Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
April to May 2018







24th April Speed Endurance Warm up to include the loop to show up and down

4 (5) x Killingley Loop [90 secs]

Hard up, easy across, hard down

Top of the hill is the Ice House

Cool down: 0.5m out and back along Tamsin Trail

Petersham Gate   Trail
1st May Speed endurance Warm up via steps and middle path to middle of pen ponds
6 x 3 min [60]

Cool down via bridle/sandy path to Sidmouth wood and down the hill

Pen Ponds Ranelagh Half Trail
8th May Fast running & Teamwork Warm via Tamsin Trail and steps to Men’s Surrey League start

Sidmouth Wood Triangles

3 person relay with runners of similar pace.

Runner A, B & C with each runner recovering whilst the other one is running.

25 minutes total

Cool down via Richmond Gate

Men’s Surrey League start/Sidmouth Wood   Trail
15th May Up and downhills fast Warm up via Petersham Hill to Queens ride past Sidmouth wood

1 min, hard up + down fast

2 min hard up + down fast [1]

4 min hard up [1], (turn around)

2 min hard & then easy to bottom of hill

2-3 sets depending on light

Cool down via Richmond Gate

Queens Ride Green Belt Relay/Sutton 10k Trail
22nd May   Social run for those who have done Green Belt Relay Tamsin Trail Vitality 10,000 Trail
29th May Speed endurance & teamwork Warm up via Petersham Hill to Queens ride past Sidmouth wood

6 x Queens Ride Loop in pairs at pace of similar speed runners

Runners start in opposite directions and turn around when meet on loop

Change side of loop each repetition.


Cool down via Richmond Gate

Queens ride wood   Trail

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets