Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (John, Martin, Anna)
September to October 2020

You are responsible for your own safety while running.
Remember to wear reflective clothing and lights.   Please bring ICE details.
If anyone would like to help with warm-ups or become a coach,
please see John, Martin or Anna during the session.





Location and Surface

Meeting Place

Sept. 22nd Speed Endurance Lamppost Sprints

Hard to lamppost 1 and jog back, then 2 etc. to 6 [2] Repeat but jog first [2] repeat but hard out to 6first, then jog back, then 5 etc.



Tamsin Trail Inside Petersham Gate
Sept. 29th Speed Endurance 4 * 1mile @ 10k pace [90s] John


Middle Road, Richmond Park Inside Petersham Gate
Oct. 6th Leg strength 3 x 6 min [1] up hill and around triangle Anna


Ham Gate hill to Ham Cross Inside Petersham Gate
Oct. 13th Leg strength Mara’s hill session: 4 x sprint up short hill (10 secs effort) and walk down [1], 4 x steady up hill and accelerate to a sprint off the top of the hill on to the flat, jogging back each time [2]. 4 x relaxed but effortful running downhill, jogging back up. Anna


Ballet School Road, Richmond park Inside Petersham Gate
Oct. 20th Leg Strength Kenyan Hills: - 2 continuous hills hard up and down (ca. 1.6km); 3 sets [2']; 5k perceived effort Martin


Thatched Cottage Road

Richmond Park

Inside Petersham Gate
Oct. 27th Fun Social run

Inner circle, Richmond Park

Anna Richmond Park Inside Petersham Gate
Rest Times are in [ ] brackets