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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 580         31st December 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 A reminder of the current advice from England Athletics for Tier 4:
 Organised outdoor and indoor sport for over-18s is not permitted. You can train with
 your household or one other person in a public outdoor space. You can do unlimited
 exercise within these rules.
 Organised outdoor sport for under-18s and disabled people is allowed. Indoor sport for
 under-18s  is only permitted for education or to facilitate childcare that enables parents
 or carers to  work, seek work or take part in education.
 1:1 coaching can take place in a public outdoor space following social distancing measures 
 Virtual training sessions can be delivered by qualified coaches

 there is still time to join in the RANELAGH FESTIVE CHALLENGE 2020.

 The Challenge
 Run parkrun courses anytime between 7th December and noon on 3rd January to earn points
 and the  chance to win prizes! 

 The Rules 
 Run any and as many parkrun courses as you like. You can run the same course more than
 once and  still earn points.
 10 points will be awarded to the fastest runner overall that day, 9 to the next and so on.
 All  runners will get at least 1 point.
 Bonus points will be awarded if:
 You run more than one parkrun course in one day 
 You wear a festive outfit and take a photo (we will run your entry through our
 festive-ometer to  determine how many points you earn)
 You get a course PB 
 You earn any Strava segment PBs, crowns, trophies or legends.

 The Prizes 
 First place - entry into the next Ranelagh 10k (hopefully 2021!) and a unique winners
 Second place - 2 x 
 Third place - 3 x  
 Fourth place - 4 x  
 Fifth place - 5 x 

 How to enter...
 Add yourself (and your results) to the spreadsheet - 
 As ever, please ensure the safety of yourselves and others, and follow the current
 guidance around COVID. 
 Racing shoes at the ready, EA is putting on a nationwide virtual event right now! You
 have to register yourself, but it's free and works just like our usual virtual races
 using Opentrack.
 It's a mixed relay format with five-mile legs. You've got between 26 December and
 10 January to  run and upload your time.
 This is one for everyone and we really want to see as many of you running as possible. 
 What you need to do
 First you need to register yourself on Opentrack, where you'll upload your time. Do it now! 
 There are a few stipulations on the course you run, etc., so please make sure you take
 the time to read all the details in full on the EA site.

 - Sign up on Opentrack (hopefully most of you are familiar with this now)
 - Go and run five miles as fast as you can between 26 Dec and 10 Jan
 - Record GPS
 - Finish about where you started (200m leeway)
 - Track not allowed
 - Lapped courses cannot use laps less than 1km
 - Upload your result by 11 January

 EA will take the fastest four women and four men from each club to make a mixed
 team of eight.  The top 50 clubs then go on to a second round.
 - it's up to you where and when you run. Heres a potential course. 
 Note that the EA guidance says you must avoid busy parks, so use your judgement - 
 if Bushy is  too busy, then obviously the most important thing is safety, so have
 a backup plan. The main  thing is you can't go point-to-point - you need to finish
 roughly where you start.
 EA seem to be trying to make this as close to the stipulations of a real race as
 possible, so I'm expecting they'll be relatively hot on sticking to the rules.
 Once again - do read them in   full.
 The mixed format should favour us and if we have enough strength in depth, we could
 give a really good account of ourselves

 We need you
 Now, if you're thinking you won't be in the top four, think again. You don't know
 who else is going to run! We really need to ensure strength in depth to be in with
 a chance of a top 50 spot, and that means everyone running. If that's not incentive
 enough, there are a rumours of a club virtual challenge being incorporated into this.

 This appeared unattributed in the October 1922 edition of the Ranelagh Harriers Gazette:

 Tis honour of club that spurs us on
 When weary and fit to drop.
 Tis only a slacker that turns it in,
 And none who can stand will stop.

 Tis a glorious feeling when racing over,
 No matter which man has won,
 To feel that you've run for your club throughout,
 And your race was a race well run.

 Not many!

 RUNTHROUGH CHASE THE MOON 10k  Wednesday 9th December
 Clare Fowler took 2nd place in the W40s, running a pb of 41.38.

 DORNEY LAKE WINDSOR HALF MARATHON and 5k  Saturday 12th December
 Gary Armstrong ran a strong race in the Half Marathon to finish 4th in a PB of 72.26.
 Jonny Smith followed up last weeks Marathon PB with a remarkable 2nd place in
 the 5k with 16.41.

 MAVERICK TERREX 15k  Saturday 12th December at Brighton
 Ally Salisbury finished 139th in this hilly course in 1:56.23.

 NICEWORK RICHMOND PARK 10k  Sunday 13th December 
 Will Harding placed 9th in 39.43 while Karen Campbell was 32nd in 48.58

 1. Join the Strava group:
 2. Log your run and give it a catchy title.
 3. Give our segments a shot!
 4. Check back every week for highlights
 5. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to be set to Everyone
 if you want the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs
 Follow us elsewhere on social:
 Twitter: @ranelaghharrier
 FB: Ranelagh Harriers
 Insta: @ranelaghharriers

 From Track and Field News May 1967 via Athletics International. 
 Whatever happened to these?
 "Regarding coach Bud Winter's plans to try to shave a tenth or two from sprint times,
 by  redesigning the slant of the spikes: the Finnish shoe company Karhu has just
 developed such a  shoe, although, of course, it will not give any advantage on hard
 surfaces. The combination of  the forward slanting spikes and the design of the
 spikes themselves is claimed to take some 0,18  seconds off a sprinter's time for 100 metres.
 The spikes are like knives. Their front edges are  razor sharp and their backsides are
 flat, to brace against the ground. The theory is that the  pivot point is at the tip
 of the spike, rather than at the sole level, enabling the foot to  leave the ground a
 few centimetres farther ahead  of each step. I saw a pair of these shoes  being tested,
 and they seem to work"

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