Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
December 2018 to February 2019

This set of sessions is designed to get you to Cross Country peak for the National on 23rd February.
They are tough to reflect the fact that Harewood will be a difficult course
If you are not competing at The National it might be advisable to spend the next 12 weeks training with another group.

Usual rules apply: Lights and reflective kit are a requirement in the winter.
Please use and ICE tag or keep an emergency contact with you when you run.
Please look out for each other and other park/street users.







18th December Base build 3 Warm up via Tamsin Trail to Ham Cross

5 mins (Ham Cross to Kingston Gate on trail) [1]

2-3 up Kingston Gate Hill on trail [jjog down, 1 min after final one]

2 x 5 mins (Kingston Gate to Ham Cross and back on Tamsin trail) [1]

2-3 times up Kingston Gate Hill [jog down, hold after final one to regroup]

5 mins (Kingston Gate to Ham Cross on road)

Cool down via Tamsin Trail to Clubhouse

Work in groups and take recoveries for those groups to avoid getting cold. Those at the front of the group do 3 * times hill each time.

Dark Hill/Kingston Gate   Road

The sessions below are not formal sessions but are examples of the training I will be doing over the Christmas Holidays. Informal groups available on the What’s App or give me an email and I will try and co-ordinate.

25th December Base Build 4 Long run parkrun sandwich – minimum 12 miles including parkrun at Marathon Pace or quicker. Crane Park Henty Relay, Richmond Park Off road
27th December Strength through hills 3 * (2 hills of 4 mins length + 5 * 80metres hill sprints) Windsor Great Park Mixed
29th December Speed endurance AM – parkrun flat out at Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Off road
1st January Base Build 5 Long run parkrun sandwich + parkrun – minimum 15 miles (12 + 3).
Taking advantage of the parkrun double to do two
TBC Middlesex & Surrey County Champs TBC

Return to formal sessions

8th Jan Speed work Long warm up to Riverside Drive via Hammon and Dukes Avenue
3 * (5 * 90secs) [1mins/2mins between sets]
Cool down vis Cut Throat Alley and Ham House
Riverside Drive   Road
15th Jan Speed work Warm up via Richmond Gate to Sheen Roundabout

10 * 2 minutes hard, 2 mins steady

Long cool down via Richmond Gate

Half park loop from Sheen Roundabout to Robin Hood gate, Kingston Gate then to Ham gate Bank of England Race, Richmond Park Road
22nd Jan Speed work Warm up to top of Ham Gate Hill via Richmond Gate

2 * (3 * 2 mins) + 2 * (3 * 1:30)

[1], [2 between sets]

Cool down via Ham Cross Gate

Out and back on road between Ham Cross and Richmond Gate Southern Cross Country, Parliament Hill Road
29th Jan Speed endurance: Sprint Finish Development Warm-up to Ham Cross via Tamsin Trail

Pyramid @ 10k effort

3 [1],5 [1],7 [2], 5 [1],3 [1] 2x30[30]

Stay in mini groups if possible.

Cool down via Ham Cross/Tamsin Trail

Park LoopHam Cross/Kingston Gate/Robin Hood Gate/Pen Pond Car Park/Ham Cross   Road
5th Feb Speed Endurance: Pace yourself Warm-up via Tamsin Trail to Ham Gate

4 loops [90] @ 10k effort

Loops 1 & 3 – effort to traffic lights, jog top, effort back to start

Loops 2 & 4 – continuous effort

Cool down via road to clubhouse.

4 loops, or 5 if you finish before others or out and back to the lights.

Church Road Women’s Surrey League, Richmond Park Road
12th Feb Speed Endurance: Changes of pace Warm up via Richmond Bridge, Duck Walk Alley
8 loops:

1 @10k pace straight into 2 @ 5k pace [90secs]

3 @ 10k pace straight into 4 @ 5k pace [90 secs]

5 @ 10k pace straight into 6 @ 5k pace [90 secs]

7 @ 10k pace straight into 8 @ 5k pace [90 secs]

Cool down via Duck Walk Alley and Richmond Bridge to clubhouse

Ranelagh Drive   Road
19th Feb Turnover and race prep Warm-up via road to playground

Drills on grass, strides

4 minutes, 4 * 90, 4 * 60, 4 * 30 secs

[1 min]

Cool down to Clubhouse via Cut Throat alley/Ham House

Riverside Drive National Cross Country, Harewood nr Leeds Road

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets