Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 3 (Cindy)
August to September 2018

Date Aim Location Session Distance Sunset
21/8/18 Group Run Tow Path Teddington Lock via the tow path, back via Riverside Drive 4.25 miles 20.10
28/8/18 Progression Run – Out and Back Richmond Park, towards Roehampton Gate Warm up jog to the road about to Sheen Gate. 11 min run (out) towards Roehampton. Recover (90 secs), 9 mins back. Effort and pace need to increase on the second half of the run to get back to the starting point 2 mins quicker. Warm up 1.3 miles, 20 min session (approx.2 miles), 1.6 mile jog back to the clubhouse. 19.55
4/9/18 Hills Richmond Park, Ballet School Circuits round Ballet School, 3 laps each way, clockwise and anticlockwise Warm up 1.6 miles, each rep mile, 2 miles back to clubhouse 19.40
11/9/18 Group Local roads Group Run to Kingston via Teddington Lock and back via Sandy Lane Approx 6 miles 19.24
18/9/18 Speed Intervals Riverside Drive Warm up to Riverside Drive (1.5 miles). Continuous effort/recovery between lampposts for 20 minutes (around 350m each way). Return to clubhouse (1.5 miles) Approx 5 miles 19.08
25/9/18 Hills Nightingale Lane Warm up to Richmond Bridge and back to Nightingale Lane (1.3 miles) x 2 half reps (300m each); 1 x all the way up (400m); down to cinema (1.3k) x 3 (2.3k per set) Approx 5.5 miles 18.43