Thursday Track - SPEED SESSIONS



Int 1

Int 2 (& Juniors)

Int 3



These shorter sessions are designed to focus on shorter, more intensive efforts to build speed, but of course are still for endurance runners. The speed sessions will have extra drills to improve running technique and strength; as well as to warm up properly for running at speed. These reps are much more lactate intensive and make use of the fast, flat, track surface. The focus here is on doing each effort hard (flat out or a specific fast pace/effort) for the relevant distance. Therefore the number of repetitions is secondary in terms of importance - intensity is key. This also means that we aren't slaves to the individual session i.e. the number of repetitions is meant as a guide rather than set in stone.

27-Jul Session

Flying 200s!

Wedding Day 7k

4 Recovery

4 Mins - recovery walking back to 200m start

  No. of reps

6 Repetitions for all groups - Flat Out


All groups do the same session. Really important to give each of the 200 meters everything. The recovery guide is 4 mins recovery but can take longer for the last two if needed. How do you compare to previous 200m session?