

 Mike Peace writes:
 Some of you may know that I will be running - well trying to - my 40th consecutive 
 London Marathon (virtually) on Oct. 4th.This year’s event, for the first time, will 
 not be in London, apart from the elite 30 to 40 runners who will be running multiple 
 laps of St James’s Park. The official London Marathon on the 26th April was postponed 
 until 4th Oct and subsequently cancelled as a result of the continuing concerns about   
 coronavirus. As a consequence The London Marathon organisation have arranged a virtual 
 event to represent the 40th race and people around the country and beyond our shores 
 will be completing 26.2 miles on a course of their choosing, probably near to home or 
 at least on familiar territory.

 In the process many will be hoping to raise money to support the many charities that 
 have suffered a huge loss of income due to the current pandemic. I will be completing 
 the challenge - at a leisurely pace - to support our local Rowcroft Hospice and hope 
 to raise as much as possible to help their valuable work. If you want to shout abuse, 
 offer sustenance or throw money (preferably not coins!) at an old jogger (I used to be 
 a runner) then please see below. ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE. Sunday 4th Oct - start in  
  Moretonhampstead 09.00. Cycle path to Lustleigh (9.40 ish). Parke/Bovey (10.15). Chudleigh   
 Knighton via footpaths (10.50). Clay Pits Way cycle path Kingsteignton (11.20) Newton 
 Abbot racecourse (11.45) Stover path (12.00+) Bovey Tracey/Parke (13.00+) Lustleigh (13.30) 

 Online donations: - Virgin Money giving; Michael Peace 40th London M virtually. 
 Please share with anyone who may be interested. If you’ve read all this - ‘Thank you’.
 If you’re thinking of donating ‘Thank you very much’. If you’ve donated already, well 
 done and ‘Thank you very much indeed’. Anyone wishing to join in - cycling, running or
 walking (watching!) is very welcome. Post run drink - in the pub circa 14.30 (hopefully).

 Mike Peace (see above, Michael for donations)

 The weather forecast for Sunday’s Virtual London Marathon is anything but promising, 
 so the best of luck to all those taking part.

 PAGE CUP 5 miles VIRTUAL HANDICAP  Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September
 Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie report:
 This weekend was the final club handicap race for 2020, the Page Cup. As has become 
 the norm nowadays, it was held virtually with 43 of you running it at some point between 
 Friday morning and Sunday evening. Most of you made it to Richmond Park to run the course 
 (or your own versions of the course, not necessarily intentional)! Meanwhile Simon Taylor 
 and John Scally both creatively ran their own versions of the Page Cup further afield. 

 This course is the same as the Coad Cup, though this time round it certainly felt a lot 
 cooler, and it was a bit blowy out there this weekend. Hopefully you didn’t all get that 
 headwind on the return around Sidmouth Wood! 

 In the handicap, Lloyd Camp won the virtual Page Cup with a clear victory, just under 
 40 seconds ahead of the next runner. Sally Bamford was second, and Sarah Palmer was 
 chasing close behind in third. 

 Gary Armstrong once again set a strong lead for the men, which nobody could beat over 
 the weekend. Jonny Smith came in second place, followed by James Riley. For the women, 
 Sarah Palmer took the lead, beating her Coad Cup course time and earning herself a place 
 in the overall top 10 speed order (as well as bronze in the handicap). She was followed by
 Clare Fowler in second, and Suzy Whatmough in third.

 Whilst a couple of you set PBs (well done Andy Starr and Claire Warner!), others were 
 taking it relatively easy in preparation for marathons this weekend. Good luck to all 
 racing in the inaugural virtual London Marathon!

 As yet we’re not sure whether we’ll be doing more virtual races, or if/when actual races 
 will resume. Stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime, stay safe and happy running!


 ?? Lloyd Camp 26:34 (38:24 actual)
 ?? Sally Bamford 27:12 (42:02)
 ?? Sarah Palmer 27:18 (33:18)

 ?? Sarah Palmer 33:18
 ?? Clare Fowler 35:04
 ?? Suzy Whatmough 35:18

 ?? Gary Armstrong 28:30
 ?? Jonathan Smith 28:59
 ?? James Riley 29:42

 Full results
                                Hcap      Hcap     Actual   Speed 
 Pos.      Name                 Time      Allow     Time    Order 
   1   Lloyd Camp               26.34     11.50     38.24    24   
   2   Sally Bamford            27.12     14.50     42.02    31   
   3   Sarah Palmer             27.18      6.00     33.18     9   
   4   Alberto Esguevillas      27.21      8.20     35.41    17   
   5   Jeremy Day               27.23     11.40     39.03    27   
   6   Jarryd Hillhouse         27.46      6.00     33.46    10   
   7   Claire Warner            27.47     14.10     41.57    30   
   8   Amrut Sharma             27.48     10.20     38.08    23   
   9   Jonathan Smith           27.49      1.10     28.59     2   
  10   Ed Smith                 27.54      8.30     36.24    20   
  11   Marcus Atkins            28.03      7.50     35.53    18   
  12   Wiebke Kortum            28.04      8.50     36.54    21   
  13   Clare Day                28.05     15.00     43.05    33   
  14   Richard Willoughby       28.14      5.40     33.54    11   
  15   David Lawley             28.16      2.20     30.36     6   
  16   Andy Starr               28.28      1.50     30.18     4   
  17   Gary Armstrong           28.30      0.00     28.30     1   
  18   Clare Fowler             28.34      6.30     35.04    12   
  19   Alison Targett           28.38     17.30     46.08    35   
  20   David Ready              28.39      1.50     30.29     5   
  21   James Russell            28.39      7.00     35.39    16   
  22   Gordon Whitson           28.40      9.20     38.00    22   
  23   Felix von Schubert       28.41     10.50     39.31    28   
  24   Fiona Pugh               29.01     15.30     44.31    34   
  25   Gareth Williams          29.02      1.10     30.12     3   
  26   Rebecca Bissell          29.12      9.20     38.32    25   
  27   Ed Forbes                29.15      2.20     31.35     7   
  28   Alex Ring                29.25      6.10     35.35    14   
  29   Sue Camp                 29.46     17.30     47.16    36   
  30   Suzy Whatmough           30.08      5.10     35.18    13   
  31   Cecily Day               30.18      8.20     38.38    26   
  32   Marianne Malam           31.22      9.10     40.32    29   
  33   James Ritchie            31.37      4.40     36.17    19   
  34   Dave Kew                 31.44     17.00     48.44    37   
  35   Neil Rae                 31.47      3.50     35.37    15   
  36   Ed Perry                 32.23      0.50     33.13     8   
  37   Becky Northmore          33.27      9.10     42.37    32   
  38   Simon Lawrence           34.06     15.00     49.06    38   

 Also , not on Page course:
 James Riley 29.42,  Ben Shore 35.50, Simon Taylor 41.01, Janet Turnes 52.25, John Scally 54.35  

 VIRTUAL WATER MARATHON RELAY  Thursday 17th to Sunday 27th September
 This was organised by The Stragglers to replace the River Relay which normally takes place  
 at this time of the year. We and 26.2 RRC were invited to join in but in the end only eleven   teams took part,
 seven of them from Ranelagh. 

 Obviously with the current restrictions this was not a relay in the true sense of the word.   
 Teams of five each ran a distance which together totalled the full marathon. Most competitors 
  elected to run a little over 5 miles / 8km, but each run had to be partly alongside water,  be   it a river or a lake.
 As usual in these virtual events Garmins or some such were used to 
 measure the distance run. Ten days were allowed to run and register each performance.    

 It turned out to be a very successful event for Ranelagh – first and second men’s team, 
 first, second and fourth mixed team, first women’s team and first mixed vets team. Nick 
 Impey recorded the fastest time of 28.55 for the men’s A team, with Gareth Williams and 
 Ed Perry also inside the half-hour. Richard Kimber and James Riley both recorded 31.17 
 for the men’s B team. James Whistler was slightly faster for the mixed A team with 30.41, 
 while that team’s female representation Kathy Henry and Natalie Haarer ran 37.40 and 37.50   respectively. 

 In the actual women’s team fastest were Suzy Whatmough 34.39 and Nicola Douglas 34.50. 
 In the mixed B team fastest man was Ed Forbes on 33.30, while fastest woman was Cecily 
 Day with 38.29. In the mixed vets team Wiebke Kortum set a time of 38.32 and Richard 
 Willoughby ran 34.50. Finally bringing up the rear was the mixed C team headed by Carol 
 Aikin on 45.06 and Dave Kew on 49.18.    

 1  Ranelagh A              2:28.45  (1st men’s team)
    Nick Impey                28.55  distance run 8.5k
    Gareth Williams           29.44  8.43k
    Ed Perry                  29.46  5.24m
    Gary Armstrong            30.08  8.44k
    Tony Barreda              30.12  8.5k

 2  Ranelagh B              2:37.22  (2nd men’s team)
    Andy Starr                31.40  5.24m 
    Dave Lawley               32.15  5.24m
    Richard Kimber            31.17  5.24m
    Pete Smith                31.29  5.24m
    James Riley               31.17  5.24m

 3  Ranelagh Mixed A        2:47.59  (1st mixed team)
    Kathy Henry               37.40  8.44k 
    Natalie Haarer            37.50  5.26m
    James Whistler            30.41  5.24m
    Rick Jenner               30.57  5.24m
    Ross Macdonald            30.51  5.26m

 4  Ranelagh Women A        2:56.21  (1st women’s team)
    Clare Fowler              35.57  8.45k
    Nicola Douglas            34.50  5.21m
    Sally Minchella           36.18  8.45k
    Sarah Palmer              35.22  5.24m
    Suzy Whatmough            34.39  8.46k

 5  Stragglers Women        2:59.02  (2nd women’s team)

 6  Ranelagh Mixed B        3:01.36  (2nd mixed team)
    Ed Forbes                 33.30  5.24m
    Phil Roberts              38.30  5.24m
    Neil Rae                  36.00  5.24m
    Cecily Day                38.29  5.24m
    Rebecca Bissell           40.07  5.26m
 7  Ranelagh Mixed Vets     3:10.41  (1st mixed Vets team)
    Sally Bamford             43.45  5.24m
    Wiebke Kortum             38.32  5.26m
    Marcus Atkins             37.34  8.45k
    Richard Willoughby        34.50  5.24m
    John Shaw                 36.00  5.25m

 8  26.2 Mixed              3:27.52  (3rd mixed team)

 9  Stragglers Mixed Vets   3:33.58  (2nd mixed vets team)

 10 Stragglers Mixed Vets B 3:42.12  (3rd mixed vets team)     

 11 Ranelagh Mixed C        3:51.41  (4th mixed team)
    Ria Woodfield             45.50  5.24m
    Carol Aikin               45.06  5.24m
    Clare Day                 45.54  5.24m
    Alison Targett            46.18  5.27m
    Dave Kew                  49.18  5.26m             
 KEW GARDENS 10k  Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September at Kew Gardens
 We missed some good performances from the results listed in the last e-news, including several   PBs. Well done all!. 
 28   Ed Perry          35.02   
 1037 Andrew Brown      58.00
 1094 Adrian Coates     58.56
 1292 Jo Marshall       62.33
 1422 Narissa Vox       64.56

 17   Gareth Williams   35.13
 40   Pete Smith        37.18                   
 465  Paul Gilbert      48.52
 809  James Old         54.25
 1216 Colette Doran     62.10  

 Ed Perry writes on Facebook: 
 Oh how we’ve all missed RACING!
 And this was the week the the blue and gold most certainly came roaring back to the 
 start lines, and what a joy it was!
 From personal experience, down at the Kew 10k, I think the first thing that should be 
 said is a massive thank you to all race directors, marshals, volunteers and no doubt 
 countless others who have overcome obstacle after obstacle to bring racing back in a safe  
 environment for all of us. And well done to everyone attending, who seemed to be just 
  overwhelmingly grateful for the chance to race again, and abided by the extended list 
 of rules and regulations to ensure everyone was safe and well - long may that respect last!
 It was exhilarating to experience the pre-race camaraderie from all assembled as we all 
 found our way in this same-but different world. To feel once more that pump of adrenaline 
 on the start line and the relief as the waiting ended and the race began.
 As those familiar and much missed feelings of racing hard, chasing others, being caught, 
 dropped, pushing on against body and mind, overtaking, and the exhilaration of crossing 
 that finish line and starting the debrief came flooding back - it was as if one much missed  
 building block of normality had returned. What a weekend!

 BEWL WATER MARATHON  Saturday 19th September
 Andy Freeman finished 3rd in 3.18.

 NEW FOREST MARATHON  Saturday 19th September 
 Nick Twomey finished 8th in 3.08.46 and Jon Lear was 282nd in 4.57.32.

 Of course, this should have been the rescheduled Boston Marathon - and so back in 
 Virtual world a crew set off from Windsor to Richmond to complete it. Congratulations 
 to Bruce McLaren, Kathy Henry, Richard Gurd and Simon Martin - and to all those who 
 supported them. 4 Hours was the goal - well accomplished! Wear your finisher tops with 

 While all that was going down, in deepest darkest Surrey another Ranelagh crew was gearing 
 up to tackle the Farnham Pilgrim Half. With 1000ft of elevation, beautiful scenery and excellent 
 signposting - it was obviously the trail-runners choice for the weekend. 

 1   R O’Neill (unatt)  1:25.47
 24  D Mangan (Fleet)   1:47.00  1st Woman
 30  William Griffin    1:48.25
 33  Jarryd Hillhouse   1:48.52
 50  Rebecca Bissell    1:55.11
 65  Lloyd Camp         1:59.10
 71  Amrut Sharma       2:01.32
 82  Aoife Kilpatrick   2:05.52
 88  Marie-Anne Duncan  2:07.51 
 103 John Hillhouse     2:12.31
 104 Gavin Hillhouse    2:12.32
 138 Sue Camp           2:21.48
 158 Tamsin Burland     2:26.43
 194 Michelle Hillhouse 2:43.16
 195 Robert Hillhouse   2:43.17 
 EXMOOR 10k  Saturday 12th September
 Eirin McDaid was a clear winner in 46.36, with Keeley Phillips 38th in 85.51.

 Tom Armstrong ran 53.01 for 3rd in the junior 400m. 

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 We are sorry to report the death last month of John Offley. Although a first-claim member 
 of Thames Valley Harriers he was for many years a Ranelagh member while he was living in  
 Richmond.  Ultras were his speciality and with Ranelagh support he twice attempted to set  
 a new solo record  for the 267 miles Pennine Way. Luck was not with him on either occasion. 
 His first attempt  coincided with an exceptionally hot weekend and he fell 96 minutes short 
 of the record. Twelve months later he tried again, only to turn his ankle badly on the first 
 day, Our commiserations go to his wife Beryl who was also a Ranelagh member and a successful  Orienteer.     

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