Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
August to October 2019

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions




Total Effort


27/08/2019 - sunset: 19:58

pace judgement

54345: 5'@10k pace [90s] / 4'@5k pace [90s] / 3'@3k pace [2'] / 4'@5k pace [90s] / 5'@10k pace [90s]

21 min

Richmond Park: middle road, Ham Cross to Robin Hood Gate, turn left on Tamsin Trail, continue to Roehampton Gate and back to Richmond Gate- regroup after 3' interval

03/09/2019 - sunset: 19:43

pace judgement

Triangles: 3 triangles (2km) @ 5k/10k/5k pace [2']

ca. 6km

Richmond Park: Sheen Gate to Sheen Roundabout to Roehampton Gate and back on Tamsin Trail

10/09/2019 - sunset: 19:27

VO2 max

200m Relay: teams of 3 - runner A/C one end, runner B other end; runner A runs to B, B runs back to C, C back to A - 2 x 14' [2'] - faster than 5k pace

8-10 x 200m-sprints per runner

Ham Common: Sandy Track direction Ham House

17/09/2019 - sunset: 19:11

VO2 max

Short Sharp Pyramid: 1'[1']/2'[90s]/3'[90s]/3'[90s]/2'[90s]/1[1'] (2 sets with [2']) - faster than 5k pace

24 min

Richmond Park: Richmond Gate to Roehampton Gate (path near road) to Robin Hood Gate to Ham Cross

24/09/2019- sunset: 18:55

VO2 max

Lampost Relay - teams of 2, runner A and B starting from same point alternatingly, out and back to 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st lampost - 2-3 sets [3'] - swap starting runner after each set - faster than 5k pace


Ranelagh Drive


VO2 max

400m Relay: teams of 3 - runner A/C one end, runner B other end; runner A runs to B, B runs back to C, C back to A - continuous for 28 minutes - faster than 5k pace

approx 7- 8 x 400m sprints for each runner

Riverside Drive


hills - leg strength

Kenyan Hills: - 2 continuous hills hard up and down (ca. 1.6km); 3 sets [2']; 5k perceived effort

4.8km on hills (6 long not too steep hills)

Richmond Park: Thatched Cottage Road


hills - leg strength

Ham Gate Hills: 2x 12min [2'], fast up, slow across and down

ca. 6-8 steeper hills

Richmond Park: Ham Gate to Ham Cross


hills - leg strength

Holly Lodge Hills: 10 x 60s fast up - slow down

10 fairly steep hils

Richmond Park: road/ hill between Richmond Gate and Sheen Gate, near Holly Lodge


hills - leg strength

Nightingale Lane Pyramid - to the hotel entrance/ to mid point/ to the top/ to mid point/ to hotel entrance; hard up, slow down - 2.5 sets [2']

13 hills, steep, some short, some longer

Nightingale Lane

* Richmond Park closed in November for 4-6 weeks *
* Runners to wear headtorches and highly visible clothes during training in twilight and dark *