Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
February 2019

This set of sessions is designed to get you to Cross Country peak for the National on 23rd February.
They are tough to reflect the fact that Harewood will be a difficult course
If you are not competing at The National it might be advisable to spend the next 12 weeks training with another group.

Usual rules apply: Lights and reflective kit are a requirement in the winter.
Please use and ICE tag or keep an emergency contact with you when you run.
Please look out for each other and other park/street users.







19th Feb Turnover and race prep Warm-up via road to playground

Drills on grass, strides

4 minutes, 4 * 90, 4 * 60, 4 * 30 secs

[1 min]

Cool down to Clubhouse via Cut Throat alley/Ham House

Riverside Drive National Cross Country, Harewood nr Leeds Road

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets