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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 568           17th March 2020
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 Here’s an important announcement from Hon Sec Gordon Whitson:

 Following the announcement of more stringent Covid-19 recommendations on
 social gatherings and events by the Government on 16 March 2020, the
 Executive Committee of Ranelagh Harriers has taken the following decisions :

 1) The Ranelagh Half Marathon scheduled for Sunday 10 May 2020 is cancelled
 and a full refund will be offered to runners who have already entered the
 race. The race will not be rescheduled for later in the year. 

 2) Entries for the Ranelagh 10km on 21 June 2020 are to be frozen with
 immediate effect. A decision on whether to go ahead or cancel will be taken
 and communicated within the coming weeks. In the event of a decision to
 cancel being taken, a full refund will be offered to all runners who have
 already entered. The race will not be rescheduled for later in the year
 in the event of cancellation.

 3) The Schools Race on 21 March has been cancelled.

 4) The inter-club race on 28 March and the Baker Cup race on 4 April have
 been cancelled. 

 5) The Baker Cup Supper is cancelled.
 6) As from Tuesday 24 March 2020, members should no longer meet at the
 Clubhouse for organised training until further notice. If group leaders wish
 to arrange to meet groups informally at a selected training location, then
 this is a matter to be agreed within the groups concerned and taking account
 of the Government's recommendations regarding social gatherings.

 7) The present intention is that the remaining Thursday evening track
 training sessions in March on 19th and 26th at Osterley Park will take
 place.  This approach will be kept under review. Sessions scheduled for 2
 April and thereafter will not take place. The intention is to restart track
 training as soon as conditions permit.

 8) A decision on the Coad Cup scheduled for Tuesday 14 July and the AGM of
 the club planned for Tuesday 7 July 2020 will be taken in due course.

 The Executive Committee understands that the decisions taken particularly in
 relation to organised training will have an impact on the fitness and
 wellbeing of members of the club. You are all therefore strongly encouraged
 to keep running and to keep in touch with fellow members in a way consistent
 with the measures announced by the Government on social gatherings to
 control the spread of the Coronavirus within the population. Ranelagh
 Harriers will need you all back fit, healthy and raring to go once this
 storm has been weathered!

 Further updating announcements will be made as the situation develops.

 These two competitions – for men and women respectively – are based on
 points scored throughout the winter season. With the cancellation of the
 remaining races the competition can be deemed to have finished with last
 week’s Clutton Cup. Peter Haarer held onto the top spot in the men’s
 competition with 1043 points but close behind were Jonathan Smith on 1030,
 Ed Forbes on 1028 and Dave Lawley on 1020. In the women’s competition
 Marianne Malam won comfortably with 1244 points, streets ahead of Rebecca
 Northmore on 872, Sally Bamford on 820 and Rebecca Bissell on 753. Full
 scoreboards here:. 

 The Points Prize for consistency in handicaps was won by Ed Forbes with 22
 points from Louis Randall on 15 and four members on 10. Scoreboard:

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 Our winter  fixture list is now up on our website here:. 
 More details of the following from the men’s Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women’s Captain / Team Manager ranelagh.women@gmail.com

 CLUTTON CUP 10 miles HANDICAP  Saturday March 14th in Richmond Park
 There was a good turnout of 28 starters for this, our longest handicap and
 also perhaps the last for some time. There was a good range of speeds in
 evidence too, making for some sizeable gaps between starters. Colette Doran
 was the first starter but it wasn’t long before Ann Kearey was closing up at
 a good pace. At the end of the first lap Ann was out in front and there she
 stayed for most of the second circuit. There was less than a mile to go when
 the inevitable happened and Mark Herbert steamed past into the lead,
 dragging James Russell  with him. Finishing strongly for his first ever
 handicap win, Mark had almost a minute to spare from James and then Dave
 Lawley came in, having pushed Ann back to fourth,

 Fastest on the day was Pat Wright, whose 57.28 was highly creditable on a
 very wet course. Marc Leyshon was second in the speed order with 60.30,
 ahead of Jonathan Smith at 60.46. Fastest woman was Wiebke Kortum with
 79.34, ahead of Marianne Malam on 85.15 and Ann Kearey on 86.18.
                              H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed
                              Time      Allow     Time    Order
  1   Mark Herbert            51.53     11.50     63.43      8 
  2   James Russell           52.42     25.00     77.42     13 
  3   David Lawley            52.49     10.50     63.39      7 
  4   Ann Kearey      (L)     53.08     33.10     86.18     20 
  5   Edward Forbes           53.25      8.50     62.15      5 
  6   John Shaw               54.21     12.50     67.11      9 
  7   Peter Haarer            54.29      8.10     62.39      6 
  8   Jonathan Smith          54.36      6.10     60.46      3 
  9   Phil Beausang           54.44     21.00     75.44     12 
 10   Pat Wright              54.48      2.40     57.28      1 
 11   Wiebke Kortum   (L)     55.54     23.40     79.34     15 
 12   George Howard           56.21      5.30     61.51      4 
 13   John Ricketts           56.34     29.10     85.44     19 
 14   Marc Leyshon            56.40      3.50     60.30      2 
 15   Mike Peace              56.45     25.50     82.35     16 
 16   Sally Bamford   (L)     57.29     36.00     93.29     23 
 17   Marianne Malam  (L)     57.45     27.30     85.15     18 
 18   Clare Day       (L)     58.14     35.40     93.54     25 
 19   Anna Reichwald  (L)     59.32     34.00     93.32     24 
 20   Colette Doran   (L)     59.44     44.00    103.44     26 
 21   Amrut Sharma            60.45     29.30     90.15     22 
 22   Marcus Atkins           60.56     17.50     78.46     14 
 23   James Ritchie           62.27      7.10     69.37     10 
 24   Rachel Revett   (L)     64.08     25.40     89.48     21 
 25   Paula Maguire   (L)     67.02     37.10    104.12     27 
 26   Philip Andrews          71.30     13.40     85.10     17

 1   J Watson (unatt)         31.14 
 293 Roger Wallace            55.54

 WEST WORTHING 10k  Sunday 15th March 
 1   D Selmes (Has B)         34,01
 4   Eirin McDaid             37.42

 WEST WORTHING 5k  Sunday 15th March 
 1   M Rix (Arena 80)         17.46
 15  Keeley Phillips          24.23
 THAMES RIVERSIDE 20 miles  Sunday 15th March at Bishop’s Park  Sunday 15th
 1   S Woolley (West 4)       2:02.49
 57  Michael Morris           2:29.48

 parkrun results...
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 weeks’ results.     

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