Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
March to April 2020

Coaches: Dan, Phil, Amrut and Wiebke

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions



Training Plan

Effort Distance


Upcoming Races


speed endurance and pace judgement

Great Pyramid of Richmond: 400m @ 2k pace [90s] / 800m @ 3k pace [90s] / 2x 1600m @ 5k pace [2'] / 800m @ 3k pace [90s] / 400m @ 2k pace [90s]

5.6 km effort

Ham Gate Avenue/ Ham

Clutton Cup 10m


speed endurance and pace judgement

Mile Repeats: 4x 1m @ 5k pace

6.4 km effort

Middle Road Richmond Park

Interclub Race RP, 5.5m


VO2 max

200m Relay: three runners per team - 2 x 14' [2'] - faster than 5k pace

app. 12-14 200m sprints per runner

Teddington Lock/ Ham

Manchester Marathon/ Baker Cup 3m RP


VO2 max

400m Relay: three runners per team - continuous for 28 minutes - faster than 5k pace

app.7- 8 x 400m sprints per runner

Riverside Drive



VO2 max

600m Repeats: 8 x 600m - faster than 5k pace, [2 min]

4.8 km

Middle Road Richmond Park

Brighton Marathon


VO2 max

Yassos - 800m Repeats: 7-8 repeats [90s]- 5k pace

5.6 km - 6.4 km

Ham Gate Avenue

London Marathon

* Richmond Park closed in February for 4-6 weeks *
* Runners to wear headtorches and highly visible clothes during training in twilight and dark *