Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (Vicci, Hannah)
July to September 2017




Approx. Distance/Effort

Location and Surface

Upcoming Races

25th July Speed endurance Fast triangles in teams of 4 Approx 8 minutes each hard effort + warm up lap 1m and cool down lap 1m Near Sidmouth Wood (near the usual club handicap race start) – mostly grass Wedding Day 7k
1st August Get to know other groups Ratchford Relays (Women),
Relays on Polo field (men)
1km efforts x 1, 2 or 3 Inside Petersham Gate (women) – track/grass or Polo Field (men) - grass  
8th August Leg Strength Hill reps, 30 seconds hard effort up, jog down, 1m up, jog down, 2m up, jog down, 3m up (repeat in reverse, then repeat as first time) jog down is recovery. 20 mins effort Thatched Cottage Road – mostly road Wimbledon Dash 5k
15th August Pace Judgement/speed endurance Pyramid (1-(1)-2-(1)-3-(1)-5-(2)-7-(2)-5-(2)-3-(1)-2-(1)-1) efforts at 10k pace except 7 minute effort at 5k pace 5 miles Inner lap of park road, gravel/dirt track  
22nd August VO2 max - form teams of 2 of similar speed Paarlauf continous for 28' (Runner A walking 100m/ Runner B running ca. 350m/ then swap) / 800m pace 14 minutes @ 800m pace Sheen Roundabout Rugby Field - grass and road to get there  
29th August VO2 Max – speed improvement 500s - 500m relay in teams of 3 (26' continuous) - (joint session with Int 1) 8-9 minutes each hard effort Ham Common - grass  
5th September pace judgement/ speed endurance Richmond Park Time Trial - pacers will be available (joint session with Int 1) 5k Richmond parkrun course – grass and track  
12th September Leg strength Hill relays in teams of 4 (16’ continuous) [2] then change teams 8 mins each hills Inside Petersham Gate - grass  
19th September Pace Judgement Out and back 15m each way (5-10k pace) [3] 30m Riverside Drive - road  
26th September Pace Judgement 5 x 900m laps (5.30, 5.00, 4.30, 4.00, 5.30) 5k Ranelagh Drive - road  
Rest Times are in [ ] brackets