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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 578         12th November 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
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 You should have recently received a note about the publication of our club magazine
 the Ranelagh  Harriers Gazette.
 This is just a reminder to let us know if you would like a printed copy. 
 If so, please reply to  this e-mail giving your postal address. 

 This comes from Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie.
 The challenge: Race the Richmond Park parkrun course, either solo or in pairs,
 anytime between   now and Wednesday 2nd December. (You can also enter backdated
 runs completed from 5th November   2020).
 The “prizes”:
 There will be virtual podiums for men, women and juniors (incl. 5 yearly vets categories),
 as well as podiums for the fastest 
 pairs setting off together (men, women, mixed and adult+junior).
 You don’t need to finish together - it will be a head to
 head challenge, but the faster you push each other, the better  
 your pair score will be.
 There will also be a points prize - you’ll get points every time you race it.
 On any given day,  10 points will be awarded to the fastest runner, 9 to the next
 and so on. All runners will get   at least 1 point. But if you want more - pick
 a quiet day! There will also be bonus points if   you get a course PB.
 For those on Strava - bonus points will also be given for segment PBs, 
 crowns, trophies or legends.

 If you want to get involved...
 - Add yourself to the - spreadsheet 
 - You can sign up as a solo runner, as a pair, or you can add yourself
 as a +1 to someone else.  If you’d prefer to run solo, please
 indicate this on the sheet. 
 - Try to choose a quiet day/time to avoid lots of us congregating at
 the start at the same time. 
 - Run the course (see course map here - https://www.parkrun.org.uk/richmond/course/)
 - Add your time to the spreadsheet 
 - Have as many attempts as you like! Run with as many different people
 as you like (one at a   time)!
 - As ever, please ensure the safety of yourselves and others, and follow
 the current guidance around COVID. 
 Good luck!
 Suzy and James 

 This event runs from November 21st to December 6th. For more info, see:. 

 Ranelagh has had a long association with the Pennine Way, being former
 holders of the relay and  individual records.
 Plans for another relay run are on hold but you may be interested
 to hear that the individual   record has recently been smashed 
 by over three hours. Damian Hall of Corsham AC in Wiltshire ran
 the 268 miles from Kirk Yetholm  to Edale in 61 hours 34 minutes.  

 We have been contacted by Jen at the American magazine Happy DIY Home
 in relation to an article  published in our e-news about ticks and Lyme Disease.
 This is something that we all need to be aware of as runners so this may be an
 appropriate time to reprint part of the article.
 Wherever there are deer there are probably ticks. However, only a small proportion
 carry Lyme   Disease. Ticks will sometimes leave their host and wait on leaves or
 undergrowth to attach   themselves to the next creature that passes, be it another
 deer, a dog or a human. It's worth   checking your skin, particularly your legs,
 whenever you run in a deer-inhabited area - and this  does of course include
 Richmond Park and Bushy Park. If you find a tick - a
 little black bump - it should be removed as soon as possible. For current advice
 and methods of  removal see:. 
 Removing the tick should be the end of the story, even if it was infected.
 But if the tick is   not cleanly removed it can regurgitate the contents of
 its stomach and potentially then infect   you with Lyme Disease.
 If you have had a tick on your skin, look out for a distinctive circular 
 rash that might form around the site of the bite. This is a clear indication
 of Lyme Disease.   See your doctor immediately - a prompt course of
 antibiotics should do the trick.    

 Our two local running shops Up and Running in Sheen and Sporting Feet in
 Richmond are both   currently offering extensive 10% discounts. To claim your
 discount at Up and Running (   www.upandrunning.co.uk ) use code CLUB10 when
 ordering. For Sporting Feet (   www.sporting-feet.com) use code LOYALTY10.   

 RUN THROUGH CHASE THE MOON 5K  Wednesday 14th October at Olympic Park
 Charlie Hyde finished 59th in 22.28.

 INVISIBLE CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles  17-18 October
 This was a virtual event replacing the popular Cabbage Patch 10 which
 would normally have been   run this weekend. Prolific racer Andrius
 Jaksevicius was the winner,
 and there were podium   places for Adrienne Baddeley 3rd W35 and Wiebke
 Kortum 2nd W45.
 1   A Jaksevicius (Vegan)   54.05
 21  Adrienne Baddeley       71.49
 23  Nicola Douglas          72.11
 26  Marcus Atkins           73.53
 35  Jarryd Hillhouse        75.48
 39  Wiebke Kortum           76.28
 40  Lloyd Camp              77.06
 55  Andrew Kew              80.24
 66  Rachel Revett           83.09
 69  Ian Keith               84.26
 76  Dan Chiechi             86.21
 79  Ann Kearey              86.39
 85  Becky Northmore         87.19
 157 Frida Roper            119.56

 HERCULES WIMBLEDON AC INTER-CLUB CHALLENGE 5km Saturday 17th October at Wimbledon Park
 We received an 11th hour invitation to take part in this event, which turned out
 to be of a very  high standard. The course was similar to that used for the
 Surrey Road Relays, slightly short of  5km. Twelve clubs took part, with
 women’s teams of six runners and  men’s teams of ten.
 The athletes were lined up in their pre-seeded waves on the infield 
 before stepping onto the track to be started off at one minute intervals, which
 allowed the  final wave to clear Wimbledon Park  before the first wave began
 their approach back to the  stadium. Results were compiled using chip  timing.
 Best Ranelagh performance came from Cordy Parker whose 18.13 was an impressive
 4th fastest time  of the 75 women taking part.
 Our team went on to finish 5th. For the men Nick Impey ran well but 
 was surprised to find his  excellent 15.42 only good enough for 25th.
 The team placed 11th. Fastest times of the day came from Nick Goolab
 of Belgrave H with 14.34 and Georgie Grgec of   Herne Hill with 16.35.

 1   Herne Hill H            1:51.56
 5   Ranelagh H              2:00.10
  4   Cordy Parker      18.13
 29   Sarah Palmer      19.30
 34   Natalie Haarer    19.56
 36   Suzy Whatmough    20.02
 40   Emma Harris Lloyd 20.19
 65   Izzy Atkins       22.10 

 1   Highgate H              2:34.48
 11  Ranelagh H              3:02.41
  25   Nick Impey        15.42
  71   Gareth Williams   17.00
  80   Dave Lawley       17.15
  88   David Ready       17.27
  96   James Riley       17.44
  99   Rich Kimber       17.47
 103   Pete Smith        18.18
 112   Vaughan Ramsay    20.14
 113   Ben Shore         20.39
 114   James Ritchie     20.40          

 WATER OF LIFE HALF MARATHON  Sunday 18th October at Marlow
 Marc Leyshon finished a clear 2nd in 1:19.19.

 BEACHEY HEAD HALF MARATHON  Saturday 24th October
 This was a tough one, as can be guessed by a perusal of the results. 710 finished. 
 1   S Fabes (VPH&THAC)      1:23.11
 170 Rebecca Bissell         1:58.05
 258 Aoife Kilpatrick        2:08.47
 262 Tony Tovell             2:08.53
 270 Gavin Hillhouse         2:09.58
 272 Claire Warner           2:10.26
 273 Alex Ring               2:10.26    

 THAMES TROT ULTRA OXFORD to HENLEY 47 miles   Saturday 24th October
 Another great ultra run by Suzy Whatmough, 55th overall and 10th woman in 8:27.44.

 P24 CHALLENGE  Saturday 24th / Sunday 25th October
 Congratulations to Deborah Blakemore who successfully completed the challenge –
 that is, to run  one mile on the hour every hour for 25 hours (24 plus one
 extra because the clocks went back). 

 ORC RAMPAGE CHALLENGE  Sunday 25th October at Gravesend
 Ann Kearey covered 16.4 miles in 2:57.58.

 No frights for Jonny Smith as he sped to an excellent first place in a PB of 1:13.35.

 VIRTUAL SECOND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH 5 miles on Wimbledon Common 
 Friday 6th to Sunday 8th November
 Steve Aikin finished 12th in 39.06 with Carol 36th in 44.00.

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