Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
 Training - Advanced Group 
 December 2018 to January 2019 
Period - autumn
What are these sessions for?    We write these Tuesday training sessions for people looking to improve their time at distances between 5km and the marathon.

Will I get left behind?    In a word, no. All speeds of runner are welcome.
Odd-numbered intervals go in one direction, and even-numbered intervals in the other, so we all end up in the same place every two intervals.

How do I get more advice?   Grab a minute with Phil at the sessions, or email me at (ranelagh.men@gmail.com). We offer free coaching for regulars at training and racing.

SAFETY NOTICE: Please wear lights and reflective / light coloured clothing for training runs where the warm up or intervals are on road
Tuesday Session Location & Surface Purpose / other comments Imminent races


8x3min (90s recovery) Sheen Playing fields, grass Speed endurance n/a


Wot, no training?  Daley Thompson used to train twice on 25 Dec So i'll be reading your strava logs to check Henty Relays 29 Dec


Look out for a possible session during the day. Details closer to the time if so.  Something like Kenyan Hills (4x6min continuous hill running near Pen Ponds) Hill speed endurance, and downhill running technique Surrey & Middlesex XC Champs


(4min, 3min, 2min, 1min) x2

2min recovery between sets; 1min after each rep. 

Then 10min Indian File running (jog in a line; back runner sprints to front)
Meet Sheen Gate, using triangle between Sheen Gate, roundabout and Roehampton Gate.  tarmac and trail Surrey League 3 (Coulsdon) Surrey League 3 - Mitcham


3x8min threshold off 90s jog recoveries followed by 8x45s hill sprints with jog down recoveries 3x8 min behind Ham House on flat trail (or other location if light conditions are poor). Hill Sprints Nightingale Lane Inter-Club vs Bank of England & others Roehampton B team race vs Bank of England


4x (3min, 2min, 1min). 60s between reps; 2m30s between sets Sheen Playing fields, grass Southern XC (near Brighton) Southern XC Champs


10min marathon pace; 4x5min intervals; 10min marathon pace Marathon pace round Sheen Gate/Sheen Cross/Roehampton Gate triangle; intervals on Tamsin Trail towards Robin Hood Gate Orion Mob match (Richmond Park) n/a