Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
June to July 2018

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions/ Spring - Summer 2018




Effort Time/Distance

Location/ Notes

Upcoming Races

19-Jun Recovery Session Coad Cup training run:
Group run on Coad Cup course
4.95 miles Richmond Park  
26-Jun High Intensity 444:
4 sets of 4 * 400m @2k pace [60'' after each rep, 4 mins between sets]
4.8km Riverside Drive  
03-Jul High Intensity Bactrian
400m @2k pace [1']
800m @3k pace [2']
1,200m @5k pace [3']
800m @3k pace [2']
1,200m @5k pace [3']
800m @3k pace [2']
400m @2k pace
5.6km Richmond Park - Middle Road  
10-Jul Race Coad Cup 4.95 miles Richmond Park Elmore 7
17-Jul High Intensity 353:
3 sets of 5 * 300m @1k pace [100m walk recovery over 1 min after each rep, 3 mins between sets]
4.5km Richmond Park - Road from roundabout nr Robin Hood Gate, past Martin's Pond, towards Pen Ponds car park Elmbridge 10k
24-Jul High Intensity Dromedary:
200m @1k pace [60'']
400m @2k pace [90'']
600m @3k pace [120'']
800m @5k pace [150'']
1,000m @10k pace [180'']
800m @5k pace [150'']
600m @3k pace [120'']
400m @2k pace [90'']
200m @1k pace
6km Ham Gate Avenue Wedding Day Race
31-Jul High Intensity 100m Relay (Teams of 3)
- at start runners A & C stand together with runner B 100m away
- runner A runs sprints to runner B
- runner B sprints back to runner C
- and so on…
20-25 min Richmond Park - Rugby pitches