Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
December 2018 to April 2019

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions


Run Objective


Total Effort


Upcoming Races

18 Dec Christmas Cracker Relay Fun session for all groups!   Richmond Green Hently Relay – Richmond Park 29 Dec
8 Jan Aerobic endurance Shake out the cobwebs – paced lap of the Park

- No warm up!

- Option of paced groups at different marathon paces

- Continuous to Robin Hood Gate. Regroup

- Continuous back to Richmond Gate. Regroup

Approx. 12k door to door Clockwise lap of Richmond Park on the road (from Richmond Gate) Surrey Men's XC League Div 1 – Mitcham Common 12 Jan
15 Jan Tempo (lactate threshold) Out and Back

- 2 * 14 min [2’] @ 10k pace

28 mins Start on Riverside Drive by Ham House, continue onto Dukes Avenue, right at the petrol station, past Hawker Centre on Lower Ham Road towards the river in the direction of Canbury Gardens ‘B’ team vs Bank of England – Roehampton 19 Jan
22 Jan Tempo (lactate threshold) 3 Ham loops

- 1st rep @ 5k pace [90’’]

- 2nd loop @ 10k pace [90’’]

- 3rd rep @ 5k pace [90’’]

6.6k Ham Gate Avenue / Church Road loops starting near Ham Gate Southern Men’s & Women's XC Championships – Parliament Hill 26 Jan
29 Jan Tempo (lactate threshold) Mile repeats

- 4 * 1 mile [2’]

- 1st & 3rd reps @ 10k pace

- 2nd & 4th reps @ 5k pace

4 miles Middle road from Ham Cross (Richmond Park)  
5 Feb Recovery Easy river loop

- Indian file along Riverside Drive

- Choice of either half marathon or marathon pace starting from other side of Teddington Lock to Richmond Bridge for approx. 5k. Then regroup

5k Clubhouse to Riverside Drive to Teddington Lock to Richmond Bridge then back to clubhouse Surrey Women's XC League Div 1 – Richmond Park 9 Feb. Surrey Men's XC League Div 1 – Croydon 9 Feb
12 Feb Leg Strength Ups and downs

- hard up Richmond hill (from junction with Compass Hill) to junction Nightingale Lane – approx. 700m

- very easy down Star and Garter hill to junction with Petersham Road – approx. 600m

- hard up Star and Garter hill to junction with Nightingale Lane – approx. 600m

- very easy down Richmond hill to junction with Compass Hill – approx. 700m

- 3.5 reps [2’]

3.5 reps of 2.6k with total effort of 4.6k (i.e. the ups) Richmond Hill & Star and Garter Hill  
19 Feb Leg Strength Royal Hills

- steady pace down Park Road

- fast down Queen’s Road

- steady pace along Sheen Road

- fast up King’s Road

- 3 reps each of approx. 2k [90’’]

6k Start at corner of King’s Road / Park Road National Men’s & Women's XC Championships – Leeds 23 Feb
26 Feb Leg Strength Nightingale Pyramids

- hard to hotel entrance (approx. 60m), very easy down

- hard to bend in hill (approx. 130m), very easy down

- hard to top of hill (approx. 210m), very easy down

- hard to bend in hill (approx. 130m), very easy down

- hard to hotel entrance (approx. 60m), very easy down

- 2 reps of 2 sets [2’ between reps]

4 sets in total Nightingale Lane Surrey Women's XC League Div 1 – Lloyd Park 2 Mar. Mob Match v Blackheath – Hayes 3 Mar
5 Mar Recovery (pace judgement) Twickers Six(ish)

- 4 * 1 mile [continuous]

- 1st & 3rd reps @ HM pace

- 2nd & 4th reps @ M pace

4 miles - Warm up along Petersham Road and over Richmond Bridge.

- Main session starts on towpath by Richmond Bridge. Follow river towards Kingston, cross over Teddington Lock, head towards Dukes Avenue, turn right and regroup at Texaco garage.

- Gentle cool down along Richmond Road, Upper Ham Road past Ham Common and finally Petersham Road back to clubhouse

12 Mar High Intensity 400m Relay (teams of 3): 
- at start runners A & C stand together and runner B 400m away 
- runner A runs fast to runner B 
- runner B runs fast back to runner C 
- and so on…

- continuous for 30 mins

7 or 8 legs each Riverside Drive Clutton Cup XC Handicap – Richmond Park 16 Mar
19 Mar High Intensity 600m reps: 

- reps at 2-3k pace

- after each effort jog 200m very slowly in same amount of time it takes for each 600m rep

8 reps Middle Road from Ham Cross (Richmond Park)  
26 Mar High Intensity Yasso 800s * 8:

- each rep at approx. 5k pace

- walk 100m in 90 secs between each rep to complete the 900m loop

8 reps Ham Gate Avenue Inter-Club Race v Hercules Wimbledon and Others – Richmond Park 30 Mar
2 Apr Recovery Fartlek

- each runner leads the group for 1 min where he/she wants

- even and odd runners alternate pace between slow and fast

30 mins Richmond Park Baker Cup XC Handicap – Richmond Park 6 Apr
9 Apr Spring Marathon

taper session

Mile Repeats

- 3*1 mile [90’’]

- 1st rep @ HM pace

- 2nd rep @ 10k pace

- 3rd rep @ 5k pace

3m Middle Road - Ham Cross gate to Pen Ponds car park gate (Richmond Park)  Thames Towpath 10, Brighton & Paris Marathons – 14 Apr
16 Apr Spring Marathon

taper session

Great Pyramid of Richmond

- 400m @ 2k pace [90’’]

- 800m @ 3k pace [90’’]

- 1,600m @ 5k pace [2’]

- 800m @ 3k pace [90’’]

- 400m @ 2k pace

4k Ham Gate Avenue – long cool down through Richmond Park, up to Ham Cross and back to Richmond gate  
23 Apr Spring Marathon

taper session


- 5*1k reps [1’]

- 1st rep @ M pace

- 2nd rep @ HM pace

- 3rd rep @ 10mile pace

- 4th rep @ 10k pace

- 5th rep @ 5k pace (option for last repeat: M pace for those running London marathon)

5k Richmond parkrun course London marathon – 28 Apr
30 Apr post Marathon Intermediate 1 social run Lap (or part lap) of Richmond Park 10-15km Tamsin trail (Richmond park) Ranelagh half marathon – 5 May


SAFETY FIRST: please wear bright clothes / high vis clothes and to also bring a headtorch (so you can see) and a red light (so that you can be seen from behind)