Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
 Training - Advanced Group 1 
 May to June 2021 
Period - spring
What are these sessions for?    We write these Tuesday training sessions for people looking to improve their time at distances between 5km and the marathon.

Will I get left behind?    In a word, no. All speeds of runner are welcome.
Odd-numbered intervals go in one direction, and even-numbered intervals in the other, so we all end up in the same place every two intervals.

How do I get more advice?   Grab a minute with Phil at the sessions, or email me at (ranelagh.men@gmail.com). We offer free coaching for regulars at training and racing.

Tuesday Session Location and surface Purpose / other comments
11 May 6 x 4mins (75s recovery) + 6 x 30s sprints (30s rest) Meet Ham Gate, use Tamsin Trail and Polo Field. Trail and grass Speed endurance + leg turnover
18 May 7 mins, 5 mins, 3 mins, 5 mins, 7 mins (90s recoveries) Meet Sheen Gate, use triangle with Sheen Cross and Roehampton Gate. Trail. Pacing over different length speed endurance and VO2 max intervals
25 May x 12 mins threshold (2 mins jog recovery) Meet Sheen Cross. Grassy undulating loop towards Pen Ponds and Ballet School. Threshold running and speed
1 June 5 x 5 mins intervals (75s recovery) + 6 x 30s sprints (30s rests) Meet Ham Cross. Road session across middle of park (or grass/trail verge). Flat road running. Speed endurance and top-end speed
8 June 8 x 3 mins (90s recovery) + 6 x 30s sprints Meet Sheen Gate. Reps on Tamsin Trail from Roehampton Gate (after drills) Speed endurance