With the increasing difficulty of being able to obtain a place in the London Marathon, it has been decided that for the purposes of the Road Grand Prix, points may be achieved by running in any Spring Marathon, prior to the third Road Grand Prix event on the 5th May.
Road GP points, for any Spring Marathon will be allocated in 'chip time' finishing order.
Results for Event 2
Chip Time Name Marathon Age Cat.
2:40:57 Carl Selya-Hammer London SM
2:59:21 Ed Barker London M40+
3:08:34 Duncan Mallison Paris SM
3:16:09 Peter Weir London M45+
3:16:19 Bill Neely London M50+
3:23:44 Ben Shore Paris SM
3:24:17 Becky Hall Brighton SL
3:24:17 Rob Curtis Brighton M40+
3:25:34 Sean Paynter London SM
3:25:50 William Griffin London M45+
3:26:12 David Rowe London M40+
3:27:02 Paul Sinton-Hewitt Seville M50+
3:28:17 Phil Jackson London M60+
3:29:10 Lars Lundqvist Paris SM
3:29:36 Karen Weir Seville L35+
3:29:44 Neil Walford Sunderland M45+
3:30:06 Bruce McLaren Boston M45+
3:30:34 Cathy Jones Paris L35+
3:34:01 Mike Peace London M60+
3:35:33 Stephen Logue London M55+
3:36:02 Christine Palmer London SL
3:36:03 Jane Craigie-Payne Seville L40+
3:37:15 Ian Grange Seville M50+
3:39:27 Andy Hayward London M55+
3:41:52 Paul Rider Paris M45+
3:44:57 Amelie Hunton London U20
3:52:54 Heather Martingell Seville L45+
3:59:33 Dave Munt Brighton M50+
4:02:47 Ally Salisbury Seville L45+
4:08:47 Hannah Doyle Seville L35+
4:14:25 Tomas Sterner Brighton M50+
4:16:49 Kate Brook London L35+
4:16:50 Chris Brook London SM
4:27:05 Lorraine Clifton London L55+
4:45:28 Mark Herbert London SM
4:48:03 Kirsty Bangham Brighton L35+
5:18:15 Tanya Allen Brighton L45+
5:21:19 Stacey Barber London SL
5:44:01 Deirdre Inman London L50+
5:44:01 Cindy Croucher London L40+
5:44:27 Sharon Rowe Brighton L40+