Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
September 2020 to January 2021

Coaches: Dan, Phil, Amrut and Wiebke

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions


Run Objective



Total Effort

Meeting Point


22-Sep-20 Speed endurance 1A & 1B Ham Gate Av/Church Road PYRAMID 1'/ 2'/4'/6'/6'/4'/2'/1' @ 5k pace (rest: 60s after 1' and 2' effort/ 90s after 4' and 6' effort) 26' Ham Common - New Inn Pub  
29-Sep-20 Speed endurance 1A & 1B Holly Lodge Hill to Sheen roundabout to Sheen gate 7777

4 x 7' at 5k pace (90s)
28' Richmond Gate (outside the gate) Bottom of Holly Lodge Hill to Sheen roundabout to Sheen gate, turn after each repeat; always use left side of the road

distance per repeat will be under or around a mile per repeat
06-Oct-20 Speed endurance 1A & 1B Inner Park 3 BY 8 plus strides

3 x 8' at 5k pace (2') plus 6 x 30 s sprints (30s)
27' Richmond Gate (outside the gate) Inner Park Loop: Ham Cross - Middle Road - turn right at T-junction - turn left at Robin Hood gate - turn left at Roehampton Gate - back to Richmond Gate

distance per repeat will be around or over a mile
13-Oct-20 Hills 1A: RP Ham Gate to Ham Cross

1B: Ham Gate undulating hills towards kingston gate
1A Ham Gate Hill
2x 12min [2'], fast up, slow across and down

1B Ham Cross Undulating Hills
Out and back to Kingston Gate. 2 x 6' [90s], 2 x 4' [90s], 2 x 2' [1'] – all reps @ 5k pace
1A: ca. 6-8 steep hills

1B: 30'
Richmond Gate (outside the gate)  
20-Oct-20 Hills 1A: road/ hill between Richmond Gate and Sheen Gate, near Holly Lodge

1B: Ham gate to to Ham Cross
1A Holly Lodge Hills
10 x run to top fast up - slow down

1B Ham Gate Hill
2x 12min [2'], fast up, slow across and down
1A: ca 6-8 steep hills

1B: ca. 6-8 steep hills
Richmond Gate (outside the gate)  
27-Oct-20 Hills 1A: Thatched Cottage Road

1B: holly lodge hills
1A Kenyan Hills
2 continuous hills hard up and down (ca. 1.6km); 3 sets [2']; 5k perceived effort

1B Holly lodge hills
10 x run to top fast up - slow down
1A: 4.8km on hills (6 long not too steep hills)

1B: ca. 6-8 steep hills
Richmond Gate (outside the gate)  
03-Nov-20 Hills 1A & 1B: Nightingale Lane (stagger start by 15 min) Nightingale Lane Pyramid

To the hotel entrance/ to mid point/ to the top/ to mid point/ to hotel entrance; hard up, slow down - 3 sets [2']
13 hills, steep, some short, some longer Richmond Gate (outside the gate)  
10-Nov-20 VO2 Max Group 1A Ham Gate Avenue
Group 1B Church Road
300m repeats

10-12 x 300m repeats walk 100m (individual - use cones)
25'-30' Corner of Ham Gate Ave and Upper Ham Road (A307)  
17-Nov-20 VO2 Max Group 1A & 1B Ranelagh Drive one group going one direction other opposite utilising space between river fence and inner path wall and potential additional lampost. Lampost Relay

Teams of 2, runner A and B starting from same point alternatingly, out and back to 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st lampost - 2-3 sets [3'] - swap starting runner after each set - faster than 5k pace
  Ranelagh drive bottom of the stairs on twickenham side  
24-Nov-20 VO2 Max Group 1A Ham Gate Avenue
Church 1B Church Road
Reverse VO2 Pyramid

800 [105'], 600 [90'], 400 ['75], 200 [60], 100 [60'], 100 [75'], 200 [90'], 400 [105'], 600 [120'], 800
26'-28' Corner of Ham Gate Ave and Upper Ham Road (A307) Where slower runners are lagging in between reps, coach to remain waiting for last runner to inform rest time and next set.
01-Dec-20 VO2 Max Group 1A & 1B Riverside Drive
Entire Riverside drive is 800m one group does 400m from mini roundabout to 400m, other group starts on Riverside drive teddington lock entrance path. 
400m Riverside Relay 

(teams of 3): runner A runs fast for 400m and tags runner B who runs back to runner C. Each runner runs 8 times
ca. 36 mins for team (so ca. 12 mins for each runner) Riverside drive and entrance path to teddington lock For warm up both groups to jog to 800m point.  One group jog back to Teddington lock path, other group continue jogging 400m and back past reverese start point.
08-Dec-20 Pace judgement Group 1A & 1B Start Riverside Drive Out and back

14 minutes or out for 14 back in between 13:30-13:45 (120s)
27'-28' Corner of Riverside Drive and Ham Street (teddington lock path).  Warm up from teddington Lock entrance path to playground. 
15-Dec-21/22-Dec-21 Pace judgement
CC: Richmond Green

Group 1A & 1B Same path on Ham Cross (staggered start)
Date dependent (either 15/12 or 22/12)

Xmas Cracker relay

1 mile repeats
4 x 1 mile with 2 minute recoveries
1 & 3 at 5k pace, 2 & 4 at 10k pace
Total effort 4 miles
26'-30' Front of Ham Common - New inn pub  
05-Jan-21 Pace judgement Group 1A & 1B Ranelagh drive (staggered start) Loops of Ranelagh Drive

6 loops with 90 second rests
Each loop 10-15 seconds faster (M, HM, 10m, 10k, 5k, 3k)
30' Ranelagh drive bottom of the stairs on twickenham side  
12-Jan-21 Pace judgement Group 1A & 1A Middle road Richmond park

4 reps covering same distance first 6 mins, second 5:54, third 5:48, fourth 5:42 (2 reps going one way, 2 reps reverse).
90 second rests. Start at 10 k pace.
24' Front of Ham Common - New inn pub  
  SIGNING UP FOR TRAINING SESSIONS: a teamer invite is sent each Sunday Evening for the upcoming Tuesday's training session. If you wish to run with the group you must sign up in advance i.e."accept". In advance of the session please change your acceptance status to 'decline' if you are no longer able to attend so that the Coach /Leader does not wait for you to arrive at the designated meeting point for the training session. To register directly to our teamer group please contact amrut.sharma@gmail.com
RICHMOND PARK CLOSURE OF PEDESTRIAN GATES AFTER 8 PM: start date not yet known but likely starts in early November for up to 6 weeks

SAFETY FIRST: please wear bright clothes / high vis clothes and to also bring a headtorch (so you can see) and a red light (so that you can be seen from behind)