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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 59               3 APRIL 2002
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers

 Best of luck to all those taking part! Be sure to wear a Ranelagh vest if
 possible - you'll have quite a lot of support on the course but we'll only
 be able to pick you out of the crowds by spotting the club vest. If you're
 not running this year but you're interested in spectating at several
 different spots on the course, a number of us will be meeting as usual
 near the elite women's start. I gather this is to be earlier than normal
 to allow maximum Noddy Radcliffe coverage on the telly. We'll then be
 around the six mile point (just before the Cutty Sark) before gravitating
 towards "Traffic Light Roundabout" on the Isle of Dogs. Please join us -
 the more the merrier.
 In the evening Janet Turnes will as usual be hosting the "Aches and Pains"
 party at her pub, the Wych Elm in Elm Road, KIngston. All runners and
 spectators, please come along if you can still stand and swop your tales
 of wonder and woe, anguish and ecstasy.

 The daffodils are waving, the evenings are drawing out and a strange
 golden orb occasionally appears in the sky. It must be springtime. To
 prove it, along come those sporting harbingers of spring, the University
 Boat Race, the Grand National and of course the Ranelagh Harriers Baker
 Cup. Time was when all three would sometimes take place on the same
 afternoon, but nowadays we tend to steal the thunder by getting in first.
 And so it was on March 23rd that some 50-odd assorted harriers assembled
 at the start of the 3 miles road handicap at White Lodge.
 We unfortunately made the mistake of not giving the guests and new members
 a "G" to wear on their backs to clearly identify them. This caused some
 confusion and disappointment at the finish, not least for young Alex Hook
 who fairly romped away with the race but not alas with the Cup. That went
 to Danny Wakeford's son Robert, who actually crossed the line third,
 behind Alex and another promising youngster Richard Sim. Robert had more
 than a minute to spare over silver medallist John Keep while third place
 went to James Barber, making a valiant attempt to retain the trophy he won
 last year.
 Peter Haarer whizzed around quickest and he and Marcus were several long
 chalks clear of third-placed Chris Owens. Kathy Mallett was fastest woman,
 half a minute ahead of Alice Beverly and Alex Woods.

 It was nice to see some visitors enjoying a sunny afternoon in the Park,
 including Jack Ellicock, Ian and Mary Smith and Allen Horne. The
 opportunity was taken - somewhat belatedly - to award Jack with an
 inscribed tankard to commemorate his 50 years of membership. Later in the
 evening the same award was made to Alan Hedger, but this wasn't the end of
 the story for Big Al. He and Ken Powley were also recipients of South of
 England AA "Service to Athletics" awards, for long service to athletics at
 club level. Alan received the gold award and Ken the silver. Hearty
 congratulations to all three.

 The evening's supper and prize giving - this year in memory of Bill Day,
 whose bequest to the club permitted it to be free of charge to club
 members - saw a packed "Rose of York", a good meal (well, mine was fine,
 anyway!) and efficiently distributed prizes. For the record, the
 season-long competitions for the Points Prize and the McLeod Cup went to
 Bob Beatson and Marcus Gohar respectively, and the David Malleson Trophy
 for the most promising young athlete will be awarded to Alex Hook.

 Alberto Simon reports on Stephen Stuart's run in the Rome Marathon on
 March 24th:
 "Though Stephen had targetted between 3hrs20-25mins he was disappointed
 with his last 10km.  He attributed his 'poor time' to not taking enough
 fuel on board during the race and he experienced some minor dehydration
 due to the windy conditions.  Apart from one stretch of the course which
 you double back on and one hill towards the end, it is a great course
 apparently.  And overall he had a great time in Rome.  It is as beautiful
 a city as everyone says.  He spent the weekend there and was lucky enough
 to be supported along the way by some close friends.
 Well done Stephen!"
 1	V Kipsos (Kenya)	2.09.30
 1122	Stephen Stuart		3.25.12
 Splits: 10km 48.57,  Half Marathon 1.40.30,  35km 2.45.56

 Even further afield, Neil Walford and Bridget Cuthbert competed in the
 very scenic but very tough Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa. This is a
 marathon plus, over a hilly 56km (that's 35 miles in old money). I hope
 one or both will send me an account of the race but for the record they
 finished as follows: Neil 4.52.05 (after passing the standard Marathon
 distance in 3.28) and Bridget 5.35.52 (Marathon 3.52).

 Niels Andersen now has about 25 names for the trip to Denmark for the 1900
 Stafetten relay on April 28th. We hope to have one men's team, one women's
 and one mixed. There may still be time for last-minute additions, so
 contact Niels if you'd like more information:

 Sandy Clark reports on the Ostend to Brugge 10 miles race on March 3rd:
 "6am at Twickenham Station with the temperature barely above freezing, a
 venerable South-West Trains "human transporter" limps to a halt. The
 driver alights and explains to the few shivering souls  that "there's been
 a derailment at Clapham Junction and the lines are up the swanney."
 Any normal person would have taken it on the chin, returned to the warmth
 of their bed and contented themselves with seeking compensation from the
 train operator. We runners however are not "normal" people; we train
 through the worst of a British winter with an objective in mind -- to run
 the race - and will not be deflected from our goal.
 A further forty minute wait was endured before transport was arranged to
 Waterloo. Content in the knowledge I had missed my connection to Dover and
 thus the Sea Cat to Calais and my ultimate destination - Brugge I softly
 cursed those responsible for our decrepit railway system. Dover was
 reached at midday. Time for a pint for getting this far, then on to the
 13.30 sailing to Calais. Arrival in Calais and need to pop in for a beer
 and watch the end of the rugby international on TV before catching an
 onward train.
 I now found myself a customer on a rail system that is comfortable,
 punctual and works and reached Brugge via a final change in Lille and a
 sharpener in the Trois Brasseurs whilst awaiting the connection. On
 arrival, after apologising to my host Jean-Paul and Karrie van Leirsberghe
 from the organising club ABAV, there's just time for a bite to eat and a
 small Trapiste night-cap.
 Race day; and for the first time in weeks perfect running conditions. A
 cool temperature, no wind, overcast. Pre-race administration was excellent
 with numbers being picked up from race HQ and a fleet of buses to take the
 800 or so runners to the start on the outskirts of Ostend.
 Starting somewhat cautiously, this being my first road race in 4 years and
 with the sun breaking through I get in to my race stride and enjoy the run
 through the Polders along the Ostend - Ghent canal. Although J-P goes past
 at four miles I return the compliment passing him at 7 miles and run on to
 finish under my target time of 70 minutes.
 After a shower, a couple of Leffes and a whistlestop look around the
 beautiful centre of Brugge it's back on to the train to Ostend, bus to
 Calais and the journey back to blighty which proves uneventful save for
 the normal Sunday bus connection to Ashford due to "essential engineering
 1	C Nemeth (Belgium) 	47.45
 258	Sandy Clark		67.50

 I haven't heard definite news yet but John Hanscomb just might have pulled
 off the softest club championship ever. With the cancellation of the
 Finchley 20, the club 20 miles championship switched to the Worthing 20 on
 24th March - and it seems that John, who finished in 2.56.53, might have
 been the only Ranelagh Harrier there!

 Also on March 24th some 2500 runners took to the streets and tow-paths of
 Kingston for the Kingston Running Festival:
 16 miles
 1	M Giles			1.32.35
 1031	Chris Spink		2.21.19
 1263	Marina Quayle		2.28.08
 1295	Fiona O'Donovan	2.29.15
 1690	Michael Bartlett		2.49.21
 1754	Bev Ali			2.55.06
 8 miles
 1	K Chebouki (Serp)	44.37
 103	Niels Andersen		60.32
 321	Kylie Rixon		69.39
 605	Hazel Carr		82.01
 657	Lynne Barber		86.44
 658	Jane Wyatt		86.45

 And still on March 24th, Sophie Timms finished 53rd in the Woking 10km in

 The Surrey championship incorporated with the Camberley Half Marathon
 seems to have been sorted out, with a full set of medals to come our way.
 Paul Doyle and Bridget Cuthbert won individual silver and bronze
 respectively and Mike Peace gets a gold in the over 50s category.

 Some more results from the Reading Half Marathon on March 10th:
 1335	John Keep		1.40.52
 2689	John Hanscomb		1.50.53
 4702	David Rowntree		2.04.08
 5648	Marina Quayle		2.13.10

 Plans are progressing slowly, with upwards of 50 people wanting to take
 part! We should be able to field competitive teams in all the categories
 to defend the three trophies we won last time. May 11th and 12th - it's
 shaping up to be the biggest club event of the year! If you're not yet
 down to run and would like to, contact me pdq
 (mailto:srowland@calorgas.co.uk). Even more importantly, we need help with
 the logistics.  If any of you who are unable or unwilling to tackle two
 runs in two days could give up a bit of time to help with driving it would
 be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be the whole weekend - even the
 odd hour or two would help. Contact me as above.

 Chris Owens writes:
 "Last year we organised Sunday runs away from Richmond Park in the North
 Downs near Dorking / Reigate. Several people have already asked 'When are
 we going to Leith Hill again ?' so I thought I'd suggest something along
 the same lines. This first event will be closer and less challenging than
 the Leith Hill version - more of that later in the summer !
 Are you interested in a gentle run in nice countryside followed by a pub
 lunch ? If so, please let us know. The first of these is likely to take
 place on Sunday 21st April - the week after the London Marathon. To make
 it easy and convenient, I'm suggesting we go to a nice area between Esher
 and Weybridge, known as West End. This has the typical English village
 ingredients of a duck pond, cricket pitch, access to very nice tracks and
 trails around the Esher Commons, and a pub with good food and a big
 garden. West End is about 20mins drive from the Richmond area - maps on
 how to get there and where to run will be available nearer the time.
 As before we'd aim to start running in small groups of similar ability
 from about 10.45-11.00ish, so that people can have a run and be ready for
 lunch around 12noon - so we can be first in the queue ! Ground conditions
 are in general similar to Leith Hill - may be muddier than Richmond Park,
 so a change of shoes and extra layers for lunch are a good idea. Outside
 in April can range from nicely warm to quite chilly. Please let me know
 either via Steve and the e-news (click Reply, NOT Reply All !), fill in
 the list in the clubhouse, or mail me direct
 (mailto:chris.owens@unilever.com). This is mainly to let the pub know if
 we are likely to appear with 25 people".

 John Salako won the first prize of 161 in the latest draw held at the
 Baker Cup supper. I didn't hear the values of the second and third prizes
 but they went to David Dunn and Mike Hynd. The draw costs just a tenner a
 year to join. Contact Peter Trainor (mailto:peter.trainor@btinternet.com)

 Bev Ali would like to remind all commitee members that the next meeting
 has been switched from Wednesday 10th April to Tuesday 23rd April.  It
 will take place in the clubhouse at 8.30pm.

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

 Sunday April 14th      London Marathon

 Sunday April 28th      1900 Stafetten Relay in Aarhus, Denmark

 Saturday May 11th / Sunday May 12th	Green Belt Relay

 Sunday May 19th      Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon at Old Deer Park, 8am
 start (yes, really!).

 Entry forms for both the Half Marathon and the Dysart Dash 10km on June
 30th can be downloaded from our web site.

 The former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan achieved the remarkable feat in
 the recent World Cross-Country Championships in Dublin of finishing last
 team in all six races....

 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk