Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
June to August 2019

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions


Run Objective


Total Effort


Upcoming Races

18 Jun Social Club Run 20 Ponds
Varied Richmond Park  
25 Jun VO2 max (week 3) 100m Relay (Teams of 3) 2 x 12 min [3']

- at start runners A & C stand together with runner B 100m away

- runner A runs sprints to runner B

- runner B sprints back to runner C

- and so on…

16-22 x 100m sprints depending on speed level

Richmond Park - Rugby pitches  
02 Jul Race Adv2, Int1 and Int2 5k time trial (Richmond Parkrun route) 5k Richmond Park  
09 Jul Race Coad Cup XC Handicap
Course Map
16 Jul Speed Endurance (week 1) Marble Hill loops: Threshold session 6 x 1k loops of Marble Hill alternating 5k and 10k pace [90 secs]. 6k Marble Hill Park Elmbridge 10k (21st)
23 Jul Speed Endurance (week 2) Richmond Parkrun progressive run: 5 x 1km, each km faster: @ HM pace [1'], 10m pace [1'], 10k pace [1'], 5k pace [2'], 3k pace (Perceived Rate of Effort - PRE) 5k Richmond Parkrun Course Wedding Day Race - 7k (26th)
30 Jul Speed Endurance (week 3) Sidmouth Wood loops:

4 loops alternating 10k and 5k pace [90 sec]

8km Richmond Park - Sidmouth Wood  
06 Aug Race Ratchford Relay alternative Ham Common Relays Varied

Ratchford: Richmond Park

Ham Relays: Ham Common