Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
February to March 2018

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions


Run Objective


Total Effort


Upcoming Races

20 Feb Leg Strength Short, medium, long

- hard to hotel entrance, very easy down

- hard to mid-point of hill, very easy down

- hard to top of hill, very easy down

- 4 reps [2’]

4 reps Nightingale Lane National Women's and Men’s XC Championship – Parliament Hill 24 Feb
27 Feb Recovery (pace judgement) Kew Gardens loop

- After drills continuous for 8k alternating each km between half marathon and marathon pace.

- Regroup on Twickenham Road (by Twickenham Bridge) and head back slowly to the clubhouse

12k door to door Petersham Road along the river to Kew Bridge, Kew Road to Richmond Circus roundabout, Twickenham Road to the river, along the river then Petersham Road Inter-Club Race v Hercules Wimbledon and Others – Richmond Park 3 Mar
6 Mar High Intensity 400m Relay (teams of 3): 
- at start runners A & C stand together and runner B 400m away 
- runner A runs fast to runner B 
- runner B runs fast back to runner C 
- and so on…
8 legs each Riverside Drive Clutton Cup XC Handicap XC – Richmond Park 10 Mar
13 Mar High Intensity 600m reps: 

- reps at 2-3k pace

- after each effort walk/jog 200m slowly in same amount time it takes for each 600m rep

8 reps Ham Gate Avenue Women's and Men’s Southern Road Relays – Milton Keynes 18 Feb
20 Mar High Intensity Yasso 800’s * 6:

- each rep at approx. 3k pace

- walk 100m in 90 secs between each rep to complete the 900m loop

6 reps Ranelagh Drive  
27 Mar Recovery Fartlek

- each runner leads the group for 1 min where he/she wants at a relatively easy pace

- 1 core strength exercise * 10 every 5 mins (squats, press ups, star jumps & mountain climbers)

45 mins Richmond Park (starting and finishing at gate opp. clubhouse)  

Start date not yet known but likely starts in February for up to 6 weeks.

SAFETY FIRST: Please wear bright clothes and a head torch to increase your visibility!