Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (John, Martin, Anna)
January to March 2020

You are responsible for your own safety while running.
Remember to wear reflective clothing and lights.   Please bring ICE details.
If anyone would like to help with warm-ups or become a coach,
please see John, Martin or Anna during the session.





Location and Surface

Upcoming Races

28th January Fun Inner loop of Richmond Park (L) Martin Richmond Park  
4th February Speed Endurance 14 mins out @ 10k pace then hard back for 13 mins. [2]

Aim to return to start

27 minutes

(L) John

(W) Anna

Riverside Drive (road and pavement) Surrey Men's XC League

Lloyd Park

Surrey Women’s XC League

Richmond Park

11th February Leg Strength Mara’s hill session: 4 x sprint up short hill (10 secs effort) and walk down, 4 x steady up hill and accelerate to a sprint off the top of the hill onto the flat, jogging back each time, 4 x relaxed but effortful running downhill, jogging back up (L) Martin

(W) Ian

Nightingale Lane  
18th February Leg Strength Richmond Hill Repeats

From the terrace: Jog down to bottom of hill, hard back up, steady along the top and easy down Nightingale Lane. Steady along the road back to bottom of hill and repeat lap. 3rd lap hard down Richmond Hill, jog back up and hard across the top to finish opposite the Roebuck.

Approx. 6 miles total mixed effort

(L) Anna

(W) John

Richmond Hill National Cross Country


25th February Leg Strength Royal Hills 3x 2km loops [90]


(L) John

(W) Anna

Royal Hills

Queens Road, Marchmont Road, Kings Road

3rd March Fun Half Cabbage Patch clockwise (L) Martin cabbage patch loop MOB MATCH v Blackheath
10th March VO2 Max 400m sprints in teams of 3

7 reps per runner

(L) Anna

(W) Ian

Ranelagh Drive The Clutton Cup XC Handicap
17th March VO2 Max 600 m reps

6 x 600m @ 5k pace [2]

(L) John

(W) Martin

Riverside Drive  
24th March Check in Yassos (800m repeats)

8 x 800m @10k pace [2]

(L) Martin

(W) John

Ham Gate Avenue Southern Road Relays

Milton Keynes

31st March Leg strength Kenyan Hills: - 2 continuous hills hard up and down (ca. 1.6km); 3 sets [2']; 5k perceived effort (L) Anna

(W) John

Thatched Cottage Road

Richmond Park

Baker Cup

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets