The Page Cup is the second cross country handicap of the season.  It is started 'off the mark', that is
 to say,  the runners are given a handicap allowance dependant  upon their ability, with the slowest runner
 going off first, and the remainder following at 10 second, or greater intervals.                                                     
    The fastest  runner, the 'scratch man' goes off last.   If everyone runs to the form predicted by            
 the handicapper Bruce McLaren, then they should all finish together.                              
    The winner receives the Page Cup, which is held by the recipient for one year. 
  Medals are awarded to the second and third,  and also to the three fastest men      
 and three fastest women.                                                                                                                
   The Page Cup was first competed for in 1884, having been presented to the Club by W.C.Page.
 Unfortuneately this trophy was stolen with others in 1976, and was never recovered.
 The present trophy was purchased with the insurance money, and engraved with the names of all past winners. 
  The Page Cup Handicap is one of five events, for which points are allocated towards the Points Prize  
  Trophy.     Ten points for the fourth finisher in the handicap,  down to 1 point for the thirteenth finisher.    
  The member accruing the most points at the end of the season,  wins the trophy.           
 Eligibility :    Any member who has not competed in at least three events, from those listed on the fixture
  card, or in the Road Grand Prix, is not eligible to win a prize, and must run as a  'guest'.      
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