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 MOB MATCH v THAMES HARE & HOUNDS  Saturday November 30th in Richmond Park
 OK, I know you've read it all before, but here it is again anyway. Your club
 needs you! This Saturday! Seven and a half miles! Richmond Park! 2.30pm!
 Presumably you like running in the Park, you wouldn't have joined us
 otherwise. So why not enjoy a Saturday afternoon run with company? In mob
 matches, all runners count towards the final result. So you can make a
 difference, even if you're old, slow and all the other excuses I usually
 use. Just turn up and collect a number from the clubhouse or up at the start
 opposite Pembroke Lodge. See you there!
 In the evening we'll be having a supper with our guests at the Rose of York.
 Price about £8. 

 DYSART and ELLIS CUPS  Saturday December 7th in Richmond Park
 These are two inter-club races open to all members. The women's race for the
 Dysart Cup (6km) also includes our own club women's championship for the
 Hugh Jones Salver and our club women's veterans championship (over 40s) for
 the new Trish's Trophy in memory of Trish Macé. All our female members - all
 ages and speeds - are encouraged to take part. Start time is 2pm. This will
 be followed (nominally at 2.30pm, probably a few minutes later!) by the 8km
 men's race for the Ellis Cup. Again, all are welcome to run.  

 SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1  November 16th at Roehampton Vale, Wimbledon Common
 "That was a real cross-country course," was the refrain I heard oft repeated
 during the afternoon, though whether approvingly or not is hard to say.
 Thames had laid their usual winding trail through the Wimbledon woods with
 plenty of climbs, a stream to ford and ...mud. Thames's Andy Weir told me it
 was as muddy as he could ever remember. 

 The women were first away and set out to give the course a good churning.
 There were 19 yellow doggies on the starting line, one more than in the
 first league race but still two short of the record League turn-out of 21.
 Cracking that record is one of Sarah and Clare's targets for the season -
 maybe at our home fixture in January? Anyway, it wasn't just numbers - the
 strength was there too. Sarah put in another Captain's innings and sprinted
 past two SLH rivals in the long finishing straight for a top ten placing.
 Kristina was as strong as ever in probably her last race before knee surgery
 and Sara was a great addition to the team and battled with Kristina all the
 way. Bridget continued her good form and Clare battled past Kathy to
 complete the A team's scoring quintet. We had nine in the top 50 home, which
 shows excellent and encouraging depth. We finished 4th on the day after our
 3rd place in the opening race but contrived to move up to a great 2nd
 overall. SLH are probably out of sight but holding on to second would equal
 our best-ever League result.

 Our team in the combined Under 20/Under 17 race scored its second straight
 win led by Estelle who travelled down from Loughborough especially for the
 race. Anair and Jessica were close behind and Hannah and Laura completed
 Ranelagh's 33% of the total finishers! The best result came at the end when
 Alex Hook scored her first League individual win in the Under 13 event. With
 Clare, Emily and Alice backing up the team is sure to have stayed in overall
 contention, though I don't have the details yet.     

 The junior men were next in action and it was good to see some blue vests in
 the thick of the action which was otherwise dominated by the strong SLH
 squad. Dan, Ben and Matt all improved on their finishing positions in the
 first race, with Dan and Ben both making the top three, and they were joined
 by canoeist Jordan Mungovan for what should have been a promising team
 result. The published details were a bit vague, just as they were for the
 girls, so I'll pass on more info when I have it.

 Last up were the senior men and the course was now in prime condition. We
 had 20 starters but lost one fairly early on. Peter Haarer was our top man
 all the way, always I think in the teens. Hugh made his usual steady start
 but found it hard on this occasion to progress as far through the field as
 he usually does. "My shoe is coming off," he growled as he splashed through
 the water on the second lap. Julian also made a tentative start after
 several weeks off through injury but years of training on the common
 evidently stood him in good stead and he pranced lightly through the mud to
 pass Marcus just before the end. Marcus, whose attitude to the mud was that
 there might be a crocodile lurking in it, was our last man in the top 50,
 but Paul, Mick and Andy were not far behind. Then came CO, celebrating his
 50 years with another fine performance. Will Storey provided a welcome bit
 of youth to an otherwise somewhat grizzled team, even if AW insisted on
 listing him as a vet, and Kev anchored the scoring ten. It was good to see
 some new younger faces amongst the non-scorers (no, not you Stephen) and
 hopefully some of them will be knocking on the door of the scoring team
 before long.

 We finished 6th on the day and stand in a relatively safe mid-table 6th

 Margaret Auerback reports from the Home Countries Masters International on
 November 16th:
 "The home countries international xc took place at Sentry Hill Park in
 Ballymena last weekend. England scooped up most of the team and individual
 medals although they had some tough opposition in all the categories. Julian
 Critchlow was overall winner of the men's race and looked even more
 impressive than the previous week when he ran the fastest lap in the
 national xc relays. The women's race was won by Ann Keenan-Buckley of
 Ireland whose next target is the world xc championships.
 I was particularly looking forward to this race as last time I ran here I
 had a superb run.  Unfortunately this time it wasn't to be, I've only had
 one worse race when I ended up on a stretcher in Belgium!  About a third of
 the way through medal hopes disappeared and I now fully understand the
 meaning of "going backwards rapidly". I eventually finished a very
 disappointed sixth.
 Anyway the rest of the weekend was really good although the post race party
 ran out of Guinness far too soon. There was a good Irish band and the
 dancing got out of control - think men in women's fishnet tights and you've
 got the picture.
 A short sleep and out for the Sunday morning group run, proudly wearing our
 England tops, even Ray managed to get himself out. All in all a good
 weekend, shame about the race..."
 Women Over 55
 1 C Wolstenholme (England) 20.07
 6 Margaret Auerback 21.39        

 Allison O'Neill finished 7th in the Reebok Brighton 10km on November 17th in
 38.05, a time which elevates her to 10th place on Ranelagh's all-time
 ranking list.  

 Brian Chard reports from Lyon in France: 
 "At the invitation of Mandy Holliday and John Newton a small tourist party
 of ageing or infirm "Ranalaghites" visited them in Lyon last weekend with
 the intention of running in "le Jogg'iles". We flew from Heathrow to Lyon on
 a scheduled BA flight (very cheap at £81 return) on Friday and returned on
 Sunday. Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday were spent doing what
 Ranelagh members for generations seem to do best (i.e. not running but
 eating and drinking) and talking about the race on Sunday. It rained heavily
 for most of this time. Our hosts looked after us brilliantly (they will need
 a mortgage to cover the wine bill alone!) and, suitably tired and sloth
 like, we drove to the start on Sunday morning. Expecting a fairly low key
 event we were amazed to find seemingly most of the population of Lyon was
 turning out for the event. There were separate races ranging from 30k down
 to 1.5k (for the youngsters only). The course was at an outdoor pursuits
 centre and was flat and on paths and country lanes. We all decided on the
 10k race and received our race number and electronic foot tags. They also
 provided morning coffee and ham rolls if you wanted. Our event was due to
 start at 10.00am but was put back for 30 minutes because of the rain. It
 actually stopped raining about 20 minutes before we were due to start and
 the skies cleared and the rest of the day was sunny but not warm. There were
 about 600 runners in the 10k and similar numbers in the preceding 15k, 20k
 and 30k events. The start was a bit congested and you needed to avoid a set
 of bollards after about 200 yards. There was a French official at that point
 shouting quite loudly but most of us didn't know what he was saying and only
 got to know about the bollards from the sound of a few French pacesetters
 gasping for air after they encountered the cleverly hidden obstacles at
 speed. Avoiding this hazard, the race opened out and was very well
 marshalled and organised. I think everyone was pleased with their times and
 with the race memento (nifty little hat!).
 We have promised to return. John is going to look out for another of these
 multi-race events and I would recommend them. Certainly Lyon is a lovely
 city and well worth a visit". 

 Le Jogg'iles 10km  17 November 2002
 Clive Naish 42.54
 Brian Chard 45.04
 John Newton 46.20
 Brian Coles 48.38
 Wally Garrod 48.47
 Teresa Segovia 49.50 (pb) 

 Anair Beverly, representing Richmond, won the Under 17 race at the London
 Heathrow Youth Games at Parliament Hill on November 23rd. She recorded
 12.38, nearly 20 seconds clear of the runner-up. In the Under 13 event Alex
 Hook finished 6th. 

 Anair's sister Alice, in her first term at Oxford University, has been
 selected for the University's 2nd team in their match against Cambridge this

 COMMITTEE MEETING  November 5th 2002
 Highlights of the meeting, attended by 14 committee members and observers:
 * Discussions were held about the cost of the new UKA coaching
 qualifications (in excess of £500). It was agreed that outside fund raising
 and sponsorship should be investigated. It was pointed out that though the
 club coaches are regularly at the club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, none of
 them is able currently to attend on Wednesdays. Andy Bickerstaff agreed to
 explore Wednesday night coaching requirements and Robin Drummond and the
 other coaches would meet to discuss future plans.
 * Alan Craig reported that he had cleared the pathway at the back of the
 clubhouse and that the boiler had been serviced but that the heating timer
 was still causing problems. A working party was scheduled for Saturday 9th
 to tackle some exterior maintenance.
 * A suitable venue for the Baker Cup annual supper and prize giving on April
 6th was being sought.
 * Issues relating to car parking at the clubhouse and the use of Richmond
 Park for races are still being pursued.
 * Six new members were elected, as below.

 To new members Caroline Bolam, Amelia King, Reena Hughes, Keith Firkin, Matt
 Hirschler and Andy Hayward. 

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or
 Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / mailto:sarahs@walker.co.uk). 

 Saturday November 30th  Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds in Richmond Park,
 including the club veterans' championships. Start 2.30pm. See above for

 Saturday December 7th  Dysart Cup invitation women's 6km in Richmond Park
 including Hugh Jones Salver club women's championship and Trish's Trophy
 club women's veterans championship. Start 2pm, followed by Ellis Cup
 invitation men's 8km at 2.30pm. See above for details. 

 Saturday December 14th  Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers in
 Richmond Park. 7.5 miles starting at 2.30pm.  
 "I don't train. I just run between 3 and 15 miles a day". Jack Foster (NZ
 marathon runner). 

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