Ranelagh Harriers Tuesday Training Groups
On Tuesday evenings we run structured training sessions for all abilities of distance runners in Richmond Park and the surrounding area.
The purpose of the sessions is to increase lactic acid tolerance; strengthen your heart and lungs; build leg-strength (especially the quadriceps and gluteal muscles – i.e. thighs and buttocks); and develop good running technique. Improve these and you will find your race pace at all distances from 5k and upwards improves (when combined with improving your endurance) - and the sessions might even help you catch that train or bus that you always miss!!! Importantly, we also have a lot of fun.
We split into a number of different groups based on speed and training distance/volume, running on a variety of surfaces (road, cross country, flat, hills) depending on season and training focus/goals. We ensure that each group fully cater for the range of participants ability and we are committed to safety.
Sessions are led by UKA qualified coaches from our team.
Where and when ?
We meet at 7:00pm prompt at the Ranelagh Harriers Clubhouse. Arrive 10 mins early so you have time to change.
Who are the sessions for ?
The sessions are targeted at adult endurance runners of all abilities who take part in running events throughout the year on any type of surface. Ideally, you should have built up a good base of stamina and endurance before you start to introduce faster-paced work. If you are in doubt or have any questions, get in touch with one of our coaches.
What is the format of the sessions ?
The sessions consist of a jog warm-up, work on technique/drills, around 15-40 minutes for the main session, and a cool-down jog followed by stretching. The total distance covered for each group (including warm-up/cool-down) is shown in the table. Every week the main session has a specific goal and the type of session will reflect this i.e. intervals, hill work, speed work.