Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
July to September 2017

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions





Upcoming Races


pyramid session, [1'2'3'3'2'1'] x2 [60s between intervals] [2' between repeats]- speed level between 3k and 5k pace

Richmond Park: Ham Cross, through the middle, Robin Hood Gate, Roehampton Gate, Tamsin Trail back to Richmond Gate

speed endurance - improving lactate threshold

Wedding Day Race


Ratchford Relay for women - 1km relay.
Alternative session for men:

women: Richmond Park near Petersham Gate

men: Ham Common

have fun



800 hills - 6x 800m on hill (90s) - 5k effort pace

Ballet School Hill, Richmond Park, Pen Ponds side of hill - start at Ballet School, run 800m down towards middle road, rest, turn back

Leg strength, speed endurance

Wimbledon 5k




Paarlauf - Runner A walks 100m while Runner B runs ca. 350m @ 800m pace. Then swap. Continous for 28'.

Polofield Richmond Park

VO2 max - form teams of 2 of similar speed



500s - 500m relay in teams of 3 (26' continuous) - (joint session with Int 2)

Ham Common

VO2 max/ speed improvement


05/09, sunset 7.37

Richmond parkrun time trial - pacers will be available (joint session with Int 2)

Richmond Park

pace judgement/ speed endurance

Thomas Cup?

012/09, sunset 7.21

Fox and Hounds hills - teams of two, runner 1 starts 10s before the runner 2 on the uphill, the second runner tries to catch the first, both run strongly up the hill and recover on the downhill. Then swap. 2 x 15' [2’]

Ballet School Hill, Richmond Park, Sheen roundabout side of hill

VO2 max and leg strength on hill


19/09, sunset 7.05

900: 6 x 900m reps - run each 900m approx. 10s faster. 1st rep at Marathon Pace, last one at 3k pace. [90s recovery on first 2 reps, 2' recovery after the next 3 reps]

Ranelagh Drive

pace judgement session


26/09, sunset 6.49

Power Hill Session

10 x 45 secs up, jog down

Rest 1' then repeat

Holly Lodge Hill/ Richmond Park

VO2 max and leg strength