Thursday Track - SPEED SESSIONS



Int 1

Int 2 (& Juniors)

Int 3



These shorter sessions are designed as an alternative to the longer Endurance sessions (as well as the sessions we offer on Tuesday nights). We will do extra drills for technique and strength as part of these sessions. These reps are much more lactate intensive and make use of the fast, flat, track surface. The focus here is on doing each effort hard (flat out or a specific fast pace/effort) for the relevant distance. Therefore the number of repetitions is secondary in terms of importance - intensity is key. This also means that we aren't slaves to the individual session i.e. the number of repetitions is meant as a guide rather than set in stone.




200m Repetitions

MOB v Stragglers
+ Junior Race Series (4-Ranelagh)



30 secs static recovery between reps and 6 mins jog/walk recovery between the two sets

  No. of reps

2 x (4 x 200m reps)


200m flat out effort but with a short recovery (30 secs) between the 200m reps is the additional challenge. Then we have a long recovery (approx 6 mins) between the two sets, before we do 4x200m with 30 secs again. This is a tough session so be prepared to feel tired!



800m/ 1 Mile Time Trial

No Race



10 Mins

  No. of reps

2 (+ 6x100m strides)

2 (+ 4x100m strides)

2 (+ 2x100m strides)

1 (+ 2x50m strides)


800m/ 1 Mile Time Trial as fast as you can. Then a 10 min break and do another 800m/1Mile at a tempo pace. Then finish the session off with a few strides to maintain that leg speed we have been developing.