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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 67                4 JULY 2002
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 As you will probably have heard, the clubhouse was broken into on Tuesday
 evening while people were out training and a number of bags and valuables
 were stolen. Obviously the club committee willl be looking at ways of
 improving security, but short of leaving a guard in the clubhouse it will
 be difficult to ensure that the premises are completely secure. If
 possible please don't take valuables with you to the club, or if you do
 please leave them in your car.

 SLH racing machine Stuart Major tucked yet another local road race victory
 into his belt on Sunday when he comfortably won our Dysart Dash 10km
 around the roads and tow-paths of Ham. This was his second victory and
 sixth top three appearance in this race since 1996.
 In '96 and '97 the winner was Hugh Jones but even Hugh is human and those
 old legs (how many miles have they covered?) are getting a little slower
 nowadays - but they were still sprightly enough to carry him to third
 place this year and of course to the top veteran award. Peter Haarer was
 next Ranelagh home in 5th spot but he had his work cut out to stay clear
 of a rampaging Paul Doyle whose improvement continues apace. Marcus Gohar
 gave us four in the first eight and took the second veteran prize and back
 in 12th place Mick Lane completed a clean sweep for the Ranelagh old
 timers. Hugh, Peter and Paul won the team Champagne of course, and the
 Surrey Championship team medals should go, subject to confirmation, to
 Paul, Marcus and Mick. Last Ranelagh man home before women's winner Birhan
 Dagne was a highly impressive William Storey, sub 35 minutes in trainers
 and on little training. Now free of pro football and university, Will's a
 runner we'll be hoping to see more of.
 A little further back came Simon Hedger on a visit from Sydney, and those
 with long memories might also remember former first-team runners Mike Hill
 and Iain Wilson who completed the course in 38 and 41 minutes
 respectively. They both ran unattached but Mike at least plans to rejoin
 us - he even dug out his Ranelagh vest!
 Ethiopian refugee and British international Birhan Dagne was more than
 three minutes ahead of the second woman but Liz Kipling smashed her
 personal best for third place and set the fasest ever time by a Ranelagh
 woman on this course. Sarah Seal also broke new ground in 12th place and
 with Marlene Pautard 15th the team took second place to SLH and should
 repeat this when the Surrey awards are made. Margaret Auerback was second
 over 55 home, echoing the President's second place in the men's over 50.
 Ranelagh had some 40 starters and although the total number of finishers -
 364 - was a little down on last year this was not too bad at all
 considering the clash with both the Race For Life and the Harry Hawkes 8.
 And suprisingly the standard was slightly higher in depth: the last
 finisher on page 1 of Ken's result sheet (148th) recorded 42.27, exactly
 one minute faster than the equivalent last year and more than two minutes
 ahead of the year before that.

 Full results and Club results are on the Results page.

 You should by now have received notification and agenda for the club AGM
 at the clubhouse next Wednesday (July 10th) starting at 7.45pm. Please
 make every effort to attend.
 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "I have attached the results of a questionnaire that we asked to conduct
 by UK Athletics, and the results have been sent to UKA.  It is self
 explanatory and I would like it circulated before the AGM because there
 are ideas that need discussion at the meeting".

 Marcus Gohar reports on the Monday evening fixtures at Battersea Park:
 "My normal weekday track work involves been repeatedly lapped by the likes
 of Anthony Whiteman and Sonia O'Sullivan, whilst battling it out with
 venerable ex internationals, and club runners from the days when doing 33
 minutes for a 10K would elicit inquiries as to whether one was ill or
 The Southern Vets League was altogether more relaxed. In fact at times it
 looked like the set of Dad's Army. The programme was soon running late due
 to the fact that they couldn't find the starter's gun. The starter decided
 to whistle instead. He didn't use a referee's whistle, neither did he risk
 being mistaken for a builder on the scaffolding who had just seen a lady
 jogger. It was more a 'Put your lips together and blow'. Martin Clark
 proved to have better hearing than legs and covered 10 meters before the
 opposition realised the race had started. Alan Craig set a P.B in the high
 jump, his previous best being set when he was a schoolboy. He also
 performed well in the long jump, but on the 100 meters he flew off the
 start and promptly fell flat on his face! There were no blocks for the
 sprint events. There was a danger that if some athletes used a crouch
 start they would not be able to get up!
 I was somewhat dismayed at the appearance on the 5K start of what was
 apparently a vet 25. My preconception of the evening being a steady 5K at
 the front of the field in just under 17 mins was shattered. Miles behind
 the winner I did just under 17 all right,but I was far from steady! Andy
 held on for most of the race before crashing out in the latter stages.
 However, he did manage to run 800 meters in the medley relay while I was
 still learning how to walk again.
 Louise looked impressive on the 400m, Margaret and Sue Healey looked
 strong, and a good time was had by all".

 Fabio Scarpello writes from Jakarta:
 "Hi everyone, here things are going very well. Indonesia and the South
 East Asia in general are journalistically very interesting. I love the set
 up and the cultural differences. I have attempted running outdoor once,
 proudly wearing the club vest, but pollution and amused locals have
 convinced me otherwise. My running is suffering badly but the experience
 is priceless".

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

 Saturday July 6th     Brickmakers Arms Marathon Relay at Windlesham.
 Always a popular low-key event - teams of 10 each running 2.6 miles.

 Wednesday July 17th     Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 6.45pm
 start. All members welcome.

 Sunday July 21st      Elmbridge 10km at Walton. Ranelagh Grand Prix race
 6. 10.30am start. Entry form can be downloaded from

 Friday July 26th      Wedding Day 7km at Bushy Park, Teddington. Grand
 Prix race 7. 7.30pm start. If you ran last year you will probably have
 received an entry form in the post, otherwise they can be downloaded from
 www.stragglers.org. Note this is a very popular race and will most likely
 be fully subscribed. You will probably NOT be able to enter on the day, so
 get your entries in early!

 Sunday August 11th     Surrey 5km at Wimbledon. Grand Prix race 8. 10am
 start. Entry forms in the clubhouse: 3 to Derek Crookes, 209 Lynmouth
 Avenue, Morden, Surrey SM4 4RX.

 Steve Barber's slowish run in the Dysart Dash is attributable to a
 pioneering Ranelagh injury first: a swallow dive while hurdling the
 previous week badly strained all the muscles in his neck.....

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