Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Advanced Group 2
Simon, Becky Northmore, Marcus
September to December 2020

Advanced 2 Training Sessions

Date Run Objective Session Total Effort Location
22 Sep Pace judgement & speed endurance Mile Repeats

- 4 * 1 mile [2']
- 1st & 3rd reps @ 10k pace
- 2nd & 4th reps @ 5k pace
4 miles Richmond Park

- Middle Road from Ham Cross towards Pen Ponds car park and then left to the white gate
29 Sep Pace judgement & speed endurance Round & Round & Round

- 3 * 2.3k reps
- 1st rep @ 10k pace [90'']
- 2nd rep @ 5k pace [120'']
- 3rd rep @ 10k pace
6.9k Anticlockwise Ham loops

- Start at corner of Ham Gate Avenue and Church Road near Ham Gate
- Along Ham Gate Avenue then left onto Upper Ham Road
- Along Upper Ham Road then left onto Church Road
- Follow Church Road back to corner of Ham Gate Avenue and Church Road near Ham Gate
06 Oct Pace judgement & speed endurance 666

- 4 reps covering same distance but 6 secs quicker each than the previous rep
- 1st rep 6:00mins @ 10k pace [90'']
- 2nd rep 5:54mins @ between approx. 5-10k pace [90'']
- 3rd rep 5:48mins @ approx. 5k pace [120'']
- 4th rep 5:42mins @ approx. 3k pace
23:42 mins Middle Road in Richmond Park

- Outs & backs
- Start at Ham Cross
- Head towards Pen Ponds car park
- At the end of the Middle Road turn left
13 Oct Recovery & speed endurance Paced Lap of the Park

- No warm up!
- 2 paced groups at different marathon paces (e.g. 3:20 & 3:45 M target times)

- 10.85k anti-continuous lap on the road
- 4.75k continuous to Robin Hood Gate. Regroup [2']
- 6.1k continuous back to Richmond Gate. Regroup

10.85k Richmond Park

- Clockwise lap on the road (from Richmond Gate)
20 Oct Leg Strength Dancing Hills

- 2 * 5 * 300m reps [2’]
- Hard up @ 5k perceived pace

- Very easy down

3k Ballet School hill in Richmond Park
27 Oct Leg Strength Ups and Downs

- Hard up Richmond hill (from junction with Compass Hill) to junction with Nightingale Lane – approx. 700m
- Very easy down Star and Garter hill to junction with Petersham Road – approx. 600m
- Hard up Star and Garter hill to junction with Nightingale Lane – approx. 600m
- Very easy down Richmond hill to junction with Compass Hill – approx. 700m
- 2 reps [2']
2.6k (i.e. the ups) Richmond Hill & Star and Garter Hill

- Recce route as session warm up - from Petersham Road up Star & Garter hill to junction with Nightingale Lane and then down Richmond Hill to corner with Compass hill
- Warm down along Petersham Road back to the clubhouse
03 Nov Leg Strength Royal Hills

- Steady pace down Park Road (approx. 200m)
- Fast down Queen’s Road (approx. 800m)
- Steady pace along Sheen Road (approx. 300m)
- Fast up King’s Road (approx. 700m)
- 3 reps each of approx. 2k [90'']
4.5k Start at corner of King’s Road / Park Road
10 Nov Leg Strength Florence’s Hill

- 6 * hard to hotel entrance (approx. 60m @ 10% gradient), very easy down [2']
- 6 * hard to mid-point of hill (approx. 130m @ 10% gradient), very easy down [2']
- Repeat
2.3k Nightingale Lane

[2 Groups – Group A does the shorter reps first and then the longer ones, Group B vice versa]
17 Nov VO2 max 353

- 3 sets of 5 * 300m @ 1k pace
- 100m walk recovery over 1 minute after each rep
- 3 minutes stationary after each set
4.5k Riverside Drive

- Outs & backs
24 Nov VO2 max Yasso 800s

- 7 or 8 reps
- Walk 100m in 90 secs between each rep to complete the 900m loop
5.6k or 6.4k Ranelagh Drive

- Anticlockwise loops starting by Richmond Lock
01 Dec VO2 max 600m Repeats

- 8-10 reps at 2k pace
- After each effort jog 200m very slowly in same amount of time it takes for each 600m rep
4.8 – 6.0k Ham Gate Avenue
08 Dec Pace judgement, speed endurance & VO2 max 54321

- 2 * 5 mins @ 10k pace [90'']
- 2 * 4 mins @ 5k pace [90'']
- 2 * 3 mins @ 3k pace [90'']
- 2 * 2 mins @ 2k pace [60'']
- 2 * 1 mins @ 1k pace [30'']
- Each rep out and back with rest after every rep as shown
30 mins Ham Gate Avenue / Church Road

- Start on Ham Gate Avenue near junction with Upper Ham Road
- Head towards Richmond Park then turn right onto Church Road
15 Dec Festive fun!!! Christmas Cracker Relay - tbc

- Combined session with other groups
- Drinks after in the Cricketers
  Richmond Green
22 Dec More festive fun!!! Christmas Surprise

- Regular ‘hydration’ pit stops
  Around Richmond

- Circular route to be revealed on the night


SIGNING UP FOR TRAINING SESSIONS: a Teamer invite is sent out on Friday morning each week for the follow Tuesday’s training session. If you want to run with the group you must sign up in advance i.e. "accept". In advance of the session please change your acceptance status to ‘decline’ if you are no longer able to attend so that the Coach / Leader does not wait for you to arrive at the designated meeting point for the training session.

RICHMOND PARK CLOSURE OF PEDESTRIAN GATES AFTER 8PM start date not yet known, but likely starts in early November for up to 6 weeks  

SAFETY FIRST: Please wear / high vis clothes and to also bring a headtorch (so you can see) and possibly also a red light (so that you can be seen from behind)