Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
July to August 2017







25th July Leg turnover Warm up to Pen Ponds Car Park via Pembroke Lodge and Pen Ponds

3 * (5 * (40secs, 20secs jog))

[3 between sets, continuous within sets]

Warm down to Clubhouse via Queen’s Ride and Richmond Gate

Pen Ponds Car Park

Pen Ponds Car Park to Sheen Cross

Change direction after each set

Wedding Day 7k Road
1st August Race practice Ratchford Relay (Women), Mens relay

1k loops in teams of 3.

Each team has 3 runners:

1 fast, 1 medium & 1 slower

Teams assigned on the night

Fast runners do 3 laps, medium 2, slower 1 – in any order your team likes. Fastest overall team wins!

Ratchford start on Tamsin trail between Petersham Gate and Ham Gate

Men’s – Polo Field

Team selection at 7pm, arrive early. Trail

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets