Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (John, Martin, Anna)
May to June 2021

You are responsible for your own safety while running.
If anyone would like to help with warm-ups or become a coach,
please see John, Martin or Anna during the session.




Total Effort

Location / Surface


Meeting Place

May 11th   Social Fun Run   Isabella Plantation Martin Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
May 18th Speed endurance 1
Polo field pairs x 24 mins
24 mins Polo field (grass) Dan
 Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
May 25th Speed endurance 2 Pyramid:
3,[1], 5, [1], 7, [2], 5, [1], 3 [1]
6 x 30s sprint, 30s recovery
26 mins Tamsin Trail round park (Sheen Gate- Robin Hood – Pen Ponds)  Rachel
Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
June 1st Speed endurance 3 6@10k effort (1), 2@5k efffort (1) 5@10k effort (1), 3@5k effort (1) 4@10k effort (1), 4@5k efffort 4 x 1 min hard, 1 min recovery 28 mins Tamsin Trail round park John  Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
June 8th Speed endurance 4 IPairs: runner 1 runs 200m steady turns and sprints back hard, runner 2 repeats while 1 recovers. Alternate. Repeat for 24 mins 24 mins Ham Common Martin Ham Common, New Inn
June 15th Leg strength 1 Killingley loops x 3 or 4 (2) 3-4 miles Hill loop by Petersham Gate Rachel
 Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
June 22nd Fun/social run  Ponds Run   Richmond Park    Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
June 29th Leg strength 2 5-6 x Queens Ride Loops in pairs (similar speed runners). 90sec rest after each loop (pace faster than 10k).   Queens Ride hill Martin
Petersham Gate, Richmond Park
Rest Times are in [ ] brackets