Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
February to April 2019

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions


Run Objective


Total Effort


Upcoming Races

19 Feb Leg Strength Royal Hills

- steady pace down Park Road

- fast down Queen’s Road

- steady pace along Sheen Road

- fast up King’s Road

- 3 reps each of approx. 2k [90’’]

6k Start at corner of King’s Road / Park Road National Men’s & Women's XC Championships – Leeds 23 Feb
26 Feb Leg Strength Nightingale Pyramids

- hard to hotel entrance (approx. 60m), very easy down

- hard to bend in hill (approx. 130m), very easy down

- hard to top of hill (approx. 210m), very easy down

- hard to bend in hill (approx. 130m), very easy down

- hard to hotel entrance (approx. 60m), very easy down

- 2 reps of 2 sets [2’ between reps]

4 sets in total Nightingale Lane Surrey Women's XC League Div 1 – Lloyd Park 2 Mar. Mob Match v Blackheath – Hayes 3 Mar
5 Mar Recovery (pace judgement) Twickers Six(ish)

- 4 * 1 mile [continuous]

- 1st & 3rd reps @ HM pace

- 2nd & 4th reps @ M pace

4 miles - Warm up along Petersham Road and over Richmond Bridge.

- Main session starts on towpath by Richmond Bridge. Follow river towards Kingston, cross over Teddington Lock, head towards Dukes Avenue, turn right and regroup at Texaco garage.

- Gentle cool down along Richmond Road, Upper Ham Road past Ham Common and finally Petersham Road back to clubhouse

12 Mar High Intensity 400m Relay (teams of 3): 
- at start runners A & C stand together and runner B 400m away 
- runner A runs fast to runner B 
- runner B runs fast back to runner C 
- and so on…

- continuous for 30 mins

7 or 8 legs each Riverside Drive Clutton Cup XC Handicap – Richmond Park 16 Mar
19 Mar High Intensity 600m reps: 

- reps at 2-3k pace

- after each effort jog 200m very slowly in same amount of time it takes for each 600m rep

8 reps Middle Road from Ham Cross (Richmond Park)  
26 Mar High Intensity Yasso 800s * 8:

- each rep at approx. 5k pace

- walk 100m in 90 secs between each rep to complete the 900m loop

8 reps Ham Gate Avenue Inter-Club Race v Hercules Wimbledon and Others – Richmond Park 30 Mar
2 Apr Recovery Fartlek

- each runner leads the group for 1 min where he/she wants

- even and odd runners alternate pace between slow and fast

30 mins Richmond Park Baker Cup XC Handicap – Richmond Park 6 Apr
9 Apr Spring Marathon

taper session

Mile Repeats

- 3*1 mile [90’’]

- 1st rep @ HM pace

- 2nd rep @ 10k pace

- 3rd rep @ 5k pace

3m Middle Road - Ham Cross gate to Pen Ponds car park gate (Richmond Park)  Thames Towpath 10, Brighton & Paris Marathons – 14 Apr
16 Apr Spring Marathon

taper session

Great Pyramid of Richmond

- 400m @ 2k pace [90’’]

- 800m @ 3k pace [90’’]

- 1,600m @ 5k pace [2’]

- 800m @ 3k pace [90’’]

- 400m @ 2k pace

4k Ham Gate Avenue – long cool down through Richmond Park, up to Ham Cross and back to Richmond gate  
23 Apr Spring Marathon

taper session


- 5*1k reps [1’]

- 1st rep @ M pace

- 2nd rep @ HM pace

- 3rd rep @ 10mile pace

- 4th rep @ 10k pace

- 5th rep @ 5k pace (option for last repeat: M pace for those running London marathon)

5k Richmond parkrun course London marathon – 28 Apr
30 Apr post Marathon Intermediate 1 social run Lap (or part lap) of Richmond Park 10-15km Tamsin trail (Richmond park) Ranelagh half marathon – 5 May


SAFETY FIRST: please wear bright clothes / high vis clothes and to also bring a headtorch (so you can see) and a red light (so that you can be seen from behind)