Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (John, Martin, Anna)
March 2020

You are responsible for your own safety while running.
Remember to wear reflective clothing and lights.   Please bring ICE details.
If anyone would like to help with warm-ups or become a coach,
please see John, Martin or Anna during the session.





Location and Surface

Upcoming Races

17th March VO2 Max 600 m reps

6 x 600m @ 5k pace [2]

(L) John

(W) Martin

Riverside Drive  
24th March Check in Yassos (800m repeats)

8 x 800m @10k pace [2]

(L) Martin

(W) John

Ham Gate Avenue Southern Road Relays

Milton Keynes

31st March Leg strength Kenyan Hills: - 2 continuous hills hard up and down (ca. 1.6km); 3 sets [2']; 5k perceived effort (L) Anna

(W) John

Thatched Cottage Road

Richmond Park

Baker Cup

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets