Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (Vicci, Hannah)
June to July 2017




Approx. Distance/Effort

Location and Surface

Upcoming Races

27th June VO2 max Paarlauf – in pairs, runner A goes around the outside of one half of the field, runner B walks through the middle 28 minutes continuous, approx 8 x 300m hard efforts Polo Field, grass  
4th July Pace Judgement 5 x 1k laps of park, alternate 10k and slightly faster than 5k pace 25 mins Marble Hill Park, mainly grass and track  
11th July Race Coad Cup 5 miles Coad Cup course Elmore 7m
18th July Get to know the group (and Richmond Park) 21 ponds run 8.5 miles All over the park – grass, track, road Elmbridge 10k
Rest Times are in [ ] brackets