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 SOUTHERN ROAD RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS  at Aldershot  28th and 29th September 
 Stars of the weekend were our over 60s who won silver medals even without
 potentially their fastest man Bill Harvey. Marcus Gohar reports:
 "We managed to turn out six senior teams in all, three of young ladies and
 three of old gentlemen. The latter ran on Saturday, the V40s led off by me
 - gulp! I did a P.B.  - just - but it wasn't as good as previous form had
 suggested I could do. My usual dynamic sprint finish saw me surrender 4th
 place before handing over to Chris Owens. At the half way point Chris had
 recaptured 4th, but a tidal wave was rapidly building up behind him.
 Nonetheless, he ran a splendid leg, holding on to 10th place. Kevin
 slipped a little, but Andy was holding on to 13th when I shouted to him
 that the runner in front either had an itch or an injury on his hamstring,
 which he was frantically rubbing. The guy promptly stopped and Andy lifted
 us up to 12th, were we stayed. 
 While the B team was working well in the middle of the field, Martin Clark
 had brought the V60s in in 7th place on the opening lap. Alan Howard
 lifted us up to 4th, Pete Warren ran a stormer into 2nd place which Allan
 As for the ladies, the field charged off into the distance then half of
 them stopped, allowing the wiser Sarah Seal to charge through the field to
 23rd place, which is more or less where they finished. Liz Killing(*) ran
 well again on the final leg, but had to struggle to past a very very fast
 little old lady (who'll kill me if she reads this) on the final sprint.
 The other teams performed well, and brought honour to the club vest, which
 is more than can be said for the senior men, who at Ranelagh don't exist -
 yet. A good time was had by all, especially the V60s, who all have
 "Southerns" medals, which I don't".
 (*) 'Killing' is Marcus's spell-checker's version of Kipling, but it
 doesn't seem inappropriate...
 Sarah Seal elaborates on the women's event:
 "The late September sunshine and the luxury accommodation courtesy of the
 new club tent gave our lasses that little bit of extra motivation to run
 as quickly as their lovely legs would take them round the undulating roads
 of Rushmoor Arena. 
 I had a rather pleasant gallop around the 1st leg, managing to pass rather
 more runners than I expected. On the 2nd leg Marlene started steadily,
 picking up the pace around the second half of the course. Then it was over
 to Bridget who raced ahead gaining 2 places to bring us into 28th place at
 the end of the 3rd leg. Liz stormed round the last lap, cruising past a
 further 7 runners to bring the team home in 21st place out of 54 teams.
 Total time for the team was 60.01, 7 seconds faster than the previously
 "fastest" Ranelagh time in 1998. 
 For Team B, Clare had a fantastic first leg, enjoying the quickest run
 she'd had all year. Sue then took over, again having an excellent run and
 gaining a futher 9 places. Eliete in v. good form climbed a further 7
 places on her leg with Kathy finishing a further 2 places up in the final
 leg for this team (36th place). 
 Jo Shearsmith's first relay experience has left her eager for more after
 her 1st stage run for Team C. Sam and Lucy running the 2nd and 3rd legs
 worked their way up the field, both finishing smiling(!) up the slight but
 everlasting hill to the finish.Then despite driving back from Devon just a
 few hours earlier and doing a hilly 10 mile run the day before, Sonia
 gained an extra 6 places to give the team a finishing position of 46th.
 Vets Over 60
 1   Havant		1.39.25
 2   Ranelagh		1.41.06
 	Martin Clark		25.39
 	Alan Howard		25.49
 	Pete Warren		24.36
 	Allan Lang		25.02
 Vets Over 40
 1    Bournemouth	1.18.34
 12  Ranelagh		1.23.29
 	Marcus Gohar		19.46
 	Chris Owens		21.07
 	Kevin Jacques		21.10
 	Andy Bickerstaff	21.26
 43  Ranelagh B		1.36.21
 	Simon Lawrence        	22.56
 	Mike Bruce		22.43
 	Clive Naish		24.30
 	Wyn Williams		26.12
 1    Bedford & County	52.58	
 21  Ranelagh		60.01
 	Sarah Seal		14.31
 	Marlene Pautard		15.41
 	Bridget Cuthbert	15.33
 	Liz Kipling		14.16
 36  Ranelagh B		64.42
 	Clare Nicholson		16.10
 	Sue Healey		15.53
 	Eliete Nascimento	16.18
 	Kathy Mallett		16.21
 46  Ranelagh C		68.45
 	Jo Shearsmith		16.43
 	Sam Grant		17.28
 	Lucy Facer		17.37
 	Sonia Rowland		16.57
 Alan Davidson was first over 55 in 34.40 in the "Switchback 5" at Lloyd
 Park, Croydon on September 21st.
 Mike McDowell plans to take part in the Page Cup 5 miler on Saturday and
 afterwards - to celebrate 51 years of membership of Ranelagh Harriers -
 he'll be providing a polypin of real ale, plus some scrumpy and soft
 drinks, which he hopes we'll all help him consume in the clubhouse. Cheers
 Mike, I'll be there...
 These, as usual, are to be held in Richmond Park on Saturday October 19th,
 starting at 2.30pm. Although it's on our course and based at our clubhouse
 this is a Surrey county event and Ranelagh members need to enter in
 advance like everyone else. Entries are usually accepted on the day but
 are ineligible for team awards. We've lost out on medals because of late
 entries before now, so if you plan to run please make sure your name is on
 the list. Contact Clive Naish (clive.naish@bt.com) or Margaret Auerback
 (margaret.auerback@virgin.net) by 12th October. They will need your date
 of birth and year of joining Ranelagh (if you can remember that far
 back!). Entry fee is 3 per head. 
 Peter Trainor writes:
 "Many members will be aware from correspondence displayed on the Clubhouse
 notice board that arrangements for Worker Entries for the 2003 London
 Marathon have changed from those we've been used to so far, as also have
 those for any members just willing to help with Registration
 Members now have a choice of either working three days for a guaranteed
 entry into the Marathon, or working and being paid by the London Marathon
 organisation. It is only for the Wednesday 9 April to Saturday 12 April
 2003 Registration period that duties will be available for us this time.
 (The usual March 'sort session' has been discontinued). 
 Members wishing to work for a guaranteed entry should submit their entry
 applications via Peter Trainor, together with a Time Sheet supplied by
 Flora London Marathon, on which the three chosen work days are to be
 indicated. Copies of the Time Sheet are already displayed on the
 noticeboard, and a supply will be made available in the Clubhouse. Members
 wishing merely to help at Registration must also fill out the Time Sheet
 and will be paid at the rate of 55 per day with tax paid by the London
 Working hours will be Wednesday to Friday inclusive 09:15 to 20:00 each
 and every day - Saturday 07:15 to 18:00. 
 Lunch and Tea food will be available each day, together with liquid
 refreshment, and a T-shirt will be provided for each of the working days
 with a Sweat shirt being allocated in addition, to those who work two days
 or more. 
 Peter Trainor has been asked to submit all of Ranelagh Harriers' Worker
 Entrants' entry applications and timesheets, and any other Ranelagh
 Helper/Workers' timesheets, to reach the Marathon's Registration
 Co-ordinator no later than Monday 21 October 2002, so obviously members
 will need to get their individual paperwork to Peter Trainor in sufficient
 time for that to be achieved. 
 The above procedure applies to all Ranelagh members, except any who may
 have received a separate letter of invitation to be part of the
 registration working team, where the latter category are required to
 return their forms to Janet Smith at the Marathon Office. 
 For those that have to submit their Entry Applications and/or Timesheets
 via Peter Trainor, his address is:
 30 Hatch Place
 KT2 5NB
 Phone: 020 8541 3579
 E-mail: peter.trainor@btinternet.com."
 Winners of the draw at the Thomas Cup last month were Dominic White
 (160), Ian Grange (67) and Ted McCabe (40). What do you mean, you're
 not in the Draw??? It's only a tenner a year to join - contact Peter
 Trainor (details as above). 
 second only to Hugh Jones in Ranelagh's marathon ranking lists, has long
 been a resident of the USA but was recently in contact with Jim Forrest:
 "He tells me he is still churning out the miles in the USA and that he may
 be visiting the UK around Xmas time to see family here.  When I find out
 exactly when he 's coming, I'll let people know".
 for a few weeks is erstwhile South London and Ranelagh Harrier Paul
 Timblick, now based in Peru.
 to Peter Haarer who became engaged to Fiona during the summer.
 I'm sorry to report the death at the age of 91 of one of the club's most
 senior members, former club President Gordon Seconde. An obituary will
 follow in the next e-news.
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
 Saturday October 5th     Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park, 3pm
 Saturday October 12th      Surrey Cross Country League Division One: men
 at Brockwell Park, women at Epsom Downs. Note the change of venue for the
 women's fixture - not Richmond Park as shown in the Fixture Card.
 Saturday October 19th    Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships at
 Richmond Park. 2.30pm start. See above.
 Sunday October 20th      Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham,
 incorporating our Callis Cup 10 miles road championship. 10 am start.
 Entries 9 (payable to The Cabbage Patch Run) to 29 Stourton Avenue,
 Hanworth, Middlesex TW13 6LA. Entry forms can be downloaded from
 www.stragglers.org. Entry on the day 12.
 I'm told that Brian Chard ducked under 23 minutes in the Serpies 5k last
 Friday which is about one and a half minutes faster than he could manage
 before his heart attack...
 Steve Rowland
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 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk