Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
June to July 2018







19th June Ponds Run This is a great opportunity to mingle with other club members, pick a group depending on your desired effort level and join them in exploring parts of the park you don't normally get to. Various – starts and finishes at club house

20 Ponds
26th June Speed Development and pacing Warm up to middle of Pen Ponds via steps

Double pyramid:

2 x (1 [1], 2 [1], 3 [1], 3 [1], 2 [1], 1 [1])

[2 mins recovery between sets]

At 5km pace

Cool down up hill and via Richmond Gate

Middle of Pen Ponds   Trail
3rd July Leg Strength Warm up to Sheen Gate via Richmond Gate and Richmond parkrun course first half

5 x 4 minutes [2]

[3 mins between sets]

5 x 90secs [2]

Cool down via Tamsin Trail and Richmond Gate

Tamsin Trail between Sheen Gate and Richmond Gate   Trail
10th July Race practice Coad Cup Handicap

(warm up is laps of Sidmouth Woods in groups based on start times)
Sidmouth Wood Elmore 7 Trail
17th July Hill running technique Warm up via steps and follow trails to cross over middle road, past horse track to Prince Charles Spinney

30 minute continuous run around loop:

Hard up, easy across, hard down

Cool down via Middle road and Tamsin Trail

Prince Charles Spinney Elmbridge 10k Trail

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets