Newsdesk 2002

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 68               18 JULY 2002
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 COAD CUP 5 MILES HANDICAP  Wednesday July 17th 
 Revenge is a dish best eaten cold, so somebody said. 25 years ago former
 Australian cross-country champion Jim Langford came out on top in an epic
 duel on our mob match course with the young Hugh Jones. Hugh went to minor
 achievements like winning the London Marathon and running in the Olympics
 and World Championships but has evidently only been waiting all this time
 for the opportunity to exact his revenge on Jim.
 This finally came in our summer cross-country handicap for the Coad Cup.
 Jim was visiting the UK with his wife Margaret en route for the world
 Rogaining championships in the Czech Republic (it's a sort of
 long-distance orienteering). Now 58, Jim is still pretty sprightly and
 even dug out his old Ranelagh vest for the occasion. He was given a four
 minute start over Hugh and having run through most of the field must have
 thought himself safe as the finish approached. Then came that moment we
 all know so well - the red-headed streak flashes past as if you are
 standing still. Jim could only watch as Hugh crossed the line ten metres
 to the good. Just wait until 2027!
 Ahead of this drama, Janet Turnes showed a surprising turn of speed to
 secure a comfortable victory over Bob Beatson with Bert Grieco taking the
 bronze medal behind guesting new member Jenni Kruse. Jenni set the fastest
 women's time of the day and Hugh Jones of course was the fastest man by
 nearly three minutes over Gordon the Greek. Nearly 40 took numbers on a
 warm and sultry evening.
 The only road relay where you have to carry batons! It's based on a
 pleasant 2.6 miles lap near Windlesham, nine runners in each team covering
 a lap each and the opening leg runner covering an additional loop to make
 up the full marathon distance.
 We have won in the past and could have done so again this year. In a way,
 we did: we crossed the line first, but having mustered only eight runners
 we had had to send two men out for a second circuit and so incurred a 20
 minutes penalty for their pains. Our women's team was similarly
 short-footed, even after borrowing a couple of runners for the afternoon,
 and was similarly penalised.
 But as Will Storey said, after leading the pack home on both the opening
 and closing stages: "It's better to win unofficially than to lose
 officially". Will was the team's star, his 14.15 on his second time around
 being bettered by only three men all afternoon. Andy B was our only other
 man inside 15 minutes, though President Peace ran two consistent laps just
 For the women it was Eileen Church and a resurgent Clare Nicholson who
 were fastest, and of course they were duly punished by having to run a
 second lap.
 Afterwards most of us repaired to the eponymous and crispless Brickmaker's
 Arms where we watched the silverware fly to British Airways and Sandhurst
 Joggers Ladies.
 Stage finishing positions shown below are of course before the penalties
 were added.  
 1	British Airways		2.37.53
 2	Blackwater Valley R	2.38.38
 5	Ranelagh		2.57.53 incl 20 mins penalty
 	1   Will Storey		15.15 (2.8m)
 	3   Bob Beatson		17.11
 	4   Jonny Rowan	16.25
 	3   Mike Peace		15.10
 	3   Chris Read		17.35
 	3   Andy Bickerstaff	14.58
 	3   Paul Graham		16.03
 	1   Steve Rowland	15.48
 	1   Mike Peace		15.13
 	1   Will Storey		14.15
 15	Ranelagh Lassies	3.39.35 incl 20 mins penalty
 	11  Clare Nicholson	19.13 (2.8m)
 	14  Frances Ratchford	21.57
 	13  Eileen Church	18.22
 	13  Carol Barnshaw	20.14
 	15  Lesley Courtney	21.35
 	14  Louise Piears	19.23
 	13  Sonia Rowland	19.57
 	14  Barbara ?		20.13
 	13  Clare Nicholson	18.59
 	13  Eileen Church	19.42	
 Results from the Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton on June 30th:
 1	A Weir (Thames H&H)	42.17
 33	Alan Davidson		51.54
 36	John Hughes		52.40
 352	Walter Wickham	75.04
 412	Mei Fei Wickham	87.34
 and from the Jim Braben 10km on Wimbledon Common on July 14th:
 1	S Stevens (Herne Hill)	34.10
 6	Mick Lane		35.42
 114	Tom Reay		47.26
 154	John Hanscomb		50.40
 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Wednesday July 10th
 Bev Ali reports: "About 45 or so intrepid club members met for this year's
 AGM....... and fun and frolic was had by all.........
 Congratulations to Steve Rowland on his election to Life Membership, and
 to Robin Drummond on his election to Vice Presidency - and a vote of
 thanks to both for their continuing hard work that we all benefit from.
 The main changes to the Committee are:
 President - Mike Peace continues with unanimous approval, but expressed
 the intention of seeking a replacement in the next few months.
 Honorary Secretary -  Frances Ratchford
 Honorary Treasurer -  although having given notice of his intention not to
 continue, Dave Rowntree was convinced to take on two apprentice treasurers
 - Brian Chard and Chris Read -  for the next few months with a view to
 handing over to either one or both of them, or to continuing with
 Finance Committee Rep - Chris Read
 Running Committee Rep - Sophie Timms
 Women's Vice Captain - Clare Nicholson
 Women's B team/Veterans' team Captain - Margaret Auerback
 Other posts remain unchanged and thanks go to all of the holders for
 agreeing to continue.
 There were several items of discussion that were deferred to the Committee
 to take action on:
 A discussion of the rule for determining eligibility for winning a
 handicap race  (Rule 3.3) resulted in the proposal that the committee
 shall discuss and formulate a revision to the constitution, and take
 whatever steps are necessary to have it in place before the opening of the
 new season in September.  The main point in question was regarding our
 young runners who have been representing Ranelagh in Surrey league races
 (and bringing a lot of credit to the club) but who had never run in a
 handicap race before the Baker Cup.  According to rule 3.3, they were not
 eligible to win.  This seemed patently unfair, and was quite discouraging
 to the youngsters who had worked so hard and accomplished so much all
 year.  If you have any suggestions or opinions on how the rule
 could/should be modified, please either contact a member of the committee
 with them - preferably in a written form to avoid ambiguity - or attend
 the next committee meeting on Tuesday, 6 August 2002, 8:15 pm sharp.
 The apparent loss of revenue in Kit sales will precipitate a  revamping of
 the way in which kit sales are handled.  A written proposal was tabled and
 will be discussed further by the committee.
 Frances Ratchford gave a report on the results of our Clubs:future
 questionaire, and detailed the steps we are taking to move forward as a
 club.  We already have a women's beginners course which attracts new
 members every year.
 Similarly a men's fitness course based on running and circuit training,
 for which we will need a  grant from Richmond Borough, and a cross
 country course for young men are planned.
 A further footnote:  A rough head count by the Honorary Secretary put
 attendance numbers at roughly 40-45, but the attendance sheet only listed
 31 members.  If you were there, but didn't sign in, and wish your presence
 to be recorded, please let either Frances or Bev know about it in the next
 few days".
 Margaret Auerback writes: "You may have noticed the new Ranelagh crop tops
 as worn by some of the team at the Dysart Dash. If any of you would like
 to order one - they are made individually - please e-mail me at