Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 3 (Cindy)
November to December 2019

Date Aim Location Session Distance
19/11/19 Hills Richmond Park, Ham Cross Warm up to Ham Cross (1.3 miles), each rep 1/3rd mile, approx. 6 reps. Jog return to the clubhouse. Approx 5 miles
26/11/19 Speed Riverside Drive, Ham Warm up to Riverside Drive (1.5 miles). Continuous effort/recovery between lampposts for 20 minutes (around 350m each way). Return to clubhouse (1.5 miles) Approx 5 miles
2/12/19 Group Tow Path / Road Tow path to Twickenham to Wharf Lane (Iceland), back via the High Street. Approx 5 miles
10/12/19 Hills Selection of hills Holly Lodge Hill x2, out of park to cinema, along to Nightingale Lane 2 x half reps, 1 x all the way; back to cinema, Nightingale Lane 2 x half reps, 1 x all the way Approx 4.75 miles
17/12/19 Fun Richmond Green Warm up to Richmond Green followed by a relay in teams of 4. It’s the Christmas Cracker! It’s not the fastest team who wins, it’s the one with the most intact cracker. 4 miles
24/12/19 & 31/12/19 No formal session