2019~2020    FIXTURE LIST      139th Season                          
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DATE      VENUE                         EVENT                                DISTANCE  TIME 
Jan  4 Wormwood Scrubs Middlesex County Women's XC Championship                  8km   13:00
                       Middlesex County Men's XC Championship                   12km   13:45
     5 Denbies,Dorking Surrey County Women's XC Championship                     8km   11:45
                       Surrey County Men's XC Championship                      12km   13:45
    11 Wimbledon Com.  Surrey Women's XC League  Div 1                           8km   11:00
       Chobham Common  Surrey Men's XC League  Div 2                              5m   14:30
    18 Roehampton      Inter Club v Bank of England                             4.9m   14:30
                       inc. Hec Petersen Trophy v Ealing, Southall & Middlesex              
    25 Parliament Hill Southern Women's XC Championships                         8km   14:05
                       Southern Men's XC Championships                            9m   14:50
Feb  8 Richmond Park   Surrey Women's XC League  Div 1                           8km   13:00
       Lloyd Park      Surrey Men's XC League  Div 2                            5.5m   13:00
    22 Nottingham      National Women's XC Champs.  inc. The Aotearoa Trophy     8km   14:20
                       National Men's XC Champs.  inc. The Roffey Salver        7.5m   15:00
Mar  7 Richmond Park   MOB MATCH v Blackheath for the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup      7.5m   11:00
                       inc. Wynne Cup Club Champs. and Sealed Handicap                      
     8 Ruislip         Hillingdon 20      Spendlove Cup                          20m   09:00
    14 Richmond Park   The Clutton Cup XC Handicap                               10m   14:00
    21 Richmond Park   Ranelagh Cup Schools Race        Cancelled                6km   14:00
    22 Milton Keynes   Southern 6 Stage Road Relays - Women   Cancelled      5km legs  13:00
                       Southern 12 Stage Road Relays - Men    Cancelled   8km/5km legs 12:00
    28 Richmond Park   Inter-Club Race v Hercules Wim. Milocarians and others   5.5m   15:00
                       and Club Junior Champs.       Cancelled                  2.5m        
Apr  4 Richmond Park   The Baker Cup Road Handicap            Cancelled         3m     15:00
                       Annual Club Supper and Prizegiving     Cancelled                19:00
 Postponed, until Oct  The London Marathon inc.The Winter Cup Men's Club Champs 26.2m  09:30
                       and The Brasher Bowl  Women's Club Champs.                           
May 10 Petersham       Ranelagh Half-Marathon        Cancelled                  13.1m  08:30
                       inc.  J.F.Williams Trophy and White Rose Bowl                        
    16/17 Hampton Crt  Green Belt Relay              Cancelled                  22 legs     
Jun 21 Ham             Ranelagh Richmond 10K         Cancelled                  10km   09:00
Jul 14 Richmond Park   The Coad Cup XC Handicap      Cancelled                   5m    19:15
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