Newsdesk 2002

 Web site: www.ranelaghstats.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/rharriers
 Ken Powley reports:
 "Ranelagh's web site  -  Surreyweb.net/rharriers no longer exists. Web
 hosting on the  Surreyweb.org.uk site ceased as of the 31st August.
 Until such time as we are able to get our own domain name, members can
 access the Ranelagh web site via my own Ranelagh Statistics web site at:
 Please bookmark this as one of your favourites".
 (What press? This is e-mail, you idiot).
 Milos has also put a re-direction onto the surreyweb.net address so if you
 use that you should be taken direct to the main Ranelagh site. 
 A last reminder that this Saturday (September 7th) will see the Opening
 Run of our 122nd season. There will be a club photo at about 2.30pm
 followed by the Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap starting at 3pm. Try to make
 it for the mug shot even if you don't want to run - though all members are
 welcome and encouraged to take part. It's one of the shortest races on the
 calendar so we'll hope to see a good crowd there. If you haven't yet paid
 your subs for 2002 - 2003 please bring them with you - they were due in
 Only a hardened few regulars made the trip to Coutainville for the Enduro
 Pedestre des Sables this year. Clare Nicolson reports:
 "I was 27th woman overall in a time of 52:09. The quality and the depth of
 the women's field is not as good as the men's. It was warm but not
 sweltering and they'd laid on more water than usual. I thought it was a
 fab race. It was bizarre finishing with legs feeling like they'd been
 through the mangle but cardio-vascularly like I'd done nothing at all. I
 definitely will be going again next year and am going to try to rustle up
 some more interest, especially from women as I think we could comfortably
 take the women's team prize". 
 1 	A Mesbah (Morocco) 	46.12
 358 	John Keep 		65.20
 431 	Auguste Lespinas 	66.54 
 704 	Dave Rowntree 		72.41
 868 	John Hanscomb 	76.59
 936 	Brian Chard 		78.32
 1096 	Jean-Paul Mounier 	86.15
 Women's Race 10km
 27 	Clare Nicholson 		52.09
 En route to Coutainville, Clare and PG ran the Neuenkirchen 10km in
 Germany on August 17th. Here's Clare again: "The course was flat, one
 small loop of just under a kilometre then three larger loops. It was 17.30
 in the afternoon and a reminder of how it felt running the Dysart Dash at
 10.00 on a June morning i.e. sweltering at 33 degrees in the sun. The
 Germans were ready with the sponges and water though ...434 ran, 433
 finished and 1 was disqualified (for what one wonders ...????)".  
 1	J Bischoff (Germany)	31.57
 115	Paul Graham		41.41
 222	Clare Nicholson		45.47
 Lizzie Clifford finished 3rd in the multi-terrain Henfield Half Marathon
 in West Sussex on 25th August in 94.14. Lizzie was one place and two
 minutes (all but a second) behind Marlene Pautard who on this occasion was
 in the colours of her second-claim club, Lingfield Runners. Winner was
 SLH's Gill O'Connor in 87.59 and 7th was Sue Ashley, also representing
 SLH, in 99.44. 
 Also on August 25th, not far away in Portsmouth, was the Havant Summer 5
 1	P Buckley (Soton RC)	25.59
 35	Steve Rowland		32.11
 38	Alan Davidson		32.21
 47	Allan Lang		33.29
 89	Sonia Rowland		37.51
 Margaret Auerback finished 4th in the Over 55s 1500 metres at the European
 Vets Championships at Potsdam on August 19th. Margaret recorded 5.32.36,
 with fellow Brit Pat Gallagher, whom Margaret had unexpectedly beaten in
 the British Championship, 2nd in 5:20.44.
 Mike McDowell writes:
 "At the age of 74 I won my first Gloucestershire championship in the 5km
 road race on 15th August. In humid conditions on an undulating course I
 did 24.34. No, I wasn't last! I beat four people and lost to two more on
 the run in".
 Paul Doyle reports from trackside:
 "Conditions were ideal for the Surrey county 10,000m Championship: warm,
 sunny and still. Defending champion Roger Alsop of Belgrave commented
 before the race that it was the best quality field since '93! And so it
 A fine run from Jason Simpson SLH stole the title in 30.33 by a large
 margin, followed by a Belgrave trio, with Alsop just missing out on the
 1	J Simpson (SLH)	30.33.0
 6	Paul Doyle		34.04.0		
 In her SLH colours Sue Ashley was the first woman home and was credited
 with an impressive 41.30.8, just over a minute behind Clive Beauvais. Sue
 explains: "Actually it was more like 43.12 - they miscounted my laps and
 refused to believe me when I said I had one more to go!"
 It's all Clare Nicholson this week! This time she's in her wardrobe
 mistress hat:
 "For the next couple of weeks please direct all requests for kit directly
 to me on (020) 8783 0594 or at clarenicholson@hotmail.com . "
 Price List and Order Form
 Colin Gostelow comments on the Nike 10km to be held in Richmond Park on
 September 22nd:
 "It's interesting to note that (a) it is being promoted as a fun run, not
 race, and will not have a UKA permit; (b) participants are being told to
 leave their cars at home, use public transport and then walk!
 I am intrigued to know where the buses and trains are coming from, and to
 see 20,000 participants and spectators walking up the hill from Richmond -
 or have I missed something?
 I aim to turn up to see how it's done!!".
 The elite field is likely to include Paula Radcliffe, Jo Pavey, Sonia
 O'Sullivan, Elana Meyer, Mohamed El Mouaziz, Hendrick Ramaala, Jon Brown
 and Karl Keska. Not to mention Paul Doyle. The start is at 10am near Sheen
 Cross Roads and the course comprises an almost complete loop of the Park's
 road circuit. 
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
 Saturday September 7th   Thomas Cup Handicap at Richmond Park. See above.
 Race at 3pm, club photo at 2.30pm. Do try to be there!
 Saturday September 14th   Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon, from 1pm. Races
 for men and women, including veterans categories.
 Saturday September 28th    Southern Road Relays at Aldershot  
 Saturday October 5th     Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park, 3pm
 Steve Rowland
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