Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
 Training - Advanced Group 1 
 August  2019 
Period - summer
What are these sessions for?    We write these Tuesday training sessions for people looking to improve their time at distances between 5km and the marathon.

Will I get left behind?    In a word, no. All speeds of runner are welcome.
Odd-numbered intervals go in one direction, and even-numbered intervals in the other, so we all end up in the same place every two intervals.

How do I get more advice?   Grab a minute with Phil at the sessions, or email me at (ranelagh.men@gmail.com). We offer free coaching for regulars at training and racing.

Tuesday Location & Surface Session Purpose / other comments Imminent races


Sprint Hills up Kingston Hill (Tamsin Trail; not road)

Threshold from top of Kingston Hill to Robin Hood Gate and round towards Richmond Gate
8x sprint hills 1m15 up; jog down.

3min jog or standing recovery

Then 30min threshold run.  Regroup at end for warm down